Two Of A Kind: Dating The Nanny (Mgg,F-mast,inc,anal,first)
by Willie Longfellow ([email protected])

I've been dating Carrie for three months now. Wow, this girl is full of
surprises. After every date she has something new she wants us to do.

Tonight I brought her here to this classy restaurant and she told me she has
the ultimate gift for me waiting back at her place.

"What is it?" I asked nicely.

"Oh no, no hints and no clues, you'll just have to wait till we get there."
She answered with a slight giggle.

When the bill finally came, I thought about skipping the movie and just head
back to her place for the surprise, but I didn't want to upset her.

We walked out front and I waived for my limo. As the limo pulled up I asked
her. "Well Sweetheart what movie would you like to see tonight?"

"No movie lets take care of that surprise." She answered, as I held the door

"Let's go back to Carrie's place." I told the driver.

It was only a ten minute ride back to her place.

We were in a deep kiss as we opened the door and stumbled in, like we do
every time we get there after a date.

She put her hand over my eyes, before breaking our kiss. "Keep your eyes
tightly closed until I tell you to open them." She said giggling a little

"This is the perfect gift for any man. So no, peeking." She continued while
leading me around the apartment.

When we stopped moving, Carrie stripped me completely naked.

Holding my eyes tightly closed I heard some scuffling around and then I felt
her hands on my cock stroking it back and forth.

"Oh yea." I sighed softly.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" She asked.

"Oh yea." I replied with excitement.

"Open your eyes." She commanded.

When I did, I got the shock of my life. The twelve year old twin girls, she
watches, were sitting on Carrie's bed, wearing nothing but panties and bras.

"The little vixens have been spying on us for a couple of weeks." Carrie
started to explain.

"Whose idea was this?" I asked still surprised, but with a raging hard on.

"Well it was Mary-Kate's idea; they wanted me to teach them about sex. But I
told them if they really wanted to know about sex, you would be the best most
caring teacher around." She finished her explanation.

Both girls just sat there smiling.

"Well Carrie what are you going to do?" I asked.

"Just watch from this chair." She said sitting down.

"Ok girls; finish undressing so we can get started." I said with confidence.

I watched as they removed their bras, showing me their budding little breast.
Then they slowly pushed their panties down over their tiny butts and down
their legs.

"Lay down girls." I said.

After they were lying down, I pushed Mary-Kate's legs apart. Staring at her
naturally bald preteen pussy. "Yummy." I said with a smile.

I then spread Ashley's legs. "Yummy times two." I commented again.

"What was your favorite thing you saw?" I asked bending over and rubbing
their pussy's gently with my thumbs.

"I liked when Carrie sucked you." Replied May-Kate.

"And I liked it when you would lick Carrie. She looked like she was really
enjoying it." Was Ashley's response.

"Perfect. I'll lay down on my back and Ashley, you can sit on my face, and
Mary-Kate can lie between my legs and suck me." I said climbing on the bed.

Ashley straddled my face, looking towards her sister and lowered her tender
pussy to my face. I held her butt and guided her so my tongue went straight
to her pussy.

Mary-Kate took my cock in her small hands and lightly stroked it feeling the
veins along the shaft. I then felt her little tongue lick the tip of my cock.
She then licked again tasting the precum that leaked out of the end.
Mary-Kate's tongue started running up and down my shaft as my tongue went
back and forth in Ashley's slit.

"Ohhhhh." Ashley moaned.

Mary-Kate took the head of my cock into her mouth sucking it. She slowly took
more and more of my shaft into her mouth. When she had just about half of my
cock in her mouth she started licking and sucking.

"Mmm." I moaned into Ashley's pussy.

I worked my tongue into Ashley's pussy, making her legs shake and her hands
rest on my chest.

"Ohhhhh, Mary-Kate this feels so good. Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh." She moaned as she had
her orgasm.

I licked faster, catching all of her juices as it flowed from her pussy.

Ashley moved off my face after her orgasm stopped and I looked down at
Mary-Kate and watched her head bob up and down on my cock taking about five

I looked over at Carrie and seen she was naked sucking on an eight inch

"Ohhhhh God, I'm going to cum." I warned Mary-Kate, but she kept sucking.

"Oh yes." I said as my cum blasted out of my cock into Mary-Kate's mouth,
making her mouth pop of my cock from the pressure of my release. My cum then
hit her nose, cheek and chin.

"That was cool." Said Ashley leaning over and licking the length of my shaft,
tasting my cum.

I watch as her tongue rolled into her mouth with my creamy white cum on it.

Mary-Kate was cleaning her face with her fingers, and then licking them

Ashley took my cock into her mouth and began sucking on the head.

Mary-Kate took her place on my face looking at the wall. I began licking her
pussy, at the same time I reached up and cupped her nubbins and squeezed.

Ashley's head was bobbing up and down on my cock and her fingers brushed
across my balls.

My cock was going in and out of Mary-Kate's pussy.

