Two Of A Kind: Two In A Bind Part 4 - Adventures In Babysitting... And How!
by Pred ([email protected]) (m/f,F/ff,M/ff,m/m,oral,femdom,pedo)

"I still don't see what kind of homework Ashley could possibly need our help
with, Mary-Kate," Max protested as Mary-Kate dragged him and Brian up the
front steps of the Burke house. "She's smarter than all three of us

"It's a... super secret special credit assignment," Mary-Kate scrambled for
the words.

"What is it? Some kind of experiment?" Max pressed.

"Yeah, kind of," Mary-Kate spoke quickly.

"I refuse to be Ashley's guinea pig," Brian announced. "I am so much more
than furry little rodent."

"Shut up, Brian," Mary-Kate shot back. "You are a furry little rodent, so
watch out or I'll squash you." She opened the front door and three entered
the house. Ashley and Carrie were on the couch waiting for them.

"This?" Ashley bellowed when she saw Max and Brian. "This is your big

"Carrie said you needed someone you didn't care about," Mary-Kate shoved
Brian front and center.

"What about him?" Carrie arched her eyebrows as she studied the form of the
eleven-year-old black boy. What about him? Yummmm...

"They're a matching set," Mary-Kate explained with some annoyance in her

"Brian knows you guy are up to something," Max announced. "I'm here as his

"Mary-Kate?" Ashley whined.

"I couldn't split them up. I swear," Mary-Kate explained.

"It's all right, honey," Carrie patted Ashley reassuringly. "This will give
us some more options."

"What are you talking about?" Ashley quizzed her sitter.

"You'll see," Carrie smiled. She turned to the boys. "So, hi guys. How are
you doing?"

"We don't have all day here," Max shrugged his shoulders. "Now tell us what
you want so we can get it over with and get back to Nintendo."

"Oh, this is going to be much better than Nintendo," Carrie smiled. "After
this, you boys'll never go back to Nintendo again."

"What is she talking about?" Max looked puzzled.

"You'll see," Mary-Kate replied in her brattiest fashion.

"Listen, do you want our help or not?" Max asked. "If so, let's get down to

"You took the words right out of my mouth, handsome," Carrie stood up and
moved over to the boys now. "Are you ready for the monster-party afternoon
of your young lives, guys?"

"Yeah, sure," Max nodded.

"Girls, get on your knees and crawl over here. I'm going to show you how
it's done start to finish." The twins followed Carrie's command, dropping
on all fours and crawling to where Max and Brian were standing. "Ashley,
you get Brian. Mary-Kate, you get Max."

"Why does Mary-Kate get Max?" Ashley turned up her nose.

"He's black, duh..." Mary-Kate scowled at her sister. "You remember," she
stretched her index finger and thumb wide apart. "Black guys..."

"Oh, yeah," Ashley smiled and nodded as she caught her sister's drift.
"Black guys."

"We don't want you choking during the dress rehearsal," Carrie added with a
smile. She pointed to Brian. "And somehow I don't think you'll have to
worry him."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I think I should be insulted,"
Brian piped up.

"Shut up, runt," Carrie snapped at him. "Right now you are about to become
the luckiest guy in the city. So don't push it."

"So what are we supposed to do now?" Max asked.

"You don't have to do anything, guys," Carrie smiled. "Just sit back and
enjoy the ride." She looked own at the girls who were kneeling by their
respective boys awaiting orders. "Okay, Burke twins, let's get to it. Get
their pants and underpants down pronto, but be careful. These are little
boys we're dealing with it. They have hair-trigger cocks that can shoot off
at a moment's notice or the slightest touch. So let's get them out quick
before they end this before we even get started."

"What are you doing?" Max tried to shake free as Mary-Kate wrestled with the
snap on his jeans.

"Hold still, stupid. We're going to give you both blowjobs. Now quit being
such a baby."

"You're going to do what?" Brian practically had a heart attack.

"They're going to suck your little pricks, you little pricks," Carrie
answered. "Now shut up and enjoy it."

"This is crazy," Max was still struggling. "Get your hands out of my pants,
Mary-Kate. Have you gone whacko."

"Unhand me, Ashley," Brain followed suit. "I am not that kind of guy."

"Yes, you are you little pipsqueak," Carrie got down in his face. "Ashley
and Mary-Kate are going to learn how to give blowjobs this afternoon, and
both of you are going stand there and like it." She whirled around to Max.
"Do you hear me? Quit fighting, or I'll get downthere myself, whip out your
little pricks and bite them off!" She slapped the black boy across the face,
and he went motionless. "Good," Carrie stoked Max across his ebony cheek.
"I believe you can continue now, girls."

The twins giggled and went back to work on the boys trousers and shorts while
they stood rigidly like two tin soldiers. "Hey," Ashley was the first to
hit pay dirt. "His cock is like a little worm, and it's not even hard."

"Let me take a look at that," Carrie bent down on one knee to inspect Brian's
pathetic, microscopic boy-meat. "You're right." She arched her eyebrows.
"You have a pretty little girl down on her knees in front of you, ready to
suck your cock, and you show her that?" Carrie almost spit. "You don't like
little boys, do you...?"

"Max must like little boys, too," Mary-Kate snickered. "Dud," she flopped
his long, limp cock back and forth in her hand like a chocolate hotdog.

"Geez, what is wrong with you, homey," Carrie was in the black boy's face
now. "Here you have this hot piece of white pre-teen ass ready to suck that
black manhood of yours, and you're limp like a big, brown noodle. 'Zat it?
You a queer, boy?" Carrie tried to keep a straight face as she imitated Lou
Gosset Jr.'s drill sergeant in "An Officer and a Gentleman."

"I... no... I don't know..." Max looked like he was about to break down and

Looks like my little ploy worked, Carrie congratulated herself. In a couple
more minutes, I'll be swimming in pre-teen pussy. Identical twin pre-teen

"What are we gonna do, Carrie?" Ashley moaned. "Their dicks aren't hard."

