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Summerland: Part 1 - Adjusting To California
by Storytrade

Sixteen year old Bradin was very confused. His parents died a short time
ago, and his 9 year old brother, 13 year old sister and he were no longer in
Kansas, on the farm they grew up in, but were instead living on the beach in
California, with their Aunt Ava, and her 3 friends (Johnny a mid-30's
Realtor, Susanna a young black fashion designer who works with his aunt and
Jay an Australian surf shop owner). Besides having to deal with all the
changes around him, Bradin was also facing the typical problems that a
sixteen year old guy has to deal with. Bradin was a popular guy in Kansas,
he had a girlfriend and had even gotten to second base with her on several
occasions, but now he was in California, where all the girls were beautiful
and Bradin had a constant erection.

Things only got worse once he started taking surfing lessons with his hot 20
year old instructor Erica. The two of them flirted often, but so far nothing
had happened. At home things weren't much better because his Aunt's friend
and business partner Susanna was an extremely fine women as well. However it
was Bradin's two recent fantasize that disturbed him the most. First he began
to dream about fucking his Aunt Ava, something he hadn't done since he was 12
years old. Secondly he recently began to dream about fucking Nikki, his 13
year old sister. Being around 3 sexy women and 1 sexy developing woman was
too much for him. Bradin was constantly jacking off, just to relieve his
tension, but he knew that there had to be a better way for him to get off.
Back in Kansas he was the most popular guy in school, but so far in
California, he hadn't even kissed a girl yet.

However today was different for Bradin. He had his surfing lesson with
Erica, but that was ruined by Ava's friend Jay, who had hooked up with Erica
previously. Bradin admired Jay, and was thankful for letting him work in his
surf shop and setting up his surfing lessons with Erica, but at the same time
he hated his guts for hooking up with her, and treating her like shit. As
Erica and Jay left, Bradin got more and more angry, until he couldn't take it
any more. Bradin went back out into the ocean to surf more, however he was so
angry, that he couldn't even surf properly and as a result he hurt his foot.

As frustrated as Bradin was, his luck seemed to be changing, as he was lying
on the beach in pain, a beautiful blonde girl named Sarah came over to him
to see if he was okay. Soon the two of them were swimming in her pool. She
looked so hot in her swim suit, and Bradin was soon sporting a hardon. Soon
the two of them were making out on the beach.

* * *

Meanwhile, back at home Bradin's sister Nicky had her new boyfriend Cameron
over. Bradin wasn't sure what to think of the kid, he seemed nice, but he was
a little worried about his sister. He knew she was caught alone with him, by
his aunt, but at the same time, he trusted his sister, and knew she wouldn't
do anything stupid. However Nicky really liked Cameron, they kissed a couple
times already, and she found him really cute. That didn't stop Aunt Ava and
her Aunt's friend Susanna from being a little more worried about Cameron, so
they made sure that Nicky was not alone in a room with him for any length of

What Ava didn't know was that Susanna was also quite attracted to Cameron.
Susanna also had a thing for Bradin, but realized how dangerous it would
be to try anything with him. However she had a thing for teenage boys and
Cameron was a cute one. Susanna accidentally walked in on Cameron in the
shower, when he was washing off paint he got on himself from painting
Nicky's room. While Cameron was only 14 years old and quite skinny, it was
also very obvious the boy was well into puberty. Susanna could clearly see
through the shower glass that he had a nice amount body hair for a 14 year
old. Additionally, it appeared as though Cameron was quite well endowed for
a 14 year old or for an adult for that matter. This is when Susanna decided
that she needed to hook up with Cameron, it didn't matter that she was old
enough to be his mother. Susanna was a young, single beautiful black woman,
with sexual needs. Just because 3 kids now lived in the house didn't stop
her from needing relief. So Susanna decided it wouldn't hurt to try something
with Cameron. If he freaked out or if they got caught she could just say that
she was trying to find out what kind of boy he was, for Nicky's sake.

