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celebrities involved in its' true personalities or sexual nature. That being
said, enjoy!

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Survivor: Survivor Cast Reunion Party (MMF,FF,MFF,MF,inter)
by The Squad Leader

Starring - Elisabeth Filarski, Joel Klug, Kim Powers, Silas Gaither, Jenna
Lewis, Colby Donaldson, Jerri Manthey, Clarence Black, Sarah Jones, Neleh
Dennis, Amber Brkich and Jane Clayson.

Los Angeles:

Jane Clayson stood outside the door to the club room of the Ashcroft Hotel
with a mixture of excitement and dread. On the one hand, she was glad to
finally be able to catch up with some of these people whom she hadn't seen
since they were initially kicked off of whatever episode of Survivor they
had been on. Certainly there were some engaging and talented people among
the sixty four of them, and this reunion party she was covering for The
Early Show was the first time all of them had been together in the same
place ever. But on the other hand, she just knew that she was forever going
to be linked with the show, and that many of the executives at the network
simply wouldn't take her seriously as a journalist because of it.

"I bet Gumbel never had to put up with this shit" she thought to herself
before finally going inside.

As she strode through the door, she was immediately greeted by Mark Burnett.
Jane enjoyed Mark's company because in addition to being the show's producer,
he was a genuinely pleasant person to be around. Never mind the fact that he
tended to exaggerate whatever he was talking about, and that he was quite
long winded.

"How are you Jane?" he asked with a smile.

"Oh just peachy king" she replied.

"Well, you look wonderful" he went on. "There will be a dinner served at..."

As Burnett engaged her in small talk, Jane was busy surveying the scene
around her and nodding every few seconds when it seemed appropriate. She
found it somewhat surprising that the members of the four casts were
mingling together quite naturally. She just assumed that they would tend
to stick closer to the members of their own season, but that wasn't the
case at all.

To her left, she saw Tom Buchanan, the goat farmer from Survivor: Africa
chatting up a storm with Peter from Survivor: Marquesas.

"What on Earth could that conversation be about?" she thought as she smiled
to herself.

In the back of the room, she spotted Debb from Survivor: Australia pounding
shots with Gervase from the original show.

"Poor Debb" Jane thought to herself. "Her life ruined by a television show.
Oh well, at least she seems to be in good spirits tonight."

Finally, her gaze brought her to the center of the room where the four
winners, Richard, Tina, Ethan and Vecepia were holding court. Never before
had Jane seen a more pompous group of egomaniacs. You'd have thought that
they'd invented electricity the way they acted. Yes, it was definitely going
to be a long night.

Just then, someone walked by and caught her attention.

"Excuse me" she said to Mr. Burnett.

"Of course" he replied and watched as she made her way towards Colby.

Colby Donaldson was the player who had Jane swooning like a schoolgirl
throughout season two. They had gone out a few times after they finally met,
but Jane had dumped him when she found out that he was fucking another woman.
She played it off like it was no big deal, but she had been crushed, and now
she wanted him back.

"Hey cowboy" she said, tapping him on the shoulder.

Colby wheeled around and smiled broadly.

"Jane, how are you?" he asked.

"Been better" she admitted. "And you?"

"Listen Jane, I'll cut right to the chase" he said. "I'm sorry about what I
did. I never meant to hurt you. How about a second chance?"

"You think I'm going to give you a second chance?" she said with contempt.
Colby just dropped his head in shame. "Of course I'll give you a second
chance" she said, ending the suspense. Colby started to lean in to kiss her,
but Jane stopped him.

"Not here" she said. "I've got to do all the interviews and stuff, but we can
hook up later tonight. What room are you in?"

"169" he replied.

"Great, now how about you think about this until then" she said, whispering
something into his ear that made him blush.

"I don't know if I can handle dinner tonight" he said. "I'm just going to
head back to my room and cool off."

With that, Jane watched him say something to Mark Burnett and head out of the
club room. But Jane wasn't the only one watching. From the other side of the
room, Sarah Jones and Jerri Manthey looked on with large grins on their

"So it's a bet?" Sarah asked.

"You're on" Jerri replied. "But I'm telling you, Colby won't have anything to
do with you, I'm gonna get him."

