This story is based on the characters from the TV gameshow, SURVIVOR 2.
This is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the series, but
fulfills the fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, M+/F, NC, bestiality)

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the other hand,
you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Survivor 2 - Australian Outback: Alternate Story Of Amber
by David Oberman ([email protected])

Amber Brkich is the 22-year-old administrative assistant from Pennsylvania.
She was one of the most attractive women to compete in this second Survivor
challenge. Her weight had dropped to 100 pounds since being dumped in the
Australian Outback, but this didn't hurt her figure in the least.

In fact, it made her even more attractive, with her light-brown hair
cascading over her slender shoulders. She had gotten into the Survivor game
in hopes of winning the grand prize of one million dollars. Though not many
gave her much of a chance, she made it all the way to the final six.

In the final Reward Challenge that she was involved in, they had to race
along a rope maze to the finish line. As a reward, the winner would get to
join five Australian stockmen (cowboys) on horseback to their camp for hot
meals and a cot to sleep in, to be topped off with a hot breakfast in the

Unfortunately, despite enjoying a lead during much of the race, Amber
ultimately lost as Colby Donaldson passed her on his way to the finish line
and to the reward. Amber came in second to Colby. But what would have
happened if she had won and went off with these five cowboys.

Here is my take of the events that might have unfolded had Amber gone riding
out in the sunset with those five heavy set Australian cowboys.


The six remaining contestants of Survivor 2 lined up for the latest Reward
Challenge. They would have to race against each other while remaining
attached to ropes that would lead them, or not, to the finish line. As Jeff
Probst, the host, gave them the signal to begin, they raced.

It was a close race, but at the end, Amber Brkich beat out Colby by a measly
foot. She leaned there trying to catch her breath as Jeff patted her on the

"Good race Amber," he told her. "You won the challenge and will have a hot
meal and cot as a reward."

"Tha... thanks Jeff," she gasped. "I... I think I could really... use it."

Jeff signaled the men on horses to approach and pick up their charge. As they
came nearer, Amber pulled on Jeff's jacket sleeve.

"There's only... one thing," she said, still out of breath. "I've never...
I've never ridden a horse before."

"Don't worry," he assured her. "I'm sure they'll watch out for you."

Jeff walked up to the cowboys and explained the problem. They grinned and

"I'll take the sheila with me," a podgy aborigine cowboy volunteered.

The others nodded in agreement and Jeff lead Amber to the side of his horse.
Amber took hold of his proffered hand. The rugged native pulled the light
woman easily up to the saddle and set her in front of him.

"Ungh!" Amber grunted as she settled down heavily on the horse.

"Hold on missy," the cowboy told her. "We have a ways to go before reaching

As she set off with the rugged men in the sunset, her tribe mates walked back
to their own camp and the meager meal of rice that waited for them there. But
as you know if you watched the show that week, a flash flood washed away most
of their camp and their priceless food supply.


Amber was being jumbled roughly as the horses made their way through the
rugged terrain of the Australian outback. Her light body tossed front and
back between the aboriginal rider's crotch and the hard horn of the saddle.
Everytime she got shoved forward, her crotch was shoved brutally against the
horn, crushing her pussylips and clit. It didn't take long before she could
feel her cunt moisten from that aggressive contact against the horn.

At the same time, Jerry, the aboriginal rider, was himself getting aroused by
her ass constantly shoving back against him. And with his strong arms around
her waist holding onto the reins his face was next to her cheek.

Amber tried to concentrate on the ride and take her mind off her pussy. She
just stared straight ahead to the three riders there, the fifth was riding
behind Jerry's mount.

When they were about halfway to their camp, that's when the downpour hit
them. It was one of those powerful rain showers that only lasted a few
minutes, yet made you feel as if you were just out of a shower.

Amber had made the decision of not bothering bringing any bra with her on the
game. She didn't see the need for them. She figured that washing wasn't
really an option and decided that her swimsuit top would do in a crunch.

But today, she wasn't wearing her swimsuit under her clothes. All she had on
was a white T-shirt tied in a knot just below her breasts. And now, thanks to
the sudden rain shower, it had become quite translucent. She quickly realized
the embarrassing situation she was in and became quite self-conscious as they
rode on.

So far, none of the cowboys had noticed Amber's semi-nude predicament, but
she couldn't keep it a secret much longer.

With each bouncing stride of the horse, Amber could feel her pussy moistening
more and more. She also felt the unmistakable presence of Jerry's cock
stiffening against her ass. She was only grateful that dusk was falling and
the five men couldn't see her cheeks blush in absolute embarrassment.

Jerry was really glad that he had volunteered to ride with the tiny woman. It
had been months since the last time he'd been with a woman, and this one felt
real nice as it bounced against his cock. And every once in a while his
muscled forearm would brush against her breast through the light T-shirt the
sheila was wearing. He was even sure that his arm had felt a stiff nipple a
few times as they rode. But he, like his comrades, were not yet aware of the
see-through texture her T-shirt had taken.

"We're here ma'am," Billy, the leader shouted back as he turned around.

That's when he noticed Amber's wet T-shirt look. He just sat there, staring
blankly at her dark aureoles through her shirt. Amber, feeling self
conscious, just squeezed her arms against her chest trying to hide behind
them. But all that managed to accomplish was push her tits tighter against
the shirt so her hardening nipples poked sharp points against the material.

"Uh... ah... we better bed down the horses boys," Billy said as he resumed
the trek.

'Oh god!' Amber thought. 'He knows. He saw right through my shirt.'

As they entered their campsite, the five burly men dismounted and helped
Amber down form Jerry's steed. That's when they all got a good look at her
treasure 'chest'. They could also make out a wet spot at the crotch of her
pants. Each of their cocks twitched in aroused excitement. As with Jerry,
they hadn't been around a sheila for months, and this one was much better
looking than any of the whores they usually find in the outback.

After eleven weeks in the outback playing the Survivor game, Amber had lost
some weight. She was great looking before this, but now slimmed down to 100
pounds she looked even better.

Amber just stood there nervously as the five rough looking men stared at her
slim body. Trying to escape their gaze, she tried to look around at their
base camp. She spotted that large single tent that would be their sleeping
area for the night and realized that she would have to share that with them
as well.

"Uh... how long before we eat?" She asked, trying to break them away from
their gawking.

"Uh? Oh!" Jimmy, the youngest of the five reacted. "How long Glenn?"

"Well, if George here gets the fire going," Glenn replied nodding his head to
the other aborigine of the group. "Should have the grub ready in less than an

Now that they had been broken from their spell, the men went their separate
ways to take care of their tasks. Amber watched as Jerry and Jimmy took care
of the horses and George got to work on building a fire. Billy and Glenn were
busily readying the meal that would be served for their special guest.

Amber's mouth watered as she saw them cutting huge sides of beef into steak
for the fire. Then she saw potatoes, carrots and even ice cream in a cooler.
She didn't think that she would be so excited about seeing real food again.
In fact, she got so excited seeing all that food that she felt her knees
buckle as her pussy twitched.

Billy and Glenn rushed to her side to hold her up when they saw her falter.
Amber felt their strong hands gripping her shoulder and waist.

"Get off of me!" She yelled instinctively. "Leave me alone!"

"Easy gurl," Glenn told her. "You just about fainted on us."

"Yah! We don't need the hassle from that dum producer of yurs," Billy threw

"Sor... sorry," she apologized. "Guess I got a bit light headed."

"Why don' you go rest up on the cot," Glenn told her. "We'll get you when the
grubs ready."

"That sounds like a good idea," she agreed as she let them lead her to the
canvas tent.

Amber literally fell asleep as soon as her head hit the soft pillow. She
never would have believed that an ordinary wooden cot could feel so
comfortable. Shows you what eleven weeks in the bush will do to a person.