* * *

Meanwhile Bradin and Sarah were getting to know each other better. After the
swim, they played some music, and smoked a little pot. Then things took an
interesting turn. It started with a simple kiss, but soon Bradin's shirt was
off, and his hands were on Sarah's back, slowly working underneath her top.
When she didn't stop him, he began to move his hands closer to her beautiful
covered breasts. Bradin was very nervous though, since he didn't have much
experience touching a girl's breasts before and he was getting very excited
himself. Then without warning, the most embarrassing thing happened, Bradin
began to cum. Sarah hadn't even touched his cock, and he was cumming in his
shorts. Bradin was mortified. Sarah began to laugh, as she realized what
happened. This only upset Bradin even more, so much so that he got up and
left. Sarah tried to convince him to come back, but he wouldn't listen. Soon
Bradin was back by his Aunt's house. As he walked by the pool house where
Jay slept, he thought he heard Erica moaning "yes Jay, yes" which upset him
even more. He was so upset, he just went to sleep.

What Bradin heard was exactly what he thought, inside the pool house, Jay,
the Australian surf shop owner was giving it to the 20 yr old brunette surf
instructor like there was no tomorrow. Erica was lying on her back naked,
with her legs spread wide, while Jay lowered his 6 inch cock into the young
girl. It was obvious the two had previously had sex on many occasions, as
their timing was perfect. As Jay pumped his cock in and out of Erica's tight
twat, her moaning began to get louder and louder. "Yes Jay, Yes" ... "Oh god,
give it to me, yes, yes..." Within the next few seconds the two lovers began
to orgasm together.

* * *

Early that morning Cameron was back over the house, to hang out with Nicky.
Susanna was working on some fashion designs and was out of the house. While
Jay, Bradin and Johnny had already left for work, leaving Nicky, her brother
Derek and Aunt Ava in the house. When Aunt Ava went outside to work with
Derek on his baseball hitting, Nicky and Cameron headed up to her room. At
first they didn't even realize they were basically alone, but soon Cameron
noticed how quiet it was. The two of them began to kiss, but then Susanna
walked in. She saw the two of them kissing, but didn't say anything. Instead
she just asked Cameron if he could give her a hand with some boxes. The boy
quickly agreed, first because he didn't want to get in trouble for making out
with Nicky, and second, because he found Susanna very attractive. She was a
beautiful black woman, and Cameron loved the idea of being close to her.

When they got to the van though, Cameron noticed there weren't any boxes
inside. He looked at Susanna and said, "I thought you said you needed some

Susanna responded by saying, "Yes, I have this itch, that I just can't reach,
and I was hoping you could help me."

With that, she leaned in and kissed the young boy, who was so startled by
the events unfolding that he was frozen, as he felt her kissing him. As she
pulled away, she saw the smile on his face, and new that he would be a very
willing helper. Soon the two of them climbed inside the van and began to
remove their clothes. Even though Cameron was a virgin, he wasn't shy about
his body, and within 30 seconds the boy was down to his boxer shorts, with a
very obvious erection making a tent inside. Meanwhile Susanna was wearing
her two piece swimsuit.

She then spoke to Cameron saying, "Why don't you help me with this top."

The boy happily agreed, as he moved his hands towards the black women's 34C
breasts, he started to shake a little from the excitement. He soon had his
first view of a real live women's breasts, and they were beautiful, with
perky nipples, but just as Cameron was about to feel them, they heard some
noise, and realized they better stop or they would get caught. So they
hurried to put back on their clothes, and exited the van separately.

But before Susanna left, she whispered to Cameron, "Don't worry, soon you
will get to feel them for real, and a whole lot more."

Cameron realized he couldn't just go back to Nicky with a hardon like this,
so he decided to help Derek out with his baseball hitting.

* * *

Bradin had finished working in the morning for Jay and ran into Sara. He was
very embarrassed about cumming so quickly the night before, but before he
could say anything to her, Sarah spoke to him saying, "Bradin I think you owe
me something from last night, so how about if you and I go back to my place
and I teach you a thing or two."

Bradin looked a little surprised and confused, and then Sara spoke again
saying, "Don't worry, by the end of the night, you will be able to go for a
while without cumming, now lets get to work."

Bradin didn't know what to do, but his body took over for him and soon Sarah
and him were at her house, in her bedroom, removing their clothes. Sarah had
a nice tight teenage body. Long legs, nice chest, 34C or so, blonde hair and
perky nipples. She decided to remove her bra, given Bradin quite an eyeful,
wearing only a pair of black panties. Meanwhile Bradin's body was nothing
special, smooth, but by no means did he have a six pack or rock hard chest.
Soon he too was down to wearing nothing but boxers and sporting an impressive
looking hardon, which caught Sarah's attention.

