Summerland: Adventures In Paradise 2 (mg,mg-mast,inc,cons)
by Jeff_Paw2001

Back down at the beach the girls arrived back and Johnny asked what the
problem had been and Susannah said women problems. Nikki looked at Johnny
and immediately was absolutely mortified grabbed her towel and walked off.
Give her a minute and she will be ok, everything is embarrassing at her age.

* * *

Bradin had found the cave that Sarah told him about and everything was
there, the candles, and the flat area of round that was covered by hard
sand. Bradin lit up a couple of candles and put his towel down and then
lay they're thinking of Sarah. There were not many guys around the beach
so he thought he would try out these condoms. Bradin pulled down his
board shorts and looked down at his semi-hard cock, all his girlfriends
had always said they loved it, not too big and not too small. But none
of them had ever let him fuck them so he had never used a condom. Looking
at the packet he read the instructions: 1. Rip open satchel, 2. Holding
tip place roll on erect cock 3. Roll down erect position. Being only half
erect he closed his eyes and thought of Sarah, how she would let him touch
her breasts and how she told him last night how she wanted him to put it
in her tonight. Touching his clock it didn't take long before his cock
was erect.

* * *

Nikki got to the rocks and thought she could see something so started
climbing the rocks. As she got to an opening it seemed to be a opening in
the cave, she noticed a light and her eyes were drawn to a guys body. His
head was behind a rock but he was naked and was putting a condom on his
cock, and his cock looked good. Maybe it was because of her period that
she was horny, or it could be that fine hot body and that nice large cock
he was rubbing. She could already feel her nipples hard rubbing against
the bikini material. Nikki moved her hand inside her bikini bottom and
started to rub her fingers across her clit, going at the same speed as the
guy she was watching. I hope he goes to my school she thought as she stated
rubbing faster.

Bradin starting rubbing his cock up and down faster and faster, it felt good
to be naked. Bradin kept on thinking of Sarah, as he got ever closer to his
orgasm. Imagining his cock going in her pussy for the first time and with
that thought he exploded, his cum shooting into the top of the condom. Bradin
was spent and just laid there.

Nikki just started to orgasm as she let out a soft moan and then she saw him
cum, it just kept shooting out. Nikki kept watching until it stopped and the
guy pulled it off and threw it away. He started to get when Nikki remembered
that she was at the entrance and pulled her bikini shorts across her pussy
and scrambled down the rocks. Racing back out into the beach she looked down
and noticed the wet spot on her bikini pants and rushed and dived in to the

Bradin blew out the candles and left the box of condoms on the small shelf
and climbed out of the cave and back down the rocks. Bradin was still hard
thinking about Sarah but when he saw his brother and sister playing in the
water he just raced out, not thinking about the bulge in his board shorts.
Diving under the water he came up behind his sister and stood up. Grabbing
her around the waist he lifted her up and through her back down into and
under the water, his finger accidentally undid the knot in the back of
Nikki's string bikini top.

On coming up for air Nikki didn't notice that her top had floated off.
Bradin noticed immediately and was impressed with his sisters' breasts and
said, "missing something".

Nikki noticed where he was looking and looked down and noticed her bikini
top was missing. "Oh shit, where is it?" screamed Nikki as she immediately
lunged at and hugged her brother so other guys in the water couldn't see
her breasts. Both started looking around for the top and Nikki eventually
saw it 30 metres away and drifting further away. "There it is, can you move
with me over to it" Nikki asked.

"No" Bradin replied initially before laughing and saying, "Ok."

Bradin and Nikki started to side step slowly towards the top, Nikki could
feel her nipples stiffening from the movement of her nipples against Bradin
chest and Nikki just hoped that Bradin didn't notice. But Bradin has
certainly had noticed and could feel the nipples rubbing against his chest
but he could also feel her whole body rubbing against his groin. He had
already been hard but with this now friction he was very hard.

As they got closer to the top Nikki started to notice the lump protruding
from Bradin and after a second realised what it was. At first shocked but
then kinda excited realised it was the same affect as she was feeling in
her groin and her nipples. When they got near the reached out and grabbed
it and handed it to her. Making sure he blocked any one else view of her
Nikki stepped back.

