Surface: Savannah Does Her Own Type Of Service (mf,inc)
by Jeff_Paw2001

Savannah looked at her brother as he did the community service work. She
felt so bad that she hadn't helped him when he had kept her secret about the
party. Savannah knew she had to do something and she got her friend to drive
her home. As she raced inside she went straight to her brother's room and
looked around and found his diary and read through the last couple of months.
Savannah started to cry as she realized how this little monster pet had meant
so much to him. But Savannah knew she wasn't that smart that she could do
anything about that for him. It was only the first line of his diary for the
year that she thought she could do something about.

Miles was wasted by the time he got home, besides school the hours he had to
do community service was taking an effort, it was only he research that was
keeping his mind together. He turned on his computer and then stepped into
the shower. He was in the shower when he heard the ding from his computer.
Finishing the shower he walked back into his room and notice a chat room

He looked at the message.

Hotcutie4u - Hello I like your picture on your profile, your kind of cute.

Miles was shocked but also curious because being 14 and not having a
girlfriend. Miles hit reply.

Miles14 - Hi, really you think so, do I know you?

Hotcutie4u - Yes I do, saw you today, and you do but we haven't chatted.

Miles14 - Do you have a picture I could see.

Hotcutie4u - I have a web cam but I can't show you my face, yet.

Miles14 - Cool, I would love to see you on cam. Do you want to see me?

Hotcutie4u - Yes, of course.

Miles hit the accept button for her web cam as he sent the invite to her.

Miles14 - Wow, you're hot. Your got a great tan and great body as he watched
this girl in a sexy two piece bikini.

Hotcutie4u - Thanks, so r u. Why are u just in a towel?

Miles14 - Umm I just got home and just had a shower.

Hotcutie4u - Enough room 4 2 in your shower is their.

Miles14 - umm.

Hotcutie4u - U like looking at my body, is your cock hard??

Miles14 - Yes, you're so sexy.

Hotcutie4u - Show me your cock and I might even suck it.

Miles was shocked and also massively turned on and immediately stood up.

Miles14 - Can I see more of you?

Hotcutie4u - Wow. Do the girls know at school about that (Savannah finally
saw the monster between her brothers legs.)?

Miles14 - lol no.

Savannagh was shocked at the cock she was seeing on the screen and without
even thinking started to touch herself as she watched her brother start to
stoke his cock. Savannah was shocked when she looked on the screen at what
she had just typed.

Hotcutie4u - I want that cock.

Miles who was stroking his cock was excited, this girl was touching herself
as she watched him but then he started to cum as soon as he read what she
had said.

Miles14 - really, how?

Savannagh knew this was the time to stop, to turn off the cam but she felt
her fingers typing.

Hotcutie4u - I know your sister has a life size dollhouse in the back, go out
there and undress and put a blindfold on. If you don't I will leave. You have
5 minutes.

Miles practically ran out of the house and was in the dollhouse naked and he
grabbed the bandana and put it around his eyes.

Savannagh turned off her cam and put on her bikini top and headed downstairs.
As she stepped near the dollhouse she looked in the side window and noticed
miles naked and a blindfold on. She stepped into the room.

Miles could smell her, that feminine smell as soon as he heard the door shut.
He was so nervous.

Savannagh moved towards him removing her bikini top and bottom as she went.
She stood in front of him and grabbed his hand. She brought her brothers hand
up and onto her breast.

Miles couldn't believe at what he was touching, they were firm and warm. He
just kept caressing them, he could feel the little thing in the middle and
new it was her nipple and started moving his fingers across them.

Savannagh grabbed his hand and put it beside his body again and then started
to walk around Miles until she was directly behind him. She moved her body
directly against his back so he could feel her. Savannagh immediately started
to move her hands and place it around Miles body. She started to move her
hand up and down his chest, not quiet muscular but not bad. She started to
lick and kiss his neck and started to give him a hickie.

Miles couldn't think of any time he had been harder and he tried to touch
this girl but all he could feel was an ass cheek but he liked the firmness
of it.

Savannah moves her hands down from Miles chest to her stomach and slowly
moving herself down to her knees as she moves her hands up and down miles
body. Her hands now moving up and down his legs she looked at his naked ass.
Savannagh was impressed by his cute ass as she brought her hands up and
started to play with miles balls, they were bigger then she expected but he
probably had never cum before and their was lots of cum in them. Savannah
then started to touch his cock and she felt miles immediately start to moan.
Twisting his body around she looked at her brother's big cock in front of
her, well big for his age at 14. It looked at least 6 inches already, already
bigger then her stupid boyfriend. Savannah started moving her hands back and
forward on the cock and watched his pre-cum leaking out and making it easier
for her to rub him.

