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This is an alternate story of the evnents seen in Street Fighter the Movie.
Although the movie was terrible, for weeks after I saw it I had wet dreams
about Chun Li and Cammy, especially the scene with Chun Li in the shackles.
So here is the story, It takes place after Bison has gotten seated and before
Chun Li escapes, in this story she's to weak to break the cord and the others
don't rescue her. (you kind of have to see the movie to understand this.)
Also this is the first story I finished so the spelling grammar and dialogue
(I hate writing dialogue.) are pretty bad.


By Dark Jac ([email protected]

Part 1
Chun li glanced down at her wrists in surprise, her thin white wrists were
caught in thick leather shackles attached to one another by a long black
cord, a cord he thought was going to be weak, allowing her to snap it and
escape. Now with the revelation that she was completly helpless and that her
wrists were still caught in the restrictive device, Chun li silently cursed
herself for speaking so contemtuosly to the power mad dictator M.Bison.

He was now standing next to her laughing as she continued to pull on the
cuffs trying despretly to loosen them. Bison reached for her arm to pull her
to the bed and Chun Li let loose a lightning fast kick that was aimed
squarely at his neck, Bison ducked the kick and spun around behind her, he
pushed her over a nearbye table and forced her head into the hard wood.
Holding her with one hand, his legs pressing hers into the side of the tables
so she couldn't kick him, he reached around behind him and retreved a leather
collar which he placed around her kneck. He pushed her accross the room and
watched her sprall to the floor.

The dress he had ordered her into looked gorgeouse on her slim chinese body,
the red silk cascaded around her body hugging her delicate curves, and
assentuating her small mounds, the slightest hint of her nipples shown
throught he stark fabric. The skirt fell to about her knees and the rest of
her deliciously long legs were clad in pink nylons. Her hair was done up into
small little balls at the sides of her hair. As Bison appraised her exotic
beauty Chun Li was springing to her feet and aiming a flying kick at the
generals head. Holding up a remote he pressed the button in the center and
Chun Li cried out with pain as electric shocks twisted through her body. She
hit the floor with a thud and Bison pressed the button again stopping the
current. Chun Li continued to lay on the ground breathing hard, realizing he
was in control and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Don't attack me again" Bison ordered in his commanding tone.

"Yes master" Chun li responded submissively.

"Good you are learning" sneered M. Bison. "Now crawl over to me and take off
my boots."

Chun li couldn't beleve that she was doing this terrible thing, catering to
this madman and serving his every whim, but she was affraid of receving
another shock and vowed to do what he wanted. She approached him on hands and
knees and reached up to untie his boots.

"STOP" he commanded loudly. "no hands, use only your mouth".

Chun li took a deep breath and leaned in closer to the dictators feet. Taking
the end of the shoelases in her mouth she began to work them with her toungue
and teeth until the knoty had been loosened. Next she bit down on the end and
slowly pulled, the string came out of the shoe and he kicked it off. she then
bent in to loosen the right boot. As Bison watched her show, her head bobbing
up and down to loosen the knot he could feel an erection stirring in his
loins. He was excited to get that same mouth working on his member and soon!
Chun li finished with the string and he kcked off the boot. Chun li sat
kneeling and looking up at him in fear, waiting for his next command. Bison
reached down and undid his belt letting his ten inch cock spring forth. Chun
Li's eyes widened as she saw the thick member. She had of course seen cocks
before but this was the largest one she had ever seen, suddenly she felt a
stirring in her loins and she thought How can I be enjoying this.

"Suck my cock until I cum down your slutty throat" M. Bison said.

Chun li had never given a blowjob thinking only whores and sluts did
something so degrading, but now looking at Bison's huge cock just made her
horny and she didn't even need the threat of the electric shock to start
pleasing this man. She moved over to him, her toungue flicking out between
her lips and licking them to get them moist. She then took just the
tip into her lovely mouth her seductive lips pressing lightly on the long
rod, She pulled off of him and extended her toungue licking the entire length
and down into his balls, she then reversed the motian and ran her toungue up
the other side of his member.

