Stargate SG-1: Not All That Glitters Is Goa'uld (M+F,FF,voy,toys,ncon,bukkake)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Vala MalDoran sat on the edge of the table and pouted.

"Daniel, you're ignoring me. Again."

"Hm, what?" Daniel put the ancient book that he had been reading down and looked up at the black haired woman. She leaned forward, her green military style jacket doing little to hide the cleavage exposed by her tight fitting and very low cut t-shirt.

"See!" Vala said, "I've already asked you twice and you don't even know what I'm talking about."

Daniel's eyes blinked from behind his glasses.

"I'm sorry Vala but that book is written in an ancient dialect of Goa'uld and trying to decipher it is giving me a headache. It's really interesting though, I think it's describing the location of a hidden treasure of some ...."

"Treasure!?" Vala interrupted him, "tell me all about it!"

Daniel's reply was cut short by a klaxon that began to wail as red strobe lights throughout the base flashed urgently. "Unauthorized offworld activation. Unauthorized offworld activation. Duty personnel please report to the gate room" a metallic voice announced over the PA system.

Vala was already up and running out of Jackson's lab towards the elevator. He sighed and shook his head while muttering, "She has the attention span of a gerbil".

* * *
"What have we got Walter?" General Landry asked the gate technician.

"Receiving SG-7's IDC, sir." He looked at one of the many monitors arrayed in front of him. "And identification Code is confirmed."

"Open the iris" the General ordered.

"Yes sir" Sgt Walter Harriman said placing his hand on the biometric reader on the console in front of him. In the gate room itself, several soldiers aimed their M-16s at the fluctuating, water-like event horizon of the active stargate. Two men in desert camo stepped through. They were sweaty and covered with dust and their breath came in short gasps as if they had run a long distance. Another two men followed the first through the event horizon, carrying an ornate wooden box engraved with hieroglyphs.

"What's that, Colonel?" General Landry asked the SG-7 team leader.

"It was the only artifact we found on our recon of planet P9C-277 sir. It was at the center of the pyramid that was housing the gate room. I thought Dr Jackson might want to have a look at it."

"I'm sure he'll be pleased. Take it up to his lab and then get yourselves cleaned up, full debriefing in one hour."

SG-7 saluted and left, taking the recovered box with them.

* * *

The elevator doors opened just as Vala got to it. Inside was the SG-7 team.

"Is this for Dr Jackson's lab?" she batted her eyelids suggestively at the soldiers, "I'll take it off your hands and make sure it gets there right away."

The SG-7 team leader hesitated but Vala's brilliant smile and the way she leaned forward as if to look at the box but also giving him an eyefull of cleavage at the same time made his thought processes stumble. She had that effect on most men.

"Uhh ... as you say, ma'am."

Vala was curious. She always was when it involved ancient artifacts. Those things could fetch millions on some planets if you had the right contacts, which she had. As the elevator doors closed and SG-7 were on their way to a well deserved shower, Vala's curiousity got the better of her.

She pried the the top of the box open and took a peek inside. A jar with an elegantly designed lid in the shape of a woman's face with a pharaonic headdress was the only object within.

"I wonder what's inside" she said aloud shaking it and then gripping the top with her fingers.

"NO! Don't open it!" Daniel yelled as he rushed out of his lab into the corridor behind Vala. He had just received a phone call from General Landry that SG-7 was on its way with an artifact and knowing Vala he suspected she'd try to get her hands on this "treasure".

Vala gasped in surprise. "Too late" she said as Daniel's warning hadn't stopped her from twisting off the jar's lid. She peered in and her lips pouted in disappointment, "It's empty, don't worry." Unnoticed by Vala or Daniel a faint, gray smoke had come out of the jar and for a moment enveloped Vala's head before dissipating.

"Vala you should know better by now," Daniel grimaced, "that's a canopic jar and you should know what they usually contain."

She batted her eyelids at him in her usual flirtatious way, "Like ... a precious object?"

Daniel rolled his eyes, "Like a goa'uld held in stasis ready to leap out at you once you animate it by opening it."

"Oh that sounds like a good reason! Luckily, this one was empty." She sounded just a little bit disappointed as she shut the lid with an audible click and then promptly collapsed onto the floor, unconscious.

* * *

"Dr Lam? She's waking up."

"Ah good, let's see how our patient is feeling."

