Two Of A Kind: Two In A Bind Part 3 - Private Lessons (oral,pedo)
by Pred ([email protected])

"That was so cool!" Ashley gushed as she followed her sister down the hall
to their lockers.

"That was so gross!" Mary-Kate replied.

"Don't be a baby, Mary-Kate."

"I'm not being a baby. That was just plain gross. I could barely look at
dad this morning at breakfast. That was just plain sick, what Carrie and
him were doing."

"Don't you see what she did, Mary-Kate."

"Yeah, she... like... ate his turd. Yuck!"

"Dad told her to leave forever, and she ended up making him say he loved her.
Don't you get it?"

"Get what?"

"That's how you get a guy to love you, I mean really love you, even if he
never noticed you before. You do what Carrie did to dad. That's what makes
a guy love you. If I did that to Taylor, he'd forget all about Megan and
only have eyes for me."

"Uh... duh... are you forgetting something? Megan is Taylor's age. Why
would we want to be going with some stupid little kid like you."

"Well, I read in YM that guys dig younger girls. It makes them feel more in

"You're crazy. Taylor is never going to go for you over Megan. You've seen
Megan. You can't compete with that."

"I can if Carrie teaches me all that stuff she used on dad last night."

"Oh, so now you're going to let Taylor poop in your mouth?"

"Well, maybe not that much," Ashley wrinkled her nose. "I mean I have to
leave something for when I get older. But all that other stuff, you know,
with your mouth."

"And you really think you're going to be able to do that with Taylor?"

"Sure, if Carrie teaches me."

"And what makes you think she'll do that?"

"We're not going to give her a choice."

"Uh, what's this 'we' stuff?"

"Us, me and you, we're going to get Carrie after school and make her teach
us all the, you know, mouth stuff."

"And what makes you think I'm going to have anything to do with this. You're
the boy crazy one. I don't have any desire to have some guy stick his... you
know... down my mouth. You saw what that was like. It's just plain gross."

"You know, maybe all the popular girls are right about you."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You know, all the sports and everything. Maybe you are a... you know..."

"A what?" Mary-Kate challenged her sister.

"A girl who doesn't like boys... you know."

"Take that back, Ashley," Mary-Kate was in her twin sister's face now, her
hand curled into a threatening fist.

"Listen, it's cool, really. Look at k.d. laing, she's cool... and that lady
on the show that got canceled, Ellen."

"I am not a... a..." Mary-Kate pressed Ashley up against the lockers. "So
you take that back."

"Then why don't you want to learn how to get a guy?"

"Because it's gross."

"Oh, guys are gross?"

"No, not guys, just that."

"What's so gross?"

"You know, their... things..." Mary-Kate barely whispered the last word.

"Guys things are gross? Now you really sound like a..."

"I am not a..."

"Prove it!" Ashley challenged. "Help me get Carrie to show me how to do all
that stuff, or I'll tell everyone you're a..."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me." Ashley stared down her sister.

"Sometimes I hate you," Mary-Kate hissed.

"Does that mean you're with me?"

"Do I have a choice?" Mary-Kate winced.

"Yes!" Ashley exclaimed, raising her fist in the air. "This is going to be
so cool. Just wait."

* * *

"Come on, Meg, my parents are going to be gone all night," Taylor whispered
in his girlfriend's ear. "You promised."

"Quit being such a perv, Taylor," Megan pushed him away. It was afterschool,
and the bus had just dropped them off at Taylor's stop. Taylor had convinced
Megan to come to his house after school because no one was going to be home
the rest of the afternoon and evening. She had been promising him a trip to
third base for weeks now, but was always backing out. Now she was doing it
again. He was getting tired of his girlfriend being such a tease.

"Does that mean you're not coming over."

"Listen, I'll come over, but we're not going to mess around, okay...? I'm
not some slut, you know."

"Come on, Meg," Taylor whined. "We're going out. We're supposed to mess

"I'm not in the mood."

"You haven't been in the mood since we started going together."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, before I asked you to go with me, you didn't have any problem with
messing around. In fact, you let me get to second base at Steve Gilmore's
party, and you didn't even know me. But now that we're going together, you
never want to mess around anymore."

"Listen, that was a mistake. I was stupid. I was just trying to get you to
like me."

"And I do like you," he tried to squeeze her close again. "I like you a

"But you don't respect me," she pouted, pulling away from him again. "I want
our relationship to be more than just messing around."

"Whatever," Taylor scowled, backed off and began walking away.

"Taylor?" Megan called after him. "Come on, don't be mad at me. Let's

"I'm tired of talking," he replied. I'm ready for some action... Later." He
didn't look back either. His older brother had taught him that. When you
walk away from a chick, never look back. That lets you stay in control. The
one who looks back loses the upper hand. Megan would come to her senses
eventually and come crawling back to him. Until then, however, he was ready
to have some fun, some action.

