This story is fictional, and not to be taken seriously. It's not to be taken
as a true representation of the sex lives of those mentioned. It is an adult
story, not to be read by anyone under 18. (FF, oral, cons) Eliza Orlins, Ami

Survivor - Vanuatu: Ami's Secret Is Out
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

It was THE reward challenge on Survivor. The winning tribe got big juicy
steaks, and eggs. The challenge was to capture a total of 10 pigs. Whichever
tribe did that, got the big reward of cooking steak and eggs. It started off
as a close contest at first, but it changed when it was Eliza Orlins' turn
to catch two pigs. Eliza was the 21 year old petite, very cute dark haired
law student. Eliza had a really tough time catching pigs, in fact she
ultimately gave up trying to catch any and let someone else try. This really
set them behind and ultimately they lost. They headed back to camp depressed
as the other tribe cooked their reward.

Eliza was very upset knowing she bore the majority of the responsibility for
the loss. She was nearly in tears. As usual, around the camp the other women
consoled her. Still Eliza couldn't help but think they were only being nice
to her now. They might be saying "its OK" in one breath, but who's to say
they wouldn't be voting her off later that night at tribal council. She was
a hypochondriac thinking they all wanted her out of the tribe. In reality
though only Twyla wanted her out, and Twyla didn't really get along with
anyone except Scout.

Eliza went off on her own for a walk trying to collect her thoughts. She knew
that they had to win the immunity challenge or she was surely going home! On
her walk Eliza found a beautiful waterfall. This was the perfect place for
her to clean off the mud from the pig competition. Eliza took a look around,
then untied her multicolored bikini top and tossed it aside. Figuring that
she was on an island, it wouldn't be a big deal with her bottom half as well.
So she slid off both her black short shorts along with the bikini bottoms.
Leaving the sexy little brunette naked.

Standing under the cold water she jumped a little as the coldness gave her
goosebumps, and caused her nipples to get hard and stand up. After she got
used to the water though it really felt good. She ran her hands along her
body trying to get all the dirty and mud off of it. She was so into doing
this, she didn't even notice that someone else had joined her at the
waterfall. It was Ami Cusack, the big chested woman with short light brown
hair, wearing a revealing light blue bikini. Seeing Eliza's naked form Ami
smiled, then untied her top freeing her huge tits. She also pulled down her
bottoms leaving her naked as well. She then joined Eliza under the waterfall.

"Ohhhhh that's cold!" Exclaimed Ami making Eliza turn quickly and see the 31
year old Ami.

Eliza was always nervous around her, maybe it was the fact that Ami
controlled the tribe, or that Ami's looks were intimidating, especially those
huge tits, either way Eliza wasn't sure how to react with her being naked.

"Um hi Ami...I didn't know you were here."

"Sorry if I startled you Eliza, the water looked to go to pass up...and so
did the view." winked Ami.

Eliza didn't know how to take that, was Ami hitting on her? Nah, couldn't be,
certainly Eliza and the whole tribe knew all about Ami being a lesbian. Plus
Ami having a significant other back at home. Still that sounded to Eliza like
Ami liked what she saw, as in Eliza's naked body.

Eliza went back to washing off but couldn't help but glancing back at Ami's
way at her incredible tits that jiggled in the water. Eliza always had a
bit of BI curiosity, and since Ami apparently liked her body (going by her
previous comments) her curiosity increased. Ami's eyes caught Eliza's as
Eliza was admiring her breasts.

"Like what you see?" grinned Ami.

Eliza felt herself blushing at the comment before nodding her head and saying
softly "I like very much."

Then feeling uneasy Eliza turned around the other way to wash herself. A few
seconds later Eliza felt hands on her hips from behind. That turned her body
to mush as the fingertips lightly brushed across her hips, her lower back and
then to her ass. Eliza closed her eyes to the feeling and she leaned back in
pleasure before opening her eyes in the embrace of Ami. Ami had a big smile
on her face as her huge boobs pressed into Eliza's back. Ami's hands went
upwards and caressed Eliza's smaller but still very nice perky tits. Ami
kissed Eliza on the neck as she rolled the brunette's nipples between her
fingers. Hearing Eliza's moans turned Ami on more and more, so she took
things to the next level, and found Eliza's lips.