"Where ... am ... I?" a confused Vala asked.

"In the infirmary. You've been unconscious for almost a full day. Your blood work and MRI scans however show nothing out of the ordinary. Whatever was in that jar knocked you out but didn't do much else besides that."

"Oh ... yes ... I remember" Vala said slowly then something seemed to change in her expression.

The monitor displaying heart rate and other vital statistics began to go crazy, the green lines spiking rapidly as the woman's pulse and blood pressure peaked far beyond normal. Vala grasped the doctor's wrist as she convulsed and pulled her towards her. A barely visible puff of smoke seemed to fill the air between the two women for a split second and then was gone. Vala smiled as Dr Lam stiffened, her eyes open wide in a sudden panic and then she relaxed and smiled back at Vala.

The nurse ran up to them carrying a defibrillator but the ECG had returned to normal much to her surprise.

"It's ok, it must be a glitch with this machine" Lam said while removing the wires attached to Vala, "you've been on duty all night why don't you go take your break. I'll carry on from here."

"Yes doctor" the nurse said and left.

"Carolyn" Vala said softly calling the doctor by her first name, something she had never done before. She reached up and touched her face, tracing the outline of her cheekbone and then her small red lips with her fingers. The lips parted slightly at the touch. Vala's fingers kept on moving down her chin and neck until they found the first button of the doctor's blouse. After a bit of fumbling it popped open. The next buttons were easier and in no time at all Lam stood motionless and totally naked in the infirmary, her clothes in a pile around her feet.

The other patients were all asleep and had their cubicle curtains drawn and the replacement duty nurse hadn't shown up yet. The two women were alone except for the security camera with its blinking red light was scanning the room as always. It stopped and turned to point directly at them, the lens turning as it zoomed in. Vala and Dr Lam were oblivious to it having no concern other than an intense burning desire for each other.

Vala's hands covered Carolyn's small pert breasts and kneaded each nipple between two fingers. She sighed and closed her eyes as Vala leaned forward and sucked on her left nipple, teasing it with her tongue till it grew turgid. Vala moved on to the other nipple, again suckling on it till it stiffened. Carolyn tossed her head back, eyes shut and taking shallow breaths, enjoying the erotic attention that was being given to her breasts.

While Vala had to undress the doctor, she herself was pretty naked under the green bed sheet except for some sheer black lace panties. The bed sheet fell to the floor as Vala pulled Dr Lam onto the bed next to her. There was no sign reluctance on the doctor's part, no attempt to stop Vala from undressing her and then touching her so intimately. In fact she quite willingly began to fondle Vala's breasts in the same way Vala had been touching hers. Vala's nipples had been craving for attention ever since she had woken from her coma and now they sprung up, the dark aureolas covered with goose bumps.

The two women touched and kissed each others breasts for a long time till Vala lifted Dr Lam's pretty face up to hers with a finger under her chin. Their eyes were clouded with the intense fire of lust as their lips came together in a long, deep kiss. Tongues thrust into each others mouths as they kissed passionately for an eternity. Again, Dr Lam's eyes opened wide and her moan was stifled by Vala's mouth on hers as Vala, without any warning, slid a finger into Carolyn's most intimate spot between her legs.

After the moment of initial surprise at this violation she responded by thrusting Her hips at Vala urging her finger even deeper, grinding her pelvis roughly against the other woman's hand. Carolyn reached down between her legs and spread her glistening pussy lips wide. Vala inserted another finger and then a third, filling the tight hole that was clutching at her hand like a hungry creature. With each vertical movement of Dr Lam's slim waist, Vala's thumb rubbed against the most sensitive area of Carolyn's genitals, making her gasp with intense pleasure.

After several minutes of intense stimulation, Dr Lam's movements became more urgent, almost frenzied as she humped Vala's hand. With fingers knuckle deep, Vala could feel the vaginal muscles contracting as the doctor groaned loudly and orgasmed. Vala smiled and looked straight in Carolyn's eyes as she withdrew
her fingers and brought her hand up between their faces. She inhaled deeply and er tongue flicked out and licked Carolyn's juices off her fingers.

"Mmmmh so good" she whispered seductively, "now it's my turn Carolyn, I need you so badly."

