An alternate ST reality, where a new intergalactic alliance is being formed to fight the 'Bugs' who are a threat to all. Lady Blue, G.O.L.D. heroine from Mechas 4, and one of the most powerful, is dispatched to a remote outpost.

I do not own the characters of Starship Troopers, they are used only as tribute and parody. I do own these versions of Lady Blue and G.O.L.D. and can do any damn thing I want to with them. If you love bugs don't read this story because I slaughter them!

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex. This chapter, set-up, no sex.

Starship Troopers 2: Blue Lady Blue Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

I am the Watcher; I know, you were expecting Icutu, a member of the Voyeurs, a perverted offshoot sub-sect of our race. This tale is far too important to trust to those perverts although lust plays a part in this tale. To start we must first re-wind the time stream some 100 years: Heroes walked the Earth then, the greatest, yet most unsung, were the men and women of G.O.L.D.

At that time there was another threat to the galaxy, although few were aware of it. As always it was G.O.L.D. who rose up to meet his threat without thought of fame and reward. Leaving Earth aboard their own starship they went off to again save the galaxy.

Because the round trip would take nearly 100 years, even with transwarp and tachyon drive, the leader of G.O.L.D., China Dragon, had to make a decision.

Dropping off the more mortal members of the group on planets friendly to G.O.L.D., the ones with longer life spans or virtual immortality continued on. Science on Stalerion, Mechas 4, and the 5 planets of the Sappho star system could extend the life spans of these heroic men and women so that they could fight another day.

But it was during this time that still another threat to the galaxy arose. The 'Bugs'! The 'Bugs' cared nothing for the planets they invaded. To be really cliche, the 'Bugs' were truly 'locusts' in form and deed, stripping planets of all life and then moving on. As Earth reached for the stars conflict was unavoidable.

One thing that must be said here and now, no matter what the lying, appeasement liberals say; the 'Bugs' started it!! While the 'Bugs' and humans had been running afoul of each other for better than 50 years, and Earth and her colonies had been majority gearing up for war for 10 years, it was the 'Bugs' who attacked first with their cowardly attack on Buenos Aires that murdered millions.

After a disastrous failed first attack the Mobile Infantry changed the tide by capturing the 'Brain Bug'. Victory followed victory as the humans pushed the 'Bugs' off planet after planet. But the numbers of the 'Bugs' seemed endless, the cost, to personnel and equipment was always high.

In my 4 billion-year life span I have learned many things, among them, appeasement never works. Appeasement in this case would mean the death of every man, woman, child, puppy, kitten, goldfish, EVERYTHING on Earth and her colonies.

Five years of total war is a long time. The Earth Alliance Federation government itself was slipping into a fascist state as morale lagged and casualties mounted. The total population of Earth was 5 billion with perhaps 7 billion on the colonies. The bugs could breed that many in a month.

The appearance of the G.O.L.D. starship was being kept from the public by the government run media as the leaders were divided. There was hope, but also fear. The chance to have 7 more allied planets, advanced weaponry, 25 billion humans, 2 billion living robots, and the super heroes on their side weighed against the loss of personal power. China Dragon saw the encroaching fascism and was not going to stand for it.

In the end, self-preservation was a whole lot stronger than keeping an iron fist. Earth needed the thousand pound gorilla as the war was turning into a stalemate. But there was still negotiation and coordination to hammer out.

The new alliance needed to set up a new chain of command. The Sappho planets, Stalerion, and Mechas 4 needed to re-arm and rebuild their military's after a century of peace. New technology for the weaponry upgrades needed to be advanced. Even with China Dragon it was going to take years before the full power of the new alliance could be brought to bear.

The heroes and heroines of G.O.L.D. were not going to wait that long. Men and women of courage, they were not going to sit on the sidelines. China Dragon knew they would be better used as a strike force but also knew those he led. There was no way to keep them out of the fight. So he called together his mightiest. They were few, maybe a dozen strong, not enough to change the war, but the most likely to survive.