"Hi, Taylor," the voice came from behind him. It was high and kind of
grating, and he knew who it was before he even turned around. It was that
Burke girl. The trouble was, he didn't know which one. They were twins. He
tutored Mary-Kate in math, and she was all right for a kid. Her sister,
Ashley, however, was a different story. She had some kind of stupid crush on
him. Just my luck. Some chick has the hots for me, and she's eleven years

"Mary-Kate?" he asked hopefully.

"No, silly, it's me, Ashley," she beamed up at him, then suddenly her
expression turned to confused terror. "Not that I mean you're silly. You're
definitely not silly. What's silly is this weather were having," she
rambled. "Don't you think so?"

"Whatever," he turned back around.

"I heard that argument you were having with Megan," Ashley blurted. "I mean
I couldn't help overhearing. She was practically screaming. And I want to
tell I think she is so wrong." She had now sprinted up next to him so they
were walking side by side. "I understand about these things. Guys, you
know, need to mess around and stuff."

"And what could you possibly know about that?" Taylor laughed.

"I know enough," Ashley pronounced boldly.

"Oh, you do, do you? And what could an eleven-year-old kid know about
'messing around'?"

"I... I... I know what to do to make a guy feel good," Ashley stammered.

"Really?" Taylor kept laughing in her face. "And what would that be."

"You know..." Ashley looked down at the ground.

"What? Did some guy finally kiss you. Oooo, maybe it was even a french
kiss," he stuck out his tongue and mocked her.

"Better stuff than that," Ashley looked up at him indignantly.

"Like what?"

"You come to my house after school tomorrow, and I'll show you."

"Show me what?"

"It's a surprise, you'll see."

"Listen, Ashley, I don't have time for your stupid little eleven-year-old kid
games. Your just a stupid kid, okay. I'm not interested in you."

"I'll give you a blow job," she whispered.


"You heard me."

"No, I don't think I did."

"I said I'd give you a blow job."

"Quit playing your stupid kid games, Ashley. I'm not interested, okay."

"This isn't a stupid kid game, Taylor. I'm serious. I want to give you a
blow job... afterschool tomorrow."

"What is this? Another one of your stupid gags? You are Ashley, right...?"

"Yes, I'm Ashley," she stamped her feet. "Now would you just listen to me?
I want to give you a blowjob, if you'll be my boyfriend. And I promise I'll
give you a blowjob whenever you want, if you go with me."

"You're serious, aren't you?"


"Okay, then, my parents aren't home. So why don't you come over right now
and give me that blowjob, and we'll talk about it."

"I can't... I mean I want to, but I can't today. I have to get home right
away. But I can tomorrow, afterschool, at my house."

"And this isn't some kind of stupid game?"

"No game. I am totally serious. So, do you promise you'll come."

"If you're really sucking, I'll cum all right." He looked in her eyes to see
if she got his pun, but he was met with a blank stare.

"Great," she beamed up at him. "I am so psyched. Remember, my house, right
after school tomorrow."

"There's just one thing, Ashley," he smiled at her. "If your blowjob is no
good, the deal's off. I can find plenty of girls who will suck my dick, you
know. So for me to go with you, it better be special." He watched her
expression sink a bit.

"It'll be good," she bit her lip. "The best. I swear." She paused. "Well,
gotta run."

Now this might just be interesting, Taylor thought to himself...

* * *

"So what did he say?" Mary-Kate pressed her sister for details the moment
Ashley walked through the door.

"We're on for tomorrow," Ashley beamed. "I am so psyched."

"Aren't you forgetting something?"


"You still don't know how to do it."

"A minor detail that is about to be corrected."

"You just better pray Carrie goes along with this, or you are going to look
real stupid."

"Don't worry. I know she'll show us how. Just let me do the talking."

The two twins walked into the living room where Carrie was cleaning the

"What are you doing, Carrie?" Ashley asked sweetly.

"Cleaning the carpet. Your father shot his... er... spilled his drink on it
yesterday night, and...

"You don't have to lie to us, Carrie," Ashley smiled at their babysitter.
"Mary-Kate and I know everything that happened last night."

"What are you talking about?" Carrie's voice was terrified.

"We saw it all - the movie, your toy, dad came home, you gave him a blow job,
et cetera, et cetera."

"I... I don't..."

"Don't worry, Carrie. We won't tell dad what we saw, and he won't have to
fire you."

"Th... thanks, I guess, but..."

"We will need something in return, though," Ashley interrupted.

"What? What do you need?" Carrie was still mortified, her face as white as
a sheet.

"We want you teach us how to give a blow job, like the one in the movie, and
the one you gave dad."

"You... you've got to be kidding."

"Do we look like we're kidding?" Ashley crossed her arms over her chest and
Mary-Kate followed suit. It was a show of strength.

"But you girls are much too young to be..."

"Listen, you either teach us how to give blow jobs, or we tell dad we saw you
two. And you know what will happen then."

"But I can't do that," Carrie protested. "If your dad ever found out,
he'd... he'd..."

"Just look at it this way," Ashley interrupted again. "If you don't teach
us, we tell him what we saw and you're fired on the spot. If you teach us,
though, everything just stays between us and dad will never know anything.
So what'll it be?"