Dr Lam lay limp on the bed still feeling the orgasmic sensation flowing through her body. She had never been with a woman before, let alone had one get her off like that. Before she realized it, Vala Mal Doran removed her panties, got on her knees and straddled her face. The doctor had no choice but to inhale the musky scent of the pink slit that hovered over her nose and mouth. Instinctively she drove her tongue upwards into Vala's beckoning flesh, tasting the juices dribbling out like nectar. Vala moved her hips in rythm to the motion of Carolyn's tongue, up and down, forwards and backwards, running it along the length of her spread labia, loitering for what seemed like ages over and around her swollen clit and then back down again and deep into the hot pink hole.

Vala lay down over the smaller woman, in a 69 position, and began penetrating her vagina with her tongue. They rocked back and forth over each other, pubic mounds grinding against each others face, insistently trying to force the other's tongue as deep as it would go, rubbing highly aroused flesh over each others lips. As Vala's tongue slid for the umpteenth time into Dr Lam's tight pussy, it was too much for the petite brunette. She came for the second time that day, arching her back so that she shoved her crotch over Vala's nose. Vala couldn't help but inhale deeply the rich scent of the woman's sex just as Dr Lam's tongue wriggled convulsively around her clitoris which made her cum too, drenching Dr Lam's pretty face with her juices.

Vala's eyes were closed as the orgasm raced throughout every part of her body so she didn't see Teal'c walking through the infirmary's doorway and up to the foot of her bed. Hands clasped behind his back and his eyebrow raised stoically he intoned in a neutral voice:

"I see you have woken up Vala Mal Doran".

"Oh hi muscles" she told Teal'C referring to him by the nickname she'd given him.

Teal'C looked down at the bed eyes taking in both women's bodies without batting an eyelid. "She is unable to breathe" he pointed out calmly and Vala suddenly realized that Dr Lam's head was still firmly between her thighs and that her pussy still covered the woman's mouth.

"Oh ... I'm ... sorry about that Carolyn" she said as she jumped off the bed freeing the dazed doctor who sat up and gasped for air.

"Teal'c ... I ... I ... don't know what I was doing. Something's wrong with me."

"Indeed" Teal'c muttered.

"You must tell Daniel about this I'm sure he'll know what to do ... OWWWW!" she yelled. While Vala was distracted by Teal'c, Dr Lam had gotten off the bed, filled a syringe with a sedative and jabbed Vala in the arm with it.

As Vala slowly lost consciousness she looked at the impassive Teal'c and whispered, "Tell ... Daniel ..."

* * *

"She did WHAT!?" Cam Mitchell yelled when Daniel Jackson finished his briefing of the SG-1 team members and General Landry. Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, leader of SG-1 and late as usual, had taken his place at the conference table just as Daniel finished his preliminary briefing

Daniel sighed. "Yes you heard right, maybe watching the tape will help." He pushed a button on the remote and the briefing room lights dimmed and the screen lit up. It was a black and white security camera recording of what had gone on in the infirmary several hours ago. It was also very up close and detailed as the surprised security officer had apparently gotten over his shock to zoom into the action up close and personal.

As the video played again, Daniel watched the reaction around the room. Teal'c was impassive as always, except for a slight twitch of an eyebrow. Samantha Carter was blushing furiously, her red cheeks quite noticeable even in the room's subdued lighting. General Landry was holding his head in his hands
as if in shock : Dr Lam was his daughter. The newly arrived Mitchell was looking closely at the screen his mouth open. As for himself, Daniel shifted uncomfortably as he tried to hide the bulge in the front of his trousers.

The tape ended with a naked Dr Lam injecting Vala with sedative as the two women seemingly had become themselves again.

"Wow" Mitchell said grinning widely, "that's got to be the most interesting briefing we've had in a long time," then he saw General Landry's frown and coughed as he tried to regain some sort of professional composure, "errr yeah that is a total breach of protocol, do we know what caused it?"

Daniel once again pressed his remote and a photo of the box SG-7 had retrieved flashed on the screen.

"A wooden box intricately decorated with gold paint containing traces of naquadah, circa 10,000 years old inscribed with this and this," closeups of two of the many hieroglyphs on the box appeared. "Roughly translated they say, Aset, daughter of Hathor. The other hieroglyphs are warnings about several
curses that will befall those that open the box." Daniel flipped open a book and read from it, "In ancient mythology Aset was sometimes confused with Isis, sister and also wife of Osiris, but many interpretations consider her as a separate goddess. Her main contribution to Egyptian mythology was a seemingly insatiable taste for sapphic love from which she drew enormous power according to the scribes of the day."