Soon the two women were kissing each other. Gently at first but as seconds
went by it became more passionate. Mouth's opened and tongues met as the two
naked Survivors made out like they were two lovers stranded together on the
island. Ami turned Eliza around and pulled her to her chest, knowing that was
exactly where Eliza wanted to go. Eliza wasted little time and took one of
Ami's huge globes in her eager mouth. Eliza had admired Ami's big breasts
from day one and she was glad at getting a close up view of them. She sucked
on the huge tit trying to get all of it in her mouth. Though she wasn't
succeeding, Ami was loving her effort, not to mention the warmth of her mouth
around her boob. She brought Eliza's head close to her bosom. Eliza didn't
need encouragement though. She sucked one big boob in her mouth. Then she
would squeeze Ami's other breast and play with and tease the nipple with her

Ami gripped Eliza's tight ass and squeezed her cheeks. So many times she
admired that hot ass of Eliza's. Now she was glad to see it naked and have
her hands all over it. Eliza kept nursing on Ami's big jugs, giving them
both equal attention with her mouth. It seemed she could spend the rest of
the day sucking Ami's tits and not get tired of them. Ami though had more
in mind. Ami pushed the brunette against some rocks and again started to
kiss her. Her busy hands continued to pinch and squeeze Eliza's ass, even
Ami's girlfriend at home didn't have a posterior as sexy as Eliza's! Ami
kissed her way down past Eliza's breasts. Giving each breast a little kiss
she went lower past her bellybutton, to her lovely mound with dark pubic
hair. She kissed gently on her pretty mound, then slide her tongue up and
down between her slit and puckered rosebud.

Eliza's body stiffened with the feeling. Even her boyfriend had never
gone down on her before. So to feel something other than a cock or fingers
stimulating there was incredible to put it mildly. As nice as Eliza's pussy
was, Ami only wanted to lick it from one position. She looked up at Eliza
and grinned kinda sly. On her knees Ami motioned with her finger for Eliza
to turn around. Ami licked her lips at the sight of the brunette's perfect
derriere. It was right there in front of her like a juicy steak. Ami was
certainly read for the main course that lay between Eliza's legs!

Spreading Eliza's cheeks Ami pushed her tongue into her cunt. She was glad
to see that Eliza was already wet, and not with water from the waterfall!
She darted her tongue in and out of her like a little prick. Her tongue
tickled the inner walls of Eliza. Eliza pushed her hands against the rocks
for support. She would scream and moan Ami's name as her thoughts of the
Survivor game and her tribemates became far from her mind. Her ass squirmed
in pleasure as Ami's pink intruder seemed to know Eliza's body even better
then when Eliza touched herself. Ami gripped Eliza's ass though forcing the
brunette to keep still. She wanted to fuck little Eliza the day she first
saw her. Now, she couldn't be happier to know that she had her where she
wanted her, and heard Eliza moaning her name.

Soon it became to much for the brunette. Her back arched her head thrust back
and her body unleashed a toe-curling orgasm that showered the awaiting tongue
of Ami. Ami licked up every drop of girl juice that coated her tongue. The
taste was even better than she imagined. Ami stood up holding her new lover
tight as her orgasm left her week in the knees. Their lips met with more
passion than before as Eliza felt the naughty pleasure of tasting her own
juice on another girl's tongue for the first time. Plus she really liked
feeling Ami's huge tits press against her back. Ami's arousal was apparent by
the hard nipples that Eliza felt poking against her back. Eliza knew that she
had to return the favor to Ami, who gave her the biggest orgasm of her life!

Eliza took the lead now and pushed Ami onto her back. Once again they kissed
like a couple of teenagers that got to sneak out alone together. Eliza didn't
have any girl/girl experience until now, so she was eager to make up for time
missed out on. She kissed down Ami's body once again giving her big boobs a
nice tongue bath. She sucked hard on the nipples causing Ami to tilt her head
back in pleasure. Eliza's sucking made such loud sexy slurping sounds that
they could even be heard over the waterfall.

Eliza went lower to the nicely shaved pussy of Ami's and spread her lips and
pushed her tongue inside of her. This was the first time Eliza played with a
pussy that wasn't hers but she was quite the fast learner. She tried to do
exactly what Ami did to her. From the moans she was getting from Ami it
seemed to be working. She licked Ami's hard clitty up and down, making the
older girl spread her legs wider. Eliza buried her face in between Ami's
legs. She never imagined she would be doing such an act when she signed up
for the show. Ami was certainly not complaining though. She kept tonguing and
nibbling on the little hood until Ami could take no more, and exploded what
seemed an endless flood of cum over Eliza's face. Eliza found Ami's pussy to
be very tasty, not bitter like when she tasted her boyfriends cum.

Eliza embraced her lover and kissed her as the water from the waterfall
splashed onto their bodies. They wished they could stay this way forever, but
knew it would be best to get back to camp. So they got dressed and started to
walk back.

"Well, I really hope I don't go home now, ya know." Eliza hinted.

"Girl, believe me, you ain't going no where, not if I have anything to say
about it." smiled Ami.

Ami gripped Eliza's hand tight in her own hand. They didn't let go of each
others hands until they reached the camp.


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