As Amber slept, she began dreaming. The first real dream she's had since she
came on this stupid game. This was a dream of the thing she was missing the
most lately. Fucking! She dreamt of fucking movie stars after her stint on
Survivor. Of fucking with the most studly sports figures in the world, and
all thanks to Survivor.

As her dream carried her into ecstasy, her pussy moistened with her juices,
leaving a dark wet spot on her jeans. She would shift her legs in arousal,
which rubbed her pussylips together. Which in turn seeped even more fluids at
her crotch.


Forty minutes after putting the young woman to bed, Jimmy returned to let her
know that her food was ready. What he found got his cock jerking in the tight
confines of his tight fitting jeans.

There, before his eyes, was this beautiful young woman twitching her legs
from side to side. One of her hands slipped inside the waistband and she was
obviously rubbing herself. Looking back for any sign of his comrades, Jimmy
pulled down the fly of his pants and pulled out his blood-engorged cock. And
while watching Amber rub herself, he began stroking his eight incher in his

Jerry was wondering what was taking the young cowboy so long so he walked
over to the tent to check on them. He grinned widely as he saw what was going
on. Seeing Jimmy stroking himself gave him the idea to join in. So he too
pulled out his already hard cock and began stroking all ten inches as they
both watched Amber's lewd behavior.

After another five minutes, Glenn and George had joined them. Without knowing
about it, Amber was the focus to four of the five cowboys as they watched her
hand disappear in her jeans. All that she knew was the dream that she was
living through, and her rubbing herself only helped amplify that dream.

"Hey! What are ya boys waiting for," Billy called out. "Bring on down the
sheila so she can get..." he stopped in mid-sentence as he saw what his mates
were staring at.

But his outburst also had the adverse effect of awakening the slumbering
woman. When her eyes opened sharply, she was faced with four hard cocks being
stroked only a foot away from her prone body.

"Oh shit!" She yelled out. "Wha... what are you doing? Get out of here!"

"Now, now missy," Jerry tried to calm her down.

"Get out I said!" Amber screamed. "Or... or I'll report you to the police."

Looking at each other for a moment, they seemed to come to a mutual silent
decision. They all rushed Amber and held her down as she struggled against
their overwhelming weight.

"Get off of me you fucking bastards!" She yelled.

"Relax gurl," Glenn said. "Nobody can hear ya out here."

"Leave me alone!" She continued yelling and struggling.

Billy moved in and squeezed one of her tits hard.

"Will you shut the fuck up!" He said sternly.

"Oooh!" Amber groaned in pain.

"That's better," Billy said. "Now listen here. We can do this hard or easy.
Its up to you, sheila."

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she nodded that she would behave. So,
one by one they pulled away from her.

Now that things had settled a bit, Amber got a closer look at the five
cowboys. Despite her sudden outrage at them masturbating over her, she was
rather impressed with their cocks. Jimmy was the smallest at eight inches,
while George's was a respectable nine inches. Glenn's cock was at least ten
inches, if not more. But what really caught her attention was the aborigine
Jerry. His cock stretched out at a good fourteen inches.

'Oh god!' Her thoughts betraying her. 'I've never tried anything that big

The five men gathered in a huddle to try to think about what they should do
about this situation. Having been caught with their dicks hanging, they
didn't even bother trying to stuff them back in their tight pants.

"Well, we can't just let her go back," Jimmy whispered. "She'll blab and
we'll be in deep shit."

"The boy is right bossman," Jerry agreed.

"So what are ya saying," Billy asked. "Ya want to kill her."

"Naw!" Glenn interjected. "We just got to get something on her to keep her

His four friends looked at Glenn for more detail as to his thoughts.

"We just do the sheila and make sure we have proof to hold over her head,"
Glenn grinned.

"Think it would work?" Jimmy asked, looking over to Billy.

"Worth a shot," Billy said, feeling his cock twitch in his pants.


When the men turned back to face her, Amber didn't like the look in their
eyes. And when she saw them approach her she backed up on the cot until her
back hit a tent post. Her whole body shivered in fear as to what might happen

"Wh... what... why are you looking at me like... like that?" She asked, her
voice shaking.

"Well missy," Glenn spoke out. "We don't want no trouble, so we're just going
to get a bit of insurance from ya."

"Wha... what kind of insurance?" Amber asked.

Jimmy had gone into his pack and pulled out a digital camera. Amber noticed
it and her fear grew.

"We want ya to take your clothes off for us," Jimmy told her.

"Why?" Amber asked.

"We're gonna take some pictures of ya sheila," Jerry said. "And if ya report
us for what happened earlier, we'll make sure yur whole country gets to see
the real you."

"You... you wouldn't," Amber was stunned.

"Only if ya cause us trouble," Billy shot back. "Sure, my boys weren't very
decent earlier. But I have to protect them. You can understand that."

"And all you want... is nude pics of me?" She needed reassurance.

"Honest to god," Glenn said with a grin.

"O... okay," Amber finally agreed seeing their point of view. "What do you
want me to do?"

"Why don't ya stand up to the light over there," George said, pointing at the
tent lamp.

Amber cautiously got to her feet and walked to the center of the tent. All
the while Jimmy was snapping shots of her ass swaying as she moved.

Once in position, Amber turned around and faced her tormentors.

"What now?" She asked.

"Why don't ya do a slow dance for us sweetie," Billy suggested as he hit the
play button on the tape recorder.

As music flooded the tent, Amber began swaying her hips from side to side
timidly. But as each second passed she felt more at ease and began using her
hands over her hips and slim waist.

"Don't forget them nubs of yurs," Glenn said, referring to her tits.

She reluctantly followed his instructions and cupped her breast with her
hands seductively, all the while maintaining her dancing. Strangely, she
could feel herself get more and more excited as she performed for them.

"Go gurl," George cheered.

"Weeeha!" Jimmy threw in as he continued snapping pictures.

Amber just smile shyly at their approving cheers. She was always gratified
when she heard catcalls as she walked by men, but this was a completely new
experience to her and that excited her all the more.

"Now, let's see what ya got hiding under that shirt of yours," Billy said.
"Pull it up and give us a look see."

"Yeah! Pull it off!" His four mates cheered. "Take it off! Take it off! Take
it off!"

Under the bright lighting of the lamp, they could see her cheeks blush
fiercely at their demand that she go topless for them. Loud whistles erupted
as they watched her hands reach down and grasp the edge of her damp T-shirt.

Slowly, teasingly, Amber pulled the shirt up along her shivering body. Her
eyes could only stare blankly as they stroked their impressive cocks during
her lurid dancing. When the lower portion of her breast made their
appearance, she watched mesmerized as they stroked themselves even harder.
All the while, she could hear young Jimmy clicking away with his camera.

For some strange reason that she couldn't fathom, this got her even more
excited. The men could see that for themselves as they watched the nubs of
her nipples stiffen before their leering eyes, their hands stroking their
stiffening shafts in appreciation.

Amber couldn't understand why she wasn't trying to bolt out of the tent. She
couldn't figure out why her body was responding so wantonly to these men's
leering gaze. She was embarrassed at how her nipples were stiffening because
of her stripping performance.

"Spread yur legs sheila," Billy instructed her.

Reluctantly, Amber moved her feet wider apart, feeling her pussylips pull
open tantalizingly. The cowboys could even make out her clit stiffening with
each passing moment.

As she continued gyrating for these lewd men, she was suddenly overwhelmed
by a sense of pleasure from their catcalls and whistles. With half-closed
eyelids, she looked upon them and saw the lust in their eyes as they
continued stroking their hardening shafts.

"Fuck sheila, ya got a fine body," Glenn croaked.

"Yeah, rub yourself," she heard Jimmy say as he continued snapping photos of
her lewd performance.