Noticing Mitchell's confused frown, "It means lesbian sex, woman on woman ..."

"Yeah yeah I got that Jackson, procede."

"Ok, next slide, this canopic jar is exactly similar to others we have found that had a goa'uld stasis device built into them. Except this one was empty, no dead or living goa'uld in it." An MRI scan of the jar appeared on screen next and zoomed in on an intricate network of lines covering the inside of the jar. Daniel continued, "Those lines are fibres of pure naquadah and cover the inner surface of the jar, which is the major dissimilarity between the other canopic
jars we have studied. The network of naquadah fibres are connected to the naquadah power supply that powers the stasis device. Sam?"

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter was Stargate Command's premiere expert on alien devices as well as a member of SG-1. She cleared her throat, "Preliminary analysis at the sub-atomic level of the naquadah fibres embedded in the ceramic of the jar show that they may have been used to carry data as well as energy."

"And that means?" General Landry interrupted.

"Well, my working hypothesis at the moment is that it might be some kind of a neural network, basically a very advanced computer capable of holding enormous amounts of data." Lt. Col Carter nodded at Daniel who continued.

"The jar did not contain the goa'uld Aset's physical body but instead her mental energy, brain patterns or just plain old astral being if you wish. When the jar was opened, the neural network was deactivated and a transfer occurred."

"Whatever was in that jar, it seems to have possessed the person that freed it."

Daniel clicked one last time on his remote.

Vala Mal Doran's image flashed on the screen, a frame from the security video, showing her naked from the waist up as the camera zoomed for a better look at her breasts.

* * *

Vala paced around the confines of the interrogation room on Level 26. The only items of furniture in it were 2 chairs and a table. A security camera high up on the wall followed her every move. She looked up at it.

"I know you can hear me, I've been here for hours and I want to say that I'm tired, hungry, bored and have no idea why you insist on keeping me locked up in this damn room!"

The camera's led kept blinking, the little red light was quite annoying, thought Vala. No reply to her question was forthcoming either. She shook her head flinging her pony tails about. At least they had let her fix her hair before they led her out of the infirmary in between four heavily armed guards. Sighing, she sat down on the chair and raised her legs on the table while leaning back.

The door opened and a short balding man with spectacles came in carrying a briefcase which he set on the table. From the briefcase he took a recording device and set it up.

He sat down, crossed his fingers on the table in front of him and looked at Vala.

"For the record, I'm Richard Woolsey and I'll be carrying out this interrogation of ...."

"I know who you are, you're the disturbing little fellow that tried to stop me from joining SG-1" Vala growled.

"I did no such thing," Woolsey replied caught off-guard, "the psychological evaluation you underwent was a necessary part of the ...."

"Not going to talk to you, blah blah blah is all I hear" and she put her fingers in her ears and began to hum.

Woolsey had a look of consternation on his face as he glanced up at the security camera as if pleading for help as Vala deliberately ignored him.

"This interview," he looked at his wristwatch, "or lack of it, ends at 09:17." With that he turned off the recording device, put it back in the briefcase and stood up.

Suddenly Vala's eyes flashed with an eerie yellow light and her voice echoed as she spoke, "Tell your leader I'll only talk to the one known as Samantha Carter." A chill ran down Woolsey's spine as the goa'uld spoke through Vala and he literally ran out of the room and kept on running until he reached General Landry's office.

* * *

Samantha Carter took a deep breath to steady her nerves and then pushed the door open. She always disliked dealing with Goa'ulds, especially ones that had asked for her by name. It usually always ended up badly. However, General Landry had ordered her to go in and interrogate Vala Mal Doran, or the goa'uld that was possessing her, and if possible discover a way to free her.

"Oh Sam it's so good to see you" Vala said "are these things really necessary?

She lifted her hands to show the manacles that had been put on her. There was a pair around her ankles securely chaining her to the chair.

"Yes Vala, after that little incident with Hathor taking over the base, the General is not taking any chances." She unlatched a Zat'nik'tel from her belt and placed it on the table within easy reach. "Neither am I."

The Zat'nik'tel, or Zat gun as O'Neill had nicknamed it, was a goa'uld weapon shaped like a coiled serpent that could stun, kill or disintegrate someone depending on how many times it was fired.

