Suikoden 5: Forgiveness (MF,preg)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

It was late at night as Miakis walked around the ancient Sindar castle
feeling ashamed of herself.

If the Prince and Lyon had given her half the chance, she'd have killed Georg
without even a second thought! It wasn't till Galleon joined them that she
learned how horribly wrong she'd been.

But by then Georg had already been chased away!!

And now he was back, but try as she might she just couldn't bring herself to
face him. She was just too ashamed of what she did. And Worse when she'd
talked to him at the dwarf camp he'd blamed himself...

Saying "Miakis, you have nothing to apologize for..." and going on about if
he'd spoke earlier it wouldn't have been so bad and all...

She sighed loudly as she walked.

"You know, some people come outside for the piece and quite!" A voice said.

Miakis didn't even have to look to know it was Georg. Slowly she gulped and
turned around.

Sure enough there sat Georg starring back at her. She quickly lowered her
face and looked at the ground, she just wanted to run off some place and

"Look Miakis, I know how you feel, But really!! It's No big deal..." He said
with his normal laugh.

She still couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes, "No!!! No it's
not! I feel terrible and I want to make it up to you Georg." She said almost
bursting into tears.

"Miakis? It's not big deal, Really... If it means that much to you why don't
you just give me a blow job and we'll call it even" he laughed jokingly as he
slapped his knee...

With that Miakis head popped up...

"Really, if that's what it takes to make you forgive me, that I'll gladly do
it...." She said with a great big smile...

"Miakis???" Georg stammered, "I was joking? What are earth are you thinking?"
He added once he picked his jaw up from the floor.

"Oh I don't mind Georg!" She giggled "How do you think I got my position as
Lymslei's bodyguard, I was always sucking commander Ferid's cock...." She
said still smiling.

"Miakis? You can't be serous?" He stammered again and Miakis giggled louder.

"Yep, yep... Once he even made me do it right in front of Her Majesty Queen
Arshtat!" She giggled.

Georg tried to keep his composer, but he could already feel his cock
beginning to swell...

"Miakis.... I don't know what to say?!!" He said, he could feel his mouth
going dry as he started think about what she was saying.

Miakis giggled again, "That's simple! Say you forgive me, and that I've been
a bad little girl and need to be punished!!" she said as she started to inch
closer to him.

"A Ba..bad girl... Punished?!!!" he stammered as Miakis knelt down in front
of him and started to lower his pants.

He watched in amazement as Miakis licked her lips and placed the head of his
cock in her small warm mouth. He was amazed at how wonderfully skilled she
was, slowly pulling back her head, letting her teeth slide along the tip on
his head before taking it back into her mouth.

"Oh... Miakis!! I don't know what to say??" He panted...

Miakis giggled as she let his cock slip out of her mouth. "Just say you
forgive me!!" she said before lowering her head back down on Georg's cock,
this time sliding deep down to his shaft.

"Oh, god!! I forgive you... Just don't you dare stop..." He panted as he
grabbed her head and lovingly rubbed her scalp. He could feel Miakis drool
running down his cock tickling his balls as he pushed her head down farther
on his cock.

Miakis couldn't help but giggling around his cock as her nose nestled in his
pubic hair. She quickly brought her hands up and cupped Georg's balls in her
hands. Squeezing and playing with them.

"Oh, god Miakis... If I'd have known you were this amazing... I'd have asked
to fuck you!!!" Georg panted between moans of pleasure..

Miakis giggled again as she pulled herself up form his cock.. "Don't be silly
Georg..." She smiled "Your welcome to do that too...."

Georg stared at her in disbelief.. "I can fuck you?..." he stammered.

Miakis stood up and giggled, "Of course silly" she said as she lifted her
skirt and slid down her panties. "You just can't cum inside of me, ok..."
She said as she kicked her panties off to the side.

Georg stared in amazement at Miakis beautifully bald cunt, he thought he
could even see a line of her juices leaking down her thighs.

Miakis just giggled as she slid closer to him, without any warning she lined
up his cock with her sex and impelled herself down on it.

Georg's eye almost rolled to the back of his skull.

Miakis was warmer and tighter then anything he'd felt in years. And the soft
little moaning noses she started to make as she started to squirm on his cock
was heaven.

"Oh, your such a bad little girl Miakis" he laughed as he started to slowly
pump into her. "I think it's time for your punishment" he laughed as he
shoved his cock into her as far as it would go.

Now it was Miakis's turn to have her eyes roll back with pleasure. Soon she
was bouncing wildly on Georg's cock.

"Mmmm, Oh Georg..." She panted and she wrapped her arms around him and
started pushing back against his trusts.

Georg was sweating like mad as he pumped into her, He could feel his cock
bottom out with each thrust!!

Miakis felt it too, each time she had to bit her lip to keep from screaming
out with pleasure. Soon she was in a full pant as she closed her eyes and
squeezed her pussy around Georg's cock...

She tried to say something... anything!! But only a long squeal came out as
she entered the best orgasms of her young life...

Georg on the other hand had forgotten all about not Cummings inside of Miakis
and continued to pump into her as her pussy spasms around his throbbing

With a loud grunt he started to let lose, and Miakis was so lost in pleasure
she didn't even notice tell she felt the warmth of his cum inside of her,
even then she couldn't bring herself to stop sliding up and down on his

After her Orgasm subsided she slid herself off and sat starring as Georg's
cum as it leaked out of her well fucked pussy.

Once Georg caught his breath he started to apologize, but Miakis just

"Don't be silly Georg, I don't mind... It was just something her highness
told me!!" She said smiling, "But I kind of like it... I feels really good
having it inside me..." She laughed.

Georg laughed too as he scratch his head.. "Yeah, let just hope you don't get

With that Miakis stopped laughing... "Ohh.... I forgot about that...." she

Sure enough a few months after retaking the Sun Palace anyone could spot the
swelling of Miakis pregnant belly.


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