Miles couldn't believe how good this felt, of course he had masturbated over
the last year but it felt only half as good as this girl rubbing his cock, he
only wished she would, no she would never do that he thought.

Savannagh looked at the pre-cum dribbling from his cock and put her tongue
out and licked at it. Savannah was excited to do this, this was her first
virgin cock (well that's what his diary had said) and he would remember this
forever even though he wouldn't know who did it. Moving her hands to his
balls, Savannagh started to lick up and down his cock getting a taste for
it all. She looked up at her brother and watched him litterly shaking and
then took his cock deep into her mouth. Savannah who had become almost an
expert from the last 2 years of boyfriend's cocks started going deeper,
using her tongue and lips to satisfy miles.

Miles couldn't believe the feeling of this warm mouth and that tongue, 'Oh my
god! What a tongue,' he thought. Miles knew if hadn't cum in his bedroom just
10 minutes ago he would of already cum again, but he new he wouldn't last
long with this feeling he was experiencing.

Savannagh could hear the moaning of her brother and that excited her and she
just started moving her mouth up and down on his beautiful cock even faster,
she wanted his virgin cum and she wanted it now. Savannagh moved her hands
around her brother and started to feel his cute butt and she started to kneed
his cheeks. Savannagh was impressed he was lasting this long but new one way
to get him to cum and she moved a finger into miles ass and that was enough.

Miles loved the way this girl sucked and the way she was touching him on his
ass. He so wanted to know whom it was but was too scared just in case she
wouldn't go any further or even stop what she was doing. It was then he felt
a finger moved into his ass and was about to say something when he started
coming heavier then he had ever cum before.

Savannagh knew the spot to touch inside his ass and she got what she
expected. Savannagh nearly gagged at the speed of the cum that flooded into
her mouth, but kept sucking and swallowing as load after load stared flowing.
Savannagh kept on sucking even when she felt no more cum and kept him hard.

Miles couldn't believe it, he had never cum as hard or as long by himself and
he was drained. He couldn't believe how he was still hard, this had never
happened before.

Standing back up Savvanagh was extremely satisfied of what she had done, but
the urge to do more was overwhelming. Pushing him back to the chair she sat
him down and pushed his cock down, as it was standing straight up. Moving
down she sat astride him and she could feel him against her naked slit.
Savvanagh started to move herself back and forward against the slit and moved
her hand to miles bandana.

Miles couldn't believe this was going to continue when this girl moved him
back to the chair. He then felt the weight of the girl on him but it was the
feel of what he thought was he pussy against his cock that nearly made him
cum again, but he didn't. He felt the warmth and wetness between her legs
and he loved it when she started moving up and down on the outside of his
cock. He so wanted it inside of her, whoever she was. Miles then felt the
bottom of the bandana being lifted and he looked down and could only see a
hot and sexy tanned body but the bandana never moved all the way up.

Savannagh having lifted the bandana up enough and moved her head forward and
touch her lips to his. Starting slowly she started kissing his lips, slowly
opening her mouth and letting her tongue explore his lips. As she started to
kiss him more and more she rode against his cock. Savannagh ached to have his
cock inside but she wasn't ready to break that final taboo.

Miles was in heaven; he had been kissed once or twice before but not like
this, not with so much passion. Miles started exploring her entire body with
his hands and everything he touches was so exciting and new.

Savannagh kept moaning as her brother leant how to kiss her. Savannagh moved
her pelvis back and forward against her brother's rock hard cock. Getting
faster and faster as she could feel her body reaching the point of explosion.
Still not saying a word that would give herself away she hugged him as she
orgasmic and moaned into his ear. As she came down from her orgasm, she
kissed him one more time and stood up. Looking at Miles she got dressed and
walked out.

Miles couldn't believe what had happened, the feel of her body, and now he
could feel her orgasm against his cock. Her juices all over his cock. Miles
knew she had gone and started jerking his cock as he smelt her and used her
own juices to jerk off. It didn't take long before he orgasmed one more
time. Miles walked out of the pool house and jumped into the pool, he felt
different, more of a man.

Savannagh who was naked in her bedroom upstairs looked out the window as
her brother walked out of the pool house and she smiled to herself when she
noticed the huge smile on his face. Savannagh grabbed her towel and went to
take a shower.

End of Part 1

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Option 1 - Miles becomes cyber stalker but eventually Savannagh finally

Option 2 - Savannagh tells her best friend and they both play on cam while
Miles watches on.


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