Knowing that she was in no position to refuse, Amber lowered her palm to her
crotch and began rubbing her vagina with her fingers. As her excitement
continued to mount, she lost all sense of appropriate behavior. Without any
conscious thought of doing so, she shoved her finger in her moistening

The five cowboys hooted and howled in cheer as they watched her finger-fuck
herself for them. First, with one finger, but soon she couldn't help but add
a second and then a third. She would simply close her eyes and imagine
herself back in her bathroom masturbating in front of the full-length mirror.
She would dig in and thug on her pussy in the hopes of experiencing a
powerful orgasm.

With each of her finger-fuck thrust, the men would step closer and closer to
her. And she had no way of knowing their encroaching presence as long as she
kept her eyes tightly shut. But for the moment Amber was concentrating
exclusively on orgasming on her finger-work.

"Wha...?" She exclaimed in surprise when one of the men guided her hand to
his cock.

Amber instinctively wrapped her fingers on the shaft and began pumping
Glenn's cock.

Seeing her willingness to do that only served to encourage the others to get
closer still. Then Jerry guided her hand out of her pussy and onto his own
raging hardon.

Soon, Billy and George were taking up where she had left off. Amber's knees
buckled as she felt their fingers digging into her wet vagina. The only thing
she could do was stand there, as best as she could, and submit to their

Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked down at what was really going on.
Seeing those two hard cocks in her hands, she squeezed them experimentally,
sensing the built up lust of months of no female companionship. Then her eyes
wandered lower to Billy and George's fingers finger-fucking her wet pussy.

When she looked up again, she found herself staring blankly at Jimmy's camera
eye still snapping away at her degradation. When she looked downwards, she
saw his hard cock just hanging out of his pants. With his hands too busy
taking the pictures, Jimmy was left unattended. Amber almost felt sorry for
the youngest of the men.

"I see ya takin' a fancy at Jimmy boy here," Billy said, noticing her stare.
"Why don't ya help out the lad."

With that they moved closer to Jimmy. When they were within a few feet of the
young photographer, Billy placed his callused hand at Amber's back and pushed
her downward until she was bent over at the waist.

In this new position, her face was only a few inches from Jimmy's twitching
cock. All the while, the other men continued finger-fucking her pussy, or
urging her to continue with her handjobs.

"Go on," Glenn added. "Give him a helping... head."

They all broke out laughing at his pun.

Amber knew just as well as they what Glenn was suggesting. And seeing that
there was nothing she could do to prevent this from degenerating she opened
her mouth hesitantly and they shoved her forward. Before she knew it, Jimmy's
cockhead had slipped past her lips and her tongue instinctively began
swirling around it.

Though she didn't enjoy what was happening to her this night, Amber did love
sucking cocks. So she put all of her expertise behind this and proceeded to
give Jimmy the best blowjob he had ever had.

"Here," Jimmy called out, tossing the camera over to Billy. "I think you
better take over for a while."

His four companions watched admiringly as she quickly managed to take all of
his eight inches down her throat. Quickly they each came to the same
decision. They each wanted a shot at this talented bitch. And in anticipation
of further action with Amber, they suddenly pulled their cocks away from her
hands so that they would remain hard and ready once she was done with Jimmy.

Amber was disturbed when all those cocks disappeared from her grasp. The men
watched amused as her hands flailed empty air in search for some hard cock to
jerk off. Amber wasn't even consciously aware that she was acting in such a
depraved manner.

All the while, she never relinquished her sucking of Jimmy's hard cock. She
was desperately trying to get to that succulent cum that was sure to come
spurting out of him. Finally realizing that none of the cocks would return to
her hands, she decided to put them to better use. She began tickling and
squeezing Jimmy's balls to get the job done faster.

As they watched her sucking hungrily on Jimmy's cock, Glenn lost patience.
Moving behind her bent over body, he gingerly aimed his ten incher at her
moist cunt. Then, grasping her slender hips in his rough hands, he pulled her
buttocks back against him, his cock running across her already aroused

As soon as she felt the warm presence of a cock against her pussy, Amber
began shaking her ass in excitement, never once releasing the cock she was
sucking on.

Either she gave up resisting them, or she finally lost control of her own
lustful needs. We might never know.

"Sheeeeit!" Billy groaned, as they watched they comrade trying to fuck the
young beauty.

This was the final straw for the remaining three. In a sudden rush, they
began tugging at her from all directions. Amber could feel hands rubbing and
pinching her tits and clit as she continued sucking Jimmy, and Glenn's hard
cock kept probing for her pussy entrance.

"Mmmmmh! Mmmmmh!" They could hear her moan around the cock stuffing her

"Giv' it to her Glenn," she heard the aborigine Jerry say.

With that, Glenn reached down and aimed his large cockhead with his hand. As
soon as he felt her pussylips wrap snuggly around his shaft he gave a mighty
shove and buried six hard inches into her. Then he began humping his ass back
and forth, driving more and more of his cock into her.

"Guuurggleee!" Amber groaned around Jimmy's cock from the new phallic

As Jimmy and Glenn were getting their cocks serviced, the two aborigines got
down on their knees and ducked under Amber's chest. Then she felt their thick
lips suck on her hanging tits, trying to suckle on them like calves to a cow.

Billy grinned as he watched the previously reluctant woman caress his two
dark skinned wranglers as they sucked on her tits. He remained complacent as
Amber continued sucking Jimmy's cock and Glenn buried his ten incher into her
wanton pussy. He grinned widely as he observed the girl undulate her ass to
meet the man's thrusting hips.

"Always knew you yanks were sluts," he said as he stroked his own cock.

"Yah Billy," Jimmy agreed. "And this one sure knows how to suck."

"You wouldn't believe how tight she is boss," Glenn let it be known.

Jerry and George were too engrossed on sucking Amber's now hard nipples to
bother replying. They were almost trying to milk her as they would any cow.
Amber was finding it hard to stay steady under all of this lustful abuse. Her
knees were shaking and her tits wiggled with each thrust of Jimmy or Glenn's

"Well you two better hurry it up," Billy told the two men lucky to have their
cocks buried in the girl first. "We want a shot at her too. And we only got
her for one night, remember."

"Sure thing bossman," Glenn complied, increasing his thrusting.

They watched the out of control girl as she reached under and began rubbing
her clit. Amber wanted to cum so desperately, she didn't care if the men
fucked her. She no longer cared that they were raping her. All she wanted now
was to climax.

"Fuck! I'm cumming guys!" Jimmy announced. "I'm cumming! CUMMING!
CUMMMMMMING! Oh yeah!" He finally groaned. "Go for it girl! Drink down all my

Amber swallowed as fast as she could. Jimmy's first spurt of jism had caught
her by surprise, causing her to gag momentarily. But then she recuperated and
began drinking down his salty sperm.

"Right with ya boy!" Glenn said moments later. "I'm gonna fill this filly
until she burst."

Suddenly Amber felt her cunt receiving the cummy spray from the large man in
her cunt. She could feel the powerful jet of his jism hitting her vaginal
walls as they got coated with his sperm. For the next few moments the two men
just hung there as their balls emptied their load into her.

"You two, get up," Billy said, tapping his two aborigine cowhands.

Jerry and George got up from under Amber's bent over body and stood next to
Billy awaiting what would happen next. The three men just stood back and
waited patiently while Amber finished with them. They watched her and were
amused by the fact that she looked like a pig roasting over a fire.

"Oh yeah!" Jimmy and Glenn groaned as they emptied their balls in Amber's

For her part, Amber sucked as hard as she could to catch all of Jimmy's spunk
while undulating her body to fuck back against Glenn's thrusting hips.

"Mmmmm! Glugg!" Amber moaned and groaned as she herself orgasmed.

The three remaining men could see the mixture of Glenn's jism and Amber's cum
streaking down her naked calf as the threesome finished their humping. They
each gave their own cocks a few strokes to keep them stiff and ready for
their turn at the slim brunette.

Finally Jimmy pulled his cock away from Amber's sucking lips, smearing her
cheeks with one final blast of jism. The three watching grinned as they saw
her lick her face clean with her tongue, obviously not wanting to waste any
of the lad's jism.

