This story is fictional, any similarities between this story and the people
involved in the story's real lives in unintentional. This is also an adult
story so if your under 18 leave now, you've been warned. Things that
happened in a recent episode left me with story ideas so I had to write them
down. Now on to the story.

Survivor 4 - Marquesas: The Cruise (MF,FF,inter)
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected])

The survivor's were down to 7 meaning they all had a 1 in 7 chance of winning
a million dollars. The survivors left were a 50 something judge from Georgia
named Pascal (nicknamed Pappy). Neleh a college student from Utah. Tammy a 29
year old crime reporter from Arizona. Robert a limo driver from Queens, NY.
Kathy a 40 something real-estate agent from Vermont. Sean a teacher from
Harlem, NY. Vecepia a 30 something office manager, her and Sean are the only
two African American's on the tribe.

Things were getting very bad in the tribe, they were always hungry. They were
physically exhausted, not to mention mentally. They were tired of having
coconuts and crap stew all the time. The work around the tribe wasn't getting
done because moral was at an all time low. Plus all anyone ever wanted to do
was sleep.

They checked the mail and found out that the next rewards challenge meant
clean clothes a shower and food all of this on a cruise ship. Everyone was
excited to put it mildly.

After a hard fought challenge Pascal took the victory. He was on his way to
the cruise ship when Jeff informed him he could take one person with him. He
immediately chose Neleh the 21 year old hottie. He had bonded with her like
a daughter, so he was happy to share his reward with her. The two checked in
using Jeff's credit card and got their rooms. Both had long showers, and
Neleh came out with her long blonde hair clean at last, she used the body
lotions available, giving her a sweet smell. She put on her clean clothes a
pink bra a dark green v-cut sweater, lacey pink panties and tan Capri pants.
Pascal slipped on some new gray pants and a white button up shirt. The two
met for dinner later that night.

Pascal was stunned at how beautiful Neleh was, he new she was attractive even
when she was covered in dirt. Seeing her now though and smelling that sweet
female scent of hers, he could help but enjoy hugging her more than before.
This time he felt her small but firm breasts pressed against his chest as
they hugged, causing him to grow stiff in his pants. He hoped that she didn't
notice, he didn't want her to think he was some perverted old man! Neleh did
notice though, despite her good girl image Neleh was a woman very into sex.
Neleh had been walking away from the tribe when other were asleep at night,
to finger her sweet little pussy to orgasm.

When they were served dinner they got a little bit of everything from escargo
(soup) to steak and sweet sugary desserts. Neither one of them were drinkers,
but they figured what could it hurt? They both had a couple glasses of
champagne. Neleh barely weighed 100 lbs so she got a buzz quickly. Pascal
hadn't drank in a while so he felt a little buzz but not as much as Neleh.
Then (using Jeff's credit card of course) they paid for dinner $312!

After dinner the two made there way back to their rooms, they hugged tightly
ready to say goodnight for the evening. Neleh noticed how attractive he
looked tonight for an older man. She decided she didn't want another night of
finger-fucking herself, not when she had a nice guy here who finds her sexy.
This being evident by the tent he was pitching in his pants when they hugged.
"Pappy, why don't ya come in for a minute I'd really like you to."

Pascal accepted, after all this had to be a perfectly innocent request, she
probably just wanted to talk. As he entered the room he was shocked to see
her taking off her top as she looked in the mirror combing her hair. Then
Neleh removed her pants leaving her standing there in just her pink bra and

Pascal admired the backside view of the sexy 21 year old, he felt like a
teenager practically drooling at the sight of the sexy woman in front of the
mirror combing her hair. Her amazing ass being hugged by those sexy panties.
He was so hard eyeing her as she brought them water to drink. She dropped a
glass of water on the floor, and then immediately grabbed a towel to clean it
up. In doing so she got on all fours in front of Pascal scrubbing with the
towel and shaking her sexy little butt in the process. "Is she trying to
seduce me?" he wondered.

Neleh smiled feeling his eyes watching her, it had been a while since she got
a man's attention, and Pascal was at full attention. After Neleh went to get
them both some more water she sat down on the bed next to Pascal. "Would you
like a back rub Pascal? I've noticed you've been kinda sore since you won the
reward challenge."

"Sure that sounds great, Neleh."

Neleh got behind him and started to rub his back. She sat with her legs
around his as she rubbed his back up and down. His excitement didn't wavier
as she smelled so good so feminine. Her hands relieved his tension with hard
massaging and soon all the soreness and kinks were out of his back. "She is
so very good at back rubs." he thought to himself. "Let me return the favor

Neleh smiled that wholesome young girl smile and traded places with him.
Pascal's erection came back again as Neleh's ass in sexy pink underwear
pressed against his groin. He rubbed her shoulders not too roughly, just
enough to cause the young blonde to moan and close her eyes. Pascal was
so turned on to hear her moans as he caressed her smooth tan skin. As he
caressed a shoulder her bra strap slipped down. He was shocked to see
that she didn't try to pull it back up. "God she's so beautiful" he
thought. This also exposed her left breast a tad bit more, he was shocked
to see there were no tanlines that became visible, could this innocent
girl actually tan topless.

