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That '70s Show: Lust Drug Part 1
by Caine69

Donna was sitting on her couch with her boyfriend, Eric, watching television. Eric was given something by Fez that he said was from his home country, and should use it the next time he was alone with Donna. Eric pulled out the little box, about the size of the type of box an engagement ring would come in, and, without Donna seeing him, opened it....but nothing came out. "That little shit." Eric mumbled.

"What?" Donna asked in response.

"Nothing...I'm just going to need to burn Fez in some way." Eric replied.

"Ah, ok. What did he do?"

"It's Fez. Does he really need to do anything?" Eric asked.

"Good point." Donna replied. They then resumed watching tv.

Bob, Donna's father, then walked into the room, and sat next to his daughter. "What you guys watching?" he asked.

"Bewitched." Donna replied.

"I love this show." Bob replied. He then started watching with them.

Little did Eric know that there was indeed something inside the box. It was the world's most powerful aphrodisiac, which, when in effect, made whoever came into contact with it want to fuck, not caring who with, as long as that person was, in some way, attractive to them.

After an little bit, Eric felt his dick growing much larger then normal, another effect of the drug. The only thing on his mind was fucking. However, Bob was there, so he would have to figure out a way to get him and Donna out of the room. However, when he turned to face Donna, he saw Bob's fingers down her sweats, fingering his own daughter. Donna was moaning and squeezing her tits as Bob fingered her while stroking his ten-inch cock.

Eric then pulled his ten-inch cock, and started stroking it as well. Bob then removed his fingers from Donna's twat, and ripped off her top, revealing her massive tits. Bob started sucking and biting her tits, while Eric ripped off her sweats, revealing her shaved pussy. Eric shoved three fingers into her cunt, and then three into her asshole. Bob then shoved Donna onto her knees. Eric and Bob got in front of her, aiming their cocks at her face.

"Yes...please give me your cocks. I need them in all of my holes." She pleaded as they slapped her face with their cocks.

Donna took turns licking and sucking the tips of their cocks for a few minutes before Bob shoved his entire cock down her throat in one thrust. Donna's eyes almost popped out of her head as her father force-fed her his entire massive dick. Donna slurped and slobbered all over her father's cock as Bob moaned.

"Yeah, suck my dick, Donna, you dirty little slut."

Spit flew everywhere as Donna's throat was stretched and force-fed two massive cocks. Donna started fingering herself as she choked on her dad and Eric's huge cocks.

Her dad then sat on the couch, and Donna jumped onto his lap, impaling herself with his cock. Donna moaned as her father slammed his dick in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Bob grabbed her huge tits as she bounced up and down on his cock. Eric then got behind Donna, and shoved his cock into her ass. One thrust. Balls deep. Donna screamed in both joy and pain as she came harder then she ever came in her life. Her dad and her boyfriend started slamming their cocks in and out of her two holes as hard as they could, causing Donna to scream in joy.

Bob looked up at his little darling girl, moaning as she was plugged up with two cocks. "You are such a little fucking gutter slut, aren't you?"


Eric then shoved his cock into her cunt alongside Bob's, causing her eyes to roll up into the back of her head with pleasure. She creamed all over their cocks, screaming in pleasure as she was filled up like never before. Eric and Bob took the next ten minutes pounding her pussy as hard as they could, making her cum over and over again. She knew it wasn't right, but she didn't care. One way or another, this was going to happen again.

Bob and Eric were thinking the same thing as they then shoved their cocks into her tight asshole. Donna screamed in both pleasure and pain as they stretched out her ass, causing her to squirt. Donna screamed as she came over and over again from the rough and violent pounding her ass was receiving from the two cocks.

After thirty minutes of stretching her ass out, Bob and Eric pulled out, and shoved Donna to her knees. They once again took turns shoving their cocks down her well used throat until they blew their loads, cumming all over her face, in her blonde hair, and on her huge tits. Donna wiped as much of the cum off with her hands as she could, and then licked the cum off her hands, and swallowed it. She sucked the remaining cum out of their cocks, and continued to moan as she did so. Eric quickly realized that whatever was in the box is what did this, and came up with a wicked idea. He quickly called Fez.

Later That Day...