"When did you get to be such a bitch?" Carrie looked shock.

"Oh, she's always been this way," Mary-Kate answered for her twin. "She just
hasn't done it to you until now."

"And what do you have to say about all this?" Carrie asked Mary-Kate.

"Mary-Kate's with me. She doesn't have any other choice."

"Ashley's going to tell the whole school I'm a... you know... a lesbian, if
I don't go along with her on this."

"You really are a little bitch," Carrie turned up her nose at Ashley.

"We don't have time this chit chat. I need to know how to give a great blow
job by three o'clock tomorrow afterschool, or my life's over."

"What is she talking about?" Carrie asked Mary-Kate.

"She promised Taylor she'd give him a blowjob if he'd be her boyfriend, so
now she's stuck."

"Why did you do that, Ashley?"

"Because I saw how you... how you made dad say he loved you last night, and
I love Taylor, and I want him to love me, too. So I need to know how to give
him a great blowjob."

"Honey, love isn't about giving blowjobs."

"It is for you and dad," Ashley whined. "You made dad say he loved you, and
I want to do the same to Taylor. You've gotta help me, Carrie. You just

"Ashley, you're much too young to be giving blow jobs. I know this seems
like the right thing to do, but it's really not."

"Are you going to teach us or not?" Ashley demanded.

"I can't, honey, I just can't."

"Then I hope you like the unemployment line sister, because that's where
you're headed when dad hears what we saw."

"I guess that's the way it has to be, then," Carrie called her bluff.

"Maybe I'll tell dad you showed us that video, too, before he got home.
Maybe I'll tell him we were all on the couch watching the video and you
molested us. That'd get you in big trouble, wouldn't it, Carrie...?
Wouldn't it?"

"You wouldn't do that, Ashley. I know you. You're hurting now, but you
wouldn't do something so mean to me," Carrie insisted.

"Try me," Ashley challenged.

"You have no idea what you're asking me to do..." Carrie protested.

"Listen, I have until three PM tomorrow to learn how to give a great blowjob,
or I'm going to humiliate myself and become the laughing stock of the school.
If you don't want to teach me how to do it, I'll take the L-Train down to the
South Side and find someone who will."

"I wouldn't call her bluff, Carrie," Mary-Kate added. "Like you said, she
can be a real bitch."

Ashley and her sitter locked eyes for a long, cold moment before Carrie broke
down. "Okay, if that's the way it's going to be, we just may as well get
this over with as fast as we can before your dad gets it."

"Then you're going to teach us?" Ashley's expression suddenly changed from
snowstorm to sunshine.

"Do I have a choice?" Carrie raised her eyebrow.

"You're the best, Carrie," Ashley hugged her sitter. "I knew you'd come

"I just hope I don't regret this," Carrie shook her head.

"You won't," Ashley smiled. "I promise."

* * *

I can't believe this... Carrie Moore looked back at the two twins sitting
comfortably on the kitchen chairs behind her. Mary-Kate looked annoyed, yet
a little curious, while Ashley was practically doing somersaults in her
chair. In her twenty-something years of experience, Carrie had learned one
valuable lesson from every crazy situation in which she'd found herself
involved. A woman is always responsible for her own circumstances. Nothing
happens to her that she didn't somehow call upon herself. Like the gang-rape
with the Hell's Angels down in Death Valley. That'll teach you to hitchhike
in the middle of nowhere wearing a micro-mini and fuck-me pumps... Pleasant
albeit somewhat painful images flashed through her mind for a moment, and she
remembered what it felt like to fucked so long and so hard in every orifice
of her body that she doubted whether she could ever eat, piss, shit or even
sneeze again. Just how did they get those cocks up my nose? A disturbingly
delicious thrill shot through her body and the still-so-vivid memory rendered
her so dizzy she had to steady herself against the pantry cup-boards while
the wave of vertigo subsided.

"Carrie?" Ashley's voice contained impatience and very little concern.

"Here we are," Carrie announced, opening the refrigerator. "Now let's see
what we can use here." She turned back to Ashley. "How big would you say
Taylor's..." she paused.

"His what?"

"His... you know!" Mary-Kate poked her sister.

"Oh, his you know," Ashley nodded her head and smiled. "I don't know. I've
never seen it. Does it make a difference?"

"Like, yeah!" Carrie affected a dumb valley-girl voice, and the twins
laughed. "He's either this," Carrie pulled a banana out of the fruit bowl,
and Ashley shook her head. "This?" Carrie waved a huge cucumber at the

"No way!" Ashley laughed. "Smaller I think."

"How 'bout this?" Carrie displayed a carrot, roughly eight inches.

"Shorter!" the girls giggled in unison.

"You've seen him, Carrie," Ashley observed. "What do you think? What would
be... like... normal for a guy like Taylor?"

Carrie arched her eyebrows and withdrew another, shorter carrot, this one
between five and six inches. "For a guy his age, probably something like
this." She paused. "Neither of his parents are black, are they?"