"Lick them," Carrie ordered. "Do what I told you. They should get hard."

Ashley bent down to Brian's wormlike member and began licking it up and down
the tiny, limp shaft. Meanwhile, Mary-Kate was trying to stimulate some life
out of Max's long but limp rod. Carrie took a deep breath, and locked eyes
with Max. He was black, born horny as it were, and he would most undoubtedly
go hard at any second. She couldn't let that happen. Not yet. Not before
she got a taste of identical twin pussy. Max looked like he was going to cry
as she bored her gaze into his soul. Then, she took the carrot Ashley had
been practicing on, slid it between her lips and bit down hard.

"I lost it," Mary-Kate fumed a second later. "He was getting hard. I could
feel it in my mouth, and then he suddenly dudded out again."

"No luck here either," Ashley pouted. "Brian's shrimpy cock isn't doing
anything. What are we going to do?"

"We have to turn them on," Carrie nodded. "We've obviously intimidated the
little boys, and their bodies are responding with performance anxiety. What
we need to do is get their minds off their bodies for awhile, but keep them
on sex."

"How do we do that?" Mary-Kate asked.

"There's only one sure fire method to get a guy hard," Carrie explained as
she started taking off her sweater. "Crawl over here and help me girls."
The twins obeyed automatically. Now we're getting somewhere, finally...
Carrie extended her foot to Ashley. "Slip off my shoes, Ashley," she
instructed, and the girl began pulling on the pump. "No, not like that.
Lick my shoe as you slowly pull it off."

"Carrie?" Ashley exclaimed in shock.

"You want to get them hard don't you?"

Ashley nodded.

"Then do as I say."


"No, buts, young lady. You're the one who needs to give Taylor a killer
blowjob tomorrow, aren't you?"

"Mmm hmm..." Ashley nodded.

"And to do that, we need to get their dicks hard so you can practice on them,
right...?" Carrie watched Ashley nod her head contritely. "Then you have
to do exactly as I say, or everything will turn out a disaster tomorrow, do
you understand...?" Ashley nodded her head again. "Now lick my shoes and
slowly slide them off my feet. And look in my eyes, too, just like I taught
you when sucking a guy's cock." After another second of hesitation, Ashley
demurely began her task, running her tongue across the top of Carrie's pump
as she worked it off her foot. "The heel, too, lick the heel," Carrie
commanded, lifting her foot up higher. "Let the boys see you, too, that's
very important. We're doing this for them."

"But I don't understand what we're doing, Carrie," Mary-Kate whined.

"You'll see soon enough, Mary-Kate," Carrie responded. "Now while Ashley
works on my feet, you stand up and slip off my bra. Not so fast. Just like
your sister, I want you to lick chest all around the bra straps as you slide
them off."

"But Carrie?"

"You want to help your sister, don't you...?" Carrie asked sternly. "You
know, if she blows it with Taylor tomorrow because these boys couldn't get
hard enough to practice on, she's never going to forgive you for the rest of
your life. Your best friend will become your worst enemy, for your whole
life. Is that what you want, Mary-Kate? Is it?"

"No..." Mary-Kate shook her head.

"Do what she says, Mary-Kate," Ashley hissed as she worked off Carrie's pump
and moved to the other.

Mary-Kate shrugged her shoulders and began to lick and kiss the soft skin
along the straps of Carrie's bra.

"That's it," Carrie purred. "Along my shoulders there, now down my back.
Yeah, right there. Now unfasten the hooks in back and kiss my back right
there." She turned her divided attention back to Ashley. "Once you get my
shoes off and lick them clean, you can start licking my toes." She sensed
Ashley hesitate. "I said lick my toes," Carrie ordered, watching the pretty
pre-teen submissively relent. "Mary-Kate, you can slowly slide my bra off
now, but move your mouth slowly around to my front. Keep kissing and licking
me. That's it, along the rib cage. You're a naughty little girl, aren't
you...? Ashley was right about you, wasn't she...? Little miss jock has a
little thing for girls, doesn't she...? Especially girls with nice big
tits..." Carrie petted Mary-Kate's soft blonde hair as the pretty pre-teen
instinctively nuzzled her wet lips into Carrie's succulent breasts and
started grazing along her hot, white flesh towards the pink kernels of her
bullet-sized nipples. "Not so fast, darling. Slowly. Savor it. Taste my

"Dang, man," Max's voice interrupted the moment, and the females in the room
turned their attention back to the boys.

"Hey look, Carrie, it worked. They're hard!" Ashley burst out.

"And they're playing with themselves, too," Mary-Kate giggled. "That means
we can suck them now, doesn't it...?"

"Not so fast," Carrie cautioned before turning back to the boys. "You get
those hands off your dicks," the babysitter snarled. "You're saving those
hard-ons for the girls here. Not your lousy palms. Now unhand them, or I'll
come over there and bite them off..." The boys dropped their cocks, which
immediately went limp.

"They dudded out again," Mary-Kate pouted. "Aren't they ever going to stay

"They just need a little more visual stimulation," Carrie explained.
"Nothing gets a gay harder than seeing two woman having sex together. When
it's three, it's all the better."

"Guys are weird," Mary-Kate shrugged her shoulders and resumed sucking
Carrie's white hot breasts.

