This is a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles is a comicbook that has given brith to
three tv shows and three movics.

As always the people who really own TNMT doesn't know me from dirt and if
you're under eighteen and reading this I'll kick your ass.

Yes I know the spelling and grammer sucks, let's see how well you write in
Hebrew - Shewolf

Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter's Birthday Gift
by Shewolf Of Tel Aviv (F-best,mutant,oral,anal)

Apirl O'Neil sat in the remains of a party, that had been held in the lair
under New York City. The boys after the cake, ice cream and pizza had left to
take in a new Jackie Chan flim leaving April and their mentor Splinter alone
in the lair. Due to the summer heat the red haired young TV reporter was
dressed in a cotten haltertop and hot pants.

A small smile came over April's face as she reached into her bag pulling out
a bottle. "Since the boys are not here we can open this." she told Him.

A look of glee came over the humanoid rat. "Tomkia Saka that has to be at
least 50 years old," Splinter said.

"More like 100. I got it when the cops helped me bust a drug lord," April

"Well, I can not think of a better soul to drink it with," Splinter said
pulling down two glasses.

Two hours later a slightly smashed red haired human woman and a mutant rat
sat side by side on the loveseat.

"So Spplinterer do you miss being human?" April asked.

"After so long as Splinter I won't be a human if I could." Splinter answered.

April looked around at the remains of the party and lurched to her feet.

"Well, I better start getting this mess up," she stated.

"Let me aid you," Splinter added.

April walked unsteaded to a table but when she reached it she began to fall
back. Splinter saw this and with ninja skill leaped over and grabbed her so
she wouldn't fall. However due to the sake instead of grabbing April's waist
Splinter's hands grabbed two full handfuls of thinly covered tits. Almost
instantly Splinter began to pull and massage April's full round breasts and
she felt a harding in Splinter's groin against her ass. April's cunt began
to flow as she leaned back into him.

"How long has it been?" April asked almost panting.

"Not since I stumbled into the ooze," Splinter answered.

April gave a lustful grin and turned around to face her friend loosing his
robe open and off.

"Well, we've got to do something about that," she purred sinking to her

As she reached his groin April was shunned to see two huge cocks one on top
of the other facing Her, the top one was 22 inchs long and the lower was 14
inchs and both were 8 inchs round. April looked up at Splinter's face which
was filled with lust and he explained, "One of the effects of my mutantion.
Both work."

With a animal-like groan April opened her mouth as wide as she could diving
onto the top dick barely getting her lips over the head. At the same time she
guided with her hands the lower into the shoop neckline of her halter till
the 14" dick was snuggly nestled in between the valley of her two warm tits.
Helpless she looked up at Splinter with her eyes for the aid she needed.
Seeing her problem and almost insane with waiting for what was to come the
mutant rat placed both jis claws behind the redhead's head and yanked it to
him while ramming his hips foward.

April for one second feared that her teeth would be knocked out then all was
forgotten save that hot saltly sweet treat in her mouth. Her long red hair
swished and ploped all over as the rat facefucked her, her tongue running up
and around the meat invander. The nipples of her breasts were almost brusting
throught her halter and the heat and the friction of the boob fuck was
madding. In a savage crazed move April reached up to the neck of her halter
with both hands and ripped it in two leaving Her topless then with both
hands She crushed and mashed Her white Boobs around the grey Dick pounding
between Them. She could barely breath and the only sound from Her was, "Uh
Uh UH Uh."

How long were they like that neither knew but soon the mutant picked up the
pace of his ramming and the woman knew what it meant and tried to prepair
herself. suddenly Splinter rammed forward extra hard almost breaking her
neck and stayed there. Huge minty gobs of mutant cum shot out of the tip
into April's welcoming mouth, at the same time she felt a warm slashing on
her belly and the sent of mint filled the air. Her mouth filled again and
again with his Cum as she drank down every drop like someone lost in the
Sini finding water.

Finally the seeming endless stream ended and April fell back, looking down
She notice that her whole front of her body was painted by Splinter's green
baby batter. She glanced at her mutant lover and to April's amazement both
of his sex sticks were as hard as before he came.

"Another extra to my mutantion. I can go all day if I want to," he told her.

Standing up weakly April whispered, "Well, let's see you put your cocks where
your mouth is," she gasped.

Without a word Splinter reached for her hot pants and panties and in one move
ripped them from her body. Then grabbing her by the waist he picked her up
and slammed her full force on both of his hot dicks. Her eyes rolled up into
the back head as dhe felt the two monsters ram into her body the 22er
entering cruelly her hot wet pussy and the the 14er savagely breaking through
her unready asshole.

"Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee!!1" April screamed at the
top of her lungs the pain and lust joy almost shorting out her brain.

Splinter lifted her almost off the tips of his cocks then slammed her back
down picking up a rhythm like a piledriver. April's body seemed boneless
under the mighty fucking she was getting the twin slamming driving all
thoughts from her mind.

"Oooohhh Gggoooddd Yesss Yesss Yess Fuck Meeee. Queeeerrr Meeee Never stop
never stop never stop! Fuck My asss, Knock Mee Uppp, Hump Me, Hump Me, Hump
Me, HUMP MEEE!!!" she chanted mindlessly.

"Ohhh yeesss my little round eyed slut. You're going to get the fucking you
allways begged for!" Splinter groweled at April's face.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh Yyyyeeeeessssss fuck Meeee like the little slut that I ammm."
April screamed back.

Then she felt the tingling in his cocks and knew what was happening.

"Eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed out her come as
her eyes crossed and her senses shorted out but she felt the hosing streams
of slime hosing her womb and ass canal.

Neither knew that three things had happened, 1.) April was now totally hooked
one mutant or any kind of sex, 2.) Splinter was now a unending sex machine
needing it every day and 3.) April was going to have Splinter's children.


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