"No!" Ashley screwed her face up in a puzzled expression. "Why would that
make a difference."

"Duh, stupid," Mary-Kate poked her twin. "You know, black guys?" She took
her index finger and thumb and held them two inches apart then separated
them as far as they could go.

"Oh, yeah..." Ashley giggled and nodded her head knowingly. "I don't think
so. I think their Presbyterians, though."

"Which doesn't make a difference," Carrie grimaced, snatching another
duplicate carrot from the crisper and closing the door behind her. "You sure
you want to do this, Mary-Kate. You don't have to if you don't want to."

"Yes, she does," Ashley reminded her sister. "That is unless she wants to
become real good friends with the girls' broom hockey team."

"But I'm on the girls' broom hockey team," Mary-Kate retorted.

"Ooo, maybe you are a dyke," Carrie chucked her under the chin and handed her
a carrot. "Best not to take any chances." She handed Ashley the other one.
"And you're sure you girls want to learn how to do this?"

"Carrie?" Ashley whined.

"Okay, okay..." Carrie waved off the pouting, barely-pubescent pre-teen.
How the hell did I get myself into this again. Oh, yeah, that's right. I
went down on my employer and let him give me a Hot Carl while his two darling
little brats watched... Despite being blackmailed into becoming a whorish
tutor, Carrie felt herself extremely turned on by the whole situation. She's
always had a thing for young girls. That was why she'd taken up babysitting
in the first place. How many of her young charges over the years had
received their first introduction to the wonderful world of Sapphic love from
Carrie's incomparable tongue, fingers, and toy collection. From the first
day she'd met the Burke twins, she'd desired their cherries as much as their
father's raging cock. Now, in the space of twenty-four hours, she'd been
blessed with both. Still, she didn't wholly approve of the situation, with
Ashley in the upper hand calling all the shots. Where young girls and boys
were concerned, Carrie liked to play the role of the seducer, the dominant.
As she began teaching her lesson, then, her mind frantically plotted the
means by which she could turn the tables on Ashley and her sister. Think
girl, think. You only have a few hours before daddy gets home and the window
of opportunity will have passed. Think

"Okay, so what do you do now?" Ashley held the carrot poised at her mouth,
ready to begin.

"First you lick your lips and get them all moist," Carrie began. "That
reduces the friction so you don't have dry skin rubbing against dry skin."
She watched as the girls nodded their heads in unison. "It also looks damn
sexy," she added, letting a dreamy look fall over her eyes as she languidly
swabbed her tongue over her full, ruby lips. "Ahhh..." she half-moaned,
half-panted to cap off the maneuver.

The twins giggled.

"Okay, now you try," the sitter prodded Ashley.

"Here goes," Ashley imitated Carrie's face as best she could as sensuously
swept her tongue over her pouty lips. "Oooh," she mimicked Carrie in a
high-pitched combination of a squeal and a moan.

"Now you, Mary-Kate," Carrie instructed.

"Mmmm..." Mary-Kate slobbered slightly as she tried to duplicate Carrie's
technique, licking her tongue over her lips.

"You're drooling, Mary-Kate," Ashley corrected her sister.

"Am not," Mary-Kate protested.

"That's all right, Mary-Kate. Drooling isn't bad. It's good. Lots of guys
like it... nastier... that means with a lot more spit. I was going to move
to that next." She took the carrot from Mary-Kate and held it before her
eyes. Then she bugged her eyes out like it was the biggest carrot she'd ever
seen while drool started oozing out of the corners of her mouth. The girls
giggled again. "Oh," Carrie said in her throatiest voice. "I'm so hungry
for your big beautiful cock. I just want to devour it all," she practically
swooned as the drool gushed down her chin.

"Guys think that's cool?" Mary-Kate asked increduously.

"Way cool," Carrie responded. "You try it Ashley."

The twin bugged her eyes as far as they could go and gasped. "Oh, Taylor,
it's so beautiful. I just want to eat it all up." With copious amounts of
spittle slobbering out of her mouth, she began to kiss the carrot.

"That's it, Ashley," Carrie patted her on the back. "Now we're on to step
two. Kiss it just like you're doing. Let the guy know his cock is the most
important thing to you in the world at that moment, the most important thing
ever. You have to worship it, not only with your mouth, but your eyes and
your words as well. Bug out your eyes more as you kiss it. You don't have
to speak to let him know his cock is the most beautiful thing you've ever
seen in the world. Groan a little bit..." she listened as Ashley followed
her instructions. "Deeper, more throaty, like it's coming from the depths
of your soul. Keep kissing it, Ashley. Keep kissing Taylor's cock. Let him
know how much of a man he is. That's it."

"So when do we suck it?" Mary-Kate asked impatiently.