Neleh reached her arms up and put them around Pascal's shoulders. Her hands
went through his hair as the two horny survivors pressed their bodies tightly
together. Then Neleh made her move, reaching back she unhooked her bra and
pulled down the other bra strap. As her bra slid off her body and down to
the floor, Pascal took the hint and reached around to cup the sexy 21 year
old woman's tan breasts. Her ass continued to grind into his crotch, as she
gently kissed his neck. Neleh's hands went lower to Pascal's zipper which
unzipped. Seconds later his 7 inch cock was released from its restraints and
was being stroked in the younger woman's hand.

His cock got harder and harder with her stroking him while he continued
caressing and pinching her hard nipples. This went on for several minutes,
until Neleh turned around and got on her knees in front of him. Neleh licked
his prick up and down with her tongue, then after a while she opened her
mouth and started sucking his hard cock down her velvety smooth throat.
Pascal put both hands on her shoulders as Neleh gave him an incredible
blowjob. Neleh sucked him off, deep throating his cock as she was on all
fours. Her mouth was so hot he thought he was gonna come down her throat,
but before he reached that point she stopped. Neleh gave him a sexy lust
filled smile as she grabbed the waistband of her pink panties and slid them
off past her sexy legs. Neleh also had no tanlines on her bottom half. She
pushed Pascal on his back and climbed on top of him on the bed. The two new
lovers mouths met in a long passionate French kiss as Neleh positioned his
cock at her tender pussy lips.

His cock slid inside her causing them both to moan. Neleh started to ride up
and down Pascal's member causing him to go deeper and deeper into her tight
cunt. She flipped her head back as Pascal squeezed her tiny tits in his
hands. Neleh rode him harder and harder faster and faster his huge schlong
milking her pussy juices for all it was worth. Soon the room was filled with
the echoing sound of Neleh's ass slamming down against Pascal's balls. Pascal
grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and squeezed her sexy ass as she rode him.
Neleh's breasts bounced up and down as she bounced on his cock.

Pascal then pushed Neleh off and got behind her and slid his cock back inside
her. Pascal started pounding mercilessly into Neleh doggystyle. He buried
all 7 inches of his cock into her womanhood. Neleh screamed and moaned in
pleasure like a 2 dollar whore. Pascal grabbed her tits and squeezed them
hard as he kept pumping the sexy girl. Then Pascal leaned back and grabbed
a hold of Neleh's hair and pulled on it, as he continued to fuck the sexy
college student as hard as he could.

Before long Neleh could take no more, she released her orgasm, her cunt
clasping tight around his cock. That was more than Pascal could handle and
he shot his full load inside the sexy coed. Pascal collapsed on top of her,
and the two fell asleep that way, both exhausted by the events of the day
and the evening.

* * *

Back at the survivor camp Kathy, Vesquel, and Robert all went for firewood,
leaving Tammy and Sean alone at the camp. Sean had been watching Tammy. She
had a pure girl-jock body. She was thin like Neleh, but her being taller it
made her look actually a little bit scrawny, her hair was dark brown and when
she wore it down, it went past her shoulders. Her skin was very tan, and she
was kind of flat chested upfront. Still Sean found her enjoyable to look at
especially when she stripped down to her black sportsbra and bikini bottoms.
He was horny and he wanted some pussy, and now was the time to act.

"Hey Tammy, I bet you missin' that fiance of yours ain't ya?"

"Yeah, I havn't had cock in weeks." Tammy blushed and hid her faced letting
out a giggle. "I can't believe I said that out loud."

"Its alright Tammy everyone gets horny, but hey I'm bettin' I have more than
your man has!"

"Ahhh, are we gonna give out the black men are hung speech Sean?"

"Well, hey, its true Tammy baby, when I get hard I got me 11 inches, can your
man say that?"

"Well, no he can't, but I don't believe you!"

"I can prove it to ya Tammy, plus relieve some of that sexual tension your
under, what do ya say?"

After some hesitation she answered him. "Ok, I'll call your bluff, let's see
if your as big as you say."

"OK, why don't you show me yours Tammy, if I'm gonna get hard that hot body
of yours will do the trick."

Tammy smiled as his compliment, she looked around to make sure the camera
men were gone then pulled off her pink sport T-shirt. Then off came her
dark shorts, leaving her in her black bikini bottoms and black sports bra.