"Let's move to the couch," Carrie ushered her two young proteges over to
the couch and plopped down. "Mary-Kate, you keep sucking on my titties and
kissing my tummy, while Ashley works off these tight jeans." Carrie slinked
down on the cushion so that her ass and legs were suspended outward. She
grasped Ashley's hands and guided them to the snap on her jeans, giggling as
the twin popped open the button. "Oooo," she squealed like a girl the twins'
own age. "Do my zipper now, okay...? Slide it down real slow and kiss my
tummy while you do it. And Mary-Kate you can suck harder now on my nipples.
That's it, you can bite 'em, too. Be a little rough, I'll tell you if it
hurts." She stroked the blonde heads of both twins as they unwittingly
pleasured her beyond her wildest fantasies, running her fingers through their
blonde locks while they devoured her steaming, aching flesh like baby lioness

In another minute, Ashley had worked her sitter's jeans down her waist to her
thighs. Carrie kicked up her legs, letting Ashley draw both pant legs down
in one fell swoop until all that remained were the sitter's silk panties.
Without thinking, Carrie grabbed Mary-Kate by the hair and forcefully guided
her mouth down to the sopping wet crotch of her delicates. She felt the
young girl resist slightly, but ignored it, pressing Mary-Kate's deep into
her panty-clad pussy and allowing the young girl to inhale the sweet aroma
of her arousal. The twin recoiled slightly before her animal instincts took
over, overriding her morals and upbringing in a sudden mad rush of

Ashley looked at her sister like she was a complete stranger, as she watched
her twin suck on Carrie's wet panties like she was devouring a triple-fudge

"Fuck!" Carrie spat in a spasm of pure ecstasy. "Ashley," she commanded in
a throaty voice, "strip..."

Ashley hesitated.

"You heard me," Carrie barked. "Now, do it!"

Scared, Ashley began to practically tear off her clothes.

"No, honey," Carrie calmed her voice. "Slowly. Take off everything real
slow so I can see everything. I want to drink in that tight little nubile
body of yours. Those darling little tit nubs. That sweet peachfuzz pussy."

Carrie's words were confusing Ashley. She had never even heard language that
like that, and hearing it spout forth from her babysitter's mouth made her
feel... disturbed... yet somehow very excited. Carrie was so beautiful.
Ashley had always thought so, from the minute they'd met. And sometimes.
when she was playing with her nasty bump at night, her mind would wander over
the curves of Carrie's ivory white succulent body. She loved Carrie, deep in
her heart. Not like she'd loved her mom, or how she loved her sister, but
different. And for some reason, although her brain told her all this was
wrong, she knew in her heart it was right. She loved Carrie, and Carrie was
going to help her get Taylor to love her, and Carrie was so beautiful, and
above all she wanted to do this, to do whatever Carrie asked... because it
felt so sexy, so adult, so GOOD!

Ashley slinked out of her top slowly, suddenly self-conscious of the fact
that she wasn't wearing a bra like Carrie, that her breasts were so small she
didn't even need a bra. Embarrassed, she hesitated even more and found
Carrie's eyes. Her sitter gave her a reassuring smile and Ashley could tell
by her expression that she didn't care about Ashley's small tits, that Ashley
had nothing to be embarrassed about, that her small tits were precisely what
Carrie was going to find so beautiful, so sexy. Ashley smiled and pulled her
top over head, letting the twin nubs of her nipples jiggle in the cold air.
Only then did realize how hot her body was, how the sweat was forming
everywhere, under her arms, along her slick chest and flat tummy, and
especially inside her steaming panties. God, the heat down in her privates
was almost unbearable. She needed to strip for Carrie now, to avoid
disolving in a pool of sweat where she stood.

"You're so beautiful, honey," Carrie gasped as Mary-Kate began to tug at the
sitter's sopping panties and scoot them down her toned, creamy-white thighs.

"So are you, Carrie," Ashley whispered as she slid off her stretch pants and
watched Mary-Kate draw Carrie's panties to the floor.

The cold air now assaulted Ashley's steaming snatch, and the stretch pants
had barely hit the floor before she was tearing off her panties like a crazy
girl. With her burning bald pussy fully exposed now, Ashley instinctively
began stroking her naughty button, thrilling to each sensation as Carrie
watch her in absolute rapture. "I want to do that, too," Ashley pouted and
pointed to Mary-Kate. "Can I? Can I...?" she didn't know the right words.

"Eat me?" Carrie laughed. "Sure, honey, come over here." She yanked
Mary-Kate's hungry face from her twat, giggling as the cute twin licked pussy
juice from her glistening face. "You've got to strip now, too, Mary-Kate.
I want to see both your beautiful bodies together."

Mary-Kate bounced off the couch and did a sassy little strip tease like her
sister, while Ashley knelt down at the altar of Carrie's red-thatched snatch
and curiously probed the glistening labyrinth with her naive tongue. Carrie
looked over at the two boys, who were squirming now in absolute torture.
Witnessing the sexiest thing they would probaly ever see in their lives and
too terrified to touch themselves must have been excruciating agony.
Carrie's eyes went from the boys' painfully stiff peters, to the sight of
Mary-Kate's lithe young body as she lost her top and exposed another pair
of the most darling little nub nibbles Carrie had ever seen. Then her
lingering gaze returned to shy, shivering Ashley, who was trying to hard to
love Carrie's pussy with her inexperienced tongue. "There, right there,"
Carrie pressed her face right into her clit. "Lick around the bump, just
like you do with your finger when you play with yourself. Then dart in with
a quick stab every couple of seconds. Right on the clit, then go back to
teasing it. That's it. Keep me guessing when you're going to stab it again.
Oh, shit... yeah, just like that... keep me off balance... fuck... yeah...
like that... you've got the hang of it. Eat that hot pussy, honey. Man, you
girls are good students... christ... fuck... yeah..." She gestured to Mary
Kate and pointed to her sister's butt.

Mary-Kate gave her a puzzled look.

Carrie flicked her tongue in and out of her mouth and pointed to Ashely's
butt which was pointing conveniently up in the air. Mary-Kate shrugged her
shoulders, giggled slightly and sank to her knees, burying her precocious
tongue straight in Ashley's tight butt crack.

"Wha..." Ashley bolted up in a start, but Carrie pulled her head back down
and Ashley resumed her box lunch without another yelp of protest.

"Lick inside her asshole and then down the strip of skin between that and her
pussy. Get your tongue all in there, just like you did to me. Then up to
her cute little clit." She turned to Ashley. "How does that feel, baby?
How does it feel to have your twin sister eating out your pussy and licking
your asshole?"