Bison had never felt anything so good, he closed his eyes and held back, not
wanting to come right there. Chun li licked around the tip of his cock,
lightly caressing it with her toungue. With a slight hesitation, she put her
mouth around his cock and began to work it down her throat. Bison felt his
cock entering and just couldn't stand it anymore he began thrusting down her
throat, the ten inches burrying themselves down her throat. Chun li started
to choke and gag but evntually relaxing she was able to take the entire
length. After just a few more strokes M. bison let loose a stream of hot cum,
he pulled out enough to let the cum land on Chun li's toungue, Chun Li
continued to hold his cock in hermouth as she sucked every last drop from his

Bison was pleased at how quickly the Girl had become a obediant Slave. He
needed a break but decided to fuck her sweet pussy later that day. Meanwhile
Chun Li continued to kneel, her face was turned to the floor as the
realization of what she had done rushed through her head. I just gave the
dictator a blowjob! 'Oh my god I'm a slut, what will my crew think. What will
everyone think!' This was followed up by a more pressing thought. 'I want to
cum so baddly.............'

Part 2

Bison walked with his slave bitch behind him. She continued to crawl on her
hands and knees with her neck in the collar. Bison had removed the shackles
and had attached a black cord of the same material to her collar as a leash.
She was now walking on his heels obediantly as Bison walked to the control
room. as he entered everyone jumped to attention and saluted. The techs went
about working and Bison tied the leash to a railing and told Chun Li to stay
there. Ken and Ryu, the traitors that thought they had infiltrated his
sanctum had been locked in there quarters, unfortunatly an escape attempt
had killed his top weapons salesman Sagat, as well as his liutenent vega.
Now Bison was waiting for that fool Guile to fall for his trap and come
attacking. He ahd mined the water knowing they were coming in on a stelth
boat and was prepared. Dee jay looked up from his controls and looked at
Bison "general Bison Sir" he said.

"What is it?"

"I thought you should know that Cammy is on board the ship" replied Dee Jay.

Thoughts of the sweet sex he and Cammy had shared together flashed throught
his head. "Don't destroy it until i get her, send Zangafi out to get guile
and capture Cammy."

"Yes sir Mon" Replied Dee Jay, smiling as he called the hulking russian over.

Bison returned to Chun li and retreved the leash "follow me bitch" he ordered
and Chun li obediantly started walking. Bison circulated the base and entered
the prison. He looked at the number on the cells until he found the one he
wanted. As he entered the room Ken leaped up and struck a karate stance no
doubt angry at M. Bison for locking him up. Ken made some smart comment that
didn't even register to Chun Li who was nervous of his reaction to seeing
her as Bison's obediant bitch.

Ken's speech of how he was going to kick Bison's ass ended abruptly as he
saw Chun Li behind Bisons legs. "what the Hell" Ken said as he looked at her.
Chun li noticed the erection that suddenly sprung forth creating a bulge in
his red Ninja outfit.

"She is my obediant Bitch Ken" Bison said smiling. "I have come to ask you
to join my organization, She is a bonus for new members." Ken looked at Bison
Suspiciously but He was so attracted to Chun Li he would do anything to own
her as a slave.

"Only if you give Ryu the same offer" Says Ken.

"Unfortunetly Ryu escaped with Chun Li's team and won't be returning."

"Fine, I'll join but I do expect to be a member of your senate or whatever
your going to call it in your new empire."

M.Bison smiled as he looked at his new general. "My organization has much
better perks than that. You will be a ruler of any country in the world
baring the U.S., you will only be required to report to me." Bison threw the
leash to Ken and he snapped it up in his hand. "Welcome to Bison's army.
Enjoy my present to you. She is yours forever now."

Ken smiled, As Bison led him out of the room and to spaciouse quarters
elsewhere in the fortress.

Part 3

Ken entered the room and pulled the leash to a small closeted area at the
back of the room. Inside was a large pillar eith a ring attached to it. Ken
looped the leash through the ring and tied her there. He ordered her to put
her ankles near the shackles attached to the floor, she did this and he
strapped her small ankles in place. Her legs were spread so far Ken could
see her pussy and how wet she was, he unstrapped her ankles and ordered her
to strip naked.