"Cough! Cough! Gasp!" She choked as she tried to catch her breath.

Next, Glenn pulled out of her tight pussy with a mild popping sound as his
ten-inch cock slipped out. Amber's cunt pulsed in excitement, forcing some of
his cum to ooze out of her slit and down her legs.

"Okay Jerry," Billy gave instructions. "Get down on your back."

"Shure bossman," the large aborigine replied.

Billy tossed the camera back to Jimmy so he could resume recording these
events for security.

Jerry lumbered next to the exhausted young woman and lay on the ground, his
cock flagpoling in its full majesty. Amber saw that large phallus and looked
up pleadingly at Billy.

"Please, I can't," she begged. "I can't take something that big. It'll tear
me up."

"Nonsense sugah," Billy told her. "Jerry here's broken many a filly."

With a nod from Billy, Glenn and George picked up her light body effortlessly
and carried the struggling Amber over Jerry's prone body. Next, they lowered
her and she braced herself for what was to come.

Jerry used his huge hands to aim his cock to the tight slit that was
descending towards it. As his comrades lowered her, he used his other hand to
poke in her pussy to stretch her in preparation for his penetration.

The rough texture of his callused fingers at her pussy only served to excite
Amber further. She was ashamed at how depraved she was acting. How her own
morality seemed to fade at her being gang raped like this.

"Please," Amber gave another hopeless plea. "Please don't do this. I'v...
I've done all you asked. Why won't you just leave me alone?"

"But honey," Billy lifted her chin so she would look up at him. "You have to
be fair about this. After all, ya only done two of us."

With tears streaking down her cheeks, she felt Jerry's fourteen-incher at
her cuntal entrance. And with his two friends lowering her, she was in no
position to stop this. With her legs cradled in the two cowboys arms, all she
could do was wiggle helplessly to her impending fate.

Then, in a sudden and unannounced move, they released her and she sank
halfway down Jerry's vertical shaft.

"Arrrrggggghhhh!" Amber screamed at the impaling shaft.

As soon as her feet hit the ground, she tried lifting herself off the huge
cock but was held down by the strong hands of the other men. Giving her a
moment to adjust, they began pushing her down further on the dark skinned
aborigine. They wanted to see his monster cock disappear in her tiny tunnel,
no matter how much she cried out in pain.

"God! Let me go! Please!" She begged. "He... he's too big. It hurts... it
hurts too much, just let me go. Please!"

"Naw!" Billy said. "Just relax girly. Ya almost got all of him. Only a few
more inches ta go."

Amber couldn't believe what Billy was telling could be true. Could her cunt
have actually taken most of this giant's cock already. It was like over a
foot long, how could she have taken all of that hard shaft? How could any
woman ever manage such a thing?

With one final push down from the other men, her clit made contact with
Jerry's bristly crotch hair and she knew that she had in fact taken all
fourteen inches. The sheer thought of it made her mind reel dizzily and she
almost passed out.

Then she felt a callused hand at her back pushing her down she that she lay
on top of Jerry's washboard stomach.

"Here, suck on this," Billy said as he slapped his own ten-incher across her

Amber obediently parted her lips and he shoved in a few inches, wanting to
give her a chance to get used to him. Then looking across her, he signaled
George to go for Amber's upturned ass.

Amber felt the probing finger of one of the men at her ass and knew that they
intended to rub her anal passage. She would have tried wiggling away from
that intrusion, but with Jerry's impaling shaft, it was like being nailed in
place. She felt like a butterfly pinned for display.

A moment later, the finger at her ass went away, only to be replaced by
something much thicker and stiffer. That's when she realized that they
intended to fuck her in the ass. She didn't want any part of that. She had
never let any man fuck her there before and knew that she would regret if it
happened this time, this way.

"Don... Ungh!" She grunted as George began shoving his thick cock in her
virgin ass.

"Okay boys!" Billy shouted. "Let's do her!"

"Yeeeehaaa!" George and Jerry cheered as the three men began humping in the
helpless girl.

"Unngghh!" Amber could only grunt past Billy's mouth stuffing cock as the two
aborigines began humping their cocks in her cunt and ass in unison.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she was forced to take on all three cocks
together. With only the first few inches of George's cock in her ass, she
could already feel both shafts as they rubbed against each other through the
thin membrane separating both orifices. She had never done anything like this
before and swore that she would report these men the first chance she got.

Meanwhile, all that she could do was endure their rape till their were done.

Jimmy was busily snapping away with his camera, capturing Amber's sexual
escapade as leverage to keep her quiet. He would move around to her upturned
ass and get a clear shot of her double penetration by his dark-skinned
comrades, making sure that their darker tone contrasted with her white
asscheeks. All the while, Glenn and his own cock were quickly reviving from
her gangbang performance.

From beneath, Jerry began munching on her button hard nipples, and Jimmy got
some shots of that as well.

'God! Oh god!' Amber was thinking as she felt another orgasm nearing. 'How
perverted am I to let this happen? I must be so depraved to let myself enjoy
this so much.'

The three men buried in her holes felt her body shudder as she came yet once
again, and wide grins spread on each of their faces as they continued
pummeling her with their cocks.

Jimmy and Glenn, each sporting new hard-ons, stepped forward and guided
Amber's hands to their cocks and wrapped her fingers around them. They then
gave a few strokes, and within seconds Amber took over giving them handjobs
as the other three continued fucking her holes.

If it wasn't for the fact that she was laying across Jerry's muscular
stomach, she would have had no way of supporting herself. So there she lay
taking on five cocks at the same time, when just a few hours before she would
have been hard pressed to involve two men to lay with her.

'Oh god!' She thought. 'I must be such a slut to be doing this.'

And even as she thought it, she sucked energetically on Billy's cock, urging
him to empty his ball down her throat.

With all that was going on, she didn't even notice that Jerry and George had
both managed to bury their cock completely in her cunt and ass.


She winced as Glenn and Jimmy struck her upturned asscheeks hard with their
hands. Their first blow was already discoloring her white skin to a deep tan.


They struck yet again, causing her to surge forward to escape, and in doing
so, she unintentionally took Billy deepthroat fashion. This was another first
for the young woman.

From below, Jerry nibbled on her hard buttons alternately, while never
missing a stroke of his cock in her pussy.

"Fucking shit boys!" Billy groaned. "I'm gonna blow soon."

"Hold off bossman," George added. "Almost there myself."

"Me three," Jerry said from beneath.

Jimmy couldn't believe the luck. He had a good shot at capturing simultaneous
climaxes on film. He took careful aim through the viewfinder and started
clicking like a madman.

"Cumming! Cumming!" The three men started chanting together. "Cumming!

Amber shook violently as she felt all three cocks spray into her holes,
triggering yet another involuntary orgasm in herself. She had to swallow as
fast as she could on Billy's in order to take in some air between spurts. As
for the two aborigines, their jism seemed to scald her innards as they filled
her holes.

As the foursome came together, Amber suddenly felt warm spurts striking
either side of her face as Glenn and Jimmy shot their second load. She took a
quick glance to what was splashing on her, only to be struck in the eye with
their jism. The sting of the salty cum made her close her eyes tightly as she
tried to finish this revolting gangbang blind.

After what seemed an eternity, Billy finally pulled his cock out of her
sucking mouth, cum dripping past her lips, which Jimmy took pictures of. He
then passed the camera to Billy and pushed his still spurting cock to her
lips, at which Amber opened willingly to finish his second climax.

Not wanting to be left out, Glenn slapped her cheek with his cock on the
other side of her face, and Amber opened her mouth wider. Billy was taking
picture after picture as Amber somehow managed to accommodate two cocks in
her sucking mouth.

"Fucking shit boys," Billy moaned. "This yank is a real slut. Better than any
whore I ever got you at the taverns."

"Fucking A, bossman," all four chorused.