"Very nice Tammy, now your really starting to get my attention."

Tammy got down on her knees, and pushed her small breasts together in her
bra. Then she turned around on all fours and shook her ass at Sean. Then
she laid out on her side and sucked on a finger like she was posing for a
swimsuit magazine.

"Why don't ya lose the bottoms Tammy, I'm gonna show ya mine why don't you
show me yours!"

Tammy was about to say no, but she noticed the huge hard-on growing in Sean's
shorts and changed her mind. After all she felt a little naughty stripping
for a guy. Plus whether or not she wanted to admit it, it turned her on
knowing that she was gonna show her pussy to a black guy. No black guy had
ever seen her more naked than a bikini before now.

So Tammy grabbed the top of her bikini bottoms and slid them down her long
tan legs. As tan as her legs were, her ass was as white as could be, her
tanlines showed that she quite obviously tanned in those black bikini
bottoms. Sean sat in awe for a moment looking at Tammy's dark forrest of
pubic hair. He was ready to pull out his cock now. Tammy wasn't aware of
that yet though, so she sat down, opened her long legs and she closed her
eyes. She was very turned on knowing Sean was seeing her in this position,
so she decided to milk it for all it was worth. So Tammy took her hand and
slid it down to her pussy, then gently slid a finger inside. Sean had
already pulled down his shorts and was standing over Tammy stroking his

Tammy opened her eyes to see the biggest cock she had ever seen inches from
her face. "My God he was telling the truth" she thought. Tammy looked up at
him and gave him a reassuring smile. "OK Sean when you're right you're

Sean smiled as his cock pointed straight at her mouth. Tammy felt like she
was gonna drool at the sight of his 11 inch dick. Sean leaned in and smiled
at her, "Ready to relieve that tension, Tammy?"

"Oh yes, I'm ready."

With that Sean pushed his cock at Tammy's mouth. Tammy opened up and
swallowed his shaft. Her fiance was only 7 inches and she could easily deep
throat him, but Sean? She didn't see how anyone could deep throat a cock so

Tammy slid his ebony rod down her throat as she got up on her knees pumping
his cock in one hand as her other grabbed his ass. Sean started pushing more
of his cock down the white girl's throat as her tongue excited the bottom of
his shaft. Sean reached down and pulled up her bra freeing her little A-cup
breasts. Her nipples were dark red and very pointy. He rubbed on her tits and
pinched the hard nipples as her mouth engulfed his black meat. "Ah there ya
go baby, oh lick that black dick ya horny white slut, yeah suck it ohhh suck
it good!!" Tammy was really working trying to swallow all of Sean, she'd get
as much as 8 inches in her mouth but then her gag reflex would kick in,
causing her to pull back.

Sean got on the ground and pulled Tammy to him, she climbed on top of Sean
and slid his rod inside her. "Ahhh God yes, oh your so thick, oooohh yeah,
fuck me Sean oh fuck my pussy good!"

"Yeah you want some black dick Tammy, don't ya bitch?"

"Oh yes I want it, fill my white pussy with that thick long black cock!"

Sean thrust his cock up forcing a full 8 inches inside Tammy causing her to
moan. Sean grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed hard as she began to
slowly ride him, her tight pussy not used to Sean's size. Tammy felt like a
virgin again as her pussy was stretched to accommodate his dark schlong.
Tammy picked up speed riding up and down on Sean. Sean squeezed on Tammy's
breasts, he never saw nipples more pointed than Tammy's were. Tammy rode him
harder and faster until all 11 inches were inside her pussy.

Sean started talking dirty to her. "Ahh that's it ride that black dick baby,
ahh you like that black meat in your white cunt don't ya, your gonna be my
little white nigga's cock whore aren't ya?"

"Oh yes, yes I am oh God you feel so good ohhhh Sean!"

"Oh yes Sean what?" he taunted.

"Oh yes I love black dick make me your black cock whore!!"

He thrust upward slamming his cock deep inside Tammy. "You like that black
cock, Tammy?"

"Oh yes oh I love it I love your black cock fuck me fuck me like the horny
white slut I am!!"

Sean took her small breast in his mouth and sucked hard on her nipples as
Tammy thrust her pussy onto Sean's giant rod. Tammy couldn't take anymore
and her pussy orgasmed all over his cock, coating it with her love cream.

Tammy didn't have a chance to catch her breath as Sean pushed her over and
on all fours. Tammy felt his cock at the entrance to her ass. "Oh God not
there, your too big!"

Sean ignored her though and stuck his cock deep inside of her ass. Tammy
couldn't believe his cock actually fit. It was probably because of how well
it was lubricated from her pussy juices. Sean didn't waste anytime though
shoving his rod deep into Tammy's ass. Tammy wanted to scream at first and
yell that he was anal raping her but after a while the pain subsided and
Tammy was starting to get off on the feeling of this new taboo.

