This story is fictional and does NOT describe the real life sexual practices
or actually happenings in the lives of those mentioned. contains (MF, MMF,

Survivor 6 - The Amazon: Shawna's farewell
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

The tribes had changed, it was no longer men vs. women. Shawna had been sick,
but as she found out that her new tribe had Alex the triathlon coach, she
felt a lot better, almost overnight. This had the other women Deena and Jenna
in her tribe wondering if Shawna would ever vote Alex out. Deena had started
an alliance with Rob the computer salesman. Even though it did seem like an
unlikely alliance. Matthew the restaurant owner had set his place in tribe
since he was catching all the fish.

One thing all the men liked was when they all went to take a bath in the
pirana-free water. Dressed in just a gray and multicolored bikini Shawna
scrubbed the backs of the men especially Alex. Alex would later tell the
camera's how much he loved Shawna's rubbing and scrubbing his back. Jenna
the dark haired swimsuit model had all the men's attention too, just by
being there in her gold and multicolored bikini.

That night Matthew snuggled up to Shawna, his head rested against her chest.
He woke up seeing her breasts were what was so comfortable and decided to
explore her body a little more. He slid his hand under her blue-green
"survivor" tube top and cupped one of her breasts. Shawna let out a small
moan but didn't stop him. He grabbed the bottom of the top and pushed it up
exposing both her small breasts in the dim light of the camp. Both nipples
were pink and pointed. Matthew couldn't help himself, the nipples looked like
they were aching to be sucked. So he put his mouth to one of her breasts and
started sucking it. To his shock, Shawna's hand went to the back of his head
and push him into her tit.

A small moan escaped Shawna's lips as his tongue did circles on her hard pink
nub while his mouth engulfed her lovely breast. Giving her nipple a gentle
bite he made his way to the other breast. He immediately started sucking the
other nipple getting it as hard the previous one that he was squeezing with
his fingers. Then he engulfed the whole breast and sucked hard on all of
Shawna's boob. Shawna continued to moan as her slender legs started to open

Matthew took the hint and slid a hand down to her khaki shorts. Unzipping
them he dug his fingers under her pink panties to her pussy. As he slid a
finger into her pussy, Shawna squealed, then bit her tongue hoping she didn't
wake the others. Luckily she didn't. He continued his licking and sucking on
her perky tits, paying special attention to her pink nips. After a while
Shawna pushed him to the ground, luckily Matthew was sleeping at the end so
there wasn't anyone on his side. Shawna wasted little time as she slid down
Matthew's shorts and put his growing cock in her mouth.

With her basically on all fours facing him now, she reached back and slid her
shorts off leaving her cute little ass in the air, covered only by her pink
underwear. She sucked the full length of his 8 inch rod up and down, her ass
swaying as she did. Matthew got a handful of her red hair and held it as the
hot young girl bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Shawna sucked him
off like a pro, it had been a long time since she had any sex and she was
certainly glad Matthew was accommodating her. Matthew knew it would be real
easy to shoot his load down her throat, but he wanted more than a blowjob,
and something told him so did Shawna.

So Matthew pulled her off his rod and watched as Shawna stood up and slid
down her pink undies. He motioned for her to turn around and she did giving
him a view of her hot ass. Shawna squatted over Matthew and easily slid him
in her wet pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah!" exclaimed Shawna.

Matthew reached up and grabbed her breasts as he thrusted upwards into her
tight cunt. Shawna grinded her ass down on his cock as the two established
a rhythm and began fucking each other hard. He pulled on her nipples as she
slammed her ass down hard on his rod. She rode him hard loving his hard cock
driving in and out of her. Matthew slapped her ass first one cheek, then the
other. Shawna loved it as evident by her riding him harder as he slapped her

"Yeah, that's it, spank my ass Matthew, spank your little slut, i've been so
bad make my little ass red!"

That kind of hot talk plus Shawna's tight pussy wrapped around his shaft
prove to be too much for Matthew.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum Shawna here it comes!"

Matthew pulled out and shot his load all over her ass. Shawna reached back
and smeared his cum all over her ass cheeks. After that she got dressed and
went back to sleep along with Matthew.

The next day the tribe had lost their immunity challenge which meant that
someone was going home. The odds were good that it was gonna be Shawna.
Tribal council was only a couple of hours away, when Shawna, who was resting
in the shelter was awaken by Rob and Alex.

"Hey Shawna, bad news, it looks like your gonna be voted out tonight, its a
real bummer though cause we all like you, its just your turn to go that's
all," said Rob.

"Well, I guess I could have been voted off a couple of times already so I
guess its no big deal," Shawna said.

"We were thinking, maybe you could leave us something to remember you by?"
Alex said.