Amber was getting too tired to care anymore. This gang rape must have been
going on for at least ten hours, or so it felt to her. How much longer would
they continue with this, she had no way of knowing. Luckily for her, they
were also near exhaustion.

"Fuck! I'm done bossman," Jerry groaned from under the clutter of girl and

"Me too, man," George added as he slowly pulled out of her clenching asshole.

"Yeah, I think she sucked me dry, man," Jimmy threw in.

As the men pulled their semi-hard cocks from her various holes, their cum
gurgled out of the vacated orifices to run down her skin. Amber simply
slumped to her side and passed out from exhaustion.

Billy quickly moved around her and snapped shots of their jism leaking out
of her, making sure to catch her face whenever he could. He would tweak her
nipples to make them stiffer for some shots, or spread her thighs apart for a
clear shot of her gaping pussyhole filled with cum. Already, they could see
their cum coagulating on her skin as she breathed steadily in slumber.

"Well boys," Billy said with satisfaction. "I don't think we'll have to worry
about this sheila squealing on us now," he told them as he patted the camera
with all the incriminating pictures of Amber's depravity.


Amber awoke the next morning, sore from the sexual abuse she had endured the
night before. She looked down her naked body and saw the amount of crusted
jism that covered her bare skin. This only helped to remind her of the things
that happened to her the previous day and she wept in her palms.

After her endless night of rape, Amber was told to get cleaned up and ready
for the ride back to the Survivor campsite.

"Remember sheila," Billy told her. "We got them pictures of ya, so don't go
talkin' to no one about what went on here, or else."

"You think those shots of me will be enough to keep me quiet," she said
defiantly. "AH!"

Too late, Amber realized the foolishness of her sudden bravado. She saw
Billy's brow frown in disappointment that she was still going to report them
to the authorities.

"George," he turned his head and called for one of the aborigine cowboys. "Go
get Jake."

Amber watched as the dark-skinned wrangler scurried out of the tent.

'Who the hell is Jake?' She asked herself.

Then her eyes bulged as George returned with one of the pack mules. Taken by
panic, she turned and bolted for the back flap of the tent. She didn't care
if she was naked or not, she wouldn't let them do something so vile to her.

As she ran past Jerry, she felt his strong hands grabbing hold of her mane
and pulled her back sharply, causing her to fall heavily on her back.

"Oufff!" She grunted as her breath was knocked out of her.

"Why don't ya just relax sheila?" Glenn said as he placed his foot on her
bare tits.

"Yeah!" Jimmy chimed in. "If'n them pictures of ya doin' us won't keep you
quiet. I bet you doin' Jake will."

The five men laughed and guffawed as they pulled her back to the center of
the tent enclosure.

"Oh god! Please, don't. You can't," she pleaded to them. "I... I won't tell
anybody. I swear."

"We heard that from ya before gurl," Billy said, squeezing her cheeks to get
her attention. "This time, we'll make sure we have something to keep ya

With those words, Glenn and Jerry grabbed her wrist and lifted the helpless
Amber to her knees next to the bristle-haired donkey. She struggled
desperately to pull as far away from the beast, but the men were just too
strong for her.

"Let Jake sniff her snatch," Jimmy said excitedly. "Let me get a shot of his
snout at her fucking slit guys."

They smiled at their young friend and dragged the screaming girl to the front
of the burro. At the same time, George held the mule by its leash.

As soon as they moved Amber towards the mule's head, Jimmy began snapping
away, getting close-ups of her face and pussy as the bestial contact neared.

"Yo... you can't do this!" Amber screamed. "It's not... it's not right. It's
immoral. I... I won't do it!"

"Oh sush, sweetheart," Billy told her. "Lots of whores do this for the money.
And they don't seem to mind."

Amber couldn't believe her ears. The idea that women would have any kind of
sexual contact with an animal was a repulsive thought to her, and she
couldn't believe that any sane woman would ever do such a thing as this was
unfathomable to her.

She kept struggling against the steel grip of her captors as she neared her
bestial fate. Already she could feel the warm breath of the mule over her
naked skin and she closed her eyes in shame.

Finally, the two men got her standing before the burro's face and held her
arms in their callused hands. Amber could only stand there, her arms held in
crucifix fashion, waiting to be sacrificed to an animal.

'Ohgodohgodohgod!' Amber thought feverishly as she kept her eyes closed.

"Have her look at Jake," Jimmy said.

"Ya heard him missy," Billy told her. "Take a look at yur new luver."

They all guffawed at that, Billy grasping her chin and lifting her head to
Jake's furry face.

"I said... LOOK AT HIM!"" He growled menacingly.

Amber flickered her eyes opened out of fear as she felt a blast of the
donkey's hot breath. She stared blankly ahead of her, not really seeing
anything clearly.

"Okay, okay," Jimmy said gleefully. "Now get Jake to lick her bush."

George pulled down on the mule's leash, guiding him between Amber's quivering
legs. All she could do was stare as she tried to break free from his two
companions. Suddenly, she felt the hot bestial breath snort at her crotch.

"Ooooh!" Amber moaned, her knees buckling.

"Shit Billy," Jimmy grunted. "I think the sheila likes it."

"Ya know what mate, I think you might be right," the bossman agreed, looking
at Amber's face. "Ya like the mule miss?"

"N... no. no I don't," Amber resumed her struggling. "Just take him away.
I... I won't tell. I promise."

"We heard that one before," George threw in. "Haven't we mates?"

"Yeah!" Amber heard them respond in chorus.

"George, tie Jake to the post and come give me a hand," Billy said.

Once the aborigine did as he was told, he joined Billy next to Amber. Then,
together, they grabbed hold her ankles and lifted her off the ground,

"Now Jake won't get any sass from the bitch," Billy grinned.

As the four men held her in the air, Jimmy kept snapping shots of her crotch
as they brought her closer to Jake's snout.

"Oh god! Please don't do this," Amber cried out. "I beg you. Donnnnnnn..."
she moaned in mid-sentence as the large mule's tongue lavished across her

Click! Click! Click!

Jimmy's camera was working overtime as he took new pictures in rapid
succession. When he could he'd get her face in the shots as well.

Amber could only squirm in their grasp as the thick bestial tongue rasped
across her over excited cunt. After all the fucking she had endured from
these men tonight, this was the final breaking point. Her body slumped in
submission as she submitted to the animal's lavished behavior.

She could feel herself nearing climax, but she was holding it back as best
she could. She couldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her cum at the
tongue of an animal.

Glenn lifted her head from behind, so Jimmy could get clear pictures of her
face. They knew that seeing her face in frame was their trump card over her,
so they needed to catch every moment of this.

"Oh! Oh! Ooooh!" Amber finally succumbed to her boby and orgasmed before them
by a donkey, and Jimmy had caught it all on film.

"Fan-fucking-tastic!" Jimmy exclaimed. "I got it all Billy. The sheila
actually blew on Jake's tongue and I got it all on film."

Amber wept as she heard them cheer her depravity. And still they held her
before the thirsty beast as it kept on licking her juices out of her cunt.

"Shit man!" Jimmy then caught their attention. "Check out Jake."

The four men followed Jimmy's stare to Jake's hindquarters and grinned as
they watched his penis sliding out of its sheath. With a simple nod from
Billy, they carried Amber's body to Jake's rear.

Amber was confused as to where they were taking her. She was only grateful
that they had taken her away from that torrid beast's tongue. She didn't
think that she could have held off much longer before cumming again on that
sandpapery tongue.

"Check out what's waiting for ya dahling," Glenn grinned.

Amber looked to her right and saw nothing threatening. She knew that the mule
was on her left and she hesitantly turned her head towards him. At first, all
she saw was its flank. Then her eyes followed down and caught a glimpse of
the animal's cock telescoping out at an incredible speed. Already it had
reached the impossible length of eighteen inches and was still growing.