"I believe you tried that once with miserable results" Sarah sarcastically

"We'll see" Jerri laughed. "We'll see."

Later that night:

Dinner had been served, interviews conducted and the party was starting to
dwindle. Outside on one of the balconies, Elisabeth Filarski, Joel Klug and
Silas Gaither were hanging out and laughing. Joel and Silas had been drinking
heavily, and Elisabeth herself had had three or four glasses of wine with the
little bit of dinner she had eaten.

"Come on, you don't seriously think it was rougher in Australia than it was
in Africa?" Silas asked incredulously.

"I'm slerious" Elisabeth slurred, and then giggled when she heard how she had
butchered the word. "I mean you saw it, my freaking hair was falling out. Not
to mention, I missed Tim so much when I was out there. You two didn't have
girlfriends when you were on the show, so you have no idea how tough that

"She's got a good point" Joel agreed but Silas wasn't buying it.

"What does that have to do with anything" he said. "You can see how good of
a boyfriend he really is, not showing up tonight and all."

"I told you" Elisabeth fumed. "We got into a little fight. Besides, I'm a
grown woman, I can do whatever I want."

"You know, you're really cute when you're mad" Silas teased. "But I still
say, Tim has you wrapped around his finger." Elisabeth turned and started
walking towards the balcony door.

"Wait" Silas said. "I'm only kidding, you don't have to leave."

"I'm not leaving" she said as she locked the balcony door.

"What are you doing then?" he asked.

"Showing you who's in charge" she answered with a wry smile as she kneeled
in front of Joel. As she started to unzip his fly, Joel tried to stop her.

"Wait" he said. "You might regret this later."

"Joel" she interrupted. "Are you saying you don't want any?"

"No" he insisted. "I'm just saying maybe you've had too much to..."

"Then shut up!" she shot back, to which he obeyed.

It wasn't long before she had his pants down around his ankles, and was
sliding her lips up and down his hard shaft. Joel leaned his head back and
groaned, feeling Elisabeth's moist lips and tongue work his cock all over.
Silas simply gawked, feeling as if he were in a dream, and expecting to wake
up any second.

Elisabeth stopped her sucking for a second, long enough to say to Silas "So
are you just going to watch, or are you going to come over here?"

Silas didn't need any more of an invitation than that, and quickly made his
way over, where he kneeled down behind Elisabeth. While Silas fumbled around
with her skirt and panties, Elisabeth continued to lick and suck Joel's cock
from top to bottom, pausing at the top to let him feel her hot breath on his

Silas finally got Elisabeth's panties off and removed his own pants before
plunging his cock into her already soaking wet pussy. She could feel his
shaft filling her tight love canal as he began to pump away.

"Oooooh yesss!" she moaned, as the two men continued to rhythmically grind

"I'm commminnng" Joel groaned as he blasted a thick load of come down the
back of Elisabeth's throat and all over her lips, face and hair.

Once he had shot his load, Joel stepped back for a second to rest as
Elisabeth and Silas switched positions. Silas laid down on his back, and
Elisabeth sat on top of him, riding his cock like a champion bull rider.
Watching her slide her cute ass up and down on Silas's meat rod soon had
Joel hard again.

Elisabeth noticed his erection and coyly said "I've got room for one more if
you know what I mean." Joel did know what she meant and came around behind
her. He eased first his finger into her asshole, and then his prick as she
continued to let Silas fuck her tight pussy. Both men hungrily pumped away at
the cute young woman, one in her asshole and one in her pussy as she loudly

"Oooooh yeah! Fuck yesssss! Ohhhh my goodness!! I'm commminnng!!" she
screamed as she experienced someone fucking her in the ass for the first
time. And listening to Elisabeth have her orgasm set both Joel and Silas
off, and soon they were shooting come into her pussy and asshole.

They rolled over and were breathing heavily, listening to the party going on
inside. Apparently, even as loud as Elisabeth was, no one was able to hear

As she felt the come dripping down on her pussy, face and asshole, Elisabeth
managed to say. "Come on fellas, let's head up to my room. The night is still

By the pool:

Kim Powers craned her neck as she looked around the pool area, but no one
seemed to be around.