Nikki was excited that only Bradin could see her and didn't immediately put
it back on but said "Thanks Bradin" and made sure he was looking at her
excited nipples before she slipped the top back on. Immediately turning and
walking out the water and back to were the others were and laid down on her

Bradin who hadn't moved because he knew he couldn't walk out there because
his hard on would be too obvious. Bradin just mucked around in the water but
every now and again he looked up at his sister who seemed to be looking right
back nearly all the time. When Bradin felt confident that it wouldn't show as
much he moved out of the water and moved towards the group.

Nikki watched Bradin walked up and she could notice the slight bulge in
his shorts but then noticed his board shorts, they were the same as the
guy she saw masturbating in the cave. Nikki thought back and looked back
at her brother and noticed how his body was the same as she had seen and
then remembered about the condoms he had bought earlier in the day. Nikki
immediately became flustered and didn't know where to look she has
masturbated about her brothers body and cock.

Nikki asked Susannah if everyone could go back home, and after checking her
watched Susannah asked everyone to get there gear together and a couple of
minutes later they were heading back to the car. Susannah dialed back to the
house and got the answering machine and left a message that they are coming
back and would be back in ten minutes.

* * *

Back at the house Ava heard the message and screamed to Jay "Come on baby,
fuck me, we don't have long." Jay who had her legs over his shoulders grabbed
them and spread them wide and started to go deep inside Ava. "Come on baby,
cum in me, yes you know I love your cock, come deep inside me," moaned Ava.

Jay loved when Ava talked dirty and started thrusting quicker, he knew they
didn't have long but secretly he wanted people to know about his relationship
with Ava. Ava was moving her body back up to meet the harder thrusts from
Jay; she loved when he treated her like a slut. She loved being his slut.
Moving her legs from his hand he got over her and started moving even
quicker, while biting on her nipples, this extra sensation caused Ava to
scream in final ecstasy and at same time Jay pumped his lust thrust and
unloaded his cum.

"Thanks baby!" Ava said as she moved from underneath him and went naked into
her bathroom.

Jay grabbed his clothes forgetting his underwear and put them on while
walking down the steps, seeing out of the corner of his eye the jeep with the
rest of them in there. He quickly grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to
the football.

* * *

Nikki was glad to be out of the car, sitting next to her brother on the way
back from the beach had been uncomfortable, she kept on thinking back to the
cave and his cock. Then remembering how it felt against her in the water.
'I'm sick, I'm thinking about my brother's body and getting wet from it,'
Nikki thought.

Walking into the lounge room she noticed Jay sitting down on one of the
chairs and sat opposite on the lounge. "Hey your back, how was the beach,"
Jay asked.

"Umm ok, I guess, what you doing here," Nikki asked already knowing the
answer. Nikki then noticed that pointing out from Jay's board shorts was an
erect penis and cum was dripping from it.

"Nothing, my TV is on the blink so I came to see what you guys were up to,"
replied Jay.

Nikki got up and ran upstairs and closed the door and thought, 'I can't
believe this day.' She has masturbated twice already and had seen Ava
fucking, and watched her brother jerk off and then feel it against her.
What more could happen?

The phone rang in her room, immediately hoping it was her boyfriend back east she ran to the phone.
"Hello" Nikki said.

"Hi Nikki it's Sarah, Bradin gave me your number, I tried the house one but
it's busy" Sarah replied.

"Oh hi Sarah, Bradin is still surfing can I help you", asked Nikki.

"Umm Yeh, Bradin and I was suppose to be doing something tonight but I'm not
feeling well, can you tell him? Tell him I will make it up to him", replied

"Ok, I hope you feel better, bye", said Nikki.

Putting the phone back down and when to get her note pad went to write the
message but then thought back to the conversation she had heard earlier that
day. Ava had said to Bradin about having sex Sarah, and he had brought those
condoms and had put them in the cave. He was going to have sex tonight with
her, Nikki realised. Nikki then got an idea and wrote down a new note.

