Too Close For Comfort: Sarah's Awakening (Mf,MF,MFF,Ff-mast,inc,oral,voy)
by KHenne ([email protected])

Henry and Muriel Rush were the parents of 2 beautiful teenagers. Jackie was
18 years old Sarah was 15 years old. Jackie had graduated in the top 10% of
her class. She was planning on going to a local Community College. She wanted
to go to a better school but her parents could not afford it. Sarah was a
sophomore in high school. She was a cheerleader in school. Henry watched her
in her outfit walking up the stairs to her room. He got wild no fatherly
thoughts in his head. His daughter was stacked. She was easily a 38D she
bounced even with a bra one. He went into the bathroom a little while later
and jerked off thinking of Sarah.

Sarah knew how to work men to her advantage. Jackie got men to follow her
cause she was smart and never wore a bra. She had a small chest 32B. Jackie
worked while going to college as a bank teller. She studied clothes designing
Jackie was always dressed properly. Sarah was smart and had lots of friends
in school. Sarah's teachers always though she could do better in school even
though she had a solid B average. Her sophomore year in high school she was
drawn towards a female teacher. This was a new teacher taking over for
another teacher who was seriously injured over the summer vacation. The
teachers name was Anna Wong she was a recent graduated student from UCLA.
This was her first teaching assignment. Anna was a 25 yr old Chinese American
she would teach home economics. Sarah took the class for her average and an
easy grade an easily passable class.

The first two weeks of the class went by before Sarah realized how much she
liked the teacher. That Friday afternoon she rushed home and went to her room
and masturbated like crazy thinking about her teacher. Jackie walked into
there room and wasn't shocked by the sight she was watching. Sarah exploded
about 5 minutes later. She didn't even notice Jackie in the room. Jackie
snuck into the bathroom to masturbate cause she was wet from watching her
sister get off. Jackie came within a few minutes and she licked her fingers

Muriel walked into the bathroom a few minutes later and smelled the sex that
happened there. At her last photo assignment a model that asked if she would
be willing to do private shoots approached her. Muriel told her depends on
the shoot and if I don't have an assignment. A few weeks later she meets the
model for her private shoot. She took the model for the private shoot she
wanted. The model asked if she would do a nude of her. Muriel took the nude
photos of the model. She told the model the photos would be ready in an about
2 weeks. The model paid cash for the shoot.

When Muriel left walking to her car she watched 2 girls casually make out on
a porch. She was turned on by the sight and photographed it. When she got to
her car she realized she was wet and turned on. She was making dinner when
Jackie came behind her and said dinner smells great Muriel turned around and
looked at Jackie differently. She started deeply at Jackie thinking how
beautiful she was. That night when her and her husband made love she was
fantasizing about Jackie. When Henry ate her out to an orgasm she had to bite
her lip from screaming Jackie's name out.

The model's photos were ready she delivered them to her. She had masturbated
while staring at the nude models shot. Here she was 40 years old thinking
about girls. She couldn't believe this she had never at thoughts like this
before. After work one day she dropped off the photos to the model. The model
was very happy with the photos and kissed Muriel. This was a 20-year-old
model that did clothing modeling. The kiss had caught Muriel off guard a
little. The model started to apologize Muriel told her it was okay. They
looked at each other and kissed. The model's tongue teased Muriel who opened
her mouth and teased the model back.

Sarah did well in her home economics class. There was an attraction between
teacher and student. Sarah avoided long looks at the teacher. They played a
teasing game with each other. Sarah had a problem with consistency of a fudge
mix. The teacher showed her the proper way to get it. She tried it using the
technique the teacher had done. She messed it up. The teacher whispered to
her see me after class. She stayed after class with the teacher who helped
her with the problem. The teacher stood behind her and helped her with the
right arm motion. She thanked the teacher for helping her. The teacher told
her if you need any help don't be afraid to ask. They both stared at each
other for about a minute neither speaking words. Sarah left the class in a
hurry. She ran into the bathroom her head spinning.

A few days later the football team was in a championship game. It was a last
minute victory the second half of the game was played in the rain. Sarah and
the rest of the cheerleading squad were soaked from the rain. When the team
won the fans rushed the field. A few cheerleaders got knocked down into the
mud from the players and fans. The coach spoke for a few minutes in the
locker room after the game he gave out a few game balls. The players then
rushed him into the shower for a championship soaking. A few players grabbed
their cheerleader girlfriends into the shower also.