"NOOOOOO!" She yelled, her adrenaline giving her a new surge of energy.

Her sudden surge of strength gave them a bit of trouble, causing them to
tighten their grip on her limbs. They leered as they watched her tits quiver
in her struggle.

"Settle down sheila," it was Billy's voice she heard. "We don' wanna hurt ya,
but we will if ya give us no choice."

As proof of his seriousness, Billy pinched her stiff nipples sharply making
her groan in pain.

"Do ya understand me, bitch?!?" He asked.

Amber just nodded in agreement and stopped her struggling. She just stared
blankly at the donkey's still growing prong. It just seemed to hang down,
then suddenly leap up as its arousal grew. It had already reached a length of
two feet and she just hoped that that was the end of it.

"Now we're gonna give ya a choice," he told her. "Ya can either pose with
Jake's dong here. Or we'll make ya fuck him."

Amber's eyes grew wide in horror at the thought of taking such a long cock up
her already abused cunt. But the alternative seemed just as revolting.

Billy waited patiently for her to come to a decision, but his impatience got
the better of him. He reached down and tweaked her tits hard again to get her
to give him an answer.

"Well sheila," he said. "What's it gonna be?"

"I... I'll pose," she whispered.

"Okay boys, let the sheila down," he told his mates.

Amber fell to the ground and got on her knees before them. She gave one last
pleading look at them, but saw that they were determined. She turned her eyes
towards the mule's underbelly and its stiffening cock. It had finally reached
its full length of thirty long hard inches, which terrorized her.

"Wh... what should I do?" She asked meekly.

"Touch it," Glenn said. "Reach up and grab his prong gurl."

"Yeah!" The others chorused.

Reluctantly, Amber lifted her hand and tentatively touched the animal's cock.
She immediately pulled it back, believing that its warmth was scalding her
fingertips. A quick glance at the men surrounding her and she returned her
hand to the penis.

"Give him a handjob," Jimmy said, as he snapped more pictures.

Slowly, she began running her hand along the length of the beast's long cock.
Its warmth was getting to her. Though she didn't think this was natural, she
could feel her juices churning in her pussy. With each stroke, she felt her
own arousal growing.

"Smile for the camera miss," Jimmy said.

She felt George's callused hand lifting her chin up so her face would be
clearly seen next to the donkey cock. And when she looked over at the
scowling face of Billy, she forced a smile on her lips, parting them slightly
to show her white teeth.

Jimmy quickly backed away so he could get the whole scene on film. Now, the
picture showed the donkey's rump with Amber kneeling next to him. Her hands
firmly grasping on its hard cock, and her face right next to it.

"Go to his cockhead missy," Jerry suggested.

Without offering any further resistance, Amber crawled up more to the front
of the animal so that she could now stare at its cocktip. The first thing
that she discovered was how different it was from a man's. It was a thick
head, as thick as the shaft itself, but flat. She also could see its
pisshole, which looked more like a drinking straw than a hole.

"Get closer to its head," Billy said.

She did as she was told and moved even closer to the flared head of the
animal cock. All the while, she never relented on the handjob she was giving
the beast.

Then she felt a hand at the back of her head, and it was pushing her even
closer to the large phallus.

"Lick it," she heard George's voice rasp. "And don't forget to look at the

Knowing that she was helpless to stop this, she slipped her tongue out and
ran it across a few inches of the donkey's shaft. She couldn't believe how
warm it felt, nor how tingly it tasted to her.

Jerry slapped her hard on the ass to remind her to smile for the camera
shots. She opened her eyes and stared suggestively at Jimmy and his camera.
All the while she licked the cock intently.

"Look at the sheila," Billy grinned. "She fuckin' loves it."

Suddenly, without any urging, Amber rubbed the large phallus across her
cheeks. Her eyes shut in ecstatic pleasure.

"Get that! Get that!" Glenn told Jimmy.

"I am! I am, mate," the youngster replied.

Amber didn't care about what these men might think of her now. The heat of
the cock and its stiffness was superseding her morale objections. All she
cared about was seeing the large cock shoot its cum. Her arousal was so
strong that she unconsciously slipped her free hand to her crotch and was
feverishly rubbing the nub of her clit.

Jimmy noticed this and pulled back to catch all of her lewd action in frame.
He took about ten full frame shots then returned to zooming in of the
donkey's cockhead and the girl's face. He got shots of her smiling at the
camera as she stroked the huge cock. And some as her mouth parted
tentatively, her tongue licking across her lips.

"Jeeeesus!" Billy groaned as she and his mates stared at the young woman's
unbridled behavior.

Not caring anymore, Amber's tongue slithered out and licked the mule's hard
cockshaft. She could faintly hear Jimmy's camera clicking away as she ran her
mouth along the length of the animal cock, all the while stroking it.

The five leering cowboys were stroking their cocks harder as they watched the
previously reluctant young woman lick a donkey cock before their eyes. They
watched as her tongue slithered round and round its flat cockhead. Their eyes
slitted as Amber tongue stiffened and she tried to push itself into Jake's

By now, Amber was losing complete control of herself. She was hungrily
licking the animal's cockshaft now and she didn't care. She rubbed it over
her breast, luxuriating on the feeling it gave her.

Billy moved next to the other three cowhands and whispered in their ears.
After listening to their boss, they all shook their heads in agreement.
Moving stealthily, they surrounded the kneeling girl and suddenly grabbed her
by her limbs.

"What?!?" Amber grunted in surprise as they pulled her away for the donkey's

"We came up with a better idea for ya, sheila," Billy told her as they held
her suspended in the air.

Amber had no idea what they were talking about. But after last night, she
couldn't see what more they could do to her.

"Here George," Billy began giving instructions. "Grab hold of her arm and leg
on this side."

The large aborigine did as he was told and easily held the young woman from
one side on his own. Billy then moved to the other side and relieved Jerry of
his task of holding on to her other leg.

"Now you go on the other side of Jake," Billy told Jerry, leaving Glenn and
Billy holding her other arm and leg.

Once on the other side, Billy gave a head signal to Glenn and George and all
three began moving Amber back towards the still aroused pack mule.

At first, Amber was confused as to why they had first pulled her away from
the donkey's cock, but now she suddenly realized what they had planned for


"What, and deprive Jake of his turn," Billy said laughing.

Once they were close enough, Billy and Glenn handed Amber's limbs to Jerry
waiting on the other side. She now hung suspended, and spread-eagled under
the bristly belly of the mule, her pussy only a few inches away from the
raging cock she had helped get hard.

"Get a shot of this Jimmy," Billy said.

But that was a wasted command, Jimmy was snapping away non-stop since this
all began. He moved to the mule's backside and got some great close-up shots
of Amber's pussylips near Jake's cockhead. The huge black shaft was in sharp
contrast to her ghost white skin.

"Maybe this'll teach ya not to threaten us again," Billy said as he nodded
his head to Glenn.

Glenn reached under Jake's belly, grasped the donkey's rock hard shaft and
began rubbing it up and down her cuntslit causing Amber to shiver in disgust.
But her disgust soon changed to lust as they watched her pussylips almost
appear to suck air trying to grasp the large beast's cockhead.

"Ohgodohgodohgod!" Amber mumbled in dreadful anticipation to what was about
to occur.

This brought out loud laughter from the five men surrounding her. The two
aborigines moved her cunt closer to the mule's raging hard-on as Glenn held
it steady at the mouth of her cunt.

"Okay boys," Billy sounded off. "Let's do her."

With those words, Jerry and George began swinging her body to and fro. At
each back swing, Amber felt the hard presence of the mule's cockhead poking
at her pussy. She still couldn't believe how her body kept betraying her
throughout this ordeal, but here it was doing so again. She could feel her
juices churning in sexual ecstasy each time her pussylips made contact with
this beast's large phallus.

