Stargate SG-1: Seth (MMMF,mc,voy)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

Jack, Daniel and Sam had let the guards of Seth to catch them trying to
infiltrate his organitation. Sam, Jack and Daniel saw the green gas. The
virus inserted to their bodies and they fell.

Sam wake up by a hand in her shoulder and a calm woman voice.

Seth: Are you ready to serve your God?

Samantha: Yes!

The virus had taken control over her.

When the guards brought Jack and Daniel to the throne room Sam was already
working to serve her God. His robe was pulled up and his cock was in complete
view and Sam was sucking on it like frenzy. Seth looked at them and call

Seth: Come here! Take her!

Teal`c looked at General Jacob Carter. Sam's father. He was waiting to get
the signal to release his comrades from the virus' influence, but he said no.

Jacob: We had to wait one more hour.

Teal'c: know what happend there?

Jacob: I know. And for me its better to have a fucked daughter then a dead

Teal'c: I understand.

Jack got behind Sam, who was on all fours, and pulled her robe over her
waist. She was naked underneath. He and Daniel were naked to. He shoved his
cock deep in her pussy and she moaned around Seth`s cock. She stopped for a
moment and Daniel took her robe completely off. She returned to Seth's cock
and Daniel started to play with her heavy breasts.

Seth had enough for her sucking and pulled her away from his cock. She
started to suck the next cock available. Daniel`s. Seth undressed completely
and walked around her. He pushed Jack away and positioned himself behind her.
He put his finger to her pussy.

Seth: Wet and stretched. Perfect.

His eyes glowed and his cock grew. It was twice as big. His believers prayed
him for his greatness and the females felt jealous about the lucky woman who
was about to feel their god.

Seth took hold of Sam's hips and shoved his monster inside her with one
powerful move. She screamed in pain. Seth hammered her with fast and long
moves. His eyes glowed one more time and Sam screamed again. No! It wasnt
a scream it was a moan. A pleasurible moan. Seth raised her so that her
back touched his chest and started to fondle her breasts. Sam moved up and
down his shaft. She wanted to feel him deeper inside her and she used more
power every time. Then Seth stopped her. He pulled his cock out and ordered
Jack and Daniel to lick her ass. They do what he said and after two minutes
of ass licking Sam was ready.

Sam knew it was going to hurt, but she didn't care. Her god wanted so. Jack
and Daniel helped her and she sat on his huge cock taking inch by inch in her
bowels. Seth had no more pasion. He waved to Jack and Daniel and they rammed
Sam on him. He moaned as he felt her warm bowels around his member. Sam
screamed as she was torn apart. Jack and Daniel started to move her up and
down for around three minutes. Then she planted her feet to the floor and
started to hump up and down on her own. Jack and Daniel left her and stood

Seth: No! You are good servents! You deserve a piece too!

Daniel moved between her legs and shoved his cock in her stretched pussy as
Jack shoved his in her wide opened and waiting mouth!

Teal'c looked at General Carter. He looked his watch and said it was time.
Teal'c pushed the switches and the micros in his comrades ears sent a small
electro impulse throught their bodies. The virus was neutralized! Sam, Jack
and Daniel closed their eyes for a moment. When they opened them again they
were shocked by the sight.

They stayed there for a moment thinking about what was happening. Then Sam
tried to pull away from Jack. He smilled and took hold of her by her blond
hair. Then he started to hump into her mouth again. Sam panicked and looked
to Daniel for help. He smiled and started to fuck her too.

Naturally, Seth never stopped pumping her ass and it was the last thing she
noticed. A huge cock up her ass. Sam cleared her mind for a moment. She liked
big cocks, she liked Jack and wanted to fuck with him and Daniel was someone
she liked and had saved her life many times.

No. She wasn't being raped. It was a dream became true. She left Jack's hands
and grabbed his ass pulling him closer to her. Her head moved up and down on
his member without the need to use force and Jack let her hair go.

O'Neill: Look Danny-boy! No hands!

She wraped her legs around Daniel and pushed him deeper inside her, at the
same time she pressed her hips against the thrust of Seth driving his cock
deeper in her bowls. It was Sam who was giving the rhythm now.

She tried to get as much pleasure she could from every cock in her holes and
she made out with Jack the same time. She came around Daniel's cock and Jack
came in to her mouth. She swallowed as much she could until it started to run
out of the corners of her mouth. Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth and
kept spurting on her face covering her forehead, nose, left eye, cheeks and
neck with huge amounts of hot sperm. They were all amazed by the quantity he
shot. Seth laughted.

Seth: Its my virus. Like it?

They didn't respond with words. Jack slaped Samantha's cheeks with his cock
and Samantha pressed her ass cheeks together to milk Seth's cock. They liked

Sam looked Daniel.

Samantha: Tell me when you are ready to come. I have something for you.

Daniel: Okay!

In a few moments Daniel was ready.

Daniel: I am ready Sam!I can't wait!

Samantha: Come over here, Dani!

She took her breasts in her hand and Daniel knew. He pulled out of her pussy
and sat on her belly. She traped his cock between her globes and they started
to tit fuck. It lasted a few seconds and then it was Daniel's turn to release
his huge sperm load over her neck face and open mouth. Sam knew it was
imposible to swallow it all and she didn't even try. She let him shoot as
much as he liked on her throat and the rest all over her face and hair.

Daniel was finished, too, and sat beside Jack.

Now Sam concentrated to the pole in her ass. She humped up and down, gyrating
her hips. Seth played with her breasts and clit and she came one more time.
A few moments later Seth came too filling her bowls with his sperm until it
started to drip out of her asshole on to his crotch.

She stood up and they all could hear the loud "pop" his cock did as it came
out of her ass. Some of them could even see her gaping cum driping asshole
for a second. She turned around and saw that he was still shooting sperm. She
was amazed and laid on the floor beside him. He turned her over and laid over
her. He shoved his cock to her pussy and filled it,too. Sam was in heaven.
She came one more time as he filled her pussy.

He pulled out and covered her crotch, and belly with sperm. It was like
someone had opened a fire hose. He moved upwards and covered her breasts and
chest. Then her neck and face.

He shoved it in her mouth and she swallowed a great amount. More then she had
with Jack and Daniel together. The he pulled out again and stained her hair
before he stoped spurting.

They were all exausted. Exausted but satisfied.

The first to came back to normal was Jack. He took a Jaffar gun and started
to shoot the people who were under Seth's control neutralizing the virus.
They guided them out through the tunnel they came in. In the middle they met
General Carter with a Guld gun in hand and they killed Seth who had tried to

When General Hammond read their report he was very satisfied with his team.
Naturally, they said nothing about the sex they had with the enemy

A few days later some sex sites on the internet had a new sex MPEG to show.
It was SG-1! Somone from the FBI agencies had stolen the observations tapes
from Seth's house and published them! Luckily, nobody ever found out about
it in the SGC.


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