Author's notes: This is my first fic that I publish. The reason I chose this one is because I've searched all over and couldn't find a single "Still Standing" fanfic. That didn't feel right, so... I decided to write one myself and post it online so other "Still Standing" fans could enjoy.

A little bit about myself: I particularly love writing incest stories, so all of my stories have at least one or more incest scenes in them. Also, I don't like writing more than one scene per part, so I usually use b-sides for the stories. In this particular series, the "b sides" of each part means that it happens at the same timeline as the original part. (You can see a "story map" at the end of this file).

I'm open for feedbacks or suggestions. Only make sure it involves incest of some sort. Oh, and yes I am a sick, sick person, so don't bother telling me that.

Still Standing: Still Standing Indeed Part 1 - Judy And Brian (mF,inc,m-dom,BDSM)
by Idanyboy

Judy Miller had known she was a Nymph for a few years now. She is the worst at around noon, and her husband, Bill, is always working at that time. When they first got married she used to surprise him at work for a quick nooner, but for a nymph like her, it's all about raising the bar every time. Judy always knew Bill had a "daddy" fetish, and a lot of times when they were screwing, he had asked her to call him 'daddy' or make ponytails in her hair to make her look more child-like. She knew what Bill was thinking all those times.

Although they'd never discussed this, it was pretty obvious that what was his 'on' switch. Judy knew that Bill would never admit it himself, but he wanted to fuck his 2 young girls badly. And Judy herself was no innocent. Many times while she was getting oral sex from Bill, she would imagine it was her first born son, Brian, down there, Licking her into ecstasy. She had always dreamed of her entire family getting closer in that way, because she knew that would make Bill happy, and more importantly, it would make her happy in all sorts of ways. There was never a doubt in Judy's mind that one day she would fuck her son, and she had been waiting a few good years for a good opportunity, ever since Brian was 13.

Finally, the perfect opportunity presented itself. Brian was about to arrive from school extra early this Tuesday. For Judy, that was a perfect chance to get her plan into action. She had often masturbated on the living room sofa, sometimes completely naked, just minutes before the kids would arrive from school. That was her rush, the danger of getting caught. But for this Tuesday afternoon she decided to keep her horny-ness at ease, so when the plan would finally take effect, the outcome would be oh-so much better. She knew she
would have to act quickly, since her older daughter, Lauren, was about to come home just an hour after Brian, and although she was also a part of the master plan, Judy wanted Brian just for herself at first.

Tuesday had arrived.

Judy was wearing her usual "mommy" cloths - nice tight jeans that showed off her great ass, and her usual short-sleeves sweater on top of a blue, long sleeve T-shirt. Her silky, long, Black hair was tied into a ponytail on the back of her head, making her look extra cute. She loved wearing that kind of seductive, yet not sluttish look. Definitely, she was looking better than ever today.

* * *

Brian, a 16 year-old boy, a math genius, has just returned from school. He knew his sister Lauren has just one class more than him, and will be back home in about an hour. Even though their schedules were similar that day, Lauren still insisted she has 1 more class. Something was fishy, Brian thought, but quickly let it out of his head, as he is... well, a teenager.

As he entered his house through the front door, he saw his fine looking mom, Judy, just sitting on the couch acting normal. He always thought his mom was one of the hottest moms on the block, and ever since he was eleven years old he had erotic dreams about her, coming to his room at night, grabbing his hard cock, mounting him, and eventually fucking him. He had struggled with these thoughts for a few good years, but as he grew older, he just came to terms with his fetish. Brian was still a virgin, but in the last year or so,
he's been going into porn websites on the internet, especially S&M ones, and it had a lot of an impact on him. The combinations of the things he saw on the web, along with his incest fetish kept him up a lot of nights. Brian looked at his mom with loving eyes, as any son would. Little did he know her mind was going crazy. She had planned this for days now, and it had to be perfect.

Judy's plan was simple: to virtually seduce Brian by her body movement and some seemingly naive comments and then work her way into checking his "responses", Making the situation unbearable for him to resist, and even if he did, she could just dismiss it as a misunderstanding.

* * *

Brian set on the sofa. Judy quickly set the plan in motion.

"Hey honey, how was your day?" She said naively.

"Okay, I guess. I like those short days. It gives me more time to study on my own. School doesn't really teaches me anything new."