Sarah spoke first saying, "Seems they do grow them bigger on the farm." This
caused Bradin to blush, a little bit. Sarah then said, "So you going to let me
see it or not?"

Bradin was very nervous as he removed his boxers, revealing his 8 inch cock.
Sarah was quite turned on by the sight of the large unit, and licked her lips
at the thought of devirginizing this farm boy.

Sarah then moved closer to Bradin and told him, "Relax, this is going to be a
lot of fun." With that she got on her knees and grabbed his rock hard cock.
She then said, "Try to hold out as long as you can, and let me know before
you are going to cum, okay?"

Bradin then mumbled "yeah" too nervous to really say anything else. Then
Sarah slowly began to jerk off the teenager, changing from slow to quick ever
so often, trying to make it last for a while, then as she could see Bradin
getting close, she would slow down again. She could tell Bradin was having
trouble holding on, biting his lip to keep from cumming.

Then Bradin spoke saying "I can't hold out much longer."

Bradin was shocked by what happened next, he soon felt a warm soft feeling
around his cock, as he looked down he saw Sarah taking his cock inside her
mouth. After maybe 30 seconds of her sucking on it, he couldn't hold out and
more, and said, "I am going to shoot!" However Bradin was surprised when the
young girl didn't pull away, instead she continued to suck and swallowed shot
after shot his spunk. Bradin was in 7th heaven as he came in her mouth. He
had never felt anything so good in his life. He was in a sort of daze, until
Sarah finally spoke.

"Okay, now its your turn to eat me out."

Bradin looked confused, then Sarah spoke again saying, "Just come over here,
I will show you how its done, and then after you get me off, we can move on
to fucking, besides its obvious you will need some time to recover."

Bradin couldn't believe his good fortune, here was a beautiful 16 year old
girl, teaching him the wonders of sex.

Sarah moved to the bed, taking off her black panties and revealing her shaven
pussy to Bradin. He starred at it for nearly a minute before moving towards
the bed himself. Having never seen a live pussy before, he couldn't help but
stare at it.

Sarah then spoke to Bradin saying "Get down here. Time for you to go to
work." Not knowing what to expect, Bradin moved slowly towards Sarah's pussy.
It was at this point that he noticed that the lips of her cunny were tinged
pink, and it looked damp. Having never seen a vagina before he wasn't sure
whether this was normal or not.

Sarah then spoke to Bradin telling him what to do. "See these here are my
pussy lips, as she ran her finger between her labia, spreading it out. "In
order to pleasure me, you need to lick them with your tongue up and down."

As Bradin listened intently Sarah then said "Down here is my hole, and you
need to lick around it and in it, and then later you can put that big cock
of yours in it."

As Bradin began to feel around Sarah's cunt, he felt a lump of flesh, which
caused her to moan. Sarah then spoke saying "That's my clit, if feels so good
when its licked, that's where you need to spend most of the time, okay, now
get to work. You can use your teeth if you want, but very very lightly. Do it
right and I will let you do anything you want to me."

Bradin slowly lowered his head towards Sarah's cunt, taking a deep breath
before making any contact with her pussy. It was at this point that Bradin
got his first good smell of pussy. A smell he would hopefully be around many
more times throughout his life. Sarah squirmed a little as he made contact
with her pussy lips with his own lips. Then Bradin slowly extended his tongue
and tasted pussy for the first time. As Bradin explored Sara's pussy, she
moved her hands over his head to hold it over her pussy. It was quite obvious
who was in charge here. Sarah then spoke saying, "That's it, keep it up
Bradin, just like that."

Bradin then used his hands to spread Sara's pussy lips apart again, then
slowly worked his way down her towards her hole, licking around it, and
trying to push his tongue through it. Then Bradin moved towards her clit,
and began to lick around it and contact it. Bradin continued to eat out
Sarah for the next 20 minutes, causing her to have an orgasm. As Sarah
started to cum, Bradin could feel his own cock getting hard again. Once
Sarah's orgasm subsided, Sarah was very thankful and kissed Bradin.

At first Bradin was thinking about how she was kissing him, even though he
just ate her out, but then he realized that she had only a few minutes
earlier given him a blow job with her lips, which bothered him a little.
The two teens then laid back down on the bed, as Sarah recovered from the
past hours activities.