Chun Li quickly stood and pulled the arm straps off her shoulders and pulled
the dress off, exposing her firm yet small globes. Ken looked at them
hungrily but held himself back wanting to punish her first. She removed her
nylons and returned to a position with her legs spread out to the ankle
straps. Ken straps her into place and orders her to rase her hands into the
metal handcuffs hung from the ceiling by a large chain. She did so and he
locked her in place.

Now for the real torture, Ken reached his fingers down into Chun li's slit
and began stoking her clit. Chun li began to moan and cry out. Ken knew that
soon she would have an orgasem so he stopped. Chun li cried out angrily
trying to thrust her pussy onto his fingers. He pulled back and smirked then
shut the door locking her into complete darkness needing to come.

Several hours latter, Ken opened the doors and Immediatly Chun li started
begging him: "Please master, Fuck me, I beg you, FUCK ME"

"Not yet" replied Ken "first you must be punished for spitting in my face
earlier this week."

Chun Li moaned and Ken unlocked her wrists and ankles and ordered her to
crawl out to the bench he had set up.

Chun Li reached the bench and saw nine diffrent spanking implements on it:
paddle, wooden spoon, cane, switch, cat o nine tails whip, bullwhip, leather
belt, flogger, and a leather strap.

Chun Li's breath was getting faster and harder, and she came just thinking
of being spanked and whipped by these instruments. Ken saw her honey dripping
down her well toned legs and got angry.

"That will cost you, I didn't give you premission to cum. I was just going to
use three of these devices but now I will use all nine, and my hand makes

Chun Li felt her heart drop into her sthomic as she realized she had just
cost herself extra punishment and angered Ken enough so that he would show
her no mercy.

Ken sat down on the bench and ordered Chun li to crawl up onto his lap,
obediantly she stood up and lowered herself over his legs, her ass sticking
up in the air on his right and her head leaning over his lap on his left. He
told her she was required to count out all 20 strokes.

Chun li took a deep breath preparing herself for her punishment. Even so she
was unprepared for the first swat of his hand, it struck her exposed behind
and sent red embers of pain through her body, Chun li gasped in shock and
forgot to count. "COUNT" ordered Ken loudly.

"One" Swat "two" Swat "three".........The spanking continued her but becoming
sore and numb. When she reached twenty she knew it was time for the second
implement. Ken ordered Chun Li to stand up straight with her hands behind her
head while he prepared. As Chun Li stood there the fire in her butt started
to dissapate and she became aware of the wetness surrounding her crotch area.
She felt deep thrills of excitement as Ken chose the next implement. He
picked up the leather strap and swung it experimentally, Chun li's breath got
more ragged as he nodded and turned to her.

"Please" she moaned trying to envoke some form of mercy in him.

"Remain in that position" Ken ordered he drew back the strap and swung it
at her outstretched breasts. As the thick leather stuck her tits, Chun Li
screamed in pain. Again and Again Ken brought the strap down on her
defenceless globes. "Hold on these last two are going to be very painfull."

Chun li braced herself as the lash fell on her right nipple, she screamed in
pain and covered her breasts with her hands.

"I told you not to leave positison" Ken said angrily. You will pay for that.
Bend over and grab your ankles, if you leave position this time you will be
spanked repetadly for the rest of your life as a slave. Chun li gulped and
held her ankles tight. Ken picked up the cane and swung it experimentally, it
hit the leg of the bench with a large WACK!

Chun li was terrified as ken pulled back the cane and prepared to bring it
down on her defencless bottom. He swung it and pain blossumed along her
backside as the cane left a long red welt with blisters in her skin. Ken
pulled back his arm again to deliver another blow and Chun Li winced in

The door slammend open and Dee jay ran in "Hey mon, Bison wants you pronto,
and hes not in a rockin' mood."

Ken turned to chun li "Kneel, and stay in that position until I return."