All the while, Jimmy was quite content with simply preserving all of this on
film, his cock hanging semi-erect outside his pants. Just watching this was
reviving it without any physical assistance.

"Hold the sheila steady guys," Billy said.

The two dark-skinned cowboys stopped their swinging for a moment, holding
her hard against Jake's black cockhead. Billy reached under and pried her
pussylips apart as Glenn began shoving the over four inch wide cock inside of

"Oh fuck! Don... don't do this," Amber pleaded. "It... it's too much. You'll
nev... you'll never get all of that inside me. Please, I beg you. Stop!"

But despite her assurance that her pussy could never take anything that
thick, the two men finally did manage to stuff the first couple of inches
past her cuntlips.

"Okay guys, start it up again," Billy said.

With that, George and Jerry began swinging her again, though not so much as
to dislodge the donkey's cock from her cunt. With each swing back towards the
mule's cock, another inch would sink into her wanton hole.

"Ungh! Oh! Argh!" They heard her grunt with each swing onto the mule's cock.

Already six inches had found its way inside her cunt, with another two feet
remaining. Glenn stepped behind the pack animal and slapped it hard on its
rump. In response, Jake thrust another eight inches into Amber's abused cunt
in a powerful hump.

"AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" Amber screamed out in agonizing pain.

Now with over a foot of donkey cock buried in her twat, the two aborigines
began swinging her in and out harder. It was harder work now, as they had to
pull her along the length of Jake's cock for ten inches, and then almost made
a run as they slid his hard cock back in the wet sheath of her pussy. With
each swing, Amber somehow managed to take another inch of the mule's
monstrous cock into her.

Already the animal was reaching depths that no man had ever reached before.
To Amber, it felt as if it was pushing against her heart each time it was
shoved back into her. She was having a hard time breathing every time they
swung her onto the donkey's shaft.

"OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!" Amber was yelling out pleadingly.

So lost in the bestial act she was forced into, she barely noticed how raw
her tits were getting as they rubbed against the gruff hair of Jake's
underbelly. Her nipples were aching painfully, but she couldn't be bothered
with that. All of her attention was on her cunt. on how this abuse would
deform her forever.


Jimmy quickly changed position to catch Amber's clit as it exploded in
orgasm. He clicked away as her cum sprayed over the donkey's black cockshaft,
exciting the animal more.

The warmth of Amber's juices over its shaft got the beast over excited and it
began humping its ass, looking to bury more of his tool into this mare's
cunny hole.

Without warning, Jerry and George lost their grip on the girl and let her go.

"AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" Amber screamed an agonizing scream. She hung there,
suspended only by the sheer strength of Jake's raging hard-on. She was
impaled on the beast's shaft that showed no sign of being unable to hold up
her weight.

Billy signaled the four men and they quickly grabbed the hanging girl and
lifted her back up. Then great relief she felt at having her weight supported
caused Amber to pass out as the mule's cock kept working in her.

They all watched as Jake's rump thrust rhythmically into Amber's pussy. Each
time another few inches would find its way inside of her.

"Shit Billy, wish I had a vid cam instead," Jimmy said disappointingly. "Pics
just won't do justice to this."

"I know Jimmy," Billy agreed. "But they'll do just fine to keep the sheila in

They figured that the sheila must have at least nineteen inches of Jake's
cock in her by now, and still the beast wanted to bury more into her.

Amber's eyes rolled into her skull, as she was feeling faint, both from the
events that was overwhelming her and because of the lack of nourishment. She
hadn't eaten since she left the Survivor camp the previous day, and all of
this sexual activity was draining her of what strength she had left.

Billy didn't want her to pass out on this. He wanted her to know exactly what
she was experiencing. Grabbing a bucket of cold water, he threw it in her

Coughing and gagging, Amber's eyes fluttered open and she could feel the
animal's cock deep in her womb. Looking around, all she could see was the
furry underbelly of the jackass and the bare legs of the men surrounding her.

By now Jake had managed nearly a second foot of his shaft into her.

"Here, why don't you suck on this while Jake finishes his business," she
heard Glenn's voice on the right.

Turning her head, she was greeted with his hard cock slapping her lips.
Instinctively, she parted her lips and allowed him to stuff his cock in her
mouth. She began sucking on it energetically, forgetting all about the fact
that she was still in the middle of the vilest rape she had ever heard off.

"Don't forget this one honey," she heard Billy's voice from the left side of
the mule.

Looking over, she saw that he too was offering her his hard cock. Not knowing
what to do, she began alternating between both as the donkey kept humping her
pussyhole with its gigantic cock. Then she noticed Jerry's and George's black
cocks next to the two men she was busily sucking on. So she added them to her
sucking rotation, giving each cock a few strokes in her mouth before moving
on to the next one.

Jimmy was getting all of this on film. If the first few hours of Amber's
ordeal looked like she was being raped, which she was, these last few moments
showed her acting in total depravity of her own volition. But he couldn't
make up his mind about what to shoot. He kept shifting between taking
pictures of the mule's cock in her cunt, wanting to snap pictures as Amber's
stomach bulged with each of the animal's in-strokes. Or take pictures of her
face as she alternately sucked on his four cohorts hard cocks.

He finally decided on concentrating on her face for the purpose of blackmail
that they were intended, but he still managed to gratify himself at watching
the donkey fucking her pussy.

"Ungh! Mmmmmh! Ungh!" Amber would groan and moan as the large equine phallus
continued to ravage her cunt.

She lay helplessly beneath the braying animal, cradled in the arms of the two
strong aborigine cowboys. Her legs dangling weakly at the knees as the animal
kept thrusting himself into her. All the while, she kept moving from one
man's cock to another, urging them to cum.

"I'm about ready to blow Billy," Glenn grunted.

"Me too bossman," the two blackmen announced in unison.

"Okay boys," Billy said. "Let's spray the sheila.

Stepping back out of reach of the girl's sucking mouth, they began pumping
their hands on their meat intending to shower Amber with their jism. Within
moments, they began shooting their milky white spunk over her face.

With her arms still being held, Amber could do nothing but take the sperm
shower from them. Imagine her personal shame when she opened her mouth to try
and capture their jism as it flew in her direction.

While all of this was going on Jake was still busily humping this new mare,
intending to impregnate it. of course the dumb mule couldn't comprehend that
no pregnancy would be possible with a human female.

Jimmy was busy himself, snapping away as cum came flying at Amber's face
from four directions. He had already gone through five cartridges worth of
pictures from this slutty yankee sheila, and he couldn't wait to see how
they came out later.

Suddenly, Jake's head reared up and the large animal began braying loudly.
Instantly, the five men and Amber knew what that meant. The donkey was
cumming inside her overstuffed pussy.

Jimmy quickly got down to his knees to capture this on film too. He zoomed
in on Amber's cock-stuffed pussy and watched. He could actually see the
cockshaft pulse as the first stream of semen rushed through it.

"AAAIIIIIEEEE!" Amber screamed in the most powerful orgasm she had ever

Billy and Glenn had to jump in to help Jerry and George hold her as she
trashed in ecstasy in their grasp, their cum still dripping off her sperm
drenched face.

Jimmy kept snapping away, paying particular attention to Amber's stomach as
it began bloating noticeably from the donkey's jism flooding her womb. He
reached over tentatively and made contact with her blood engorged clit.

"AARRRRGGGHHHH!" Amber screamed again, as the slightest contact to her over
excited clit triggered another orgasm.

Jimmy took great pictures of her groin as her clit sprayed Jake's still
climaxing cock with her warm love juices.

Then without any warning, Jake's cum began squirting past the tight fit of
Amber's pussylips. So strong was the pressure building up in her the backflow
of donkey jism was reaching the mule's balls almost a foot back.

Glenn reached under and cupped his hand under Amber's leaking pussy and
caught a handful of donkey jism. He then moved to Amber's face and offered it
to her.

Not realizing what she was about to drink, Amber's tongue snuck out and began
lapping hungrily at the salty spunk.