Questar was put in charge of the team that prepared to join the fight. There were many places that needed help. Too many. Questar had 4, counting himself, he thought could handle solo missions. The others he doubled or tripled up. Among those who Questar thought could go solo was Lady Blue.

Lady Blue a.k.a. Blue Yamaguchi was a mutant heroine from Mechas 4, a planet populated by humans who appeared to be of mixed Scandinavian/Asian stock and sentient self-willed robots. They were a tall exotic looking people who had the best of both features. Lady Blue was a total beauty, a tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed Asian.

Lady Blue had a wide variety of super powers, greater than 50-ton strength, lvl. 5 invulnerably, laser powers she could use in a variety of ways, flight of 500 mph. and the ability to see light in all different spectrum. In addition she was a Captain America/Batman class martial artist.

* * *

A planet without a name. Earthlike atmosphere, rich in important minerals, but otherwise the planet was barren. Just one of dozens of planets being fought over by the Federation Mobile Infantry and the Arachnids. The humans were stretched thin, the Arachnids had hundred's of millions to spare. Called simply 'Bugs' by humans the Arachnids were planetary parasites who stripped worlds of their resources then moved on.

The Arachnid's had evolved into specific species, breed for special purposes. There were huge 'beetles' who had a natural ability to fire plasma bolts into space and a smaller (though still house sized) 'beetle' that had a 'flame-thrower' ability. The most common Arachnid was the 'warrior' a kind of ant/mantis that swarmed by the tens of thousands. A similar 'dragonfly' version was also common.

Then there were 'brain bugs' whom looked like larvae. These were rare, very rare, and ate the brain of sentient creatures to gain their intelligence. They directed the battles and strategies of the Arachnids. Without the 'brain bugs' the Arachnids had only their overwhelming numbers. That had not been enough as the humans won battle after battle, driving the bugs from planet to planet.

But the war of attrition had taken its toll. The humans couldn't afford the high cost of battle in men and material, the bugs could lose a billion and not blink. And so it was that frontline Brigadier Jack Shepard had landed on this desolate world in relief of outpost Hotel Delta 1-8-5 only to find himself in need of reinforcements.

Gen. Shepard, normally in command of a full brigade, found himself given only a third of a battalion, as command was that shorthanded. The Arachnids attacked in force using their usual swarming tactics. But Gen. Shepard was no armchair general, but a bold commander who took fire with his men and beat them back albeit with the cost of his few fire support vehicles.

No human enemy could have taken the casualty's Gen. Shepard's bold counter attack inflicted. But while the bugs retreated they didn't go far. Knowing that he himself was now in danger, the general reasoned that his best bet was to continue his mission, get to the outpost, and there link up with it's defenders, dig in, and wait for support.

Hotel Delta 1-8-5 was only 10 miles away, but there were half a billion bugs between them. Again Gen. Shepard proved himself a more than able commander. A flank, a zigzag, a flank in the opposite direction, always getting the high ground the Mobile Infantry inflicted 50-1 casualty's on the bugs as they slowly fought their way forward.

But even if they had been inflicting 100-1 on the bugs it would have been the same. By the time they were less than a mile away from 185, Gen. Shepard found himself almost trapped with 100 men and women on a small hill. His entire officer corps except his psychic Lt. Pavlov Dill was dead.

The psychic core had proven itself time and time again. Psionic abilities had started showing up before G.O.L.D. left Earth. On paper, Lt. Dill was a strong psi. in reality, seeing his first combat, Lt. Dill was starting to lose it. In the early conflicts he'd been okay, but now, as the humans went down, 1 or 2 at a time, brutally eaten alive, panic was starting to sit in. His psychic flashes became jumbled, confused.

"Snap out of it Lt.!" Gen. Shepard ordered, "You're the psychic, what are you seeing."

"They're all around us," Lt. Dill gasped, "They have us in a vise. Squeezing us. So many! Too many!"

"We'll see about that," Gen. Shepard huffed, "I'm not out of tricks yet. Sgt. Miller; how many left in A company?"

