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Date: 12/03/2004

Rating: NC-17

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Sam/w/m

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Other Notes: This story takes place during the show's first season.

Summary: Upon setting foot on a newfound planet with the rest of the SG-1
team, Sam discovers an unusual flower that suddenly infects her and causes
her to act unlike herself.

Warnings: Drug use, female/femalem sex, male/female sex, strong lanuage

Dedications: None so far.

Stargate SG-1: The Red Rose
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was on the Third day of December, when the SG-1 team had stepped out of
the Stargate and on to a world that was newly discovered by the roboprobes
that some of the SG-Base personal -- who were under the command of Major
General George S. Hammond -- had sent to see if there wereany other planets
that could susstain human life.

Just then, after the Stargate had closed up behind them, the team's leader,
Colonel Jack O'Neill had looked at his fellow teammate, Teal'c and asked,
"Had any of you guys visited this planet before?"

"As a matter-of-fact, Colonel O'Neill. The answer is yes.", answered Teal'c,
after he had looked around the area where they were standing at. "At first,
the Gou'ald had sent a small number of us to this planet to see if it could
be used for a base of operations against those who would dare oppose them.
However, after they had departed from the Gou'ald home base and arrived on
this planet, some unexplaned force had caused the Gou'ald masters to loose
contact with those troppers."

"If that's the case, then where are those troopers?" asked a confused Jack,
whose question was soon about to be answered by his other SG-1 teammate,
Doctor Daniel Jackson, for after Daniel had ran up to Jack and tapped on his
shoulder, Daniel said, "Jack, I do believe I've found the answer to that
question of yours."

And then, after they've followed Daniel to the sight of his discovery, the
eyes of the other SG-1 team members had grown as wide as saucers, for they've
noticed that he had found all of the Gou'ald troppers laying around dead in
a massive pool of blood.

"Wholy shit! What do you think happened to them, Daniel?" asked Jack, after
he had turned his head towards Daniel, who was suddenly unable to provide an
answer to Jack's latest question.

"He has no idea, Colonel O'Neill. But I do." said Teal'c, after he had
started taking a closer look at the massive pile of bodies. "I do believe
that some unforseen force has caused all of them to engage in an orgy of
blood and violence that even their symbionts were unable to stop."

Just then, while the others were giving the missing Gou'ald tropper mass
grave a good going-over, another SG-1 team member, Captain Samantha Carter
had suddenly noticed a red rose on the ground next to her, which was quite
unusual to her, because the only planet that has such a flower on it was
back on Earth.

But then, after a curious Sam had moved herself closer to the red rose and
placed her bare hand on its soft pedals, one of the flower's very own thorns
had shot itself right Sam's wrist, causing her to become dizzy, drop down to
the ground and become unconscious.

And that had happened, Jack had turned his head towards where Sam was
standing and noticed her suddenly laying unconscious on the ground, causing
a concerned Jack to run towards Sam and try to wake her up.

"What is it, Jack?" asked an also-concerned Daniel, after he and Teal'c had
ran over to see if they were able to help. "What happened to Sam?"

"I don't know, Daniel. She's not waking up." answered Jack, after he had
lifted Sam up into his arms and started carrying her back to the Stargate
with Daniel and Teal'c following right behind him. "We've got to take her
back to SG-Base on Earth and hope that someone would be able to snap her
out of it."

And so, after Daniel had activated the Dial-Home Device and the Stargate
had opened up, the three SG-1 team members had delivered themselves and a
still-unconscious Sam back to SG-Base on Earth, where a concerned General
Hammond had ran into the Stargate chamber, noticed Jack carrying Sam down
the ramp and asked, "Jesus Fucking Christ!What the freaking Hell happened
to her?"

"It is quite unknown at this time, General Hammond." answered Teal'c, after
he had placed his gentle hand on Sam's forehead. "However, this much is
certain that whatever has infected Captain Carter has also caused the lost
Gou'ald troppers to murder themselves."

And then, after he had noticed that General Hammond was about to ask Teal'c
what was he talking about, Jack had placed Sam's unconscious body on the
medical gurney and said, "General, I think that it'll be best for us to
explain the whole thing in your office."

Then, after General Hammond had agreed with Jack's suggestion and Daniel and
Teal'c had followed both Jack and General Hammond to the General's office,
the medics had wheeled Sam down to the SG-Base medical level, took a sample
of her blood and left her alone to do some tests on the blood sample.

But then suddenly, after she had finally opened her eyes and sat herself up,
the blank-staring Sam had looked around, removed all of her clothes, got
herself off the gurney and walked out of the room.

And then, after she had walked back into the Stargate chamber, Sam had raised
her arms up in the air and started chanting in an unknown language, causing
the Stargate to encode its own chiffrons and open by itself.