Jackie was sitting at home, waiting for her father to get back from work. Little did she know that Eric and Fez had snuck into the house, and released the drug. After just a few minutes, Jackie stripped off her clothes, and started fingering herself. "Man, I need some cock." She said. Fez and Eric then walked in, naked as the day they were born. "Then get over here and let us fuck you." Fez replied. Jackie ran over to them, and started fondling their cocks. Fez shoved his dick all the way down her throat, causing Jackie to gag. Eric, of course, did the same thing. Eric and Fez took turns fucking her throat as Jackie fingered herself. Just then, Jack, Jackie's father, walked into the room. Now, what would normally happen is that Jack would get livid at the sinful scene in front of him. However, with the drug now in him, he instead looked at his daughter being throat fucked, and just stared with lust. Jackie saw her father, and crawled over to him. "Daddy. I want you to fuck my face. I want to feel your cock in all my holes. Can you do that for me, daddy? Can you do that for your little princess?" Jack responded by pulling out his cock, and shoving it down his teenage daughter's throat. Jackie gagged and moaned as her father violently fucked her throat as hard as he could. Just as this was happening, Pam, Jackie's mother, also walked in. Eric and Fez ripped of her clothing right away, shoved Pam to her knees, and force-fed her their cocks. Pam started fingering herself as the two teenage boys did the same thing to her throat that her husband was doing to their daughter's throat. Jackie sucked and slurped her father's hairy balls like it was the tastiest thing in the world. Pam did the same to Eric and Fez. Eric and Fez smiled at each other, knowing full well they caused this taboo scene in front of them. Jackie mounted her father, and cried out in pleasure as her dad's cock stretched out her little teen pussy, pushing her over the edge to the first orgasm of the night. She started bouncing up and down on her father's cock while he sucked on her small tits. Pam was now being fucked from behind by Fez while Eric continued slamming his cock down her throat. Pam creamed all over Fez's dick, loving being abused by two juniors in high school. Fez started slapping her ass as he pounded her pussy, causing muffled squeals to escape from Pam's stuffed mouth. Fez then pulled out of her, and walked up behind Jackie, proceeding to slam his cock all the way into her ass. Jackie again came as her father and Fez DP'd her. Eric was now on the couch, and Pam was bouncing on his cock, when all of a sudden, Red and Hyde walked in. The drug took effect on them right away, and they stripped. Red walked over to Jackie, and proceeded to fuck her face, while Hyde did the same thing to Pam. Jackie coughed and gagged around Red's massive cock, and Pam did the same around Hyde's. Wet sounds and muffled moans were the only sounds that could be heard from the house. Fez was loving the drug that his real family sent him. He would have to ask for more at a later time. Fez pounded in and out of Jackie's asshole while Jack did the same to his daughter's cunt. Hyde then shoved his cock into Pam's ass, causing Pam to cream all over Eric's dick. Eric bit and fondled Pam's tits as he and Hyde slammed into her holes with everything they had, causing Pam to scream in pleasure. Jackie was also screaming in pleasure as she had three cocks fill her holes. "FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT I AM, BOYS!!! MAKE ME CREAM!!!" She screamed. Fez fish hooked her mouth with his fingers, and started slamming into her asshole even harder then before. Red then shoved Fez out of the way, and slammed his cock into Jackie's ass. Jackie creamed as Red violated her tight ass with his massive cock. Fez then went over to Pam, and shoved his cock down her throat. A muffled "MMPHFF!" escaped as he did so. Fez's balls slapped against Pam's chin as he rammed his cock in and out of her face, fucking her skull. Red and Jack flipped Jackie around, and now Jack was fucking his daughter's ass while Red pounded her sopping wet cunt. Jackie's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was violated like some common whore, and she loved every second of it. She didn't know why she wanted to fuck them, but now, she wanted to do it more often. Eric and Hyde were now slamming both their cocks into Pam's ass while Fez rammed his massive girth into her throat. Pam came harder then she ever had in her entire life, and she was very experienced with dick. Hyde and Eric pulled out of her, and Fez got underneath her. Pam impaled herself on his dick, and creamed all over it right away. Red walked over to Pam, and shoved his cock down her throat. "Taste your daughter's ass and pussy on my cock, whore." Red grunted. Red's balls slapped against her chin as he slammed into her skull. Eric was now fucking Jackie's pussy while Hyde slammed his dick down her throat. After several minutes, Eric then shoved his cock into Jackie's ass alongside Jack's dick, causing Jackie to scream in joy. Hyde looked down at Jackie. "How does your mother's ass on my dick taste, you fucking slut?"