Judy quickly jumped on the opportunity for an implying comment. "You know honey, school isn't everything. There are some things you can't learn at school." She gazed into his eyes, as if signaling him that she doesn't just being parental. Then, she winked at him and got off the sofa. Brian smiled. Judy started walking to the kitchen. She took her pre-placed glass that was on the living room table, still half full with beer, and turned to her son.

"I'm going to get a refill, you want something to drink, baby?"

"No I'm okay..." He replied, not noticing much of his mother's attempts.

As she walked to the kitchen, she deliberately dropped her glass, and watched as it broke to pieces on the floor, making it covered with beer and shattered glass pieces. Her plan was working perfectly.

At this point, Judy was supposed to wipe the mess of the floor, looking all sexy and moving her body to entice Brian. Unfortunately, this is where things took an unexpected turn. The moment she came back with broom and dustpan, she saw Brian there already with a towel, wiping the beer of the floor. He turned to her. "Bring me the broom, you hold the dust pan."

Judy saw this as a great opportunity: she - down on her knees with the dust pan, he - standing in front of her with the broom, moving his pelvis. Perfect chance to get her plan, now a bit interrupted, but still going, a head. She slowly kneeled down, making sure Brian is watching every little move she makes. She moved like a slave at medieval times, about to get punished, and she liked the way it made her feel. She was getting really wet down there, and horny as hell. She knew that if the plan doesn't start to play out soon,
she would just call it off and run to her bedroom to finish the job herself. This was it. Now or never. As she was on her knees, she was confronted with Brian's bulge that was right in front of her. There was no way of hiding it; it was obvious that her plan had worked to some degree... although, when she thought about it, she didn't actually do anything, really. Which made her wonder...


Judy lifted her head. "Yeah?"

At that point Brian held his mom by the head, and pushed it into his crotch. Judy, struggling to catch her breath, lifted her nose up and set her lips right on Brian's shaft that she felt through his pants. She was caught by surprise, which made her wheeze heavily, which made Brian hotter than he already was. He looked directly into her eyes, and Judy saw his face changing from her naive little boy he was a second ago into horny young man. It scared her a little, but it also made her feel very hot. "Suck it, Bitch!" he shouted.

Judy was shocked. She had never heard Brian use that kind of language. Without talking back, Judy grabbed the bulge in Brian pants and began moving her hand up and down of it, occasionally stopping to just grab it and know the feel of it. Brian stopped her. "There isn't much time, Lauren will be here in less then an hour."

"An hour?" Thought Judy "Damn. Boy has got some stamina." While she was thinking and looking up at Brian, she didn't noticed that he'd already unbuckled his belt and threw in on the sofa beside them, then quickly took his 8 inch cock out of his briefs and was pointing it directly in her face. "Oh, baby" Judy said ecstatically. "Mommy's gonna take care of you."

She grabbed her awaiting son's hard on and put her now dried up lips around it's head. "Let's see how much stamina the kid has with his dick up his mother's mouth," she thought. She started going up and down his shaft, then stopped to lick his balls. Brian was not hating this. He grabbed her head intensely and started moving it in a way to signal her that he want the full service now. She complied. She took a deep breath, licked her lips to moisten them, and put her son's entire 8 inches in her mouth, trying to avoid gagging. She was now deep-throating him. At that exact moment, she came. It was just too much for her to bear, and with her full cloths still on, in her tight jeans, she just came. This has never happened to her, not with her husband, Bill, not with anyone. This was the best orgasm she had ever had, and she didn't even do anything yet. She was certain that if this is the way things started, then what the fuck is coming up?

Her Climax wasn't apparent through the jeans, but her intense response when it happened didn't go unnoticeable by Brian. He knew she was liking it. For him, it was a sign that all bets are off and anything goes. He smiled at the view of his mom, deep throating him, trying to avoid gagging, and looking up at him with her beautiful brown eyes. He moved her head away from him, his penis still in her mouth, trying to get a rhythm going for her. She began sucking him slowly, and progressively picking up the pace.

"Ahhh, fuck!" Brian yelled. "You fucking bitch! Faster!"

Brian was in the zone. He reached down to the backside of his mother's jeans and moved it around to find her panties. Then he pushed them up, making Judy scream in excitement. He pulled her to him while moving backwards to the living room table. He set on the table, always keeping his mother in contact with his cock. He let go of her panties and grabbed her head again, pushing it down to his dick, which caused Judy to struggle to move her head up, only to be forced back down by Brian. Slow, rhythmic strokes of her head made
Brian feel in heaven. This is what he's been dreaming about for years.