After that Rob and Alex pulled down their pants to reveal two hard cock both
about 9 inches in length. Shawna looked at them with questioning eyes, but
figured this might be a good way to sway their vote. Wearing a white T-shirt
and blue shorts Shawna pulled off her T-shirt showing them her gray bikini
top underneath. She took Alex's cock in hand and began sucking him hard as
she took Rob's cock in her other hand. She deep throated Alex's large member,
then started sucking on his balls. The two guys pulled down the top of her
bikini and each felt up on her pale tit flesh.

Shawna switched over to Rob and did the same thing deep throating him then
sucking his balls. She licked up and down his shaft as she viscously jerked
off Alex. Shawna went back and forth between the two men taking they're cocks
deep into her throat. Before long she was sliding her tongue over both shafts
at the same time, as she held them both closely in each hand. The guys were
each mauling a breast in their hand.

They brought Shawna to her feet and pulled down her shorts along with her
bikini bottoms. Alex got on his back and Shawna sat on his cock. Shawna
loved his cock inside her, he was bigger than Matthew who she fucked on the
previous night. Rob loved watching her sexy ass sliding up and down as Alex
nailed her tight little pussy hard. Rob decided that her ass was too good to
pass up. Rob spit on her asshole and watched her ass suck in his spit. Then
he positioned himself behind her as he pushed his cock at her ass entrance.

After some work, he entered Shawna's extremely tight virgin ass. Rob grabbed
a hold of her hair while Alex squeezed her tits as they began and hot and
nasty rhythm of double penetration. Just knowing she was doing something so
nasty sent Shawna to an orgasm quickly. The guys didn't miss a beat though
as they kept fucking the thin red head as hard as ever!

Shawna looked up to see the bottom of Jenna's gold bikini. Jenna was standing
over her watching her get fucked. Jenna didn't say a word as she slid off her
bikini bottoms revealing her dark pubic hair pussy. She then shoved it in
Shawna's face. Shawna began licking the sexy Jenna's pussy while her ass and
pussy got pounded simultaneously. Shawna licked all up inside Jenna, her
tongue finding her clit, while Shawna's hands gripped the swimsuit model's
sexy (without tanlines) ass.

Jenna pulled her nice size breasts out of her gold bikini top and squeezed
them as she grinded her crotch into Shawna's face. Shawna had never worked
so hard before, her ass and pussy was getting pounded and she was trying
to get another woman off too with her tongue, so needless to say she was
getting worn out. Rob was really getting hot, he never fucked anything as
tight as Shawna's ass before! Soon, just as Shawna was coming a second time
Rob was shooting his load deep into her bowels.

Shawna needed a couple of moments to catch her breath, but after she did she
was back to riding Alex's cock, and licking Jenna's clit. Shawna didn't know
it, but Jenna was already going to vote for Matthew at tribal council, so
Shawna's tongue licking wasn't gaining anything, except for Jenna of course.
Jenna turned around and bent over giving Shawna better access to her pussy.
Shawna slammed her ass down hard on Alex's cock practically smashing his
balls in pain as all 9 inches drove into Shawna's overworked pussy.

Shawna had her hands free so her fingers pumped into Jenna's pussy as she
licked Jenna's aroused clit. Jenna kept pulling on her own dark nipples as
the pretty tribeswoman Shawna was getting her to go over the edge. Alex
thought he was gonna pass out from the redhead fucking him, but he was able
to stay awake as he shot his load deep into Shawna's pussy. This caused
Shawna to come for a third time.

As Alex pulled out of Shawna, Jenna swung her head over to Shawna's pussy
and began eating her out as well. The guys laid back and enjoyed the hot
lesbian 69 of the two hot women. With Jenna on top she drove her fingers
into Shawna's pussy as Shawna licked and sucked on Jenna's clit. Jenna
started riding Shawna's fingers as Shawna's sucking on her clit soon became

"Oh Shawna yeah oh I'm cumming honey ohh here it comes lick it lick it clean
you hot little bitch ohhh God yesssssssssssss!!"

Shawna licked it all up, as Jenna kept finger banging the firey redhead to
another orgasm, her fourth!

"Oh Jenna yes I'm gonna cum, God lick my pussy as I cum!"

Jenna licked her pussy, as soon she was treated to Shawna's yummy girl cum
which she gladly lick up ever drop of, finding it to be quite sweet.

After the two girls kissed and thanked each other, they reluctantly got
dressed, knowing that it was almost time to go to tribal council. At the
tribal council Shawna was voted off by everyone accept Jenna. Jenna was
quite disappointed as her face clearly showed. Shawna later talked about
the whole survivor experience being the time of her life. Of course, only
four other people knew the extent of the fun Shawna had. Something that
would never be seen on CBS.



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