"Way cool!" Ashley yipped between mouthfuls of Carrie's juicy cunt-meat.

"I'm going to crawl down on the floor now, okay," Carrie warned as she slid
down off the cushions. "We're going to try something else now, okay...? A
new game."

"What?" Mary-Kate licked her sister's pre-teen cunt juice from her lips.

"It's called a 'Daisy Chain'," Carrie smiled. "Scoot around this way
Mary-Kate so I have a beetre angle here. Now Ashley, you eat me out, Mary
Kate you do your sister, and I'm going to do you. You see how we wind
around, all connected. That's why they call it a 'Daisy Chain.'"

"Cool," the girl piped up in unison,before they each went down on their
respective pussies. Carrie now buried her face in Mary-Kate's bald blossom,
inhaling the pristine aroma of virgin pussy, and licking the sweat from
Mary-Kate's thin, coltish, almost boyish thighs. She could feel Mary-Kate
squirming with utter pleasure as she traced her tongue up the girl's skittish
legs to her the crack of her ass. One mischievous tongue lash at her
puckered asshole, and Carrie teased her way up the girls flat, pre-teen
tummy. Lost in the moment, Carrie adored Mary-Kate's eleven-year-old tummy
with a litany of licks and kisses that caused the girl's bald pussy to froth
over in utter bliss.

"Oh, Carrie that feels so excellent," the girl swooned as she continued
working on her sister's snatch, trying to apply what Carrie was teaching her
won pussy to the sweet tummy and hairless nether regions of her twin sister.

"Oh, dang, man," Max bellowed. "I swear I aint touching it, Carrie, but it's
gonna cum. Oh, shit."

"Me, too!" Brian whelped. "I swear I didn't touch it."

"Carrie?!" Ashley exclaimed in horror. "Max and Brian are going to shoot
their loads and lose their hard-ons. We've gotta do something."

"You're right," Carrie emerged from the dazed bliss of Mary-Kate's yummy
pussy. "Judging by the looks of their cocks, we've got them excited enough."
Carrie broke free of the daisy chain and beckoned the twins over to where the
boys still stood at attention. "So how 'bout it guys?" the sitter wiggled
her eyebrows playfully. "You ready to get your cocks sucked now?"

"You bet," Max breathed a sigh of relief. "We're going crazy over here."

"That was the most beautiful, wonderful thing I've ever seen," Brian
whispered, totally awestricken.

"Unfortunately," Carrie giggled, "that will probably remain the most
beautiful, wonderful thing you'll ever see for the rest of the your life.
From here on out, the rest of it's all downhill, my young friend."

"Really?" Max seemed a little chagrined.

"I said him, stud," Carrie gave his hard, chocolate pecker a mischievous tug.
"Not you. Look at that dick of yours," she displayed his beefy dark-meat for
the twins to ogle over. "That's almost eight inches. Half the men in the
world would kill for that kind of length and girth. How old are you again?"

"Eleven," Max responded proudly, wagging his dick in the twins' faces.

"You've got about another two, maybe three inches coming your way when your
growth spurt kicks in," Carrie kissed the boy's throbbing, brown dick-helmet.
"You are going to be one hung muthafucker."

"You hear that?" Max was beaming. "I'm gonna be one hung muthafucker."

"What abut me?" Brian asked. "Am I going to be a hung muthafucker, too?"

"Well, I don't think you'll come through with the hung part, but you might
get the other half," Carrie quipped, expecting the kids to laugh. But all
that greeted her were blank stares. "Don't you get it? The other half is
the muthafucker part... mother fucker... I'm saying he'll probably have to
fuck his... oh, forget it."

"Are you girls going to suck or talk," Max suddenly blurted out, all cocky
now that Carrie had given him such a big compliment.

"See, what did I tell you," Carrie laughed, and the twins laughed recalling
the practice session in the kitchen an hour before.

"I don't know, stud, why don't you tell me," Mary-Kate smirked before she
began lick Max's hard brown, 7+ inches just like Carrie had taught her. Look
in his eyes, just like Carrie said, Mary-Kate coached herself as she stared
up Max's smooth brown belly and into his dark brown eyes. She let lots of
drool and dribble from her small mouth onto his large, dark tool, and the
contrast of her white spittle and white skin against his stiff, chocolate
meat-sicle made the black boy even harder and hornier.

Meanwhile, Ashley had begun her ministrations on Brian's far less formidable
weapon. Now fully erect, it didn't even stand at two inches. I can
definitley handle this, Ashley told herself. It's Brian, for Pete's sake.
I don't care about him. No reason to get all nervous and choke up. Just do
what Carrie said. Lick it. Get it all slick. Play with it. Make some
slurpy noises. Look him in the eyes, too. Can't forget that, she reminded
herself as she worked over the tiny tool. If I can do this, then I can move
onto Max's cock. I doubt Taylor's is any bigger that that. If I can get
through Brian and Max, Taylor will be a breeze. Slurp she worked her
tongue back and forth along his miniscule length, and he squirmed in delight.
Cool, I'm really making the little twerp feel good. This stuff Carrie taught
us really works...

"Oh, brother," Brian gasped. "That feels so good. This is my dream come
true, and I didn't even know what it was until today. Ashley Burke is sucking
my cock, Max. Ashley is sucking my cock. I think I can feel it growing
another inch. Can you feel it growing Ashley?"

"Yep," Ashley beamed up at Brian, trying to keep in mind what Carrie had
taught her. Make the guy feel powerful. That's what makes him feel good.
That's what makes him love you... "I can feel it. It feels like it's
getting even bigger," she positioned his small dick sideways and did the
'Harmonica' technique Carrie had showed them. As she slowly ran her mouth
sideways up the short length of Brian's prick, it made him feel like it was
growing longer.