After a few minutes like that, He got up. He offered a hand to Judy that was still on her knees on the floor, and helped her up. He set her down her the table, and pointed his boner into her face once more .She didn't resist. She happily took his penis into her mouth. Brian started moving his body faster and faster, making Judy's lip actions absolute. At that point, she wasn't sucking him anymore, she was being faced fucked by him. "Ahh, you fucking whore! You like that, huh? You like being a fuck hole for me? Ah? You little bitch!"

All Judy could do is moan, but man, did she love being talked to like that. It didn't matter that it was her own son, which she always kept in order about appropriate language; she was just trapped in the moment. After about 2 minutes or so of being face fucked, Brian felt it coming. Pushed his mother's face hardly towards him, and came in her mouth. She loved the taste of cum down her throat. She held Brian by the butt cheeks, making sure to catch every drop of cum. She swallowed it with pride, and then opened her mouth to show Brian. He nodded at her and smiled. Brian took his pants off completely and set on the sofa, trying to recover. "That was...Amazing!" he said, short of breath.

"Yeah" Judy replied, checking the sides of her lips, to see if any of the cum had dripped out.

They both knew it wasn't the end. Judy moved towards Brian and kissed him deep on the lips. After a few seconds, she broke the kiss, and moved her knees onto the couch, straddling Brian. She looked deeply into his eyes as she slowly removed her short-sleeved sweater, to reveal that her long sleeved shirt below had two holes on it, placed exactly over her now hard as hell nipples.

"So that's why you keep wearing two shirts," Brian said.

"No, I did that especially for you, son," she said with her sensual voice, which she knew turned guys on. It was a lie, but it didn't matter.

Brian didn't waste any time. He immediately started sucking on his mom's hard nipples. Judy opened her mouth as if she was about to scream, but nothing came out. She just forced her eyes close, and held Brian's head, pushing him towards her breast.

"Oh yeah, baby. Mommy likes it! Do it, baby. Suck my boobs!"

Brian handled it like a pro. He bit down on one her left nipple, and pulled on it, making Judy scream in pain. He then turned to her right nipple, doing the same thing. Judy couldn't handle it anymore. She was about to come again and she knew it.

"Oh baby. yessss baby! Fuck! FUCK! Ahhhhhh, yeah that feels great. Don't stop!"

At that point, Judy was already sweating bullets from all that have happened. She pulled Brian's head away from her breast and made him look at her. She passionately kissed him hard on the lips. She broke the kiss quickly and continued to undress. She took her other shirt off, revealing a great upper body for a woman her age. She felt Brian's penis growing underneath her at that point. She started moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her jeans over his penis. "You like that, huh?" she smiled at him.

Brian just looked at her, saying nothing. She decided to do a little striptease for her son. She got off of him and stood up, facing him directly. She unbuttoned her jeans. The feel of relief as her hot skin was released from the denim caused her to sigh. She wore pink silk panties, and instantly saw Brain's dick getting bigger as soon as they were revealed. She brought the jeans down to her knees and set down on the table so she could take it off completely. Brian took that as an opportunity.

He grabbed her by the ankles, then pulled them up, making Judy fall with her back on the table. He got up, and threw her jeans out of the way. He moved his head down between her legs, looking straightforward to her soaked panties as if they were a barrier, keeping him away from the Holy Grail. He licked his own lips, and then slowly started licking her panties. Licking it in straight lines, he teased her, trying to get her to beg him to suck her. And it didn't take long "Ahhh,baby! Do it already! Fuck me with your tongue!"

Brian smiled. He tore the small fabric of her panties and finally got to see his mother's amazing shaved pussy. After a few seconds glare he got to work. He started licking her clit quickly. As soon as his tongue made contact with her skin, Judy moaned. She has been waiting for this forever; she was so frigging horny that she didn't care if the neighbors hear her screams. She just wanted to be fucked. By whoever may be there. And if it's her own son than all the better.

Brian continued licking his mom's clit and started putting his index finger inside her pussy. While he was expecting a huge moan from Judy, all she did was whimper, and was biting down her bottom lip. He took it as a great sign. He stuck another finger in there, then a third one. With the third one he started slowly moving his hand in and out of her. Judy released her lip just to softly whispered, "Ah, fuck. Yhea, baby. Fuck me. Fuck mommy. Faster."