"Patience, you've got to have patience," Carrie answered, studying the girl's
face. Mary-Kate was flushed. Despite her initial reluctance to Ashley's
little scheme, Mary-Kate was totally into the proceedings now. Oh, this is
going to be sweet, Carrie could barely contain herself. My first pair of
twins... "The next step is licking. Now I want both of you to take your
carrot-cocks and start running your tongues up and down the length of the
stick. Start at the point, we'll pretend that's the guy's cock-head, and
slowly drag your tongue down the length of his shaft. Guys have big veins
sticking out of their cocks that are usually really sensitive. So I always
like to work my tongue right down the length of the vein, over and under.
That's it, get the bottom, too. The underside of a guy's cock is really
sensitive, too," she explained as she watched the twins lavish cat-like
tongue-washings to the oblong vegetables.

"This is fun!" Ashley giggled as she licked and smooched the carrot. "How
does a real guy's cock taste when you do this?"

"Well, it sure doesn't taste like a carrot, that's for sure," Carrie laughed.

"Is it gross?" Mary-Kate asked, still tracing her tongue in mischeivous
strokes up and down the orange stalk.

"Kind of," Carrie giggled. "But it's fun gross, you know, like playing in
the mud or getting slimed."

"Cool!" Ashley giggled. "Taylor is so going to love me now."

"We're not done yet, Ashley," Carrie warned her. "There's a lot more to this
than just licking. Mind you, licking is real important, but if that's all
you do guys become real bored real quick."

"Is that where sucking comes in?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Yeah, but first I want to teach you some other stuff, some really cool
stuff not many girls know. I like to say it's the stuff that separates the
cock-suckers from the kids."

"Cool,' Ashley exclaimed. "Show us."

"Well, first you need to get yourself a good, convincing slurp. Like I said
before, what separates a good blowjob from a great blowjob isn't the sucking,
it's everything else you do - your eyes, your groans, and especially your
slurp. Guys dicks are sensitive, but they aren't like our pussies. You
know, if you even touch your puss you can feel it all over your body."
Carrie watched both girls nod their heads without thinking. Cool, they
already know how to jack themselves off... "With guys cocks, though, it's
different. Most of their nerve endings are up here," she pointed to the tip
of the carrot, "and down here," she indicated the bottom. "In between, there
is some sensation, but not a lot. Unfortunately for us, that's the majority
of the surface area we have to cover. If you just spend all your time on the
cock-head, and down by the balls, guys get bored with that."

"So, what do you do?"

"That's where a good old-fashioned slurp comes in. If you make a lot of
squishy slurping sounds with your mouth as you work a guy's cock, his mind
will fill in all the spots along his cock-shaft where he really doesn't feel
anything. Guys will say, 'Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so fine,' when they
really don't feel anything at all. They just hear you slurping away, and
their mind fools them into feeling the rest."

"Let me try first," Ashley demanded anxiously. She put the carrot up to her
mouth and began making loud slurping noises, like she was sucking the last
little bit of milkshake through the end of a straw.

"That's good," Carrie beamed proudly. "How about you now, Mary-Kate?"

The other twin shrugged her shoulders and began imitating her sister.

"Get more gurgling in there," Carrie pressed her pupils, sucking some spit
into her own mouth with a gurgling slurp. "That's excellent."

"This rules," Ashley announced happily. "I'm going to give the best blowjobs
in school after this, junior high and high school."

"Don't get carried away yet, young lady," Carrie cut her off. "We still have
a lot to go."

"What's next?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Now that we have sound covered, we're going to work on the guy's eyes."

"His eyes?" the twins asked in unison. "What do his eyes have to do with
anything," Ashley finished.

"Well, just like a guy loves to hear you slurping on his cock, he also likes
to see you sucking it. In fact, even more than what he feels, what he sees
you doing is the most important part of a good blowjob. The reason guys love
blowjobs so much is because they love the idea of a girl on her knees, in all
her humility, sucking his cock. It's dirty. It's what she'd never want to
admit to her parents or even her friends. She loves his cock so much that
she's willing to degrade herself in front of him just to get a taste of it."

"Is that true?" Ashley asked, suddenly worried. "Is that really all we're
doing? Is that what it's going to be like with me and Taylor tomorrow?

Carrie laughed. "No, silly. That's just how guys think. That's what turns
them on. They want to think a girl wants their cock so bad they're willing
to do the sluttiest things to get it. The secret is to let them think that,
but to stay in control in your own mind. Like last night, what you saw your
dad and me do. It may have looked like he was humiliating me, but I wanted
it that way. I wanted to feel him dominate and degrade me because I knew
that was what would turn him on. He's so... you know... in control all the
time, up tight. All he really wants to do is let his hair down and be a
caveman once in awhile, but he has to be so responsible all the time - single
father, big-time professor, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes. By letting him do that
stuff to me, he finally got to let loose and not be Mr. Nice Guy. In his
mind at the moment, he was in charge, forcing me to degrade myself before
him. That's the fantasy you want to put in some guys mind. The difference
smart girls and dumb girls, though, is their ability to control the fantasy.
I love when guys think they're humiliating and degrading me. It turns me on.
But I'm always calling the shots. I'm the one who puts myself in the
situation. Do you understand?"

