The following is an adult story based in fictional persons that I didn't
create, just borrowed. If you feel assaulted by graphical sex or you are a
minor you should stop reading here! For the rest, have fun.

Stargate SG-1: Window Of Opportunity Part 1 (MMF,inter,ncon)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

After playing golf in the Stargate room, running with a bicycle through the
corridors and learning how to make bases, Jack thought about what else he
could do. There are no consequences in a time loop where everybody except
you forgot all what happened.

The first time he resigned and kissed Carter.
The second he wasn't so polite!
He entered her laboratory and as she greets him with a smile, he punched her!
She felt unconscious on the floor.

He locked the door and fell over her limp body. He ripped off her black shirt
revealing a black bra cupping her big breasts. He ripped the bra of and
started to fondle her globes.

Jack: Nice!

He lowered his head and took one big nipple in his mouth sucking gently. Then
he go to the other and back again. The huge erection on his pants remembered
him why he was there. He opened her belt and tied her hands over her head on
her own office. He undid her pants and pulled them away, he cursed that her
army boots where in the way, and then he ripped off her white cotton panties.

Jack: Nice trimmed Major! Really nice!

Then he undressed and kneeled between her legs. He licked her pussy and
licked the taste. He used his finger and probed her entrance. His cock ached
as he felt her tightness. He stopped licking and placed her limb legs on his
shoulder. He spit on his hand and used it to lubricate his cock. Then he
shoved his cock in her tight pussy. He moaned as his cock slide inch by inch
in her tight hole stretching it to the limits. It was the first time that
Samantha gave some proof of life since he had knocked her out. It was
something like crying.

She opened her eyes and looked directly in his. She saw he was naked and saw
her own legs on his shoulders. She felt his cock in her pussy and knew he was
raping her. Tears run from her eyes. She opened her mouth to scream but he
used her ripped panties, he stuffed them in her mouth, and shut her.

Jack: No need to draw attention major! Let me enjoy that, you know you will
forget all in the next loop! Don't have to worry!

She kept on crying and he kept on screwing her. Harder and harder every
second that passed through.

After several minutes he was ready to come. He pulled out and goes next to
her head.

Jack: Open up major! Got something for you!

He pulled the panties of her mouth and kept her chin so that she couldn't
close her mouth. He started to shoot his sperm on her face and open mouth.
It looks like he had shot a gallon or so. Her face was a mess and she was
forced to swallow a lot too, to breath, as he closed her nosed with his

Then he sat beside her and looked at her.

Jack: Now major. That's the way I like you! Don't feel smart now, are you?

She sobbed.

Jack: Now you now what are you good for! Slut!

Tealc': O'Neill? Major Carter? Are you there?

It was Tealc'! Sam screamed before Jack could close her mouth.

Jack: Shut up bitch!

Tealc': O'Neill?

Tealc' broke through the door and stepped in the lab.

Tealc': O'Neill what going on?

Jack: Tealc' this is not what you're thinking!

Tealc': Isn't? Let major Carter talk!

Sam: Oh god Tealc'! He rapped me! Help me please! He rapped me?

Jack: She will forget about it Tealc' why can't I have some fun?

Sam: Help me Tealc', this is not right!

Tealc': You are correct major. This is not right! I thought we were friends
O'Neill! You let me alone with Daniel Jackson and you have fun!

Jack: Hey! Be my guest!

Sam: Noo!!!

He stuffed her panties back on her mouth while Tealc' closed the door and
placed a heavy lab table behind. Then he undressed and went to her. They
untied her from her office and Tealc', using her ass cheeks, lift her up
and then left her down slamming her on his huge cock! A muffled scream came
out of her as she felt her pussy stretched beyond his limits by Tealc's

Jack looked surprised that Tealc' was smiling. It was a rare view. He
normally shows no feelings. Jack smiled too, Sam was really good! He stroked
his cock until it was hard enough and then he go behind her. Tealc's hands
on her ass kept her ass chicks wide open and her brown back door exposed. He
placed his cock head on her entrance and started to push.

Samantha realized what he had in mind and started to scream again. With
little success as always. Tealc' and Jack started to fuck her hard. With
long hard thrusts that make her body shake violently . Tealc' noticed how
her breasts moved up and down and lowered his head and bitted soft on her
nipple while Jack fondled the other one.

After fucking her for several minutes Jack noticed that Tealc' was very close
to cumming.

Jack: Not inside her Tealc'! In her face!

Tealc': Why?

Jack: It's more humiliating for her!

Tealc': I understand.

Jack: Wait for me I am also ready!

They both pulled out and stood above her. They jacked off few times and then
they started to shoot their sperm on her face. It mixed up with her tears and
run down her chicks on her neck and her breast. When they stopped spurting
Jack looked at her.

Jack: It's a shame! We can't have any pictures of this. That's the way I
wished to see her every time she talked her science bullshit!

Tealc': I agree.

They heard the activation of the Stargate. Jack looked at his watch and saw
that it was time for the next time loop.

He found himself eating his fruit loops again. Looked at Sam, seating on the
other side of the table, and smiled.

Sam: Jack? Did you hear my question? Why are you smiling like that?

To be continued...

(This could go for ever! Time loops are great!)


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