Later after dinner Nikki announced she was going over to Jenny's place to
watch some videos and she would be back later. With her heart racing she ran
back up the beach and into the cave and put the note near the opening, and
moved down into the cave, she put her bag aside and took off her clothing
until she was laying just in her bra and panties.

Bradin walked up the beach, he couldn't believe he was just about to lose his
virginity, and to Sarah of all people, she was a real hottie but sort of had
a reputation. But he liked her a lot but he didn't know if it was because she
was going to let him do things or because he had feelings for her. He climbed
the rocks to the top and as he reached it he saw the candle and a note.


It's your lucky night, you must follow these instructions or
we go no further. Use the candle to get down into the cave
and the blow it out, when you do I will come to you and we
will do stuff from there; I will not talk until later.

Love Sarah

Bradin was excited at this but he was not going to ruin it by not following
the note. He got to the bottom of the cave and could see a body in the
distance but blew out the candle as instructed.

Nikki knew this wrong but her body was now in control. Her eyes already
accustomed to the darkness walked over and grabbed Bradin by the hand and led
him back to the spot. She knew she had to act more confident to be like Sarah
and so she moved in closer and started to kiss him passionately. Bradin
starting to get excited by this and his cock was already nearly fully hard
and he started kissing back as passionately as he was receiving it. She was
kissing a bit differently but it still felt nice.

Nikki moved her hand down into Braden's shorts and started to jerk him.
Moving from his lips she started kissing down his body, taken his nipples in
her mouth when at his chest and still kissing down even further. Moving down
she was finally in front of his shorts and she could already see the bulge.
She moved her hands to the side of his pants and started to move them down,
having no underpants on his erect cock came into view straight away. Nikki
thought back to all the conversations with her girlfriends about how they
had sucked and how they had done it, and how she had practised doing it on
bananas in her bedroom when no one was around. Nikki reached out and grabbed
it at the base and it felt so hot, just like her boyfriend's cock had several
months ago. She moved forward and licks around the head of the cock, 'mmm it
tastes nice,' she thought.

Bradin moaned his approval, "That's it Sarah I love it when you suck me."

Nikki moved her mouth around it and gently took an inch into her mouth,
making sure she licked the cock as she sucked, remembering how her friends
had said the underside of the cock is the most sensitive part other than
the head. Nikki started taking more of the cock in her mouth, every now and
again gagging as it hit the back of her throat.

Bradin moved his hands to the back of her head and moved it in and out faster
and faster. Bradin was getting close, even though Sarah and a couple of other
girls had sucked him before. "Oh god that is great Sarah, I am going to cum,
can I cum in your mouth this time" moaned Bradin. Nikki just sucked faster
and then she felt the first load of cum at the back of the throat, the more
she swallowed the more he would cum in her throat. "Oh Sarah, that was the
best, I don't know what it was but fantastic" said Bradin.

Nikki was ecstatic at hearing that and got back from her knees and moved back
and kissed him, where he tasted cum in her mouth. Nikki grabbed one of his
hands and moved it down and inside her panties and he immediately started to
finger her pussy.

"I see you have shaved Sarah," said Bradin as he moved two of his fingers in
and out of her of wet pussy.

Nikki loved this, Bradin was kissing her passionately and was fingering her,
rougher then did herself but it felt so sexy. Nikki could also feel his cock
growing against her stomach and she knew it wouldn't be long before she would
have it inside her, Nikki moaned into his mouth. Nikki moved her hand down
onto his and moved it out and onto the side of her panties and got him to
move them down so she could step out of them, and then moved his hands until
they were on the back of her bra and he automatically unclipped it and it
fell. Nikki stood there naked, his eyes still not adjusted to the light he
could only feel her body, not knowing that he had been deceived. Nikki
grabbed his shorts and pulled them completely off and they were both naked,
Nikki laid back down on the towel she had placed before and Bradin
automatically moved and down and onto her.