He did as he was instructed. He rapidly moved his hand in and out of mother's cunt while lick ing her clit. After a few minutes like that, Judy came a second time. Her hips jerked and her entire body started to spasm, releasing her juices all over Brian's hand and face.

Brian took his fingers out of his mother's pussy and put them right inside her mouth, making her taste her own juices. Judy was still recovering from her latest climax and didn't even notice that Brian's fingers where in her mouth. "Stand up" he instructed her.

Judy stood there with nothing but her panties' strap around her waist. Brian went and set on the couch, admiring the view of his naked mother while moving his hand up and down his rod. Judy just stood there, not sure what to do next. To think she had planed for something like this and thought she would be in control. Now she feels totally passive after her son gave her 2 amazing orgasms.

"Get on your knees. Hands behind your back," he ordered her.

Judy was getting hot again. "Okay" she softly said.

"Master," he abruptly yelled out.

"What?" Judy was caught off guard.

"Master. Call me 'master'. I am your master and you are my slaving whore, here to service me," he said, reaching over to his side, taking the belt that laid there.

"But Brian" she said.

Brian folded the belt, and before his mom could finish her sentence, he whipped it on her stomach. "Master! Call me master!" he yelled, making his mom uncomfortable and confused. "Now turn around and bend over, you filthy whore!"

Judy saw her son with an insane look in his eyes. It made her feel scared, but also very aroused. She'd never seen him like this. She was feeling her snatch getting hot and ready for a third time today. She pulled herself together and with a shaky voice she whispered, "yes master", and did as he pleaded.

She loved role-playing, and the feel of pretending to be someone else. She never forgot that one night with her husband Bill, when she pretended to be Brenda, a blonde girl from San Francisco, new in town, and eager to learn. That night was one of the best sex she'd ever had. But now, that night looked like just another night. The taboo acts she was doing right now is no comparison.

At this time, Judy was completely naked and bent over in the middle of the living room, trying to keep her balance by pushing her hands on the floor, which was still wet from the beer she had spilled earlier. Her magnificent ass was high in the air and she just remained in that position, afraid to do something that might agitate her young offspring. Brian placed his hand on her ass, patting it, feeling it, rubbing it softly. Then he suddenly stopped.

Judy was scared that Brian had finally realized that they've taken things too far. But before she could think of anything to say, she felt the cold leather of Brian's belt landing powerfully on her ass. Judy screamed from pain and fiercely closed her eyes. She was in ecstasy once again. She was going crazy.

Seconds later, Brian returned to rub her ass, slowly and softly, occasionally putting his finger at the opening of her asshole, causing her to moan slightly. Then he would stop, and with one quick whoosh, the cold belt landed on her hot ass chicks once again. Brian was rubbing his penis faster and faster. Judy, Seeing this in her bent over position was getting hotter than ever. Her own son was masturbating in front of her naked bent over self, while spanking her. This is way more that she could have ever asked for. She
was getting anxious for the feel of her young son's huge dick in her wet pussy, or even better, up her asshole, that up until now has gotten almost no attention.

Brian, still holding the belt, positioned himself right in front of his bent over mother. His penis was pointing straight ahead to her pussy, as if it was a traffic sign, instructing where to go. Judy braced herself, and started eagerly moving her body towards his dick. Brian Began rubbing the head of his dick on his mom's wet cunt, then directing it upwards, moving his shaft all over her wetness. He reached over, grabbed Judy by her ponytail and pulled it towards him, making her stand up a little, but not all the way. At that point, Judy screamed the loudest she ever did; not out of pleasure or pain, but just out of annoyance of Brian's teases "Fuck! Just fuck me, goddammit! Ahhhhhhhhh FUCK!!"

Brian smiled. This is just what he's been waiting to hear. He took the belt and strapped it around his mom's neck, then pulled on it, making her choke a little. Things were definitely getting more hardcore than any of them expected, but they were in the moment. "Come on...come on... Please, Brian... PLEASE! JUST DO IT!" Judy pleaded...

At that point the main door of the house burst open, and there stood an out-of-breath Lauren, amazed at the sight of her brother, semi-naked, standing over their naked mother with a belt around her neck.

"Holy crap! What the hell's going on here?" she said with both her eyes wide open.

"Ohh, great..." Judy thought to herself.


(Next story published will be Part 1 B-side)

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