"I could of sworn she was heading this way" she thought to herself. Kim was
looking for Jenna Lewis from the original Survivor. Jenna was arguably the
most successful cast member as far as post show projects were concerned. She
had landed a gig hosting VH1's video countdown for a while, and Kim wanted to
find out the secret to her success. Kim herself had hired an agent, but other
than Playboy, she had received very few offers.

"Surely it was just because Survivor: Africa wasn't as popular as the other
seasons" she thought. "I mean, I'm just as cute as Colleen Haskell, and she
got to star in a movie."

As these things floated through her mind, Kim spotted Jenna wearing her
famous pink bikini and heading towards the steam room.

"God she looks hot" Kim thought as she followed in after her and took a seat
on the bench next to her.

"How's it going?" Jenna asked pleasantly.

"Pretty good, and you?" she replied and the conversation took off from there.
It wasn't long before they were chatting like best friends who had grown up
together, and finally Kim got around to what she really wanted to talk about.

"So, how in the world did you get that VH1 gig?" she asked. "I just can't
seem to find any type of work at all."

"I know what you mean" Jenna answered. "It's been pretty slow for me lately
too. The video countdown thing just kind of fell into my lap."

"You can't seriously think that" Kim said. "Surely you realize that you
earned all of the fame that you got?"

"Fuck yeah" Jenna replied. "But the fact is, I had to do some things that I'm
not exactly proud of to get that job."

"Like what?" Kim pressed.

"Like sleep with the producer" Jenna said frankly.

Kim was stunned. "What was his name?" she asked incredulously.

"Her name was Jennifer" she answered sheepishly.

"You slept with another woman?" Kim asked.

"Sure, why not?" Jenna replied. The story was total bullshit, but she had
crafted it in order to see what Kim's reaction would be. Jenna could see the
sweat from the steam room beading up and running down Kim's hot little body
and she desperately wanted to fuck her. She could also see that Kim's nipples
were erect beneath her blue swimsuit.

"Ohhh, I didn't mean to offend you" she stammered. "I'm just surprised.
That's all."

"Do you like surprises?" Jenna asked seductively as she looked into Kim's
eyes and lightly ran her finger along her shaking leg.

"I think I like this one" she answered nervously, and leaned in to kiss
Jenna. Their lips met in an electric explosion of passion, sweat and saliva
and their hands hungrily explored each others bodies as their tongues

Kim had never fooled around with another woman before, but she was definitely
enjoying this one! She worked her hand into the bottom of Jenna's bikini and
began to rub her sweaty pussy with her fingers before working them into her
hole. Jenna began to rock her hips back and forth to keep up with Kim's
fingering before leaning back on the bench and allowing Kim to tumble down on
top of her. Kim hungrily pounced on Jenna, once again forcing her tongue down
her throat, but never taking her hand out of Jenna's pussy.

"Ooooooh yesss!! Ohhhh!" Jenna moaned as Kim continued working away.

"You like that huh baby? You like it when I fuck you with my fingers?" she
asked. Jenna just nodded and let out a small moan in response as she felt the
orgasm building in her abdomen.

"Ohhh yeah! Fuck me! Ooooh! I'm commming!" she cried, as she covered Kim's
hand with love juice.

Kim took her hand out of Jenna's panties and let her lick the juices off of
her fingers before Jenna pushed her backwards. She quickly removed Kim's
bikini bottom and set to work, lapping away at her pussy. Kim writhed on the
bench under the feel of Jenna's tongue working on her clit. Jenna buried her
tongue deep into Kim's pussy, trying desperately to hold on to something,
but losing the battle, eventually falling off of the bench as her hands
slipped off of Kim's sweaty legs.

Kim giggled, but got down on the floor and kneeled on all fours facing the
bench. Jenna was back in a flash, sliding underneath of Kim and eating her
pussy from below.

"Oooooh! Fuck Yesssss!" she cried as Jenna slid her fingers into her sopping
wet snatch. Jenna sat up and turned her attention to Kim's tiny asshole,
first tonguing and then fingering the tight orifice.

