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Description: Maggie Habib has a threesome.

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Thin Blue Line: Fuck Tradition!
by JD ([email protected])

Mrs Habib had, unknowingly, a great difference of opinion with her daughter, Constable Maggie Habib, over many matters of cultural tradition. The elder Habib, for example, would never have drunk any alcohol. Maggie liked a few drinks at the end of a day's work, favouring a white wine to get nicely tipsy. Her old mum had very strict dietary requirements; Maggie had been known, when hungry, to share whatever was going around Gasforth police station. Mrs Habib wore the traditional dress of her ancestral region of Pakistan, and Maggie wore western fashions. Perhaps most importantly, Mrs Habib believed strongly that pre-marital sex was a terrible shame for a girl and her family, and that to break the tradition of retaining virginity until the arranged wedding night was something only the wickedest woman would contemplate.

Maggie, on the other hand, enjoyed sleeping with two muscular fire-fighters in the same session. It had all started after Maggie became friendly with a gay fireman who, in turn, had an unrequited lust for a straight policeman. Though rejecting her advances, he sympathised with her desperate need for sex, and mentioned to his colleagues he knew a young policewoman who was in need of an emergency service. Maggie was just about traditional enough to consider initially that she might only end up going home with one of the two men, equally tall and muscular as they were.

Had Mrs Habib seen her eldest daughter in the bar of The Gasforth Arms, knocking back glasses of wine while virtually hanging between two white men - infidels or possible atheists, no less, though that would only be conjecture - she might have had a heart attack on the spot. Generations of ancestors would be spinning in their places of rest. Maggie hadn't even dressed in a way the most liberal mother could consider modest; her dark hair hung down to shoulder length, completely uncovered. She wore a tight red top with a bared navel above a skirt that could only be described as mini, and black high-heeled ankle boots.

Not, by any definition of the phrase, traditional Pakistani behaviour.

It was obvious that both of the men, Paul and Mick, had dressed up more than their colleagues for that Friday night session. Initially competitive for Maggie's attention, it seemed as if all three began to entertain the idea of a threesome at the same time. If it was noticed that Maggie left for Paul's flat with both men, well, at least it wouldn't have gotten back to her mother.

The cold night air might have been expected to have a deeply sobering effect on Maggie at least, but instead she just professionally assessed herself legally capable of consent, and alternated kissing with both of the men. She was very firm about not going too far with groping in the street; before slipping a quick hand into Mick's pants and confirming there was nothing fake about the size of his package.


"I've not even started yet."

Maggie stood on the tips of her toes while Paul fumbled for his keys. She shared a very deep kiss with Mick, until her bright lipstick was smeared across the soft brown tones of her chin. Mick groped at Maggie's athletic arse with his big hands, and lifted the policewoman straight into Paul's flat. They weren't there for a coffee; tipsy and giggling, Maggie was almost naked by the time they got to the bedroom, and her companions weren't far behind. It was certainly a long way from her mother's dream of a perfect wedding night deflowering - and Maggie was from a virgin anyway. She chewed on a fingernail as she got her first eyeful of the men's cocks.

"Bloody hell! I thought you'd leave the fire hoses at the station!"

Maggie sat on the end of Paul's bed and spread her thighs. She was freshly shaven to encourage oral, and Paul didn't disappoint. He knelt down to eat while Mick offered Maggie his cock. She wrapped her dark fingers around the thick pink shaft and jerked it while she sucked. Maggie gripped Paul's close cropped skull with her other hand; the man certainly knew what he was doing. Maggie had some very unladylike words of pleasure muffled by the cock in her mouth.

Paul had never been with an Asian woman before; his own family's backward traditions were against it. He happily rejected them. He could certainly taste no difference as he lapped at Maggie's labia and already swollen clit. He put Maggie's heavy wetness down to a high state of arousal, seemingly confirmed as Maggie came quickly. Maggie collapsed back onto the bed as she came, so Mick climbed on top of the orgasm-dazed constable and pressed her breasts around his slick shaft. His fingers seemed extra red against the dusky brown of Maggie's skin.

At the same time Paul lifted Maggie's legs around his hips and, in a slightly awkward position, penetrated her. He felt Maggie trying to wrap her legs around him and draw him deeper, and responded with good deep thrusts,

"Yeah, right there!" Maggie told Paul as she held Mick's gaze. Darkly flushed and still panting, Maggie had taken over pressing her sweaty breasts around Mick's shaft. She squeezed her nipples and massaged with the palms of her hands, Mick's foreskin was dragged back and forth as he thrust. Mick soon came. Maggie closed her eyes for the quick splash of semen across her face and neck. He really did seem like a hose for a few seconds of hot sticky spray.

Mick climbed off with heartfelt thanks. Paul increased the speed of his thrusts. As Maggie's second orgasm triggered his first, Paul let himself come deep inside. Maggie Habib clawed his arms in ecstasy. Mick took Paul's place as he withdrew, ready for another round of alcohol fuelled premarital sex.

Maggie had rejected her family's traditions of sexual repression and modesty.


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