* * *

Meanwhile back at home, Nicky had gotten in a fight with Cameron, and felt
bad, she decided she needed to go apologize. Soon she found him on the beach,
reading. She had been mean to him, but soon he forgave her, and the two teens
decided to head over to his house for a little bit, before attending Nicky's
younger brother's baseball game. When they arrived at Cameron's house, they
found themselves alone. Nicky was a little nervous, being home alone with a
cute boy like Cameron, but she was also quite turned on by it.

The two of them began to kiss, swapping spit for nearly 5 minutes, before
one of them spoke. Cameron spoke first saying, "Nicky, can I see your boobs,

Nicky was surprised by this, but since this was the first boy who ever liked
her, she didn't want to mess things up, so she agreed. Slowly removing her
top, revealing her small breasts. Cameron decided to make her feel more
comfortable by removing his shirt as well. Nicky noticed that Cameron was
quite skinny, and had a smooth chest, which she found very cute as well. The
two topless teens then began to make out even more, and Cameron decided to
take things a step further, as he touched her breasts while they kissed.
Nicky was startled by this and tried to pull away, but Cameron was in

After fondling her breasts for a couple minutes, Nicky finally backed away,
saying to Cameron, "I am not sure I am ready for this."

Cameron then said, "Don't worry, we wont go any farther then you are ready

They kissed for a few more minutes, and then Cameron said to Nicky, "I heard
some of the guys at my school talking about how their girlfriends give them
blowjobs and I was wondering if you would you give me one." Nicky was shocked
by this and didn't know what to say.

Cameron then said, "Well, you could just stick it in there a little, you
don't have to swallow my cum or anything, please, I won't tell anyone, and
you are my girlfriend, right?"

Nicky then said, "um Cameron isn't this a big step I mean, we had only kissed
a couple times before today, and now you want me to like stick you penis in
my mouth, I am not sure I am ready for that. (At the same time, Nicky
wouldn't help but notice the size of the bulge in Cameron's pants. Nicky had
actually accidentally seen several guys naked in her life, including Jay, and
both of her brothers, however all of those were soft, and Cameron's penis was
anything but soft.)

Cameron shrugged, "I just thought as your boyfriend, you could do this for
me, its what other kids our age do, please?"

Nicky responded by saying, "Well how about if I just use my hand, would that
be okay?"

Cameron readily agreed saying, "Yeah that's fine, but would you take off your
underwear so that we are both naked when you do it?"

Nicky agreed, and soon the two young teens were taking off their pants. As
Cameron removed his pants and boxers, revealing his 8 inch cock, Nicky
couldn't take her eyes of it. But Cameron didn't even notice, because he
was too busy looking at Nicky's pussy. Being only 13, the girl's pussy was
still fairly sparse with hair around it.

After examining each other's bodies, Nicky moved closer to Cameron and slowly
placed her small hand around the boy's rather large cock. Soon Nicky was
jerking him off, as the two teens sat next to one another on the floor. While
Cameron was getting jerked off, he moved his head closer to Nicky's and began
to kiss her. Soon the two teens were lying on the floor naked, kissing, while
Nicky jerked off Cameron.

However Cameron realized the situation he was in. If he could keep Nicky
distracted a little, then maybe he could feel her pussy a little or possibly
slip his dick inside of her pussy for a few seconds.

While Nicky played with Cameron's dick, he started to feel around her pussy.
Nicky was so caught up in everything, that her brain didn't fully register
that Cameron was actually touching her pussy. Then it happened, Cameron
slipped his finger inside, just half an inch, but it was enough to snap Nicky
back to reality.

"Cameron I don't think I am... Oh wow, that feels so good."

Cameron found Nicky's clit and as he touched it, he realized how much control
he had. Nicky stopped playing with Cameron's dick and moved her hands to her
own pleasure area, helping Cameron as he moved his fingers around down there.

Cameron saw his opportunity and moved to his knees, hovering over Nicky. Her
eyes were closed as she felt Cameron playing with her twat. Then Cameron
pulled his finger out of her, causing Nicky to complain "Don't stop, not yet,
plea.." But before Nicky could even finish she felt Cameron there again, only
it felt a little thicker this time, pushing the entrance to her twat. Cameron
was obviously pushing the head of his cock inside the virgin girl.