Tammy started moaning in pleasure as her asshole was stretched apart while
Sean pumped his rod into it. Tammy sucked on her finger imagining the hot
thought of her fiance being there and sucking his cock while Sean fucked her
in the ass. Tammy felt so naughty letting a black guy take her anal cherry,
and loving it so much on top of that. Sean was ready to cum and let Tammy
know. "Ahh here it comes I'm gonna cum!"

Tammy begged him, "Cum on my face shot you cum in my face!"

Sean pulled out and Tammy stuck out her tongue and took spurt after spurt
of his cum on her face. She swallowed what was on her tongue as the rest
landed on her chin and her tits.

"That was so hot Sean, thank you!"

"Damn girl you are one hot bitch, I promise you this, ain't no way I'm
voting you out, not when you gotta some good ass fucking pussy!"

The two looked off in the distance and saw torches meaning the other tribe
members were coming back with the wood, so they got dressed quickly. Later
that night Neleh and Pascal came back from the cruise, with the story of
how good it was to be clean and have a meal. Tammy could help but notice
how good Neleh smelled.

The next morning the tribe got mail for the next immunity challenge. Later
that night it would be Robert who would win immunity. This meant that Tammy
was undoubtedly gonna be voted out, considering her and Robert were the last
two people of their alliance.

Later the next day Neleh got together with Tammy. "Hey Tammy, look I think
you should know, the tribe is planning on voting you out tonight."

"Did Sean say that too?"

"Yes, he did." said Neleh.

"That motherfucker!" thought Tammy.

"I just wanted you to know its nothing personal, I really like you Tammy, I
think your one cool chick!"

"Well, thanks Neleh."

The two hugged each other. Then as they broke the hug Tammy gave Neleh a kiss
on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Neleh wondered.

"Sorry, you're just so sweet to me and you smell so good I couldn't help

Neleh smiled. "Its OK, we're all really gonna miss you." Neleh took Tammy by
the hand and kissed her on the mouth.

The two stood there for a moment not sure how to react next. Before long
Tammy leaned in and kissed Neleh again and hugged her tight. Neleh always
willing to let her aggressive side out slipped her tongue in Tammy's mouth.
Tammy was glad to see Neleh take the initiative, her always being a girl-jock
she was used to being called a dyke. Even though she was bi-curious she had
never been with another woman. Certainly she didn't wanna make a move on
Neleh and her to freak out, but Neleh her giving her the tongue meant that
she was OK with what they were doing.

Neleh pulled off her top revealing her breasts, a little bigger than Tammy's
but with no tanlines. Tammy smiled and her chest, then pulled off her
sportsbra showing Neleh her tanlines and very pointed breasts. The two joined
hands again and pressed their breasts and hard nipples together as they
started to kiss. The two swapped spit for several minutes as Neleh slid her
hands down Tammy's bikini bottoms. She slid a finger in Tammy's box causing
her to moan loudly. Tammy returned the favor and went down Neleh's short and
began playing with Neleh's clit.

The two ended up kissing on the ground feeling each others breasts as fingers
roamed deep into each others pussies. Tammy smelled Neleh's sweet scent as
Neleh planted kisses all over Tammy's neck. Tammy was so hot, the touch of
another woman felt better than her dreams could ever imagine. Tammy was
drove over the edge as her nipples were nibbled on and she orgasmed all over
Neleh's hands. Neleh locked Tammy in another wet kiss as Tammy got on top of

Tammy went down on Neleh, kissing her neck then her breasts then to her sexy
stomach. Tammy slid down Neleh's shorts, followed by her sexy panties. Then
Tammy started tonguing Neleh's well trimmed pussy. She slid her tongue inside
her doing circles on her clit. Tammy slid two fingers in Neleh's tight box as
her tongue did its great work on her love bump. Neleh spread her legs wide
and grabbed Tammy by the head pushing her more into her pussy. Tammy found
out that she loved the taste of another woman as she sucked on the clit.
Tammy's fingers ramming into her and biting on her clit soon became too much
and Neleh came all over Tammy's face. Tammy licked up all of those sweet
pussy juices, finding the taste delicious.

Realizing it was getting late they got back to camp.

Several hours later, in a 4-3 vote Tammy was voted out at tribal counsel. She
hugged good-bye her fellow alliance member Robert, then hugged and kissed
Neleh good-bye. No one suspected anything from their kiss feeling it was an
innocent friendship thing between the two. If only the producers at Survivor
knew the truth though, then they wouldn't let Tammy or Neleh get voted out.
After all, two attractive woman on a beach barely dressed who are lesbian
lovers? Talk about your "must see TV!"


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