"You hear that, Max?" Brian chirped. "Ashley says my cock is growing."

"Shut up, man. I'm watching my bitch give me some nasty head over here.
Isn't that right, Mary-Kate?" he asked.

"Mmm hmm..." Mary-Kate gurgled as she drooled one last glob of spit on his
cock-head before easing it into precocious mouth.

"You're my bitch, ain't you?" he prodded, imitating the speech of the rappers
he idolized so much. "My little white cocksucking bitch."

"Yep," Mary-Kate gasped between sucks. "I'm your little white cocksucking
bitch, dude."

"Are you my bitch, Ashley?" Brian asked as she allowed his cock to slide
further into his mouth, sideways, until it batted up against her cheek.

"Um hmm," Ashley nodded, trying to control the tiny dick in her mouth so it
didn't squirt out. This was different than the carrot. Even at Brian's
miniature dimensions, the shaft in her mouth was throbbing; it was alive,
burrowing into her cheek like a warm, cuddly little animal.

"I want to hear you say it," Brian insisted.

"I'm'ba your'ba b..b..itch," Ashley blurted out between Brian's accelerating

"Dang, man," Max gasped. "You're like going crazy on my rod, Mary-Kate."
He stared down in awe as the pretty white pre-teen sucked inch after inch of
his darkmeat into eager mouth. As Carrie looked on, even she was amazed.
Mary-Kate was handling a man-sized prick with the relative ease of a slut
twice her age. She'd only been with her first real live cock for a few
minutes, and already she was stuffing five, six, no... seven whole inches
down her throat. "Man, can you suck," Max petted her blonde hair, and she
made sure to smile up at him while she impaled her mouth on his tool. "I
think I love you, Mary-Kate," he gasped.

Ashley heard the compliment and fumed. Mary-Kate's not the only one who can
play this game. She took a deep breath and turned Brian's straightways in
her mouth.

"I'm gonna shoot," Brian suddenly chirped.

"Carrie?" Ashley whined desperately. "Brian's gonna shoot and lose his

"Tap it off," Carrie sank to the floor at Ashley's side. "Grip it right here
at the base where you feel that vein throbbing, and squeeze. Yeah, like
that. And don't stop you feel the vein quit pulsing. His erection will go
down slightly, but you can get it back in a minute. Just hold it."

"Lick my balls, bitch," Max withdrew his cock from Mary-Kate's gasping throat
and bitch-slapped her across her pretty white, doe-eyed face.

"I didn't learn how to do that yet," Mary-Kate protested.

"Don't worry, honey," Carrie scooted over to Max and Mary-Kate now. "You're
ready for that now. Let's just call this the advanced level. Now you
remember how you licked my pussy. Try and do the same to Max's big, black
balls. That's it, slide them in your mouth."

"It feels weird," Mary-Kate wrinkled her nose.

"It does at first till you get used to it. You're lucky he doesn't have a
lot of hair down there yet. That can get kind of gross. That's why I always
insist my men shave their balls."

"How's this?" Mary-Kate asked as she sucked in one of Max's black balls and
smooched the sack with her clever tongue.

"Why don't you ask Max," Carrie laughed. "How 'bout it, Max. How does that

"Awesome," Max hufffed. "Play with it some more. Roll it around on your
tongue, now the other one..."

Mary-Kate looked up to Carrie for approval and direction. "Don't look at me,
baby," Carrie corrected her and steered her head back so she was looking in
Max's eyes again. "It's not my cock your sucking. We'll call this Lesson
Three. Let him tell you what to do. He'll tell you what feels good."

"And what feels good right now is your little white mouth licking my big
black balls, bitch," Max added. "You got me?"

"Yep," Mary-Kate smiled at the burgeoning stud and went back to work, trying
her hardest to please him.

"Okay, Carrie," Ashley whined to get the sitter's attention. "Brian's cooled
off now."

"Then get back to work," Carrie patted Ashley on the head to encourage her.
"Remember, you've got fight the gag, and keep sucking until you get the whole
thing in your mouth. You can do it, Ashley."

"Yeah, Ashley," Mary-Kate cheered her on as she tickled Max's balls with her
tongue. "You can do it. Suck his cock."

Ashley shrugged her shoulders and began lathering up Brian's stubborn member
with her hot tongue. He squirmed around, but she steadied him with her hands
and began easing his prick slowly past his lips with a distinct suck sound.

"That's it, Ashley. You're doing it..." Carrie cheered. "Now let the hide
slide in further. The first inch is the toughest. That's it..."

Ashley fought the waves of nausea coursing through naked tummy as she felt
the first half inch of Brian's micro-cock breach the entrance to her mouth.
As it bumped up against her tongue, she felt a recoil of revulsion, but
fought it off.

"Ash-Ley, Ash-Ley," Carrie led the others in a cheer now.

Shit... "Eaaccckkkk uugghhhh..." Ashley broke down in a gagging, coughing fit
with not even one inch under control. "I can't do it," she choked. "I'm
never going to be able to suck a guy's cock."

"It's all right, honey," Carrie smoothed the twin's tossled blond hair and
pressed Ashely's sobbing face into her hot, creamy busom. Like a bawling
baby, Ashley instictively sought out the sitter's rock-hard nipples and
suckled them into silence. "Don't worry," Carrie promised, "we'll think of

"It looks to me like you thought of plenty, baby," a voice suddenly cut
through the silence. Everyone in the living room turned to face the
half-smiling, half-mortified face of Eddie. All eyes immediately descended
to the massive warhead jutting out from the plumber's open fly. Eddie was
working his palm around the thick shaft, which was already lubricated with
a generous helping of pre-cum spread out over all ten-inches.

* * *

"Well, you certainly are Italian," Carrie quipped.

"You mind telling me what the hell is going on in here. I come over to
unclog the garbage disposal, and suddenly I'm in the middle of a Max Hardcore

"Seeing as you stood there stroking your dick instead of calling the police,
I'd say you approve," Carrie challenged him with a raised eyebrow.