"IT TASTES SO FUCKING GOOD!!! OH, I WANT YOUR COCKS!!! I NEED YOUR COCKS!!! EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY, I WANT TO FUCK YOU ALL!!!" And that would happen, since it was a side effect of the drug. The two women would be nothing more then fuck sluts for the men. Red was now fucking Pam's ass alongside Fez. Jackie and Pam were now close enough that they started making out, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths. All the men then pulled out of the two whores, and forced them onto their knees. They jacked off for a few moments before covering the two girls in their cum. Jackie and Pam had cum in their hair, on their faces, and on their tits. The two sluts licked the cum off of each other, and licked the boys clean as well. The two girls smiled. "How long until you boys are ready to go again?"

The Next Day...

Kitty was sitting at home, enjoying her day off while Red worked late. Little did she know that Eric and Fez were in the kitchen, mixing her a drink filled with the powerful aphrodisiac, while also releasing it into the air in case anyone entered the house. They both took sips from the drink, and then offered it to her. She gladly excepted as the boys sat and watched for the reaction.

After downing her drink, the effects started to take effect right away. "What....what's going on? I..."

Eric and Fez started feeling Kitty up, grabbing and mauling at her tits and ass. Kitty started moaning as Eric slid his fingers into her soaking wet pussy, and Fez shoved his fingers up her ass. They shoved Kitty down to her knees, and started slapping her face with their massive cocks. Kitty opened her mouth, and Eric shoved his cock down his mother's throat, and started to fuck her face. Kitty moaned as her son violated her throat as hard as he could. Fez then replaced Eric, and did the exact same thing. Kitty started fingering her wet pussy as the two teenage boys fucked her face.

They were so busy enjoying themselves that they didn't notice Hyde and Kelso walk in. Hyde and Kelso saw the scene, and, now under the influence of the drug that was still in the air, pulled out their cocks, and walked up to Kitty. They then started joining in on the face fucking.

Kitty was in heaven. It was always her secret fantasy to have the boys gangbang her, and now she was living it. Though, in her fantasy, Eric was never part of it, that didn't matter anymore. All Kitty wanted was their cocks in her holes, even if it was her darling baby boy, who would be pounding her.

Eric then slid underneath his mother, and shoved his cock into her cunt. Kitty's eyes rolled into the back of her head as her son pounded away at the very womb he came out of. "FUCK ME, ERIC! FUCK YOUR MOM'S PUSSY! YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD!" She screamed while the other three were taking a break from fucking her face.

They then resumed, and their balls made loud smacking noises as they slapped her chin. Spit flew everywhere as she gagged on their cocks. Eric grabbed his mom's tits, and squeezed as hard as he could, causing her to cum all over his cock. Eric then turned her over so she was facing him, and resumed slamming his cock into her. Fez then got behind Kitty, and slammed his cock into her asshole, causing Kitty to squeal in both pleasure and pain as she came for a second time. As Eric and Fez double-teamed her, Kelso and Hyde took turns fucking her face.

Just then, Laurie, Eric's sister, walked in. Already being a huge slut, the effects of the drug almost drove her insane. Little did everyone know that the main effect of the drug was that it turned women into sluts from then on out, not caring who they fuck, as long as they fuck. Laurie ran over, grabbed Hyde's cock, and shoved it down her throat. Hyde had no problem fucking her face. Kelso then got behind Laurie, and shoved his cock into her pussy. Laurie moaned around Hyde's cock as Kelso slammed her from behind.

Meanwhile, Fez and Eric were slamming into Kitty with everything they had, causing Kitty to cum over and over again. Eric and Fez then flipped Kitty over, and Eric shoved his cock into his mother's asshole while Fez plunged his dick into her wet folds. Kitty's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she cried out in pleasure.