"Twenty-seven sir," Sgt. Miller replied killing 3 bugs.

"Sgt. Rake, how many left in B company?" Gen. Shepard asked.

"Forty-eight, correction, 47, now 46 sir, "Sgt. Rake replied killing 2 bugs.

"We stay here, we all die," Gen. Shepard said, pulling out a cigar, cool as a cucumber, every man or woman willing to die for him, "We try to run they'll catch us out in the open and we're all lunch. A company, unfurl my personal colors, prepare to launch smoke! We'll hold here. Lt. Dill! Take B Company through the hole! Get them to Hotel Delta!"

"Sir, you can't stay here," Sgt. Rake protested.

"I can and I will," Gen. Shepard lit his cigar and blew a smoke ring, "My job as commanding officer is to get as many of my troops home alive as I can. Even the bugs know a general's flag. I have to stay."

"Sir, I should stay in your place, "Lt. Dill protested, afraid or not he was no coward, "You are too vital for the Federation!"

"Those are my orders Lt. Dill!" Gen. Shepard ordered.

"Yes sir!" Lt. Dill replied with a respectful salute.

Despite the danger all the remaining members of B Company lined up behind Lt. Dill in 2 rows and also saluted.

"Gentlemen, ladies," Gen. Shepard saluted back, "It has been an honor serving with all of you. Smoke!"

With the order the entire field was covered in smoke as the general ordered a concentrated fire in one area. Lt. Dill led B Company through the opening unnoticed by the Arachnids. All any of the humans could think of was Custer. Gen. Shepard had good ground and even with what little was left of A Company he wasn't going to go down easy.

As fast as they could double time B Company headed for the outpost. It was the only possible refuge left. They almost made it. Hotel Delta 1-8-5 had been in sight for several minutes. Only a few minutes away when hordes of Arachnids appeared on the right, left, and behind them.

"Oh shit," Sgt. Dede Rake said.

The bugs seemed to pause, shaking in what to them psychics had determined was their form of laughter. Pretty private Lei Sahara let out a low scream, falling to her knees, hands on head.

"Sandstorm!" Lei cried out, "Huge! Deadly!"

"Arrrgghhh!" Lt. Dill clutched his head, "She's right! Get to the barricades! Run!"

It was no longer an orderly affair. Not quite ever man for himself', but close as the bugs swarmed. A half dozen men and 2 women were caught and ate by the bugs. The barricades were close, less than 100 yards. The doors flew open as Captain V. J. Dax and 10 troopers charged out trying to cover them, along with the automated guns.

A furious desperate fight started. More than once the bugs almost overwhelmed them. Captain Dax rallied them as the wind picked up. In seconds the wind was a howling flesh shredding deluge of wind and sand. The difference in intelligence between man and Arachnid became clear as the humans rushed into the safety of the outpost, the bugs, even those who could have made it, continued to attack losing a million or more.

Not that that mattered at this point. Only Lt. Dill with 5 men and 3 women of B Company were left. Sgt. Dede Rake, Cpl. Kobe, Pvt.'s Horton, Lei Sahara, Jill Sandee, Tor, Otter, and Brick. Of the Hotel Delta contingent only Captain Dax remained.

"Okay, who the hell are you people?" Captain Dax asked, spitting out sand and reaching for a canteen.

"Lt. Dill sir," Dill saluted, "Psychic, Federation Mobile Infantry! We are, or were, supposed to be your rescue party. It appears that you rescued us. Thank you."

"Don't thank me," Dax didn't return the salute, "All I did as prolong your suffering. As soon as this sandstorm blows over we're dead. All of us!"

"Sir?" Dill asked.

"We're it," Dax continued, "This is all of us. All my men are dead. The guns were on reserve power, the electric barrier is out of commission, radio's okay, but not enough power to send a distress signal. All we've got left is lights, scanner, and maybe hot water."

"Are you the commander here sir," Dill asked, annoyed at the man's pessimistic attitude.