"That feels soooo good!" Kim moaned as she felt Jenna's finger sliding in and
out of her asshole and her tongue probing the warm folds of flesh of her

"Ohhhh baby! Yesss!! Oooooooooohhhhh!" she cried as she came with a violent
shudder. After making out for a few more minutes, Kim and Jenna undressed
each other completely, positioning their hot, sweaty bodies into a 69. They
attacked one another's love holes with a vengeance, hungrily licking up pussy
juice and sweat.

"Mmmmmm! Ooooooh!" Jenna cried as she felt Kim getting the first taste of
pussy of her young life. That just turned Jenna on even more considering that
she had slept with several girls during college.

"That's it! Ohhh yes!" she moaned and soon, both girls were having screaming
orgasms once again. They collapsed in a heap, and Jenna spun around so that
she could kiss Kim once again.

"I think you'll be just fine" she assured Kim as they held each other's
dripping wet bodies and softly kissed.

Outside of Room 169:

Jerri and Sarah snuck across the hall to Colby's room wearing nothing but
bathrobes and carrying several cans of whipped cream. They giggled as they
knocked on the door and waited.

"Remember" Jerri said. "When he picks me, just leave without a scene and you
can pay me the hundred bucks tomorrow. I just hope you're not too bitter."

"Oh please" Sarah retorted. "It's going to be you taking that walk of shame."
When Colby didn't answer, the girls let themselves into his unlocked room.

"Colby?" Sarah called.

"I'm in here Jane" he answered.

"Who's Jane?" Sarah giggled.

"Who care's?" Jerri answered. As they rounded the corner, they found Colby
lying naked on the bed with a hard on sticking straight up in the air.

"Shit!" he yelled. "You two better get out of here before Jane comes back!"

"Too late" came a voice from behind them. It was Jane who had walked in just
in time to hear what Colby had said. "You fucking bastard!" she yelled. "Not
even 4 hours later!" She stormed out of the room crying and Colby started to

"Jane wait!" he called down the hall after her, but she had already
disappeared. As he came back into the room, Jerri and Sarah were still there.

"Well, we came over to have some fun" Jerri said. "I guess this is a cheer
you up party instead."

Colby got an angry look on his face and started to say something when both
girls dropped their robes and stood their naked in front of him. He
immediately changed his tune and started to head in their direction, smiling

"Ah ah ah!" Sarah scolded. "You have to pick. Me or Jerri?"

"After the shit you just started I think I should get both of you" he

Jerri looked at Sarah and nodded. "He's right" she said. "We owe him at least
that. I guess the bet's on hold."

"But you know I would've won" Sarah said.

"In your dreams bitch" Jerri replied as Colby tackled them both too the bed.

Jerri grabbed the whipped cream and sprayed it on his cock before saying to
Sarah "How bout a banana split?"

Sarah laughed as she and Jerri began to lick the whipped cream from his dick,
pausing every few moments when their tongues brushed up against one another
to kiss. They hungrily licked every bit of the whipped cream from his cock
before Sarah began to deep throat him. As she bobbed up and down on Colby's
shaft, Jerri slid down behind Sarah and began to eat her out. She hungrily
worked her mouth and fingers into Sarah's snatch while Sarah continued
sliding Colby's dick in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!! Yeah!" Sarah moaned as Jerri continued to eat her out. Colby just
laid back and fought back the tears of pleasure as it felt like Sarah was
going to suck all the life out of his body through his cock.

"You better hold up a sec" he warned as Sarah temporarily stopped. He pulled
Sarah up onto the bed and kissed her hard before moving down to her
magnificent breasts. Jerri climbed up next to him to join in the fun, as they
each took one of Sarah's firm breasts into their hungry mouths.

"Doesn't she have the most perfect tits you've ever seen?" Jerri asked, but
Colby never even looked up from what he was doing. When they had their fill
of Sarah's jugs, Colby laid back on his back and watched as Jerri sat on his
cock facing him and Sarah eased her pussy back onto his face facing Jerri. As
he was busy fucking Jerri and eating out Sarah, the two women passionately
french kissed one another.

"Ohhhhh yesss!" Jerri cried as Colby's cock slid in and out of her snatch.