Ken returned batterned and bruised four hours latter, Chun li was still in
position kneeling and awaiting her master. Dee jay and zangafi followed him
in. They all had evil grins on there faces as the watched the lith chinese
girl trying to stay in position despite her stiff muscles. Zangafi picked
her up in his huge arms and dragged her to the whipping post in the center
of the room. He forced her up against it locking her hands into place in the
thick metal shackles. Behind the naked slave the three men stripped naked
and approached the bench were the spanking implements lay. Ken picked up the
abandoned cane, Dee Jay the paddle, and Zangafi the Cat o nine.

"Slave" said Ken,

"Yes master" whimpered Chun li.

"We have decided to shorten your spanking if you agree to service all of us
when it is over. Do you want mercy slave?"

"Yes please master" Gushed Chun Li happy that she was not going to be hurt
as much.

"Dee Jay will be the first to punish you" Said Ken.

"Alright now little lady" said Dee jay. "After every stroke You will thank
Dee jay and ask for another, do you understand."

"Yes master" replied Chujn li. Dee Jay stepped forward smiling and brought
the paddle down hard on her firm buttocks. Chun li gave a little cry and
quickly said.

"Thank you master Dee Jay" Dee jay looked at her angrily, "You forgot to
thank me mon, You will pay for that."

Chun li winced, the paddle hit again, SWAT "Thank you master Dee jay may I
have another" SWAT the paddle hit again and Chun li spoke "Thank you master
Dee Jay may I have another." Again and again the paddle fell onto her ass
with Chun li getting more and more frantic.

SWAT "Thank you master Dee jay may I have another" SWAT "Thank you master
Dee jay may I have another" SWAT "Thank you master Dee jay may I have
another" SWAT "Thank you master Dee jay may I have another" SWAT "Thank you
master Dee jay may I have another" SWAT "Thank you master Dee jay may I have
another" SWAT "Thank you master Dee jay may I have another" SWAT.

Finally it seemed like he was done, Dee Jay smiled and said "I think I'll
let Zangafi carry out the punishment for forgeting to thank me."

Zangief stepped forward with the whip, "I'll be giving you thirty strokes"
he said in his thick russian accent, "then another twenty for forgetting to
thank Dee Jay." Zangafi shook out the long strands of the whip, Chun li
couldn't see him and could only here the whiplash noise of the Whip hitting
her back. Her nerves flowered in pain and she let out a cry AAAHHHHHHHHH.

Ken walked over and told her to open her mouth, She did so fearfully and
slowly, ken grabbed her jaw and shoved a rag deep into her throat. Chun li
instinctivly tried to spit it out but Ken straped a lether gag over her
mouth to keep it shut. Chun Li could taste something strange on her toungue,
and with a horried scream realized the rag was covered in urien. She tried
to scream and push the rag out of her mouth but the gag had sealed it in
place, and her struggles only helped the yerin make it's way down her throat,
as she continued to struggle Zangafi resumed his whipping accross her naked
yerin rag her back was left in long red welts which only humiliated her more,
she prayed to whitchever god was listening to make this stop. But that didn't

strokes were long and hard, he knew just how to hit a woman to make the pain
last as long as he could between the next stroke. Finally he was done and it
was Ken's turn. Ken looked at Chun li's red ass, and decided only twelve hits
with the cane were needed. He stepped up behind his slave and aimed the cane,
He could here her sobs from the whipping and knew if she could she would be
begging him to stop, This excited Ken so much he wanted to just fuck her but
making her suffer was the priority. Ken raised the cane and brought it down
on her but, She screamed but it was filled with the piss soaked rag she had
in her mouth. He brought the cane down a second time and she screamed again.

Ken decided to finish her punishment on her front side, he went over and
unshackled her, he turned her around to face the men and reshackled her into
place. Zangief pulled on the chain from the other side of the pole and lifted
Chun li to the tips of her toes, so she could not slouch over to protect her
breasts. Ken aimed the ken and swung it connecting with her globes, She
screamed and cried and begged him in her muffled voice, but Ken would show no
mercy. Again and again he struck her tits, getting closer to her nipples with
each stroke, He stopped with two strokes left and stood next to the sobbing
Chun li who had screamed through the entire beating.