Bradin reached out to the area he had left the condoms and grabbed one of
them and ripped it open and put it down and onto his cock. Bradin was now
getting real nervous, he didn't want to ruin this by orgasming too early
and that's why he had jerked off just outside because he heard it always
took longer the second time. He moved down and made a couple of attempts
to put his cock inside her but he was too nervous and then he felt her
hand move onto it. Nikki opened her pussy lips with one finger and guided
Braden's cock to her pussy. Nikki knew this was going to hurt but she had
made the decision and really wanted and needed to do this.

Bradin thought back to what Johnny has said when he had talked about having
sex for first time "Always start off slow and then build up the speed."
Bradin moved his cock in slowly until the head of his cock was fully inside
her. Nikki couldn't believe how good it felt and was pleased that Bradin was
taking it slow, she had thought that he might just want to start thrusting
straight away. Bradin moved more of his cock inside her, he had never felt
something as wonderful as this, couldn't believe how tight she was. Nikki
could feel every inch of his cock and could feel the head of his cock moving
against her virginity and then she felt it rip as his cock moved through her.
Nikki let out a mixed pain and pleasure moan and tears welled up in her eyes.
Bradin didn't notice her crying but kept on moving his cock in and he was
soon all the way inside. "Oh, thank you, god this is so good, you're so
tight," moaned Braden.

It was still hurting a bit but it was also starting to feel good to Nikki,
she couldn't believe that she had been able to fit all of his cock inside
her. Braden start moving his cock in and out; slow at first he wanted to
feel it all. He could hear his girl softly moaning and breathing heavier.
She was being quieter then she normally was when they were together but
this was first time they had actually had sex. Braden started getting over
excited and started to fuck quicker, moving in and out. Nikki had started
to not feel any pain now and started to really get into it, she moved her
legs behind Bradin and was pushing him in further into her when he thrust

Then Nikki then gave herself away by moaning "Oh fuck, this is great, faster
Bradin faster".

It took a couple of strokes before he even realised that the girl underneath
him wasn't Sarah and the voice sounded like his sister. He fumbled with his
hand where he knew the candles and lighter to be and lit the candle. As thecandle was getting brighter he was still thrusting but then it was light
enough to see and he then realised he was fucking his sister, and he stopped
but his cock was still inside her. "What the fuck are you doing, Nikki",
screamed Braden

"Having my virginity taken by my brother, so keep fucking", replied Nikki.

"What are you doing here, Sarah was supposed to be here, she left a message
even on the cave entrance", Braden screamed back.

"Sarah rang up and she is sick, so I came instead, saw you down here before
jerking off, I loved your cock and then when my top come off I could feel it
against me and I knew then that I needed it", replied Nikki.

"Fuck Nikki, this is just wrong", said Braden.

"Yeh but it feels so good, didn't I suck you good, doesn't my pussy feel nice
around your big cock", said Nikki.

"OMG it did feel good, but it's still wrong, but it does feel so good",
replied Braden.

Braden didn't move at first but Nikki started moving her hips up and back and
Braden started to feel that sensation and the negative thoughts in his head
started to give way to the sensation he was feeling in his cock. Braden
started to take more control and grabbed her legs and put them over his
shoulders and stared to fuck her harder.

"Oh Braden, you feel so good in me, your cock is so nice and big, fuck me
harder, harder", moaned Nikki.

Braden started taking short quick strokes and the tightness of her pussy was
getting to him and he could feel the feeling and he started to cum. "I'm
cuming, I'm cuming", Braden screamed as he did one last thrust and shot load
after load into his condom. He nearly collapsed on her but lifted himself off
his sister and laid next to her on the sand.

Nikki looked at the cock that had taken her cherry and could see it getting
soft and put her hand and took off the condom. She brought it closer and
tied a knot in it, I'm going to keep this as a memento of my first time she

Nikki hadn't orgasmed but it certainly had felt really good, well better then
she thought it was going to be. She noticed that Braden was still hard but
exhausted. Nikki moved and sat down on Braden and moved back until she could
feel the erect cock against her ass, and moved her hands between her legs and
grabbed it and guided back into her pussy. She moved the angle and she slowly
let it slide all the way inside until she had it all in herself. She leaned
forward slightly and started to move ever so slightly and could feel her clit
rubbing up against Braden's body and started to feel good straight away.
Braden was starting to feel better and liked the fact it didn't have to work
much in this position. He looked up at his sister and for the first time
really looked at her not as his sister but as girl, he noticed how pretty
she was and then her breasts. They were not as big as Sarah's but they were
certainly a nice size and shape, he moved his hands up and started to caress
her breasts. "Nikki you are so beautiful, these breasts are so soft, I never
really noticed before", said Braden.