"You know if the General is into this sort of thing I have this cute pair of pink furry handcuffs in my room." She gave Samantha an exaggerated wink.

"I'm sure you have and I'll be sure to let General Landry about your invitation the next time I see him. But now let's get down to serious business" Samantha said, "who am I talking to? Vala or Aset?"

"Vala of course. I have no idea who this Aset is. Now can we move on to more interesting things like removing these" and again she lifted her hands above her head and stretched as if to show the manacles but managing to push her chest out and show off her cleavage at the same time, her hard nipples poking through the thin material of her t-shirt.

Samantha shook her head and sighed.

"That won't work on me Vala or whoever you are, I have a pair of those too."

"A girl can always try" Vala said grinning.

"Ok, since you don't want to tell me who you are you can start by explaining what happened in the infirmary and how you managed to control Dr Lam as you did."

"Oh come on Sam, why are you all making such a fuss about what happened? I just felt so horny, after so many thousands of years inside that ..." Vala's face became a mask of rage as she, or at least the goa'uld inside her, realized that she had slipped up and given herself away.

Samantha Carter held the Zat gun, aiming it directly at Vala.

"Aset, tell us how we can remove you from Vala's body. We promise to put you back in the stasis jar unharmed if you leave Vala."

Vala's eyes flashed yellow and her voice seemed to reverberate as she spoke.

"Countless years I have spent imprisoned in that thing, put there by inferior beings who rebelled against their goddess. Never shall I return there, you insignificant creature. The Tau'ri shall prostrate themselves before me once again. Now obey the will of your goddess."

Her mouth opened and wispy tendrils of grey smoke filled the air between Vala and Samantha Carter before she could use the Zat gun. When the smoke had dissipated, Samantha was sitting limply, the Zat gun still in her hand but not pointed at the goa'uld anymore.

With her free left hand she began to unbutton her blouse.

* * *

In the observation room next door General Landry jumped to his feet.

"Get her out of there, now!"

"General, hold on a second" Daniel was looking thoughtful, "give Sam some more time. We really don't have much to go on at the moment but this might lead us somewhere." He pointed at the monitor where Lt. Col Samantha Carter had completely discarded her blouse and was about to remove her bra. "The goa'uld is not going to tell us how to get her out of Vala but maybe something that
happens in there will give us some kind of hint to work on and find a way."

"I concur" Mitchell added as he absentmindedly put a hand in his pocket and touched himself as he watched his SG-1 team member undress herself in the interrogation room.

* * *

Vala/Aset smiled broadly as she sat motionless across the table from the half naked Air Force officer Samantha Carter. Sam's eyelids were half closed as she dreamily touched her ample bosom, caressing her already big nipples into a state of turgidity.

She leaned back shaking her blonde hair free from the ponytail it was tied up in and then ran her hand down her flat stomach and into the hem of her skirt. Raising her butt off the chair she slid the skirt down and kicked it off her feet.

Samantha sighed loudly as she touched the crotch of her pink lace panties : definitely not US Air Force issue. They were already quite wet from her arousal. She slipped them off easily, bringing them to her nose for a moment to inhale their scent before tossing them onto the interrogation table.

Totally naked, she raised one leg up on the table and spread the other leg wide showing off her cleanly shaved pussy to Vala/Aset but also to the camera. She pressed the little knob on the Zat gun which made it snap out of its stowed position to its active, distinct Z shape.

* * *

"What the hell is she doing!" General Landry exclaimed, "I am going to put a stop to this ... this ... insane behaviour right now. She'll be lucky if I decide not to court martial her!"

Daniel was using his handkerchief to wipe the fog that had obscured his glasses.

"Sir, give her a few more minutes ... she ... she ... oh god, look at what she's doing" Daniel groaned.

Cam Mitchell didn't say anything, he had his cock out and was openly masturbating, not caring that a 2-star General was in the room.

* * *

Samantha was slowly inserting the bulging head of the Zat'nik'tel into her pussy, twisting and turning the device into the tight hole. She pulled it out for a moment and licked it slowly, her tongue running delicately over the blue-grey alien metal, coating it with saliva. When she was satisfied it was nicely lubricated she started to penetrate herself once more and this time it slid in easily.

Using it like a dildo she began to stroke it in and out, making the top one-third of the Zat gun disappear inside her, right up to where it curved into the grip section.

