There are two Samantha's in this episode. The one we know and one from a
mirror universe, married with Jack and missing his since he died in her
universe. The mirror universe Samantha is Sam-mu and the real one is just

Stargate SG-1: Visitor From Mirror Universe (MF)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

Jack knocked at the door and entered the room. Samantha didn't even turn
around to see who it was.

Sam-mu: Whatever it is leave it on the table and leave.

O'Neil: Its me. O'Neil!

Sam-mu: Oh! Excuse me! Doctor Fraiser said I had to eat something and I

O'Neil: That's okay.

Jack noticed that she was crying. He supposed it was because she had lost
many friends through the Guld invasion on her world.

Sam-mu: You don't understand....

She said to him and she was right. Then he saw the picture. The picture of
him holding her in his arms. They both looked happy.

O'Neil: Don't tell me that you and I...?

Sam-mu: Yes! We were married in my world. And I saw you die! Can you
understend now?

O'Neil: A Little.

They sat for few moments silent. Looking each other.

Sam-mu: Jack?

O'Neil: Yes?

Sam-mu: Do you...and your Carter?

O'Neil: What?....No! No! She is a Major!

Sam-mu: Poor Jack!

O'Neil: What....

She leaned forward and kissed him stoping his question. She broke the kiss
and looked in his eyes. She missed her Jack and he never thought that it
would be possible to have his Carter. It was their chance!

They fell into each others arms and kissed. In seconds he had pulled her blue
overalls down from her shoulders to around her waist. Her full breasts were
free to his view. He kissed her again and placed his hands on them. She
opened his uniform shirt and shoved her hands under his shirt caressing his

Sam-mu: Oh, Jack! I missed you so much!

O'Neil: And I wanted you so much!

They both stood up and took off their clothes. Sam had only the blue
overalls. This world's Sam had given her a pair of bra and panties but she
never wore underware. That made her the first one naked.

Sam-mu: Let me help you!

Jack had his upper body free and his shoes off, but not his pants. She got
on her knees and unbuttoned it. She pulled slowly down and looked at him with
a smile.

Sam-mu: My Jack also wore standard army underware until I taught him not to
wear any.

O'Neil: Wow!

She threw the khakis away and returned her attention to him. She knew that
he had to be exactly like her Jack, but you never know. She placed her
finger on the waistband and pulled it down until she felt that she found
some resistance from his cock. Then she pulled one more time with force and
it fell to his ankles. At the same time his cock sprung back and slaped her
in the face. She closed her eyes. It was like her first time with her Jack.
And yes this one was also so big.

She felt his hand pressing her head and opened her eyes. She looked at him,
smiled, and then opened her mouth engulfing his erect ten inch penis in her
hot and wet mouth. He moaned. It was better then he had thought. He had had
many women before but noone was capable of taking him in their mouth. Not at
the first time at least! His ex needed over three years before she make it.

He stopped thinking and concentrated to the pleasure that the blond angel
gave him as she moved her head up and down his shaft. He moved his hips
forward every time she took it inside raming his cock even deeper in her
throat! They continued like that with him fucking practically her face
until he felt he was about to cum.

O'Neil: Sam? I am gonna cum if you don't stop...Arghhhh! Yes!

Sam knew he was about to cum and knew what he needed for a powerful orgasm.
She shoved her index in his anus and heared him groan! The next thing she
knew he started to shoot huge loads of cum in her mouth! She closed her lips
tight around his cockhead and swallowed.

Jack looked at her amazed by her ability to swallow so much. He didn't know
how much she loved his sperm and how much she had missed to let even a drop
to go away. He was cumming for over a minute and she had swallowed every
drop. She took him again down her throat and she was pleased to feel that
he was staying hard. Naturaly, this world's Sam didn't wear him out like she
did to her Jack! This one was fresh!

She took him out and laid on the bed. She pulled her legs up to her shoulders
and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. She liked pussy licking but they
didn't have much time. So for her a nice half fuck was the next on her list
to do. He climbed on the bed and placed his slipery cock on her wet entrance.
She looked at him. What was he was waiting for?

O'Neil: How did I do it?

Sam-mu: Hard! I want it har....uuhhhghh! Yes!

With a single thrust he was inside her. He felt her tight pussy around his
dick and pushed again. Harder. He let himself go. He thought about all the
times Carter talked about something he didn't understood. How embarassed he
felt every time she did this in front of his comanding officer. Now it was
his turn somehow.

He fucked her hard. Every time he thrust into her pussy he stretched to the
limit. The air came out of her lungs and she moaned a mix of pleasure and
pain. He thrust harder and harder. Sam liked it hard sometimes and this was
exactly what she needed at the moment. She felt the heat climbing and she
rubbed her clit. She moaned and scream leting him know she had come. He had
to make her come.

Sam-mu: Oh Jack! That was great!

O'Neil: I am not finished yet!

Sam-mu: I know! Cum inside me! Give me your sperm!

O'Neil: I will! I will...slut!

Sam-mu: Ohhhhh! I like it when you talk dirty! Talked dirty to me! I am
cumming again! Oh Jaaack!

O'Neil: I am cumming, too! I am shooting my jism in your pussy slut! Like it?

Sam-mu: Yes! Yes! Yeeees!

His cock convulsed inside her and she felt his hot sticky sperm on the inner
walls of her pussy. Her orgasm was so intense. The whole bed quaked and they
both thought it will break. But it didn't.

When they came back to normal they looked each other in the eyes. His cock
was still inside her and still hard.

O'Neil: Sam?

Sam-mu: Yes?

O'Neil: Do I ever...?

Sam-mu: What?

O'Neil: Do I ever have do this?

Sam-mu: hurts! Auuuuu.....

He pulled out and with a devil's grin he shoved his cock in her ass! She
looked at him with eyes and mouth open wide trying to understand what was
going on. Her Jack never did something without her approval and this one
just raped her virgin ass and that wasn't all. She liked it. She liked it
a lot!

He pounded her ass for minutes and they both groaned from pleasure. Then he
came filling her bowels with his jism. She came at the same moment and her
juices splashed at their bellies! He pulled out and climbed to the top of
the bed. His cock spurted one or two more times hitting her face before she
opened her mouth to receive it. He shove it in and Sam sucked up the rest of
his sperm and cleaned it up. Then she scooped the sperm from her face and
licked her fingers clean. They looked each other without saying anything.
They knew this was a single case and that it would not happen again. No
matter how much they wanted it.

They dressed in silence and Jack left the room as a female soldier came in
with the food Dr. Frasier had ordered.

On his way to the General he met his Sam. They talked a little and they
walked their ways.

When the found out that the other Carter couldn't survive in their wourld
they organized a plan to help her save her world. Shortly before they were
ready to go she call her to her room and they talked.

After Jack, Teal'c and Daniel returned from their mission to the other world
Carter called him to met her on her room. He walked in and his mouth opened
ide from surprise. Carter was there. Naked!

O'Neil: What...?

Sam: Someone who knows me very well told me that I will enjoy braking some

O'Neil: Did that someone tell you everything?

Sam turned around and got on all fours. Jack looked at her sweet ass and
knew. Who cares about career. Fuck that ass.


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