"OOoooohhh! I'm commming!!!" she yelled frantically as her orgasm hit.
Luckily for Colby, he had been drinking so he didn't bust his nut just yet.
Jerri rolled over and Sarah positioned herself in front of Colby so that he
could fuck her doggy style. As he began to fuck away at Sarah's pussy, Jerri
laid down in front of Sarah's face where the beautiful woman could eat her

Colby was frantically working like a jackhammer at Sarah's pussy, listening
to the squishing sound and the slapping of his nuts against her backside.
Meanwhile, Sarah was eagerly returning the earlier favor to Jerri, as she
buried her tongue into Jerri's moist snatch.

"Oooooohhhh yeah!" Sarah moaned as her orgasm built. And suddenly, in a rush,
all three of them were climaxing around the same time. Colby's come shot all
over Sarah's pussy and asshole, and Jerri rushed over to lick it up. Once she
had gotten every drop, she again kissed Sarah passionately, sharing all of
the juices.

As they all laid their in the room, reeking of sex, Colby couldn't help but
wonder where Jane had gone and if he had fucked up for good this time.

Back at the club room:

By now, the party had dwindled and the only person left hanging out in the
club room was Clarence Black. Clarence had been one of the members of the
Survivor: Africa group, and was known to most people as "the guy who ate the
beans." As he was getting ready to head upstairs to his room, Clarence saw a
cute young blonde woman sneak into the kitchen. He followed her in, and soon
found that it was Neleh Dennis, the runner up from Survivor: Marquesas. Neleh
had gotten a cheesecake from one of the coolers and was just about to take a
bite when Clarence spoke up.

"Busted!" he yelled jokingly.

"Oh my heck!" she said. "You scared me."

"Sorry" he said. "Say, you weren't really going to sneak that cheesecake were

"Well, I didn't know they had dessert" she said. "I heard the winners giving
their speeches and it started to get to me, so I went to my room early. But
then I started to get hungry again, so I snuck down here. You're not gonna
bust me are you?"

"Nah" he replied. "I know a little bit about sneaking extra food myself and
believe me, people will not let it die."

Neleh laughed at this. Having watched every episode of Survivor, she knew all
about Clarence's famous bean adventures.

"Say, what did you mean that the winner's speeches started to get to you?" he

"Well really just Vecepia's" she answered. "I guess I'm still bitter about
being second best. My own tribe didn't even believe me when I told them that
I was being myself on the island."

"Well I don't think you're second best" Clarence assured her. "In fact, I
think you are the prettiest girl in this kitchen."

"Thanks" she said. "You're sweet."

"So are you" he replied. As he said it, Neleh and Clarence locked gazes. At
that moment, Neleh didn't care what her conscience told her about random sex,
she wanted Clarence. Clarence moved towards her and leaned in to kiss her.
Neleh kissed him back and soon they were passionately making out.

"You ever been with a black man before?" he asked.

"Actually, no" she answered "I've only been with one man before and that was
two years ago."

"Oh snap" he said. "I guess I'll just have to take it easy on you then." With
that he lifted her up onto one of the metal tables and slowly pushed her
skirt up and lowered her panties. Clarence then worked his tongue into
Neleh's tight pussy to get her nice and wet. Neleh leaned her head back and
moaned as Clarence slid two of his fingers into her waiting snatch.

"Oooooh yeah!" she cried as he continued to eat her pussy. After several
minutes of this, Neleh hopped down off of the table and kneeled in front of
Clarence. She pulled his cock out of his pants and started to ease it into
her mouth. As Clarence's cock grew in size to it's full nine inches, Neleh
started to gag. But she continued to work it down her throat until soon she
was taking the whole thing. Clarence looked down and saw Neleh's blonde hair
moving back and forth as she continued working his cock in and out of her

Clarence was busy groaning in ecstasy when Neleh abruptly stopped. He opened
his eyes and saw her on all fours on top of the table.

"You gonna stand there gawking or are you gonna get up here and fuck me?" she
asked. Clarence was stunned momentarily hearing those words coming out of
Neleh's mouth, but he quickly gained his composure and jumped up on the
table. Once there, he eased his cock into Neleh's vice like pussy and began
to thrust away. Neleh's eyes were wide open and she could barely catch her
breath as Clarence plunged his rod into her pussy all the way to the hilt.