As soon as he got the head inside, Nicky opened her eyes and was aware of
what was going on. "Cameron, what are you doing, I don't want to have sex,
take it out now, stop."

"Nicky, please I already have the top inside, come on, you are my girlfriend,
I want my first time to be with you, I will be gentle, see." With that
Cameron lowered more of his fairly large unit inside the young girl. Soon
Cameron felt her hymen though and knew this would be painful. Instead of
giving her any warning though, Cameron decided it would be best to just break
through, as he pushed down, a loud scream could be heard from Nicky.

However the scream hardly stopped Cameron from continuing his assault on the
girl's tight twat. Once Cameron finally got most of his cock inside of the
girl, he began to pull it out most of the way, then back in, and soon he was
in the midst of his first real fuck. Cameron was so into it, he couldn't even
hear Nicky asking him to stop. However soon, Nicky's pleas stopped, as she
was starting to feel something she had never felt before, then all at once,
she began to shake, and she realized she was having her first orgasm, and it
felt better then anything she ever felt before. Her squirming and shaking
was too much for Cameron and soon he too was cumming, shooting his load off
inside the young 13 year old girl.

After it was over, they got dressed and headed over to watch her brother's
baseball game. The whole time Nicky was filled with a mix of emotions, she
enjoyed the sex, but was also a little mad that Cameron didn't stop when
she wanted him too.

When they arrived at the game, Susanna gave Cameron a big wink, and the young
teen couldn't wait for what would happen next..

* * *

Ironically, shortly after Nicky lost her virginity, her older brother Bradin
was about to lose his across town with his new friend Sarah. The two of them
just recovered from the oral sex each had received and now Sarah was going to
teach Bradin, the Kansas farm boy all about sex. Bradin had clearly recovered
from the blow job he received, because his large cock was standing straight
up in the air.

Sarah was the first to make a move, as she got off the bed, and standing at
the foot of the bed, grabbed hold of Bradin's legs and pulled him onto his
back. Then the blonde girl, slowly got on top of the bed, and began to crawl
over the surprised boy. Soon Sarah was lying on top of Bradin, as she slowly
lowered herself on to his large cock. As Sarah lowered herself, she started
telling Bradin, "Wow, your cock feels even bigger then it looks, I am not
sure I have ever had one this big before."

All Bradin could say in response was, "Thank you."

Soon Sarah had all 8 inches of Bradin's cock inside of her. Then the teenage
girl began to ride the young teen like there was no tomorrow, up and down she
rode on his cock. Bradin was in 7th heaven, however he wasn't sure how long
he could hold out.

"Oh god, Sarah that feels so good, I just don't know how long I can take it,
oh man, it feels...oh!"

Sarah then yelled at Bradin, "Don't cum yet, I haven't gotten off, just give
it to me, come on, you can do it, that's it, yes, yes, yes, oh god!"

Bradin tried to fight the urge to cum, even with Sarah having on orgasm while
fucking him, he continued to fight the urge, however shortly after Sarah's
orgasm subsided, he couldn't hold out any longer, and started to cum. It felt
even better then the blowjob and now Bradin was hooked, he knew he would have
to have sex again, soon. However, as he looked at the clock, he realized he
had to head over to his brother's game, so sex would have to wait.

That night at home things were a little quieter then they had been. Susanna
was dreaming about Cameron and Bradin double-teaming her. Nicky was reliving
her day. Bradin was imagining having sex with Erica. And Aunt Ava was also
having a dream of her own. She hadn't been with anyone since the kids moved
into the house. While she had hooked up with Cameron's dad, they didn't
actually have sex, and the tension was starting to drive her crazy. Ava's
dreams that night were filled with sex. She was dreaming of herself in bed,
as her stud lover pounded away inside of her, like there was no tomorrow,
then towards the end of the dream her lover finally looked at her, and she
saw his face for the first time, it was her nephew Bradin. Ava woke up
startled at the thought of fucking her own nephew. How could she have such
a dream, I mean he was a cute boy, but he was only 16 years old, and her
_ _ _

Coming Soon Chapter 2: Aunt Ava teaches Bradin more about pleasing a women,
while Susanna gives Cameron some lessons of his own.

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