Samantha moaned loudly as the weapon turned pleasure device drove into her at a fast pace, turning the juices that were pouring out of her hole into a froth.

Across from her, Vala's eyes glowed ever brighter.

"I ... can't ... take it ... any longer ..." Sam cried, "I ... need ... to ... cum." She seemed to be fighting the will of the goa'uld which wanted to keep her on the threshold of an orgasm as long as possible. However this wasn't the first time a goa'uld had possessed Samantha Carter - a Tok'ra called Jolenaar had done it a few years ago. So Aset's hold on her was not as strong as it would have been on any other normal person.

Her hand moved faster, the Zat gun almost a blur as she frantically fucked herself with it.

Vala's eyes flashed and her back arched as Samantha reached her limit and came.

"Ohhhhhhh gooood yeeeeeeesssssss" Sam shouted as her whole body convulsed in the throes of an incredible orgasm, spraying stream after stream of hot female ejaculate onto the interrogation room table, floor and even onto the possessed Vala. With every fiber in her body still quivering from the orgasmic high she removed the Zat gun from inside her pussy with a wet pop and slumped down in her chair.

"Tau'ri, your goddess is satisfied, for now" Vala/Aset said before the fire in her eyes went out and she dropped into unconsciousness.

* * *

"Ugh ... anyone got a tissue?" Cam Mitchell asked?

General Landry glared at him but remained silent as he needed one also.

Daniel Jackson took a while to compose himself and cleared his throat.

"I think I know what's going on here." He paused long enough to make sure the General was actually listening to him. "From what I ... we ... have seen, this goa'uld seems to feed off sexual energy. More to the point, from female sexual energy. In simple terms, she is a kind of lesbian orgasm vampire."

"How can you be sure?" General Landry asked.

"Well, back in the infirmary she had sex with your with your daugh...." Daniel coughed, "with Dr Lam. When Teal'C went to the infirmary to check on Vala and interrupted them she could have easily used her "charm" on him. It's not like Vala hasn't tried enough times already, but strangely enough with the goa'uld inside her she didn't. Then she asked specifically for Lt. Col Carter and you see what she did with her."

"Yes, continue."

"Well, I wasn't quite sure until now but some of the more obscure Egyptian texts on the cult of Aset suggested that the priests were in fact all females and that any male prescence was strictly prohibited. It might be that this particular goa'uld has developed a need for female pheromones emitted during sex."

"And this will help us how?"

"Im not sure yet..." Daniel said pensively.

"I might know."

Everyone in the room turned to look at a very naked Samantha Carter. She blushed intensely and dropped the dripping wet Zat gun on the table as if it was on fire.

General Landry took of his jacket and put it on Samantha's shoulders. Feeling slightly less naked, much to the displeasure of everyone else in the room, she cleared her throat.

"Im not absolutely certain but if what Daniel said is true, then male pheromones or testosterone might have the opposite effect, might in fact make her so weak that she cannot keep her hold on Vala and return to the jar."

"Well then, have Dr Lam cook up a batch of these pheromones and inject them into her."

"It's not that easy General" she blushed an even deeper shade of red, "as you all saw with my recent liaison with her she needs to have some element of control over the subject during copulation to feed off this energy."

"So what do you suggest?" General Landry looked slightly puzzled.

"That the only way to remove this goa'uld from Vala is to ..." Samantha paused.

"To fuck it right out of her?" Cam finished Sam's train of thought.

"Putting it bluntly ...." Samantha sighed, the tone of her voice seemed to add, "men! they never change" to her sentence.

"Well let's get right down to it then" Mitchell said pulling down his zipper, "it's a dirty job but someone has to do it."

* * *

The musky smell of sex filled the interrogation room. Mitchell set the canopic jar down in the center of the table, the ceramic making a distinct clink that brought Vala out of her semi-unconscous state.

When she saw the jar, her eyes flashed and she snarled, arms and legs jerking at their restraints.

"I will never return to my prison, Tau'ri."

"We'll see about that" Cam said dropping his pants.

"What ... what ... are you doing? Don't you know my body is inviolate to men upon pain of death!?"

"Oh really? And who exactly is going to stop me?" Cam looked around, "No Jaffa guards with funny masks. Seems the little worm is out of luck. Oh wait, you're not even a worm, you're some sort of ghost of a worm."