"Granted, it's like something out of a porno Twilight Zone, but fuck... yeah,
I approve."

"Good," Carrie waved him over. "Glad to have you along. Kevin won't be home
for another hour or so. So, we still have time for some fun."

"And just where does a guy jump into this 'fun'?" Eddie asked.

"With that weapon?" she pointed to his ten-inch stallion cock, "Wherever you

"Really?" he raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, you want to fuck the shit out of me?" Carrie asked.

"I... uh... I was thinking maybe, you know..." he gestured in the direction
of the twins and hung his head sheepishly. He'd watched them growing since
they were babies. Even though he knew it was despicable, he'd found himself
lusting after their gangly, pre-teen bodies for a year or now so much he'd
taken to hiring out pairs of youngish looking whores, making them dress like
his best friend's daughters, and forcing them to call themselves Ashley and
Mary-Kate. His desires had been torturing him for what seemed an eternity,
and now he was finally getting the chance to extinguish the fire with the
real thing.

"Into the young stuff, huh?" Carrie cackled.

Eddie nodded and looked at the girls.

"Same here," Carrie grinned. "So let's say we split the take here. I take
the two boys here, and you get the girls."

"Sounds good," he agreed.

"Just one thing," Carrie warned. "Don't get too carried away and pop their
cherries with that Italian stallion of yours okay. Just oral. We don't want
to be rushing them to the emergency because you punctured their lungs with
that thing."

"No fucking," he sounded a little dejected.

"Not for a couple of years with that thing. Besides isn't looking down and
seeing those sweet, formerly-innocent faces slavering over that huge cock of
yours heaven enough?"

"You do have a point," he chuckled, striding over to Ashley and motioning
Mary-Kate to come over.

"Carrie..." Mary-Kate started.

"Go suck Eddie's cock," she cut off the whining twin. "I want to play with
my little boyfriends here."

"Carrie, I'm scared," Ashley bawled. "His cock is too big. Please don't
make me..."

"Ashley's having a gag-reflex problem," Carrie explained to a puzzled Eddie.
"She can't even take an inch of meat in her mouth without hurling. To make
matters worse she promised this guy Taylor she was going to give him a blow
job tomorrow. That's why we're having this little practice session."

"You crazy kids," Eddie laughed. "What predicament will you get yourselves
into next. Now come here and suck Uncle Eddie's cock." Mary-Kate was still
hesitating. Carrie wanted nothing more than to see if her prize pupil could
handle a world-class schlong like Eddie's. "Come on, Mary-Kate. Show him
what you've got. Just remember what I taught you, concentrate and take it

"What about me, Carrie?" Ashley blubbered.

"Work on your ball licking while Mary-Kate wraps her little mouth around that
loaf of hot pastrami. Practice sucking in his balls like they were tiny

"You sure do like to give orders, don't you," Eddie observed as he watched
his best friend's pretty, pre-teen daughters position themselves beneath his
fierce manhood.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Carrie reached in her purse and withdrew a
menacing looking apparatus with straps, buckles and long black wand.

Eddie watched her corner the boys for a moment before casting his undivided
attention on the innocent... well, not-so-innocent, but innocent enough...
lovelies groveling beneath his awesome manliness. "You heard your
babysitter, girls. Ashley, you man my balls. Mary-Kate, let's see if you
can handle some man-cock now." They nodded up at him with anxious smiles on
their faces, and they locked eyes with their father's best friend. "Shit,"
he exclaimed to Carrie. "You taught them to look in a guy's eyes, didn't
you. Christ, I am so hard," he bellowed as he watched the girls lick their
lips and drool over his meat. "Wow, and that drooling is a nice touch, too."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, dude," Mary-Kate grinned as she wiped her
spit-smeared lips slowly down the entire ten-inches of his ramrod. Not to
be outdone in the tongue department, Ashley immediately found the senstive
spot at the bottom of his shaft and teased the flap of skin between his cock
and scrotum. Running his hands through their soft blond hair, Eddie guided
their young, wet mouths into every nook and cranny along his cock and

"Jesus Christ," he yipped when Mary-Kate turned his schlong sideways, and
began gumming it like an ear of corn. As she ran her mouth down the length,
he pulled Ashley up by the hair and poised her mouth sideways on the other
side of his cock. Now both twins were corn-cobbing his cock on either side.
After two pleasurable minutes that, however, he grasped them by the hair and
made them stop their movement.

Now, as their mouths were poised on either side of his ten-inch monster, he
began thrusting his stallion in the crevice between their respective sets of
lips. Fucking his cock between their mouths while they slurped away, he
suddenly pulled his prick out from between them and their lips smashed into
one another's. They only hesitated for a moment, before both their tongues
darted out and they locked lips licks like two teenagers making out after
the senior prom. "That's it, kiss you sister," he goaded them as they sucked
face and swapped serious spit. Then, he reinserted his tool and fucked them
between their lips again while they giggled uncontrollably. He pulled his
cock away again, and this time there was no hesitation as they dove into
each other's eager mouths. As they kissed, Eddie spanked his cock up against
their panting faces and jacked the golf-ball-sized head up against the wet
smear of their joined lips. "That's it. That's my girls. That's my Mary
Kate and Ashley. God, you're such naughty little sluts. Just the way I
always knew you'd be with me if I ever had the chance." They giggled and
stared right in his eyes as they kissed each other and his cock.

"Let me suck it, please?" Mary-Kate pouted. "I want to suck your big cock
so bad..."

"How 'bout you, Ashley," he goaded. "What do you want?"

"I want to lick your balls, Uncle Eddie, and your asshole, too," she
snickered under her breath.

"Well, then get to it, and make your Uncle Eddie proud."