"Ohhhhh yesss! Fuck me hard! Ooooooh!!!" she screamed. Clarence continued to
fuck away like a man possessed as pots and pans fell off of the table and
clanged to the floor below.

Neleh then turned to Clarence and said "I want you to fuck my asshole!"
Clarence stopped and eased his dick towards Neleh's asshole. At first, he
slid in just the head, but already it was intense. Neleh gasped as inch
by inch, he worked his shaft into her asshole. Soon he was pounding away,
tearing the insides of her asshole to shreds as she bit her bottom lip in
a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Yesss! Ohhhh Yessss!!" she cried as Clarence finally blew his load all
over her ass. Neleh's legs were still shaking a half an hour later when
they got up and went to Clarence's room.

"Don't forget the cheesecake" he said and Neleh just smiled.

Earlier that evening:

As Jane Clayson ran out of Colby's room after catching him with Sarah and
Jerri, she headed straight for the restroom. Amber Brkich, who happened to
be in the hall at the time saw her crying and went in after her.

"What's wrong?" she asked as she approached Jane.

"What else?" Jane managed between sobs. "I caught Colby fucking around again.
At least last time I didn't have to see it."

Amber tried to comfort Jane by rubbing her hand on Jane's back.

"There there" she said. "It's no reason to cry. You know Colby just isn't the
type to be with one woman."

"I know" she said. "But it still hurts."

"Well, don't get mad" Amber smiled. "Get even." Jane looked up to see what
Amber was talking about and could see the lust in her eyes.

"You're beautiful" Amber said as she took one of Jane's hands and started
sucking one of her fingers. "And you can have whoever you want, so why don't
you come and get it?"

Jane hesitated at first, but she remembered just how beautiful Amber looked
in her Stuff magazine photo shoot and that quickly ended her doubts. She
leaned in and began passionately kissing Amber as Amber unbuttoned her
blouse. Jane slowly moved her kisses down Amber's neck and to her chest. Once
there, she finished removing Amber's blouse and quickly cast her bra aside.

"Ooooooh" Amber moaned as Jane took one of her breasts into her mouth.
Amber's nipples were rock hard and jutting straight out, so Jane took the one
that wasn't in her mouth and gave it a pinch. Amber squealed in delight as
Jane moved down again and slid her pants and panties down.

"You want me to eat that pussy?" Jane teased before finally burying her face
in Amber's muff. She gently nibbled on Amber's clit as she worked two fingers
into her hole.

"Mmmmmm yeahhhh!" Amber moaned as she felt Jane's fingers sliding easily in
and out of her greasy snatch and her tongue lightly flicking over her clit.

"Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Yeahhh! Oh shit!! I'm gonna come!!" she cried as Jane
worked her to an orgasm.

Jane quickly popped up to her feet, and Amber unzipped her skirt from behind.
She slid Jane's skirt and panties to the floor, and gently started to eat her
out from behind as Jane bent over. Amber worked first one, then two and then
all four of her fingers from one hand into Jane's wet pussy as she gently
tongued her asshole.

"Ohhhh Fuck yesss! That feels so good!!" she cried as soon she climaxed in
the best orgasm of her life all over Amber's face and hands. Amber lapped up
all of the pussy juice she could and pulled Jane down on top of her, as they
rolled around on the bathroom floor kissing.

When they were both rested enough, Amber pulled Jane towards her,
intertwining their legs until their pussies were up against one another.
Then both ladies began to grind their hips, rubbing their wet pussies
against one another and allowing the friction to bring them pleasure.

"Oooooh Yess! Uhhhhh!! Ohhhh!" they cried together as they simultaneously
climaxed once again. Amber and Jane laid on the floor softly kissing as a
realization occurred to Jane.

"Who needs Colby?" she asked.

"I don't know" Amber replied as she giggled. "I certainly don't." And with
that they began to passionately french kiss each other once again.

Later that night as Amber and Jane were fucking the night away, two messages
were left on Jane's cell phone. One was Colby asking for another chance.

"Not likely" she thought. The other message was her producer.

"Don't forget Jane" he said. "Survivor: Thailand starts this fall."



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