Blushing slightly she continued to thrust her pelvis up and down, adjusting
every now and again so there was pressure against her clit. "Thanks, do you
really think so, I love your body too, I never imagined sex could be this
fun or a cock so big", replied Nikki.

It was then that Nikki started to feel the first orgasm from fucking, she
new the signs of an orgasm from all the times she had masturbated but this
was kinda different, more intense. Nikki started quicken her movements and
started screaming "Oh god, that's it, right there, oh yes, I'm cuming, oh
god, yes".

Nikki kept riding his cock backwards and forward after her orgasm and the
peak of it kept on going. Braden was having fun playing with her breasts but
he also wanted to try the doggie position. "Nikki can we change position, I
want to try one more position," Braden asked.

"Sure," relied Nikki and lifted herself of his cock.

"Get on your knees and face away from me," said Braden.

Nikki obeyed straight away and looked back at Braden. Braden moved until his
cock was at her pussy and moved his cock in. He started slowly, just doing
long thick strokes. But then he pulled out and said this is lying to me and
smacked her hard on the ass, and this is not for letting me fuck you earlier
and smacked her hard on the ass again. Nikki yelped with each slap but it
also kinda felt nice, and she wanted to have that cock back in her so she
let him do it.

"Braden please fuck me, I need it, I need your cock in me," moaned Nikki.

"Is my little sis a bit cock hungry," replied Braden.

"YES, please fuck me," replied Nikki.

"You going to let me fuck you any time I want aren't you," asked Braden.

"Yes, anything yes," replied Nikki.

With that Braden thrust deep and hard into Nikki the first stroke lifting
her up off the bed. Braden started moving in and out while holding onto her
waist, having a look at her breasts moving back and forward with the thrust.
He pulled her back up and turned her head and started to kiss her, it was
strange this was the first kiss since he knew he was fucking his sister and
it didn't feel like a sisterly kiss anymore it felt like a sexy girl. He
moved his hand down her body and moved it around and started to caress her
breasts as he continued to thrust into her.

"Oh god, yes, right there, oh Braden, this is so good, I'm cuming, oh god it
feels so good," moaned Nikki as she orgasmed.

The feel of her orgasm around his cock and the extra tightness Braden
started to cum hard and deep. Shot after shot of his cum filling up his
sister. Braden left his cock in his sister until he couldn't shoot any
more cum and his cock was starting to soften and pulled out and laid
back down next to Nikki.

Braden remembered what Johnny said about after sex and leaned over and
hugged his sister and she rested her head of his chest. Even though she had
initiated all this, her head was spinning with everything that had happened
this day, and thought about all the more experiences she would continue to
have. If felt nice to be in his arms she thought, he isn't just using me,
well I kinda used him but it was worth it. After an appropriate amount of
time Braden suggested that they better get backed and they both stood up and
they really looked at each other for the first time.

They dressed and was just about to walk out of the cave when Nikki raced back
and grabbed the condoms, "We might need these", said Nikki.

Braden laughed and started climbing out and helped her out. They walked
along the beach to the walking track that would lead them back. Nikki
wondered if she looked any different, she certainly felt different and
maybe just a little sore down their but kinda good. She could feel his
cum leaking a bit out but the panties was soaking them up. As they got
to the house they stopped holding hands and Nikki started walking in
first but Bradin grabbed her shoulder and turned her around he leaned
in and kissed her passionately. The kiss knocked the breath out of Nikki
because how much passion there was in the kiss, it had made her toes

"I Love you, Nikki", Braden said as they split apart.

Tears came to her eyes and "I love you too", said Nikki.

They walked in as nothing had happened.

The End.

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