Sarah was grabbed by 3 players and carried into the shower. Sarah looked
around in the shower and saw all the cheerleaders in the shower also. She
made out with all 3 players for a few minutes each. She was grabbed out of
the shower by the rest of the cheerleading squad. The captain of the squad
who told her the coach wanted to see her in his office approached Sarah.
She had heard stories about this from other cheerleaders. She was the
youngest cheerleader on the squad.

As she approached the office she knew what the coach wanted. He kissed her
softly they made out for about 10 minutes. She dropped to her knees and took
his cock into her mouth. She engulfed his cock for 10 minutes and he blew his
load into her mouth she swallowed the entire load with no problem. The coach
told her thank you and she went back to her locker room.

Jackie had one of those days at work where you wish you could retire right
then. She had been short on her money count it took 1 hour and 10 minutes
to find the error. The supervisor had been riding her butt all day about
different things she was doing wrong. Jackie had flung a test and she got a
flat on the way home. She decided she needed a warm bath and to get to bed
early tonight. She sat in the tub fully clothed with heels like she had been
doing for a few years.

Muriel came home calling for Jackie and Sarah. Sarah was sound asleep in her
room. Muriel found Jackie in the bathroom. She decided to ask Jackie about
her problem with the model. Jackie could see that her mom seems to have a

Jackie told her mom, "I'll be out in a few minutes. We will talk in the
living room."

Muriel was nervous talking to Jackie about this problem. She explained the
problem using general terms. Jackie told her mother that if her friend was
attracted to this girl she could go and experiment. Jackie told her mom she
learned to kiss from a girlfriend one afternoon. Muriel ask her how it felt
Jackie said she didn't feel anything towards her friend she told her mother
it happened when I was 11. Jackie told her mother look we can kiss and
doesn't mean a thing.

They looked at each other and Jackie leaned in and gave her mouth a kiss.
The kiss lasted about 90 seconds long tongues teased for a few seconds. They
looked at each other afterward like nothing happened. Muriel asked Jackie,
"Why were you in the tub fully clothed?"

Jackie told her, "I've been doing that since I am 13 years old. Whenever I am
upset or stressed out about things I take a hot bath completely dressed and
it helps me relax. I make sure the clothing will not get ruined that I wear.
I think you should try it out cause your upset. If you do it mom I'll pick
something out for you to wear."

Jackie ran the tub for her mother Muriel changed into the outfit Jackie
picked out for her. Muriel sat in the tub and within minutes felt more
relaxed. After the bath Muriel and Jackie watched TV together sharing
popcorn. When they said goodnight Jackie gave her mother a quick peek on
the lips and went into her bedroom. Muriel went to bed and masturbated
herself to sleep.

Sarah senior year in high school went by very fast. Anna had been switched to
teaching history her major in college. She made sure she took Anna's class
she needed the class to graduate. The first day of class Anna asks her to
stay after class. They had been playing this teasing game with each other for
2 years. Anna gave Sarah her number and told her call me if you need help
with schoolwork or anything else. They looked deeply at each other and Anna
licked her lips and told Sarah, "You will be late for your next class if you
don't hurry."

They met after a football game and Anna offered to drive Sarah home. They
drove towards Sarah house Anna asked Sarah would you like to park somewhere
and talk. Anna parked a few minutes later and they looked at each other and
Anna told Sarah I would like to get to know you better. Sarah wanted too know
Anna better also. They made some small talk about school and cheerleading.
Anna decided to take a chance she leaned over and gently kissed Sarah. Sarah
willingly accepted Anna tongue, which teased her tongue. They made out for 10
minutes upon breaking the kiss off they looked at each other deeply.

Sarah told Anna, "I have to get home." She couldn't believe how wet Anna made

Sarah went home and masturbated hard thinking of Anna kissing her. Jackie
walked in and saw Sarah masturbating. Jackie walked over and kissed Sarah
and told her let me help you. Jackie went down and ate Sarah to multiple
orgasms. Sarah had a bald pussy, which was sopping wet. Sarah went down
and ate Jackie to a few organisms. This was the first time they were ever

They make out for a few minutes and Jackie asked, "Sarah who turned you on

Sarah told Jackie, "You can't tell anyone about this."