"Kind of, I guess," Ashley started. "It's like me and Taylor. Even though
he might think I'm doing something really humiliating to get him to love me,
I'm actually the one in control because I set it up."

"That's right, Ashley," Carrie hugged the girl. "You've got to let him think
he's in control. That's what'll really turn him on."

"So how do you do this already?" Mary-Kate asked impatiently. "We don't have
all day."

"Get down on your knees, both of you," Carrie instructed, her pussy flooding
with even more cunt juice as she watched the two, pretty, pre-teens kneel
down before her. She took the carrot and stuck it out from her crotch like
it was cock. "Lesson one, look up into a guys eyes while you work his dick.
You start, Ashley. Do everything we just went over - licking your lips,
drooling, wide eyes, kissing, licking, slurping - all that and look into my
eyes while you do it." She lifted Ashley's chin so that pretty twin was
staring her right in the eyes. "Now talk to me, too," she added.

"Ooooh, Taylor," Ashley began, her eyes bugging out as she licked her lips
and the drool seep out the corners of her mouth. "You have such a

"Cock!" Carrie prompted her. "It's not a thingie anymore, or a penis, or a
pee-pee. It's a cock. Now you say it."

"C..cock," Ashley strammered. "You have such a beautiful cock."

"So, are you going to talk or suck?" Carrie imitated a typical guy, lightly
batting the tip of the carrot across Ashley's pretty, beaming face.

"Carrie?" Ashley whined.

"I'm not Carrie, stupid, I'm Taylor," Carrie answered. "You'd better be
prepared for him to say stuff like that, too. Guys like to talk dirty to
girls. They think it shocks us, and that turns them on even more. The
secret is to act shocked, but not too shocked so they quit. You want them
to keep talking because the more they talk the more turned on they get, and
the more they feel. Now continue. I just asked you a question. So, are
you going to talk or suck?"

"Why don't you judge for yourself," Ashley smirked, getting into the spirit
of the game. Still looking directly into Carrie's eyes, she worked over
the carrot with every kiss, lick, groan and slurp she'd just learned.

She's going to be quite a little cocksucker, Carrie mused to herself as she
slapped the carrot back and forth gently across Ashley's drool-covered face.
"That's it, baby. Drool over it," she chided the pretty pre-teen. "Show
me how much you want my cock. You do want it, don't you...?"

"Um hmm," Ashley nodded her head up and down, still looking into Carrie's
eyes as she let a long string of spittle drip down onto the glistening

"Your turn now, Mary-Kate," Carrie withdrew the carrot from Ashley's mouth
and dangled it in front of her twin sister. Mary-Kate closed her eyes as
she lowered her mouth to meet the tip of the vegetable. "Eyes open,
soldier," Carrie commanded. "Look right into my gaze." Mary-Kate opened
her eyes, shrugged her shoulders and began slobbering over the stick. After
a minute of this, Carrie pulled it away. "I'm going to show you some other
techniques now, stuff that drives men crazy. Mary-Kate, put your mouth
along the side of the carrot now, that's it, like you're getting ready to
eat an ear of corn. Now put your lips around it, and run your mouth back
and forth. Guys love when you do that. It makes them think their cock is
really big, especially if you do it slow."

"Cool," Ashley exclaimed.

"It's called 'Playing the Harmonica' or 'Corn-Cobbing'," Carrie explained.
"You can take your pick."

"Let me try," Ashley cut in on her sister and began working the carrot stick
just like Carrie had explained, slowly, with her eyes bugged out. "It's so
big," she cooed.

"Nice touch," Carrie laughed. "Always say something like that to a guy.
That's what they want to hear. Now I'm going to show you a variation on
that. Put the end in your mouth and press it up against your cheek. Now
keep the stick sideways, so it enters your mouth like a toothbrush. Then,
let the guy thrust his cock inside your mouth sideways, just like that, so
that it pops out the side of your cheek. Let him stretch it out good, too,
so that it even hurts a little. Then wince like it really hurts. Guys
like to think they're hurting you so much because their cock is all big and
hard. Let him thrust in and out like that. That's called 'Brushing Your
Teeth.'" Carrie explained further as she battered the carrot into Ashley's
cheek, stretching it out into an obscene point. "Now, I want you to pull
your mouth away real fast so that the carrot makes a popping sound as it
leaves." Ashley jerked her head away suddenly, and the carrot plopped out
with a resounding 'pop.' "Good, now try it again," Carrie coached,
reinserting the carrot back into Ashely's mouth and pressing it hard against
her cheek. Ashley let her sitter 'brush her teeth' for a few seconds before
she jerked away again, elicing another sharp 'pop.' "That's called a
"Lollipop," Carrie informed her pupils. "It really makes guys feel like
they're studs because it combines sight and sound. In their minds, they
think their cocks are so huge they've created some kind of vacuum seal in
your mouth, and they need to remove their dick so you can breathe. It makes
them feel real powerful."

"Is that how you suck it?" Mary-Kate asked. "Is it all just an act?"