Mary-Kate smiled and stretched her jaws as far apart as they could, letting
a flood of drool coat her lips and the inside of her mouth. Then,
confidently and with great concentration she inhaled the huge prick-helmet
of her father's best friend with a slurping, sucking fury. Eddie tried to
hold back and keep in mind she was only eleven-year-olds, but her precocious
cocksucking skill made him forget his reservations and he drove his dick in
further like Mary-Kate was one of the twenty dollar whores who regularly
serviced his insatiable appetite for oral sex. He could feel her resisting
him slightly, as he fed inch after thick, veiny inch into her gobbling mouth.
She was trying to hold his full onslaught with her tiny little hands, but he
pull them down and plowed in further. It's time for some tough love, he told
himself. It's for her own good. The quicker she learns, the quicker she'll
be able to get over it. Eddie still couldn't believe it was an
eleven-year-old virgin servicing his monster tool so well. Despite her
jitters, he was giving her even more of his ten-inches with every thrust.

Man, it's huge... Mary-Kate wrestled with the monster prying her narrow jaws
apart. He doesn't even have it halfway in yet, she found herself panicking.
Although she'd taken Max's 7+ inches no problem, the black boy's cock had
been thinner and much easier to control - the difference between a hot dog
and a big kielbasy. With only five inches jammed in her mouth, she already
felt like her mouth was going to tear apart. She was trying to let Eddie
know by her movements that he was too big, but he didn't seem to be paying

He'd taken her hands away and was now cramming even more of hick cock into
her mouth. She fought to accommodate each successive thrust, gradually
finding it easier and easier to take more and more he stretched out her jaws
even further and plumbed his plump cock-head deeper. I guess I'll just have
to grin and bear it... She smiled up at him like the little trouper she was
and took yet another inch. She felt herself retch slightly as Eddie's
cock-head bumped into her tonsils and pushed back against the all of her
throat. "Uccckkk .." she gagged, suddenly knowing the humiliation Ashley
must have experienced, hurling with some guy's cock crammed in your mouth.

"That's it, Mary-Kate, fight it," Eddie egged her on, refusing to remove his
cock from her dry-heaving mouth. "You're almost there. That's your gag
point," he rocked his cock back and forth the bump on her throat, and she
kept retching and spewing up spit and vomit. "If we can get it past there,
we'll be deep throating, baby. You'll be deep throating your Uncle Eddie's
ten-inch dick. You want to do that for your Uncle Eddie, don't you...?" he
grunted as he tried to piledrive another inch into her windpipe. "You'll be
a real star, then, an eleven-year-old girl deep-throating a ten-inch cock.
You don't see that every day. Now come on. Fight it. That's it," he
cajoled as he slammed even more into espohagus. "That's eight whole inches,
baby," he cheered as she slowly began to relax, and the spewing and gagging
subsided. "I told you, baby. See, you should always listen to your Uncle
Eddie. He knows the score. He'll make an all-star cocksucker out of you
yet. That's nine inches, sweetheart. Feel that, Mary-Kate? That's nine
inches of man-cock plowing into your windpipe, baby. God, that's awesome.
Just one more now, one more inch..." he grunted as he rammed the last of his
cock home, bottoming out in her windpipe while she struggled to stay
conscious. "Oh, fuck, yeah, now suck my balls, Ashley. Bite 'em. Now drive
your tongue up my asshole..."

I was wondering when he'd get to me, Ashley fumed. Mary-Kate, what a show
off. It's no fair. This was all my idea. It's just not fair. Why do I
have to be the Gag Queen while Mary-Kate gobbles all the glory. Here I am,
sucking his balls and licking ass. It's like that's all I'm good for. It's
not fair. Why can't I suck like Mary-Kate. Ashley snaked her tongue so far
up Eddie's asshole she tasted what she knew had to be shit, but she didn't
care anymore. She was bound and determined to make Eddie call out her name,
too, just like he was doing with Mary-Kate. She wanted to hear him cheering
her on. "Oh, Christ, Ashley," Eddie gasped. "It's like you have your whole
fucking pretty little face shoved up my asshole. Fuck, that feels good."

"UUMMPPPHHH" Mary-Kate squealed wildly, waving her arms around. Uh, guys,
I'm choking to death here! She tried to pull Eddie's cock out of her
windpipe, but he left it there a moment longer before he slid it out.
Suddenly he was grabbing her by the hair and tilting her head back. He
grabbed Ashley's head now, too, and brought it up. Then he grabbed a hank
of hair from each of their heads and gathered it in one handful. He yanked
back so that their heads were side by side and staring into the flaring
nostril of his piss-hole. Then with his other hand he stroked his cock
savagely and beat the hot stiff meat across the lips, noses, cheeks and
eyelids of the two twins.

"Fuck!" he screamed at the top o fhis lungs as a geyser of hot, creamy cum
sputtered and then spewed over both their lovely faces. He smeared his scum
across their lips and cheeks like whipped cream and then pressed their faces
together. Instinctively, they opened their mouths and began kissing again,
sharing the diseased seed of their father's best friend between them as only
two twin sisters could. As they swapped Eddie's cum and their spit, Ashley
was seized with an idea.

She'd seen Carrie do it the night before with their father. She stretched
out her lips and let a thin layer of cum and spit develop over her mouth.
Then she blew bubbles with the frothy concoction. Mary-Kate giggled when
she saw what her sister was doing and followed suit. Eddie watched in utter
rapture as the two twins, the seriously under-aged daughters of his best
friend, blew bubbles with his cum. The image took him back to when they
were so much younger, sitting in the park blowing bubbles, the two prettiest,
happiest little girls in the world. Now they had been defiled beyond all
hope of innocence, and he had had a large part in that. Yet, they still blew
cum bubbles with darling little bug-eyed smiles on their faces, just like
those little girls in the park. Oh God, I've gotta fuck you...

* * *

That was the exact thought crossing Max's mind as the Burke's naked
babysitter towered above him and Brian. He watched with a mixture of fear
and arousal as she stepped into the odd strap-on apparatus she'd pulled out
of her purse. As she adjusted the final buckle, it finally occurred to him
what it was - a fake penis, a strap-on penis. But what the hell could she
want to do with that?

