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Still Standing: Alone In The Park (f-zoo)
by CanisLupus

Thirteen year old Lauren walked through the park with her eyes on the ground. She wanted to be alone, but as always there was nothing but chaos back home. She'd never get a minute of peace there and that was exactly what she needed the most. For almost a year now she had been having these strange feelings. She couldn't really describe them and she didn't dare to talk to anyone about them. Actually, it wasn't all that bad anyway, just a kind of nervousness that always vanished again after a while. The problem was more the part of her body where that nervousness always began.

A couple of month earlier she had to her delight found out that it helped when she fondled herself 'down there'. As a matter of fact it always lead to a moment of pure joy rushing through her body. She wondered whether that was what the other girls meant by 'pleasuring themselves' or 'masturbating'. Maybe she should have paid better attention in Sex-Ed. Anyway, it was really nice, so her parents would probably forbid it if they ever found out.

Now she had felt that nervousness all day, ever since one of the jocks at school had pulled up his shirt in the cafeteria to show off his muscles. The hall monitor had put a stop to it immediately, but every time Lauren thought about it the feeling between her legs got stronger. The whole rest of the day she had been wriggling about on her chair until one teacher had threatened to send her to the principal. The thought of having to explain to the principal why she was so restless almost gave her a heart attack. So she had done her best to pull herself together. But time had been crawling after that. Longingly she had been thinking about finally getting home, go to her room and getting some relief. But her dad had invited his stupid friends to watch a stupid Cups game. It wouldn't have been the first time for one of her dad's buddies to accidentally stumble half drunk into her room in search of the bathroom. She just knew she would die from embarrassment if anyone ever surprised her while she was doing 'that'. Hiding in the bathroom wasn't an option either since they would keep knocking on the door for sure. Her mom had expressed her concern anyway about Lauren spending so much time in the bathroom.

So she had told her parents she was going to the library to do her homework where it was quiet. Instead, however, she had gone to the park to think about where she could possibly be undisturbed long enough. But with every place that came to mind she thought of a thousand things that could go wrong. She even considered aunt Linda's place, but how should she explain to her that she came to visit but wanted to be left alone at the same time. Besides, she would probably only end up having to listen to one of her aunt's seemingly endless and incredibly boring stories anyway. The price was just too high.

No, she couldn't come up with a solution and the longer she thought about it the stronger her 'nervousness' got. Not to mention that her panties had become wet and sticky which was beginning to get uncomfortable.

Her gaze fell upon a grove with dense undergrowth, which brought a small smile to her face. At least 'one' problem that could be solved. The boscage seemed dense enough to hide her for as long as she would need to get rid of her wet underwear. She had a quick look around to make sure no one saw her. She noticed several people in the surrounding park, but none of them was looking in her direction. Carefully, so she wouldn't tear her clothes, she stepped between the trees. Lauren looked out for a sort of clearing large enough for serving as an impromptu changing room. After a short search she found a suiting place of maybe two by two yards. She carefully looked around, but although she could still hear the sounds from the park, all she could see were trees and bushes. So she figured that no one from the outside could see her either. Still her heart was beating like a jungle drum. After all, she was about to strip in a public place. A rustling from the shrubs made her jump, but it turned out to be just a squirrel. She put her hand on her chest as if to check whether her heart was still beating and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. *Now or never* she thought and unbuckled her belt. Carefully she pulled down her pants and panties together. She scrunched up the underwear and stuffed it into a pocket of her pants. However, as she was just about to put her pants back on, a wild thought crossed her mind. Maybe this was just the place she'd been looking for all along. She had another careful look around to make sure that she could really really really not be seen from outside. There still was that rustling from the bushes but she didn't care about the squirrel. Making her decision she swiftly took off her shirt and bra. She took another look around, rather bold than careful this time. It was an exhilarating feeling, standing there butt naked in the middle of the park. The thought of so many strangers being close but yet unaware of what sight they were missing made the thirteen year old's heart beat at a million beats a minute. That and the thought of how naughty and illegal her actions were only served to intensify the feeling in her groin. She looked down at her naked body, allowing her hands to slowly move over her small perky teeny breasts with their pale aureoles. Her small pointy nipples were fully erect and when she touched them, she felt intense shockwaves shoot through her body. Licking her lips, she fondled her nipples, causing first sighs of excitement to escape her mouth. At last she let her hands slide down from her breasts, over her flat belly on to her thighs. The excitement made her shiver while she moved her hands on to the thin field of sparse coppery hair above her twat. She let out more sighs as she tenderly stroked her pubic mound.

She wanted to lie down but there were just too many small stones and twigs lying around. Her legs, however, had begun to shiver with excitement and she didn't trust her ability to keep standing for much longer. So she carefully lowered herself to her hand and knees. She folded her shirt to an impromptu cushion to have a place where she could put her arm while her other hand was busy elsewhere. The position was unfamiliar to her, since so far she had always been lying on her back (and once in school sitting on the toilet). But there's a first time for everything she thought and closed her eyes while resting her forehead on her arm.