"Hardly," Carrie laughed. "Believe me, when you suck, you really suck. Come
on now, Mary-Kate, I want you try everything I just went over." She fed the
carrot stick back to Mary-Kate's mouth. "First 'Play the Harmonica'. That's
it," she encouraged as Mary-Kate ran the stick sideways along her mouth.
"Now I'm going to 'brush your teeth,' Carrie explained. "It's going to hurt
at first when I stretch out your cheek," she warned as she pressed the carrot
hard into the twin's soft skin. "That's it. Just little longer. Remember
look up into my eyes. Always look into their eyes. Let them see every
exaggerated expression on their face. Let the guy really stretch your cheeks
out. They love to watch that. Wince a little. Yeah, just like that. A
little more. Like his toothbrush is giving you a toothache. A few more
seconds. Now do a 'Lollipop," Carrie ordered.

Mary-Kate jerked her head away and the carrot plopped out with 'pop' and a
gob of drool.

"That was so cool, Mary-Kate," Ashley hugged her sister. "You looked just
like that woman in the movie last night."

"Did I?" Mary-Kate asked Carrie. "Was that good?"

"Really good. Both of you are such quick studies. You're going to be great

"But you haven't even taught us how to suck yet?" Mary-Kate whined. "You
know, how you take a guys... cock... all the way down your throat. Like in
the movie, and how you did dad. That looked so cool!"

Carrie nodded her head. "Okay, then, I guess we've learned enough
preliminaries. Just remember, one lesson with this stuff doesn't make you
an expert. You're going to have to practice as much as you can. I suggest
taking these carrots with you after your done and doing some homework."

"So are you going to teach us how to suck now?" Ashley whined.

"Okay," Carrie nodded. "Take your carrots and wet your lips again. And get
them real wet this time, because you're going to need it. When you first
suck a guy into your mouth, his cock still might pretty dry. That's why all
the stuff we just learned is so important. The more licking and drooling
you do, the slicker his tool is going to be. And the slicker his tool is,
the easier it will slide down into your mouth. You want to think of it like
a Popsicle. You know how a Popsicle is all dry when you first get it out of
the freezer, and how hard it is to suck. That's just like a guy's cock. You
need to slick it up, or it's not going to feel good in your mouth. So get
your mouths all wet and ready, and your carrots, too. Remember, lots of
drool, some slurping, always eye contact... okay, we're ready. Insert the
tip in slowly and close your jaws around it tightly, but not too..."

Snap! A look of horror went across Ashley's face as the tip of her carrot
separated from the stick and wedged between her teeth.

"Woops, Taylor, I'm so sorry," Mary-Kate snickered.

"Shut up, Mary-Kate," Ashley snapped back, although Carrie could see she was
about to cry.

"Rule Number One," Carrie smiled down at Ashley and gave her a reassuring pat
on the shoulder. "Watch the teeth. We don't want any John Bobbits walking

"John who?" the girls asked in unison.

"Never mind," Carrie shook her head. "Let's get back to work. Ashley,
reinsert." She watched the girl obey her command. "Okay now, if your mouth
and his cock are sufficiently slicked up, you should be able to start sucking
slightly along the tip of his cock-head. That's it," she admired the scene
below her, two pretty pre-teen dolls kneeling before her, sucking carrots
into their mouths. I am so filthy, she cackled to herself. Look at the
little sluts. I can't wait to suck the insides of those peach-fuzz pussies.
Shit, control yourself, teach. They still have a lot more to learn... "Now,
with each successive suck, you should be inhaling more and more of his cock.
That's it. Slowly at first. Work up a pace. Quarter inch by quarter inch
until you get it working. Now some more. Take a bigger gulp. That's it."
She moved around them now like a ballet instructor inspecting their
technique. "I notice you're both using your hands to jack the cocks back and
forth in your mouth. That's all right to start with. It gets you used to
the guys size and shape, lets you take control. That's it. Get some more
in. That's almost two inches now. Good, Mary-Kate. You're really sucking
away. She's beating you Ashley. She almost has three inches in there.
Where are you girl?"

"UGGHHH..." Ashley let loose with a gagging cough and her carrot fell to the

"What's wrong, Ash?" Mary-Kate withdrew her carrot.

"I... I gagged or something," Ashley coughed.

"That can happen at first," Carrie brushed it off. "Nothing to worry about.
Now get back to work and commence sucking." She watched the twins obey,
brushing her hand up against her burning crotch for a split second as both
girls went back to inhaling the carrot sticks.

Mary-Kate resumed right where she left off, the carrot stick sliding a
whole three inches into her mouth in barely a second. Ashley seemed more
tentative, though, with barely a quarter of an inch between her lips. She
looked over at her sister, who was now managing a good four inches. Ashley
winced, then, and tried to insert some more of the carrot.

"Ugghhaaccckkk..." Ashley spit up the carrot in a coughing, gagging fit.

"Ash...?" Mary-Kate started.

"Don't pay attention to her," Carrie ordered. "Concentrate on your own
carrot. See if you can get it all in there, down to the end."