She told Jackie about Anna afterward Jackie asked her if she was going to try
and develop it. Sarah told her she was going to see what happens.

The basketball season was happening and the team was very good this year.
They were cheering in front full houses at the gym. Sarah noticed Anna at
one game they looked at each other and Anna licked her lips to Sarah who
returned the licking of lips. Sarah knew why the team was doing well this
year Sarah would give 1 player a blowjob prior to each game. The team
departed on a Christmas tournament, which Sarah decided not to go to. She
spent the Christmas break with Anna at her house. Sarah spent 3 days at
her house she learned a few things from Anna. They made love numerous
different ways and she participated in an orgy.

When school started again in January the basketball team was upset with her
for not helping them. The basketball team won the state championship. The
team won its first championship in the school history. The party lasted for
about a week she got drunk for the first time in her life during the first
party. At that party it was rumored that she slept with 3 players.

The night she graduated her and Anna spent the night together. They cried
when Sarah was leaving Anna was in love with Sarah but knew it would not

When Sarah was 21 and a senior in college Jackie, and her father went on a
ski trip. Mom stayed home cause she was 5 months pregnant. The girls unpacked
quickly and hit the slopes. Dad unpacked and hit the bar. The girls had
dinner with dad and went out dancing. Jackie came back about 1 hour later
upset. She hated Sarah cause she winked at a guy and he would forget whom he
was with and go to Sarah. Dad comforted her as best as she let him.

Jackie finally broke down and collapsed in her father's arms. Henry was
getting a hard on holding his beautiful daughter. As Jackie gained some
composure she looked at her father differently. She leaned in and kissed
her father deeply they make out for about 5 minutes and Jackie told her
father I'll be back in a few minutes. She showered fully clothed and then
stripped down and walked out to her father just wearing 4-inch heels.
Henry mounted his daughter slowly and she was very wet.

They fucked real fast and hard the first time she was screaming, "Yes
daddyyyyy fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

She told her father, "Fill me up I am on the pill."

He dumps 3 hot loads into Sarah sopping pussy. The next 2 fucks were slower
and longer but they came within a few seconds of each other. Henry had never
planned on this happening but he was very happy it did.

The next morning Sarah asked him were Jackie was he told her sleeping in my
room she was very upset with whatever you did to some man she was with. Sarah
told her father whenever she wants to talk I'll be around.

That night Sarah came into the room upset cause some guy just dumped her at
dinner told her she was a airhead and to leave. She went to her father crying
he held her and told her everything will be okay.

She stayed in his arms for a few minutes more she felt his hard on he had.
Sarah turned her face to his and said daddy I am yours all night. She kissed
her father deeply and unzipped him Sarah dropped to her knees and gave her
father the best blowjob he ever got. She deep throated him a few times and
she didn't gag at all. Henry fucked Sarah 3 times that night the same
positions her sister had fucked him. Both girls were vocal in bed which he
liked they knew what to say. The biggest difference between then was that
Sarah had a shaved pussy and Jackie had a small trimmed patch.

The next morning he went for a walk in the cold air upon his return he almost
drops dead at the sight he saw. Jackie and Sarah went in a lesbian lovelock.
Henry slammed the door and asked what the hell do you think you doing. Jackie
and Sarah broke their embrace and asked their father who was the best fuck
between them. He could not answer so they a flipped a coin and he would fuck.
Jackie won.

Jackie got into the doggie position and started licking Sarah pussy as her
father pounded her cunt. He fucked her for about 10 minutes and blew his load
into Jackie. The girls switched position and Henry fucked Sarah for about 10
minutes also. As Henry was about to blow his load into Sarah and Sarah told
him "fuck me daddy" Henry lasted about 30 seconds more and blew a load into

During the next 4 months Sarah and Jackie took care of the father daily. One
day about 4 months after the baby was born he walked into his bedroom and
found his wife and Jackie making love. Muriel told Henry when I am finished
here we have to talk. Muriel came out to the living room holding hands with
both Jackie and Sarah. She told Henry, "I have become bisexual so we need to
make proper sleeping arrangements. The girls will move downstairs to there
own apt and there will be signals on the bedroom doors if occupied. No, I
will not be jealous if I find you with your daughters. Maybe I could find
someone as a steady threesome partner for us."


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