And after that had happened, Sam had stepped into the Stargate and
transported herself back to the very same planet where she had encountered
that unusual red rose.

Just then, after she had stepped out of the Stargate and on to the planet's
surface and the Stargate had closed itself behind her, Sam had started
walking away from the Stargate and all the way towards a large and unusual
structure, where she was able to find some nude humanoid people inside of it.

"Well, it seems that our invitation has finally been recieved. Welcome,
Samantha. Welcome to the world of pure sensual desire." said one of the
humanoid females, after she had placed her gentle hands on Sam's bare
shoulders and helped her step further into the structure. "You see,
Samantha. We really are unlike those barbaric troppers that the Gou'ald
had sent to invade our peaceful world. Our only wish is to share all the
erotic pleasures of the entire universe with someone such as yourself."

And then, after the leading female humanoid had placed Sam on a pile of
cushions and allowed some of her sisters to kiss and carress each and every
part of Sam's nude body, the leading female humanoid had started carressing
her own firm breasts and hot, wet pussy and saying, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss!
That's it, Samantha! Do not resist it anymore! Surrender to it! Surrender
to the pleasure of pure erotica! Aaaahhhh!"

Then suddenly, as the drug from the red rose had started to wear off and she
had noticed one of the male humanoids pumping his stiff cock in and out of
her pussy, a shocked Sam had placed one of her hands on his bare shoulder and
said, "Aaaahhhh! No! Please, don't! Stop! Oooohhhh, please don't stop! Yes!
That's it! Do it! Fuck me! I really want you to fuck me! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that very moment, Sam had suddenly realized that even though
she had been under the influence of the drug from the red rose, she was
experiencing something that she hadn't experienced with a group of people on
another planet before, for she was experiencing pure, untamed erotica -- and
enjoying every minute of it.

A few Earth minutes later, after the male humanoid had placed his stone hard
dick inside Sam's asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her
breasts and pussy, several of his lookalike brothers had entered the room and
started making mad, passionate love to the leading female humanoid and her
lookalike sisters, causing the leading female humanoid to yell, "AAAAHHHH,

"AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, SHIT-HEAD!" yelled Sam, after she had
placed her gentle hands on the leading male humanoid's bare arms.

And then, after Sam and all of the humanoids had started moving harder and
faster and their lovemaking has reached its final path towards the exact
center of the universe, Sam and her newfound lovers had cum and collapsed
due to exhaustion.

After they were all finally able to catch their breath and Sam had placed
her head on the leading male humanoid's chest, the leading female humanoid
had placed her gentle hand on Sam's head and asked, "Have you enjoyed the
true erotic pleasure that we had shared with you, Samantha?"

"Yes, my sister. I've really enjoyed it." answered a smiling Sam, just before
the leading female humanoid had placed a gold and ruby amulet around her neck
and said, "We are all so very pleased, Samantha. You have recieved two gifts.
We had already given the first gift to you after you had returned to our
world through the Stargate. Now, you may rest."

And with that, Sam had snuggled herself up to the leading male humanoid and
fell asleep within his naked arms.

Just then, after the Stargate had opened up and three of Sam's fellow SG-1
team members had stepped out of it, Jack had looked at Daniel and Teal'c and
said, "Okay, guys. According to General Hammond, the roboprobes had also
spotted a deserted structure about a few yards from here. With any luck, we
might be able to find Carter inside it. Let's go check it out. "

And sure enough, after they've reached the structure and started looking
around, Daniel had spotted something on the floor and called, "Jack! Teal'c!
I've found her! I've found Sam!"

And after they've ran over to where Daniel was standing and discovered that
he had indeed found a nude Sam on the floor, Jack had taken a bottle of
smelling salts out of his pocket, opened the bottle and placed it under her
nose, causing Sam to inhale the vapors and snap her back into the realm of
the living.

"Wha... what happened? Where am I?" asked Sam, after she had noticed that the
only people who are in the room with her at that very moment are her three
SG-1 teammates. "Colonel O'Neill. Sir, I'm so very sorry about the trouble
that I might've caused. It was just that...!"

"Don't worry about it, Carter. ", said Jack, after he had taken a bathrobe
out of his duffle bag and handed it to Sam. "You're back to being your old
self again. That's all that matters."

Then suddenly, after she had put on the bathrobe and noticed that she was
still wearing the gold and ruby amulet that the leading female humanoid had
given her, Sam had let out a smile and said, "You're right, Sir. That's all
that matters."

And of course, even though she had returned to SG-Base on Earth with her
three SG-1 teammates, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and Doctor Daniel Jackson,
it might bcome clear enough that a certain Captain Samantha Carter would
return to that newfound planet to do some more exploring -- and enjoy some
more sexual pleasures with her newfound 'sisters'.



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