Jimmy had followed Glenn's hand intently with his camera, making sure to keep
the flow of pictures to tell the tale.

As soon as Billy saw what Glenn was up to, he moved to her pussy in
preparation to follow suit. They would form a fireline of donkey cum for
Amber to drink up.

As soon as she had cleaned up the jism in Glenn's hand, she would turn her
head and do the same with Billy. Back and forth, this went on as the large
donkey continued emptying his balls in her cunt. And still she had no idea
what she was actually swallowing.

"Mmmmmmmmh! Mmmmmmmmh!" She kept on moaning, relishing in the taste of cum.
"That's good. More. More! Give me more!"

The five men laughed out loud at hearing demanding more of their mule's jism,
which they were only too happy to oblige. For the next ten minutes, they kept
feeding her the cum pouring out of her own pussy.

"I think Jake's about ready to pull out bossman," George warned.

Sure enough, the large mule began backing away from the tangle of humans.
Jimmy was snapping away as inch by inch its cock pulled out of Amber's
clenching pussylips, causing them to be turned inside out.

But what he really want to capture on film was the torrent of jism that was
sure to pour out of her when the donkey cock finally popped free. And he felt
sure that it wouldn't be much longer now.

"Ooooooh!" Amber moaned in relief. "Thank you god! Thank you."

She could feel her cunt relaxing as the constant pressure of Jake's cock was
finally leaving. As the thick shaft pulled steadily out of her, it rubbed
incessantly against her over-excited clit, triggering more orgasms before
finally pulling out.

"Here it comes boys!" Jimmy announced.

All five watched as the mule's last inches pulled out of Amber's clenching
pussylips. Then in a sudden explosion, a huge gusher of donkey jism came
shooting out of her cunt.

"Aaaaaggggghhh!" Amber moaned in ecstasy as her womb emptied like a bloated

Jimmy captured every second of this final act as the cum didn't seem to want
to end.

The men watched as Amber's weakened hand slid down her waist towards her cum
drenched pussy. They grinned when they saw her begin dipping her fingers in
her cunt and finger-fuck herself to yet another orgasm. And then they cheered
as they observed her bring her donkey-cum drenched fingers back to her mouth
to eagerly lick them clean.

"Okay, put the sheila down, boys," Billy said.

They lowered her until she found herself lying on top of the huge puddle of
jism on the ground. The mixture of earth and juices making the most sexually
charged mud bath that Amber could have ever imagined. In her weakened state,
she couldn't even roll herself away from the gooey confection and just lay
there as she rubbed her pussy in wanton lust.

While just a few inches above her, Jake's shaft was softening even as she
looked up. Already, it had lost its tensile strength and was drooping down,
almost touching her heaving tits. The mixture of his cum and Amber's fluid
still dripping off its wide, flat tip.

"Ooh! Oh! Ooooh!" Amber moaned yet again in orgasm.

As she finally opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of the mule's
drooping cock. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she weakly
lifted herself with her elbows and stretched her neck upwards. Opening her
mouth as wide as she could, she gulped down Jake's cock and began sucking
again. Trying to suck out any remaining stream of sperm that might be stuck
within the animal's warm fleshy shaft.

She didn't care that Jimmy was still taking pictures of her. She didn't care
that she was doing this in front of these five men that had raped her through
the night. All she cared about was for the taste of cum, even if it came from
a filthy beast.

Looking at his watch, Billy slapped Jerry and Glenn on the shoulders.

"Better get the sheila cleaned up," he told them. "We gotta take her back

Following their boss' instructions, they dragged Amber from under the mule
despite her struggle to keep sucking its cock and threw her in the cold water
of the stream nearby.

"HEY! This damn water's freezing!" Amber yelled.

"Damn! Guess we'll have to move the camp now," Billy said, looking at the
large jism puddle in the middle of their tent.

This brought out a burst of laughter from his men, as they too noticed the
sexy mess the girl had left them.

Amber was busily trying to remove all traces of her experience from her body.
She had to dunk her head under the water a number of times to loosen the
dried semen knotting her long brown hair. But even that didn't seem to get it
all out.

She was still scrubbing her skin raw when George walked into the stream and
dragged her out, despite her protest that she wasn't done yet.

"Sorry missy," the large aborigine told her. "But the bossman says we gotta
get ya back."

Amber had to hope that nobody back at the Survivor camp would notice anything
until she had a chance to finish her bath.

As she was dragged back into their tent, Billy tossed her clothes to her and
told her to get dressed. This didn't take long as all she had brought with
her for this overnight trip was her cut-offs and the T-shirt. Once those were
slipped back on, she bent over to get her shoes on and she was all set to go.

"Remember sheila," Billy pulled her aside before she climbed up with Jerry
for the ride back. "One word and your pictures'll be on a dozen websites
before ya know it."

"I... I understand," she replied.

This time they heard the sincerity of her words. They knew that she wouldn't
betray them this time.

"Coul... could I ask you a favor?" Amber asked shakily.

"Sure," he said. "What do ya want?"

"Could you send me a set?" She asked, head lowered in shame. "Here's my
e-mail address."

The five husky men burst out laughing seeing at how the reluctant sheila
wanted a souvenir of her time with them and Jake.

"Sure, we can do that for ya," Billy grinned as he pushed her up onto Jerry's

The others all climbed on their horses and they began their trek back to the
Survivor camp area.

A few hours later they dropped her off about 200 yards from the campsite, as
agreed with, then rode back to their own camp and the herd of cattle.

Amber followed their directions and made her way through the bushes to rejoin
the other competitors of the game. As she made her way there, she began
worrying about her chances today. The reward was supposed to be a reward of
food, which she needed, and rest, which she needed, turned into a night of

The five cowboys had used and abused Amber throughout her stay with them.
Even through what should have been a hearty breakfast. So, instead of
returning to the competition replenished and rested, she came back even
weaker than when she left.


When Amber returned to the Survivors camp, she was devastated by the total
destruction that greeted her. Only moments after she left with the cowboys
the day before, a torrential downpour had transformed the dry creek bed into
a raging flashflood, which ran right through their campsite.

She was met by each of her remaining tribe members and they hugged and cried
in each other's arms. As they hugged each other in consolation, Elisabeth
could smell the scent of semen on her tribemate. She could also feel some
crusty cum residue on her skin that Amber had missed cleaning off.

She looked at her curiously, wondering what went on the night before while
Amber was away. Elisabeth thought for sure that she had noticed dried cum on
Amber's eyelids, but that couldn't be. Amber seemed such a clean-cut girl,
much like herself.

"What happened to you?" Elisabeth asked in a whisper.

"Not... nothing," Amber choked out nervously. "Wh... why do you ask?"

Before Elisabeth could go deeper into her inquiry, Amber started to help them
rebuild what was lost. But her experiences at the cowboys camp had totally
exhausted her.

Though it should have been a reward to go there, for Amber it had the
complete opposite effect. While she should have gotten her belly filled with
food, the cowboys had indulged themselves on her instead. The end result
being that in the twelve hours she was gone, she hadn't had a bite to eat at
all, leaving her weaker than when she had left with them. The only protein
that she had gotten during her stay was eating their cum, and Jake's.

Her weakened condition didn't help her when it came to the next immunity
challenge, which she desperately needed to survive.

Elisabeth Filarski and Tina Wesson, the last remaining girls in the game,
couldn't understand why Amber was so lazy after a night of rest at the
cowboys camp. Her laziness at helping the tribe rebuild their destroyed camp
was likely the prime reason she was voted off at Tribal Council that night.

She only gave a moment's thought to complain to Jeff about her treatment at
the cowboys campsite. But then she remembered all the pictures they had taken
of her and the threat they had muttered about releasing those on the
internet. So Amber resigned herself to being kicked off the million dollar
game and hoped that those pictures never surfaced.

The End of Amber
But not the Game

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