By this time, Hyde was plunging his cock into Laurie's ass while Kelso fucked her cunt, and the boys almost couldn't keep up with her as she slammed herself onto their cocks. Kelso grabbed her tits and started squeezing them as hard as he could, causing Laurie to cream all over his cock. Eric, meanwhile, reached in front of his mom and did the exact same thing to her tits. Kitty once again came. Kitty loved every single sinful second of this depraved act.

Then, out of nowhere, Red and Pastor Dave walked in. Now, normally, the scene before them would disgust them. However, because of the drug, they instantly became horny. Dave whipped out his cock and shoved it all the way down Kitty's throat, while Red did the same to his own daughter. Kitty moaned around Dave's cock as he violated her throat with his huge cock. Laurie sucked and slurped away at her father's cock as best she could while he face fucked her. Dave shoved his dick all the way down Kitty's throat, and held her face there. Kitty started gagging and wheezing for air, but Dave wouldn't let her. Her eyes started to water as she fought back throwing up, but to no avail. She threw up stomach acid, spit, and her three drinks all over Dave's cock.

"Clean my cock, whore." Dave demanded.

Kitty was eager to oblige. She sucked and slurped his cock and balls as her son and Fez double teamed her with all their strength. Fez then got up, and Dave took his place, shoving his cock into Kitty's pussy, and ramming it with all his might. Kitty has always secretly wanted to be fucked by not only Eric, but his friends and Pastor Dave as well.

Red, by this time, had replaced Kelso, and was now slamming his cock into his daughter's pussy. "Fuck...if I knew your cunt felt this good, I would have fucked you a long time ago." Red grunted.

"YES!!! FUCK YOUR SLUTTLY LITTLE GIRL, DADDY!!! FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM!!!" Laurie screamed as she came all over her own father's dick.

Pastor Dave, now done with Kitty's pussy, slid his cock into her ass alongside Eric's. Kitty once again screamed in pleasure as Eric and Dave slammed their cocks into her asshole at the same time.


Eric started biting and mauling and sucking his mom's tits as he and Dave double-stuffed her ass with their cocks. Kelso was now fucking Laurie's ass as Red fucked her cunt, while Hyde walked up to Kitty and shoved his cock down her throat. Fez was now fucking Laurie's throat. Hyde looked down at Kitty as spit flew out of her mouth. "I've always wanted to fuck you, Kitty. Now, I get my chance."

Hyde walked behind her, and shoved Dave out of the way. He then spun Kitty around, keeping Eric's cock firmly in her ass, and shoved his cock into her pussy.


Laurie was also having the time of her life as she had all her holes filled with cock. Fez then pushed Kelso out of the way, allowing Dave to replace him and fuck Laurie's throat while Fez fucked her ass. Kelso walked over to Kitty, and started slapping her face with his cock. Kitty looked up at Kelso.

"FUCK MY FACE, YOU MORON!!!" She screamed.

Kelso was more then happy to oblige. He grabbed and squeezed her large tits as he fucked her throat. Laurie was moaning around Dave's cock as three sets of balls slapped against her body. She knew it was wrong, but she didn't care at all. She wanted every cock in the room, and wanted them for the rest of her life.

Eric then pulled his cock out of his mom's asshole, and was quickly replaced by Kelso. Fez then pulled out of Laurie's ass, walked over to Kitty, and shoved his cock down her throat. Eric then started fucking his sister's ass with all of his might. Red then shoved his cock into her ass right alongside Eric's dick. Laurie's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came again and again from the brutal treatment she was getting.

Fez was slamming his cock in and out of Kitty's mouth. He savored the feeling of Kitty's tight throat around his massive cock. Hyde then shoved his dick into Kitty's ass alongside Kelso's, causing Kitty to squeal in pleasure as she came yet again. After several more minutes, Fez shoved Hyde out of the way, and started pounding Kitty's pussy. "OH, FEZ!!! FUCK MY PUSSY!!! FUCK MY ASS, KELSO!!! I NEED MORE COCK!!!"

Hyde then proceeded to fuck her throat once again. The guys took turns plunging the women's holes until they knew they were going to cum. Hyde, Dave, and Eric came all over Kitty's face, in her hair, and on her tits, while Fez, red, and Kelso did the same to Laurie. The two women licked the cum off each other, and took turns spitting it in each other's mouths before swallowing half of all the cum each. The men spent the rest of the day fucking the girls in every single way they could.

End Part 1


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