Mary-Kate nodded.

"Come on, now, Ashley," Carrie knelt beside her. "You haven't even gotten
in an inch yet."

"I can't. It makes me gag. When it gets in my mouth, I feel like I have to
throw up. I can't do it."

"Yes, you can. It just takes some longer for some girls than others."

"Mary-Kate doesn't have a problem," Ashley pouted. "Look at her."

"Don't worry about your sister," Carrie scolded. "This is about you. Now
I want you to open up, and get back to work. I want to see you get three
inches there," she cajoled as she guided the stick back into Ashley's mouth.
"There, that's it. You see, that's not so..."

"Acckk ucckk gghh..." Ashley hurled the carrot across the room as she went
into a gagging fit. Vomit squirted out of her nose, and her face contorted
in pure agony. "I can't do it," she bawled. "I promised Taylor a blowjob
so he'd be my boyfriend, and I can't do it. I'm ruined. I'll be the
laughing stock of... of... everywhere."

"Come on, Ashley, just keep trying," Mary-Kate moved over to comfort her
sister. "See?" she smiled. "It's not so hard." She sucked the entire
carrot into her mouth.

"My God," Carrie couldn't help exclaiming. "That's incredible, Mary-Kate.
You're a real natural."

"That's no fair," Ashley blubbered. "Mary-Kate doesn't even like boys."

"I do, too," Mary-Kate shot back.

"You do not!"

"Listen, I'm not the one who can't even take one inch in her mouth. Now
who's the lesbian, Miss Choker."

"You..." Ashley lunged at her sister, but Carrie put herself between them.

"Enough," Carrie yelled. "That's enough. Now both of you apologize.
Fighting is not going to help anything for either of you."

"I'm sorry, Ashley," Mary-Kate started after a long pause. "I didn't mean
it. Really."

"Me, too," Ashley humphed, crossing her arms cross her chest and rocking back
and forth. "Not that it matters anyway. I'll never be able to give Taylor
a great blow job now if I gag before it even starts."

"You can still lick it and slurp it and do all the other stuff Carrie showed
us," Mary-Kate offerered.

"You heard what Carrie said," Ashley moped. "All that stuff is great to
start off with, but Taylor is going to want to see me with his cock in my
mouth. He's going to want to watch me suck his cock."

"But you can fool him with all the other stuff, can't she, Carrie? Just
like you said," Mary-Kate pressed.

"I'm afraid Ashley's right, Mary-Kate. All that other stuff just fool's a
guys mind to get him hot. When it comes down to it, though, a guy wants to
be sucked off, and he wants to watch the girl do it to him. If Ashley went
in there tomorrow just licking and slurping without taking him in her mouth,
he'd be real disappointed."

"I'm dead," Ashley pouted. "That's all there is to it. I'm dead."

"Not so fast," Carrie smiled as a wicked idea crossed her mind. "We're not
up the creek yet."

"You have an idea?" Ashley asked hopefully.

"I certainly do," Carrie answered. "But you guys have to be with me on
this... both of you!" she looked quizzically at Mary-Kate.

"Listen, Ashley's my best friend. She's in trouble, and I'll do anything I
can to help her."

"Good," Carrie nodded her head. "That's what I wanted to hear." She turned
back to Ashley. "I've encountered this problem before, you know. My friend
Suzy back in high school. She'd gag a lot, too."

"What did she do?" Ashley was all ears.

"Well, we discovered by trial and error... and I mean error... that Suzy's
problem was mostly psychological. Her gag reflex was reacting prematurely
because she was so scared about sucking cocks. It was like stage fright. I
think what you're experiencing now is the same thing. You're so worried
about your big blowjob with Taylor tomorrow that you're psyching yourself

"So, what can she do?" Mary-Kate was truly concerned about her twin sister.

"We need to get her over her stage fright before tomorrow. That means she
needs to practice on a real live guy so she gets over her nerves and sees
it's no big deal. That's probably why you're able to take so much in your
mouth, Mary-Kate. You don't have anything to worry about. That means you're
loose. What we need to do is get Ashley loose, too."

"With a real guy..." Mary-Kate finished the thought.


"What about Pokie?" Mary-Kate asked. "You think he's real cute, too, don't

"No, not Pokie," Ashley turned as white as a sheet. "I'll gag and make a
complete fool of myself in front of him, too."

"What we need is someone Ashley doesn't care about, someone who doesn't
matter," Carrie observed. "That way, while she's getting over nerves it
won't be a big deal."

"I've got it," Mary-Kate suddenly exclaimed. "I know who we'll get."

"Who?" Ashley pleaded.

"You just leave it to me," Mary-Kate headed to the door. "I'll be back with
the studs in a few."

"Mary-Kate, wait..." Ashley called out behind her sister as she vanished and
the door swung shut.

"I think you're just going to have to trust your sister, Ashley," Carrie gave
the pretty pre-teen a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Come on, let's try
and practice some more before she gets back." Carrie handed her the carrot.
Ashely slowly took it and began licking the tip again.


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