"Ohhhhh, yes that's it, Ahhhhh." Mary-Kate moaned as her juice flowed down my
tongue. She fell off my face onto the bed shaking from her orgasm.

I ran my fingers through Ashley's hair and watched her suck my cock.

"Ashley, Ohhhhh I'm going to cum." I warned her this time.

Ashley gripped my cock and stroked it, pumping my cum from my cock into her
mouth swallowing every drop she could.

When she released my cock, the cum she couldn't swallow dripped from her
mouth and back onto my cock.

Mary-Kate and Ashley both licked my cock clean of the left over cum.

I looked over at Carrie, who was now naked and still sucking on the dildo.
"Where did they learn to do that?" I asked her.

"With this." She replied. Holding up the dildo. "They have been practicing
all week, and their cherries of have already been popped, with the handle of
a wooden spoon." She added.

I got off the bed and looked at the girls as they licked their lips of my

"Ok girls; let's get you on your hands and knees here on the edge of the
bed." I said patting the bed.

The girls moved into position with their knees right on the edge of the bed,
right next to each other.

I walked up behind them and wetted both my index fingers, and started rubbing
their slits. In unison I pushed my fingers into their pussies, working them
all the way in.

"Ohhhhh." They both moaned.

I slowly worked my fingers in and out of their pussies. "Oh what tight little
girls you are." I commented.

I removed my fingers and licked them clean one at a time, as if I was doing a
taste test.

Moving directly behind Mary-Kate, I took hold of my cock and rubbed the head
up and down her slit, finding her small opening I slowly pushed in.

"Ahhhhh, whoa Ohhhhh." She moaned as I pushed more and more of my cock into

I slowly worked in and out of her tight pussy, causing her to moan with every

After a minute, I removed my cock, hearing disappointment in her moan.

I moved over behind Ashley and proceeded to fuck her the same way I did

I moved back and forth between the two girls fucking them for about a minute

I was driving these girls wild; they both laid their heads down on the beds
and looked at each other as I fucked them.

Moving my cock in and out of Ashley. She cried out, shoving her ass back at
me. "Ahhhhh, yes, yes, yes. Cumming."

I pulled my cock from her pussy and moved back over to Mary-Kate, sliding my
cock into her I said. "It's your turn little one."

I began fucking her faster and harder then I did before.

"Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhh, yesssss." Her juices coated my cock with Ashley's

"Oh fuck yes." I pulled out of Mary-Kate and my cum shot up her back landing
between her shoulder blades and in several spots all the way down her back
and on her ass.

"Oh hell yes, that was fucking good." Carrie yelled out.

We all looked at Carrie cumming all over the dildo shoved up her pussy.

I sat on the edge of the bed next to Mary-Kate and watched Ashley use her
fingers to collect my cum from her sisters back, and they each took turns
licking the fingers clean.

"Did you explain anal sex to these horny little darlings?" I asked Carrie.

But before she could answer, Ashley moved down her sisters back and spread
her ass cheeks apart.

I really got my answer when her tongue darted out and into Mary-Kate's tight
puckered virgin asshole.

"Oh yea." Mary-Kate sighed.

Ashley's tongue fucked in and out of Mary-Kate's asshole getting it wet. She
then licked her finger and worked it into Mary-Kate's asshole.

"Ohhhhh, finger my butt, you know I like it." Mary-Kate moaned.

I grabbed a tube of lube from the nightstand and applied it heavily to my

I climbed up on the bed and straddled Mary-Kate's legs and placed my cock by
the finger Ashley was working in and out of her sisters' ass.

Using her other hand Ashley took hold of my cock and started pushing it in
Mary-Kate's virgin asshole when her finger came out.

Ever so slowly my cock went into Mary-Kate's asshole, inch by inch.

"Oww, oww, oww." She cried softly as I entered her tight rectum.

It felt like a lifetime of pushing, but I finally had all seven inches of my
cock in her tight ass. I held still, waiting for heavy breathing to calm.

"Oh, it hurts, it hurts." She said gripping the sheets turning her knuckles

I held very still and waited.

"Oh ah wow ah." She gasped breathing easier.

I slowly pulled out till just the head was in her, and then pushed back in.

"Ohhhhh." Mary-Kate moaned.

I started working in and out without stopping, making her gasp every time I
hit bottom.

"Would you like to be next?" I asked Ashley.

"No thank you. Mary-Kate is the one who wanted it in her butt." She replied
while rubbing and squeezing her sister's ass.

"Oh yes, I'm cumming." Mary-Kate said just before burying her head into the

"God yes, I'm cumming with you." I said as her ass tightened around my cock
stopping me from moving and forcing my balls to empty its load deep in her

I let my cock go limp in her ass, before I removed it.

"Girls your Dad will be home in about ten minutes. You better hurry off to
bed and maybe I can talk Willie into coming back tomorrow." She warned them.

When the girls left the room, Carrie looked at me and smiled. "Oh yea. You'll
be here."


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