This a parody. A satire. Not the real thing. All done in fun. For adults

T-Mobile: Cheerleader Test Slave (g-gang,unif,bukkake)
by Dr. Bone

Ashley, the cheerleader had been lured under the pretense of free cell phone
use and coffee. She drank a cup or two and proceeded to yak away in her high
pitched squeaky voice as she bent herself into one position after another.
The old men around her in their seats in the amphitheatre took notes.

"And then they let her cut class I can't believe it." said the young motor
mouthed cheerleader as she went into hour twelve of talking on her cell phone
as the all male scientist committee watched her. At a signal all the men

"I think I am going to rearrange my closet. And did you see the cute boy. In
class. Wait one of the creepy old men who had me test the phone is coming
over here. What is that? A wireless hand set that is so good. Wait while I
put it under my ear." The scientist then put her phone on a stand and
switched on the camera function.

The scientists went back up to their seats to observe the cheerleader as she
continued to talk away. "Oh that movie was so sad. It made me pout. I can't
believe she left him. Can you see me pout she said pouting in an overly
dramatic way."

At the same time all the scientists came down from the stands.

"Ohmygosh he is in the same classes also. He is so cute to. Did you see what
he wrote in my notebook? Double heart stickers with my name and his on them."

Her pussy began to itch, at first she thought it was her new panties, but it
got wetter and hotter as she continued to yak about everything under the sun.

"My pussy is wet and hot. Could somebody help me? Yes I know I said it I
don't know why but I think we have to work on our routines more for the state
championship. My gum is losing its flavor."

The men wheeled over a soft padded bench and had her lean over it, her small
tight ass high in air. One of the men pulled his cock out from the white
hooded suit he was wearing. The cheerleader felt a draft as he panties came
down. Them man pulled her arms behind her back and shoved his cock into her
tight hole.

"Oh my! For an old man his cock is awfully big. Oh it fills my pussy so much.
Of course I can say pussy." The man pounded the tight young cunt hard. A
second man put the phone on speaker so they could hear the friend at the
other side. Her friend was just as annoying as her.

The man held out a hand in front of her face and she spit her gum into his
hand, he stuck it on her forehead.

"Oh my gosh. You are going to let those old men fuck you. What about Brad?"
came the voice over the phone as the cheerleader got a big thick, pink cock
rammed into her mouth. Even then she tried to keep talking until he grabbed
her hair and really rammed it down her throat. He came within moments dumping
a load in her hair.

"I don't know how I am going to get...that...out!" she said as the man
fucking her came inside of her. He rubbed his deflating cock all over her
cheerleading skirt leaving wet stains.

The men had her get up. One man laid down on the bench and she was lifted by
several of the scientists and put right down on his cock. "Oh My! How are we
going to get the stain out of that skirt and we have the cheer-off next

One of the other scientists rubbed his cock with a clear slick liquid. He
hiked up her skirt further and slowly pushed it up her tiny tight asshole.
"I thought you were saving your ass for Brad."

"I know it is going to be all wet and sloppy now but Ugh! I thought he was
hanging out with that tramp Cindy."

She was made to grab two cocks and jerk them off as a third man shoved his
cock deep down her throat again to the point she was gagging.

"All I know is I am not going to do any product tests for that group." came
the voice through her phone's speaker.

The man fucking her ass pulled out and came all over the back of her top.
The man fucking her pussy jacked his cock off on her stomach as her face got
three loads from the men she was jerking and sucking off.

More men surrounded her. Some could not wait for attention and jerked off
watching their coworkers use the young formerly tight cheerleader. During the
whole ordeal none of the men would strip totally they just pulled their cocks
out through the suits.

"Does anyone have something to cough! Drink?" she said after taking yet
another load in the mouth. One of the men brought her a cola that had the
same aftertaste as the coffee. She found herself growing hornier than ever.

Two of the men, one on top and one on the bottom double penetrated her
vagina. "Oh Shit! Can one of you take a picture of that. They are not going
to believe it." using the camera in the phone they took a picture of the
penetration her pussy dripping cum and lubricant.

She was bent into every position (including upside down) where she had bare
skin it was covered with sticky cum, where she had clothing it left dark
marks, her hair was matted with the stuff.

After several hours her phone was shut off.

In a daze she was taken to the shower and hosed off. Her outfit was cleaned
and pressed and given back to her to put on. The van that dropped her off
sped away leaving only a faint blur on any camera that caught it. The police
could not find anything. To make matters worse there a two thousand dollar
phone bill to deal with.

In a factory in England the man looked at the reports. "Hmmm! I think Wonka
Get-It-Up coffee and soda can be released this summer."


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