"The commander was Major Holtz, he's dead," Dax said matter of faculty, "Good riddance. He wasn't bad for awhile, but the last few days he seemed to go nuts."

"When did he die sir?," Sgt. Rake asked.

"Yes, and under what circumstances sir?," Dill asked.

"It's complicated," Cap. Dax sighed.

"This storms going to last at least 24 hours," Lei Sahara said, holding her head in pain, "Sir."

"Psychics," Dax almost spat, "Okay, everyone follow me to the mess hall. We're in hell, but I doubt 10 can put a dent in provisions designed for 150 for 3 months. We might as well fatten ourselves up for the bugs to munch."

"Yes sir," Dill said, "But could I have a minute with Pvt. Sahara?"

"Knock yourself out," Dax barely managed to keep from saying 'freak'.

A lot of combat veterans had low opinions of psychics, mutants, and meta humans. Captain Dax led the others towards the mess hall. Lt. Dill looked at her, his first real good look. Even the uniform and dirt couldn't hide the fact that Lei Sahara was a beautiful woman.

"You're a psi?" Dill said rather than asked.

"I scored high as a girl sir," Lei replied, head down, "A 7.5 on the Xavier scale sir."

"Higher than I did," Dill looked her up and down, "I did 7 even on the Xavier scale. Why aren't you an officer? Psi's and meta's get instant commissions."

"I-I lost my power sir," Lei said, "Today's the first time since..."

"Puberty," Dill finished for her "Around 13 I'd say. Common for women. Very rare for psi powers to return unless the woman is..."

"A lesbian sir," Lei now finished for him, "Yes sir."

"Sgt. Rake?" Dill asked reading her, "And Pvt. Sandee too? Quite a little 3-some. Very kinky too. You could make a fortune in BDSM holo-vids."

"Please sir," Lei said, tears forming, "It's in regulation and even encouraged by Federation High Command to prevent pregnancy's that would take good soldiers out of the field."

"You will have no problems from me Pvt. Sahara," Dill said, "Even if I did have a problem with it, we're probably not going to survive much longer. Let's go, I can sense fresh coffee."

"Wait," Lei said then added, "Sir. There's someone else here. A woman, powerful, beyond anything I've ever heard of."

"Yes," Dill said closing his eyes, "You're right. A prisoner. But by her choice."

"Lady Blue?," Lei asked, eyes also closed, long dormant ability reawakening, "What kind of name is that?"

They joined the others, hot meals already cooking, fresh coffee brewing. Captain Dax wasn't in the room, but soon returned with 2 bottles of scotch.

"Major Holtz's private stash," Captain Dax had the first smile they had seen him with, "There's 5 cases of it so don't worry about running out. I think the condemned can get rid of rank at this point too. Unless you've got a tech."

"I wish we did sir," Sgt. Rake shook her head.

"Damn Holtz for sending Peck out with that patrol," Dax lost his smile, "The one man who could save all of us, wasted."

"This Peck sir, is he that good a fighter," Cpl. Kobe asked.

"Peck? A fighter?" Dax started laughing so hard that for a minute they thought him mad.

"Sir?," Dill asked.

"I'm sorry," Dax chuckled, "Who's the smallest person in your outfit. Pvt. Sandee? Tech Sergeant Peck wouldn't last 5 minutes in a sparring match with her. He's a rabbit, a mouse, I don't know how the hell he passed basic, but he's a super genius when it comes to machines."

"He's dead sir?" Dill asked.

"Next person calls me sir gets punched in the face, man or woman," Dax said, "It's Dax. Yeah, he' dead. If the bugs didn't get him this sandstorm did. Along with the rest of the patrol that damned fool sent out to meet you. Twenty good soldiers, but Peck was the most important."

"I'm sorry," Dede said, "We didn't see them on the way here."

"Why would your commander, Major Holtz risk such an important man for a patrol he clearly was not suited for," Dill asked, almost saying 'sir'.

"Like I was saying, the last few days Major Holtz was acting, different," Dax said," It started about a week go when he personally went out on patrol. He was the only one who came back. That's when the accidents started."