Whispering into her ear Ken made her a deal "You have much more coming" He
whispered, "like some punishment on your pussy." Chun li recoiled in horror
and began shaking her head no franticlly. Ken leaned in again and said "if
you can take these next two without screaming, You will be spared." Chun li
looked fearfully at Ken and nodded, Ken stood up and aimed the cane at her
left breast. He drew the cane high and brought it down hard and fast onto her
nipple, Ken watched as her body struggled and tears sprang to her eyes, but
she didn't scream. Quickly he reversed hands and brought the cane smashing
down on her other sack. She wanted to scream but she didn't every fiber of
her body caught up in not letting this little noise come from the back of her
throat, which was covered in piss.

The men let Chun li down and told her that tomorrow would be a big day. Ken
locked her up in position and Chun li fell uncounciouse with the gag still
in her mouth, and her butt, breast and back severly red.


The next morning Chun li awoke to find herself being untied by Dee Jay. Her
body was still sore and red from the beating yesterday and she was glad it
was over. Dee jay dragged her out into the middle of the room where she
kneeled waiting for instructions. Zangief Was nowhere to be seen but her
other two tormenters were waiting nearbye to start the day's events. Ken
ordered her to crawl over and suck his hard cock, Chun li obediantly started
accross the floor to her master, thankfull that her punishment was over, and
her orders were to just please her masters, Something she had learned to do.

Chun li approached Ken's eight inch cock a little disapointed, She had
enjoyed sucking Bison's Ten inches because it fit down her throat so snuggly,
almost choking her air off. Chun li began by lightly licking just the tip of
the cock, slowly bringing more of the shaft into her waiting mouth with each
swirl of her toungue, She had the cock in about five inches now, just enough
for it to barely touch the back of her silky throat. She wasn't gagging yet
but she was getting close, she began to run her toungue over the top of the
shaft that was already in her mouth. Suddenly unpatiantly Ken quickly shot
his knees forward driving the shaft down her throat all the way. Chun li
gaged and was quite amazed that his forcefulness as he face fucked her was
just as exciting of a cock even twice as long. She felt him pull out and
he shot his cum all over her tits and neck, he also accidently shot some on
the floor.

"lick it all up slave then come over to the bed and lay on top of me."

Chun li reached down and boosted her tits up to her waiting mouth, she began
to run her soft toungue along her flesh scooping the cum off her skin and
into her mouth, she swallowed savoring the salty tasteand began to use her
fingers to collect the cum off her neck. Her nipples had gotten hard and
errect from her sucking, and her pussy was drippin wet as she leaned over
and licked the remaining cum off the cold mettle floor. When she was finished
she craweled over to the bed where ken was lying on his back is cock hard
as a rock and sticking in the air ready to go. Chun li craweled onto the bed
and Ken ordered her to ride him.

Chun li slowly lowered herself onto his spear, as it slipped passed the
entrance and bruched her clit she cried out in ecstacy. Chun li began moving
her body up and down onto his cock. Suddenly she felt two hands on her ass,
Chun Li had completly forgotten about the jamaican Dee Jay. He smiled as Chun
li's eyes widened at his ten inch black cock, he slowly parted her asscheeks
exposing her virgin asshole, Chun li got panicked and tried to pull away.

"Don't try to avoid this slave, If you do it's back to the whipping post"
Kens orders make Chun li realize there is no escape, Dee jay smiles as he
begins working his cock into her asian ass. Chun li screams in pain as the
entire length of dee jay's shaft plunge into her virgin asshole, She feels
like her ass is being torn up inside and she begs for mercy. Ken orders her
to be silent as he begins thrusting into her pussy vilontly. As the pain
radiates through her body, Chun li now realizes that it is also plesurefull.
With a final grunt Dee Jay let's go of his load, Ken is only seconds behind,
And with a feroucious growl and yell in the air Chun li orgazems.

As she awakens later in the day, chained in the closet once more, she
realizes she would rather be a slave then anything else in the world.

The End................

Questions,comments,suggestions? write to [email protected], I hope you
enjoyed this story even thought the topic is a little, How shall I put this,
Low quality.


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