"You boys want to fuck me, don't you...?" she asked like a grade school
teacher asking her class whether they wanted play a game. The boys nodded
their heads dumbly and in unison. "And you'd do anything to fuck me,
wouldn't you ..?" Again they nodded. "Okay, then, pipsqueak," she pointed
to Brian, "get down on all fours and stick your ass up in the air."

"No way," he protested.

"Do it, Brian," Max wasn't kidding around here. He wanted a crack at the
white goddesses pussy, and he didn't care what he had to do, or who had to
get hurt in order to make his dream come true.

"I'm doing this under protest," Brian pouted as he followed Carrie's

"What are you going to do to him?' Max asked.

"It's not what I'm going to do to him," Carrie cackled. "It's what you're
going to do to him."

"What are you talking about?"

"You want to fuck me, don't you...? More than anything?" she pressed.
"You'd do anything to get in my pussy, wouldn't you, you big black stud."

"Anything," Max was more serious than he'd ever been about anything in his
entire short life.

"You're going to fuck him up his little sissy ass while I watch," Carrie
arched her eyebrows. "You do that. You fuck him hard until his ass bleeds,
and you can both fuck me - in the ass, in the pussy, double penetration
anything. I just want to see you bust his sissy little white ass with that
hard black meat of yours. I want you to ride him across the floor until he's
covered with rug burns. Deal?" she extended her hand to Max.

"Max, no!" Brian shrieked as Max hesitated.

"Last chance, stud," Carrie smirked. "Otherwise, you're out of here, and
you spend the rest of your worthless life wondering what it would have been
like to fuck this succulent white pussy."

"Max, don't..."

"Shut the fuck up, Brian," Max pounced on his friend, his hard, black dick
slapping up against the pipsqueak's tender, narrow, alabaster-white ass

"No," Brian squealed like Ned Beatty in "Deliverance."

"Can you shut him up or something," Max asked Carrie. "I can't concentrate
with him squealing like that."

Carrie nodded and stepped around until she was towering over Brian. She
grabbed his hair and jerked his sobbing face up. Teasing the black head
of the dildo across his lips, she yanked back on his hair until his mouth
screeched open. Immediately, Carrie jammed the hard black dildo between
Brian's jaws like a sadistic pacifier. "Suck it, worm," she slapped his
face to quite him further, before her turning attention back to Max.

The hung black boy had his long, unlubricated cock pressed up against the
puckering opening of Brian's tender, pink sphincter. His howls muffled by
the dildo stuffed down his throat, Brian's body went into violent convulsions
as Max sliced a gaping wound between his cherry ass-cheeks. The louder Brian
blubbered, the harder Max pounded, and the wetter Carrie's pussy became.
"Fuck his punk ass, nigger," she hissed in Max's ear, biting his lobe until
she drew blood. "Fuck his punk white ass a bloody red. Do that, and you get
my prize white pussy, nigger. You'd do anything for white pussy, wouldn't
you? Even fuck your best friend up the ass. All you niggers are the same.
Slit your mother's throat for a crack at some white snatch. Go on, fuck him.
Fuck your little friend. I want to see him bleed. The more blood, the
hornier I get, and the hornier I get the harder I fuck you, stud. You ready
for the monster fuck of your life, boy? You think you can handle it? You'll
never know unless you kill him with that big black prick of yours, right up
his tender, bloody, cherry, punk, white asshole.

"UGGGHHHH..." Brian blubbered as his eyes rolled up into his sockets, and
he went into shock.

"Fuck him," Carrie hissed. "Harder. That ain't shit, nigger. You'd better
fuck a lot harder than that if you get a shot at my white pussy."

Max, the sweat pouring down his face, drove even deeper, harder, into the
boy's tiny anus, the tightness milking his cock until his knees went weak
and he felt his hard black dick fire spurt after spurt of thick cum into the
tiny boy's colon. An instant later, he collapsed, his spewing dick sliding
out of Brian's slick, bloody asshole. Carrie knelt over and scooped up the
noxious combination of Max's hot spank and Brian's salty blood. She licked
it off her fingers and then bent over to kiss Max on the mouth, spitting the
mixture deep into his throat like a hocker from hell.

"Can I fuck you now?" he begged.

She squeezed his slackening black tool and smirked. "You can't screw me with
a limp dick, nigger," she teased him. "Guess you're out of luck. Some big
black stud you turned out to be. Your first chance at prime white pussy, and
you shoot your load like a pathetic sissy-boy whitey. I guess it is just a
myth, isn't it. All you niggers are just a bunch of talk, that's all. Some
big black stud you turned out to be. Your life is over, boy. All you had
was your cock, and now that turns out to be worthless, too. Just like your
sorry black-ass. Go suck a crack pipe, nigger. Your miserable life just

"Get hard," Max pleaded with his cock as he furiously jacked its limp length.
"Please get hard."

Carrie stood up and swaggered triumphantly across the room to where Ashley
and Mary-Kate were now blowing bubbles with their spit and Eddie's cum.
"We'd better get this place cleaned up," she suddenly brushed aside the last
two hours and became Carrie the baysitter once again. "You remember the fit
your dad threw after he caught us playing hockey in here."

"Yeah," Mary-Kate moped, aware now that play time had ended. She and Ashley
got up and started to find their clothes. Carrie did the same, and Eddie
tucked his massive tool back in his trousers. "You girls get tweedle-dee and
tweedle-dum cleaned up and out of here, too," Carrie pointed to where Brian
and Max were curled up in fetal positions sucking their thumbs.

"Come on you stud-duds," Mary-Kate kicked at the boys and threw their pants
at them. "Get out of here. We're done with you."

"It was so nice of you to come over and play," Carrie mocked the boys as they
staggered out the door. "We'll have to do this all again."


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