Vala/Aset's body was trembling with rage as she screamed curses in an ancient language.

"Hey Teal'c, Jackson come on in, our new friend wants to meet you."

For a moment Vala/Aset saw Apophis' symbol on Teal'c's forehead and relaxed thinking the Jaffa would protect her. When he too dropped his pants, she screamed and spat at Teal'c.

"SHOL'VA! A Jaffa who not only has betrayed his god but who associates with the Tau'ri. Do not come any closer to me you corrupt traitor."

"She sure talks a lot, looks like she needs something filling her mouth" Cam grinned.

"Indeed" Teal'c said and together they grabbed Vala/Aset and lifted her across the table so that her legs dangled over one side and her head over the other. She kept going on about the punishments she would inflict upon all Tau'ri once she got her powers back till Teal'c shoved his big black cock down her throat.

Mitchell pulled down her pants and slid his already hard cock into her wet pussy. Daniel hesitated for a moment. He and Vala had something going on between them and this was no way to treat her.

"She's not really Vala, she's a goa'uld" he thought to himself as he ripped open her t-shirt freeing her full breasts from their restraints and began fondling them as Cam and Teal'c filled her holes.

* * *

General Landry looked on from just outside the room. The "liberation" of Vala was taking longer than expected. Teal'c was still going strong having switched position with Mitchell who was standing to one side resting after having cum in her twice. Daniel Jackson was deep throating her, her tongue sliding over his shaft as she gurgled trying to say something.

The General went to the intercom and pressed the general broadcast button. "All able bodied airmen on duty, please report to Interrogation Room 3 immediately, this is not a drill."

Soon a long line of men began to form and they all peered excitedly down the corridor as rumor spread down the line of what was expected from them. One by one they entered the interrogation room fucking Vala until they came both in and on her : thighs, legs, feet, stomach, breasts, face. Not a single piece of her skin was free of semen, her entire body was dripping with sweat and cum. Her pony tails had come undone and her raven black hair was matted with sperm. Yet more and more men were waiting in a seemingly never-ending queue, all eagerly awaiting their turn.

At any one moment Vala/Aset had a cock in her pussy, one, sometimes two cocks in her mouth and at times she was anally penetrated by an airmen who took a liking to her tight sphincter. The goa'uld possessed woman screamed and moaned in unwanted pleasure but simply refused to abandon the cum receptacle that Vala Mal Doran's body had become.

Cam Mitchell shot another load of cum deep inside Vala's vagina adding to the sperm bank that was already there. The creampie squelched slowly out of her pussy as a muscular, tattood airman took Cam's spot between her sore thighs.

"I'm done" he groaned "I can barely get it up anymore."

"Indeed" the ever eloquent Teal'c replied as his cock draped itself flaccidly across Vala's cheek.

Now the line of airmen had thinned out considerably, even after General Landry had ordered the base's external security detachment down to do their duty. There was only so many times even the most vigorous man could come before running out of stamina. Even the General had lent a hand ... or in this case a cock.

"Hello?" Richard Woolsey peeked around the interrogation room door. He looked meekly at General Landry. "Can I ... err ... you know ..." he looked around embarrassed.

"Go ahead, join the fun" General Landry nodded in Vala's direction, "its not like you're going to break her after the last few hours she's endured."

The short, balding, spectacled man removed his pants and boxer shorts, folding them neatly and placed them in his briefcase. He took a deep breath and walked up to Vala and was about to insert himself between her spreadeagled legs when she took one look at him and growled loudly. Suddenly a misty cloud of grey smoke rose out of Vala's mouth and vanished into the canopic jar. Mitchell
grabbed the lid and twisted the jar shut.

"Great job Woolsey!" Cam said and patted him on his back.

"But ... I ..."

"That was amazing Richard, I'll have you up for a commendation" General Landry said also patting him on the back.

"But ... I ... didn't..."

"One day you'll have to tell us how you did that" Daniel told him.

"But ... I ... didn't ... even ... touch ... her"

"Guys? What's going on?" It was Vala, not remembering much of her recent ordeal. She looked at Woolsey, her jaw dropped open and she pointed down between his legs, "what's he doing here with that small thing waving around?" As Richard Woolsey rushed out of the room glaring in total embarrassment, Vala looked down at her cum covered self, "This must have been one hell of a party, why wasn't I invited?"

* * *

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