"Accidents?" Cpl. Kobe asked.

"If I believed in sabotage, which I can't, because even a moron appeaser wouldn't be stupid enough in our circumstances," Dax continued," Things started to happen, power surges, heavy wires with suspicious breaks, 2 men died. Major Holtz kept putting off calling for reinforcements until Gen. Shepard was in the area. Then things really went to hell."

"That woman, the prisoner," Lei finally spoke up.

"Yeah, she's part of it," Dax said, "What part I ain't figured out yet."

"There's a woman prisoner?" Dede asked, "What did she do?"

"She killed Major Holtz," Dax said causing every mouth to drop, "Saved me the trouble actually. He'd gotten so unstable I was going to frag him myself."

"You were going to murder your commanding officer? That's...," Dill started.

"Treason brain boy," Dax finished, "But I didn't. You need to hear the rest."

"Go on," Dill said.

"As soon as you guys landed he ordered a patrol to meet you, about where Sgt. Rake told me the General made his Custer stand. He insisted on Peck over my objection. The bugs, about half a million at least, hard to tell with so many of the damn things, showed up about 3 hours later. Our main power goes out taking out our electric barrier, the radio, and all but reserve power to our automated guns."

"So then the woman killed him?," Dill asked.

"No, she showed up shortly after," Dax said, "Things had really gone to hell. I deployed the men in a tight defensive ring. It looked bad, but regular bugs ain't too smart. I had a plan in mind to make us look like more than we were. Even bugs'll back off, for awhile anyway. Then the major comes out, orders us to throw our guns down and remove our body armor."

"That's suicide," Jill gasped.

"Yeah, he started ranting about giving out court-martials," Dax shook his head sadly, "Cursing, name-calling, waving his gun around. And THAT's when she showed up."

"Lady Blue?" Lei asked.

"How? Never mind, forgot," Dax said," Anyway, I've never seen anything like her. Flying, actually flying under her own power right out of the sky. She was beautiful, glowing like the sun. It sounds unbelievable, if I hadn't seen it; I've heard only stories, rumors of secret Federation metas, like something out of a comic book. She, this Lady Blue, strafed the bugs with lasers coming out of her bare hands! Hundred's, thousand's of bugs, disintegrated. But that wasn't all, not by a long shot. Some flyers swooped in knocking her right into the middle of them."

"Oh no," Jill gasped, "That poor girl!"

"Poor girl? Ha! Poor bugs," Dax grinned at the memory, "First time I ever felt sorry for the things. She ripped them apart with her bare hands as easily as I can tear a piece of paper. And on top of that, jaws, pincers, spear forelegs, none of that even scratched her. We got pretty busy ourselves at that point as they must have decided we made an easier target. Don't remember how long it lasted, but when it was over there was the major the 10 guys we lost a little while ago, this Lady Blue, and me."

"Bugs carry off the dead, ours and theirs, for consumption, so we wouldn't have seen any bodies," Dill said, "This couldn't have been more than a few hours ago."

"About 4, haven't paid much attention, caught a short nap, clocks are out," Dax said.

"So she fought the bugs then murdered Major Holtz?" Dede asked.

"Not exactly," Dax said, "First she flies back up and picks off the flyers. Then she lands in front of us, covered in bug goo, she's grinning like a cat, tells us her name, then looks funny at the major like she's looking through him or something. She points a finger at him, but before she says anything else, Holtz shoots her. Other than making her naked except her boots she doesn't even flinch. The that laser comes back out of her finger and Holtz isn't even ashes. I didn't know what to do except tell her she was under arrest. She just smiled and walked into the brig. I don't think it could hold her if she didn't want to or that we could make her."

"You couldn't," Lady Blue smiled walking in, dressed in a man's shirt that couldn't hide that she was very busty," I was just waiting for someone to make some food. I'm a lousy cook."

"Whoa," Lei wobbled getting major vibes from her.

Especially strong was the thought that their 3-some could soon be a 4-some.

* * *
End of Part 1
* * *


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