Two And Half Men: Frankie And Joanie (MF,mf,MFf,Mf,inc,oral,anal,ws)
by Khenne3572 ([email protected])

One day when Charlie and Alan were leaving the dentist they met a hot woman. She was trashing a BMW with a baseball bat. They helped her escape from the scene. They found out her name was Frankie. When she saw the ocean she ran in full clothed. She came out a few minutes later and they wrapped her in a towel. She fell asleep on the deck in a chair. The warm shower helped her feel better.

She came out to the living room in a towel. It was amazing how flexible Frankie was. He took her to his bedroom. They reached a mutual orgasm in 15 minutes. Charlie had to stop after the third time because he was cramping up.

Frankie told him "When you feel better fuck my asshole hard." Frankie matched his strokes quickly. She had an anal orgasm, which is rare for most women.

When they awoke she asked Charlie to give her a golden shower. He covers her body, face and hair and she thanked him afterward. She showered up and kissed him goodnight.

Frankie masturbated that night thinking about her 8-year-old daughter. She was teaching her about being a woman.

Frankie awoke the next morning happy. The brothers took her to pick up her daughter. Frankie snuck in and got her quickly. Joanie jumped into her mother's arms and kissed her deeply. Frankie was massaging her daughter's ass during the kiss. When the kiss broke off they ran to the car.

The ladies took a long walk along the beach. Frankie had taught everything she knew to her daughter. She met Jake and knew he would be her daughter's first.

She had 2 fingers in her daughter when she had a hard orgasm. Joanie passed out into a deep sleep.

Alan was reading on the couch when Frankie sat down. Alan became hard in a instant. Frankie pretended not to notice. They talked about their children and she told Alan her story. She casually kissed him, which became deep quickly. They ran to his bedroom and fucked hard and fast. They exploded within seconds of each other. Frankie screwed him 3 times in multiple positions.

Charlie could not believe Alan was getting laid.

They next day they went on a picnic and talked. Joanie was following Jake around the park. Joanie pulled Jack behind a bush and kissed him. She broke off the kiss and pulled down his shorts. Jake could not speak about what was happening to him. She deep throated him a few times until he exploded into her mouth. She swallowed it causeb she was trained to do it. They stripped quickly and he entered her quickly. It hurt a little but felt good. Jake didn't last long as expected. She kissed him afterward quickly and thanked him. They both came back looking happy.

A few days later Frankie brought Joanie to bed with her and Alan. She gave Alan a blowjob a short time later. She lined her above him and took the plunge down. It took a few minutes to get a rhythm.

Joanie said, "Harder and faster, Alan."

He was shocked how much he enjoyed fucking this preteen.

She told Alan, "Fill up my little girl."

He exploded 3 loads into her. She reached an orgasm a few minutes later. Frankie went down on her daughter and licked her clean.

Alan mounted Frankie doggy style and she brought her daughter off within 5 minutes. Alan was able to fill up Frankie before collapsing. They showered up together the next morning.

Joanie told Alan she wanted to fuck him again. They got back into bed and Joanie got fucked doggie style while licking her mother.

A few days later Charlie got Frankie tipsy and suggested a threesome. Joanie took the shot of schnapps and stripped. She lied in the middle and kissed them deeply. Joanie gave Charlie oral sex for a few minutes. She mounted his 8 inch cock. Charlie was holding her hips and increased his speed. Joanie was moaning loudly as she reached her first orgasm. They fucked for another 15 minutes.

Frankie told Charlie, "Fill my little slut up."

He blew 4 loads into his preteen lover. Charlie screwed them 3 more times in different positions.

Joanie gave Jake daily blowjobs. Charlie and Alan slept with both of them over the next month. The day they departed was a real mess. The brothers wanted to marry Frankie and they loved preteen pussy. The tears flowed from them openly.

That night the brothers got drunk and woke up nude in Charlie's bed. It took them an hour to realize what happened last night. The brother did not speak for the rest of the day.


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