Lauren sighed in relief when she could finally give in to the urge between her legs. Her hand was practically flying over her love knob and she had to bite her lips to suppress a loud moan. She felt the familiar heat beginning to spread through her body with the promise of sudden relief. Soon she lost all sense of where she was. All that mattered, all that existed in her hormone flooded mind was her hand and the place it was rubbing.

Suddenly the thirteen year old redhead felt something heavy landing on her back. Her eyes flew open with shock and her heart almost stopped beating. She turned her head around and saw a huge black dog, with his head right above her own and his front legs around her waist. Her mind was like frozen and she found herself unable to either think or do anything. She had not the slightest idea of what was going on, but she was scared, so she froze like the proverbial deer in the headlight.

When a second later her brain slowly began getting back to work, her first thought was to cry for help. But she just couldn't. The thought alone of some stranger finding her like this was so embarrassing that to her thirteen year old mind death would have been preferable. Her wide opened eyes were transfixed on the dog's head and she could feel his hot panting breath on her face. Still unable to move, she felt something at the corner of her mind. Something was continuously poking her thighs and ass cheeks, but she couldn't make any sense of the sensation. Only when the poking began to hit near the spot where her hand still was, understanding began to dawn on her. That freed her mind of the shock and she wanted to do something, anything, about it. But unfortunately she still was unable to move a muscle. And then it happened.

With one powerful thrust she could feel her virginity come to a sudden end as the beast rammed it's cock into her body up to the balls, ripping her hymen as if it wasn't there. A short shrill scream escaped her before she could bite her lips. She'd rather get raped, even by a dog, than be seen like this by anyone.

The dog adjusted his position, grabbing her by the waist with his forelegs and once more rammed his whole thing into her. Lauren's eyes and mouth opened wide with shock, pain and a sudden need for oxygen. The thing inside her must have been gigantic. She could swear the dog was pushing it right into her stomach. When the beast started humping her in earnest it's thrusts were so powerful, the girl had to put her other hand down to keep her balance. She felt like her insides were torn apart and the pain made her cry. She was all too aware of the beast's breath on her neck, of it's saliva dripping on her back and the burning scratches the dog's paws had left on her waist. But none of it could be compared to the feeling of the huge cock being hammered into her body. She sighed with relief when she felt the pain lessening with every thrust. Instead she could feel a heat spreading through her, growing stronger in much the same way. The heat felt nice and comforting so she began to concentrate on it instead of the pain and humiliation.

"Mmm... mmh... mmh..." Only when she involuntarily began to moan, she fully realized that she was actually having her 'first time', even if it was with a dog. And the thought crossed her mind that it might even have sort of an upside. After all, dogs didn't brag, talk to parents or got thirteen year old girls pregnant.

"Mmm... mmh... mmh..." Moaning louder now, she began to move her hips. Instinctively she tried to get into rhythm with the beast. She was leaning on her elbows now and grabbed her flowing red mane to support her head and forgot completely about being in the middle of a public park. Again and again she passionately moaned when the dog's balls hit her love knob. She could feel the beast's cock rub over every square millimeter of her channel walls as it kept moving in and out of her teenage body. It was as if a million nerves within her had been set on fire. A fire that burned away every shred of inhibition, shyness and innocence she had ever had.

With every thrust her pussy adjusted a little more to the invader's size and every adjustment served only to increase Lauren's passion furthermore. Waves of lust were rushing through her body causing her moans to turn into voluptuous whimpers.

"Aaawww", the little redhead screamed as something large - even larger actually - was forced into her former virgin cunt. Her opening felt as if it was almost torn to pieces by the thing that from the feel of it seemed to be as big as her head. She screamed with pain and fear when she realized that the dog was now stuck within her. But when she tried to wiggle free, the huge thing moved within her and bolts of electricity shot from her pussy straight to her brain. She could feel the dog beginning to pump what felt like gallons of his load into her womb.

"Oooooooh... mmmnnnhhh...oooooooooh...AAAAAAAAHHHHH". The feeling pushed her over the edge and she came as hard (and loud) as through any of her self pleasing sessions combined. And while the beast held it's position it shot more and more of his cum up her body and all the time she kept cumming herself...

What lasted for five, maybe ten minutes, seemed like hours to her. When she could finally feel the thing inside her shrink enough for the bond to break, the dog simply jumped off of her and vanished into the undergrowth again.

The no longer virgin Lauren however collapsed totally exhausted and unable to move. She could just stare ahead and feel dirty as she lay there, stark naked and filled to max with doggy sperm. But one thing she realized with a deep sigh was for sure - the need between her legs was cured for now...


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