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Stargate SG-1: Major Carter's Vacation (M+F)
by CRTS ([email protected])

Major Samantha Carter walked in her hotel room. It was her first leave
since her assignment to the SGC. And she didn't even ask for it. General
Hammond had call the whole team and ordered them to have a leave! And that
separately! She choosed a small Caribbean island that it wasn't so much
crowded with tourists and fly there.

The first two days she stayed in her room. She had taken precautions and had
many interesting books with her. Science books naturally!

But even with a not so crowded island the other hotel guest did bother her
with their parties and yells.

After two days she realized she couldn't read there. So she decided to go to
the beach and let the sun tan her body. Well, easier said than done. She had
a lot of books but no swimsuit with her! She decided to buy a new from the
market. She choosed a conservative black body and as alternative a bikini.
Also black. She tried both in front of the mirror and decided to buy the
bikini. After all she wasn't twenty anymore but her standing "workout" in
their mission kept her body in good shape.

She paid and wandered why the woman at the store looked so strange at her.
She found out when she reached the beach. Sam had been too long in the Air
Force and she had missed a lot of what happened outside. Especially in a
Caribbean island were tourists are. She was the only one wearing a top! All
the other women were topless!

She stayed there for about an hour and then returned to her room. Almost
running to get there. She was desperate. She couldn't read and at the beach
couldn't go either!

She stayed one more day on her room. Surveying the beach. At dawn she had her

The next day she walked out and the man in the reception almost eats her out
with his eyes. She was going to the beach. Topples!

Arriving there she spread her towel and laid on her. She noticed that nobody
noticed her. It was common to see a topless women. That make her feel more
comfortable with her naked torso.

About one hour later she decided to jump to the cool water. She marked
two spots in the beach and swim few times up and down. On her way out
accidentally swam threw a team of college boys playing water polo. The
ball hit her in the head and she felt that she was going down.

Suddenly a strong arm grabbed her and kept her on the surface. She was so
thankfully that she didn't noticed that his hand was resting on her left
breast and squeezed at it!

The other got closer too and flood her with questions about her situation,
was she okay? And one apologized for hitting her. She smiled and said she
was okay. The man holding her let her go and she swim back to the shore.
This time she noticed the eyes of many men looking at her. At first she
thought it was because of the thing that just happened but as she took the
towel and started to dry her body she noticed that her nipples were hard!
They were pocking almost an inch out of her areola! And as she tried to dry
herself and rub them with the towel she felt her body aroused! She picked
her things and disappeared back to her room.

She had just walked out of the bathroom, after a cold shower, and was
drying herself when she felt it again! She was ready to fall on the bed and
masturbate when she heard noise from the neighbor room. She wrapped the towel
around her body and walked to the balcony.

"Hey there!" Be quiet! Sam yelled.

"What is going on?"

Sam stopped. It was the boy that saved her!

"Sorry I didn't know." Said Sam with low voice.

"Its okay! We are loud! I'll tell the boys to be quiet!" He answered

"That would be difficult. Is a game on TV?" Asked Sam even that she didn't
really care about it.

"Super Bowl!"

"Oh okay. I can't tell you to be quiet if it's the Super Bowl. I will hold on
for few hours." She said in a low tone.

"Wait! Don't go. Why don't you come over here?"

"I don't know." Sam answered with tremble in her voice.

"I saw you couple of times. You are alone. What are you doing alone all day?
Reading books?"

Sam blushed. "No! I just watch TV." Sam lied and she didn't knew why.

"Then join us!"

"I don't know what to wear."

He laughed. "We already saw you topless remember?"

She blushed again. "Okay."

Five minutes later she was in their room dressed in hot pants and white tank
top. They were watching the game very concentrated. That until the touch down
of their team. They all started to yell and jump up and down. They hugged
each other and one hug Sam. When he understood what he had done he let her
go and all sat quietly in their places. Only this time they couldn't

Sam's nipples were hard again pocking through the thin material. She noticed
that and also the fact that she was getting wet! She formed a plan. They had
to fuck her before the end of the day!

First she stretched her body making the curves of her globes more visible.
More visible was also the bulge on their jeans. She smiled. At a commercial
break she took the remote control.

"I hate commercials!

"Yeah! They suck!"

She zapped a little and then "accidentally" switched to the porno channel!
The four students blushed, it was a pay channel and you had to ask to get it
free to your room!

"We... Its not what you thinking!"

"I think she sucks a cock! Or you mean you don't like your cocks sucked?" Sam
was amazed to hear herself talking like that. Okay she was horny but still.
She saw the empty cans of beer and remembered she had three or four already.
Not too much but enough to let her restrictions fall.

Someone took the remote from her hand and she felt a hand on her knee. Going
upwards! A second hand caressed her breasts and a third one was on her chin.
He turned her head on his side and kissed her! Sam opened her mouth and their
tongues probed each other's mouth.

When they break the kiss the man playing with her breasts pulled her top over
her head and lowered his head on her breasts. Sam moaned as his tongue played
with her aching nipples. Then the gay who had kissed her and the gay playing
with her breasts lifted her from the sofa. The one who had his hand on her
tight, kneeled between her legs, and pulled her hot pants off. She didn't
wearing panties and they looked at her. Sam didn't blush. She smiled.

"They bothering!


He throws the pants away and dive in her juicy pussy. Sam moaned loud and
arched her back. Simultaneously the other too devoured her breast. Sam's head
was leaned backwards and her eyes closed. She felt something wet on her lips
and cheeks and opened her eyes. The fourth guy, the one who saved her, was
standing naked above her! His cock slapping her chicks and bruising her lips
She smiled at him and took his cock in her hand.

"I owe you my life!"

She guided the big hard cock in her mouth and started to suck on it! The room
was filled with moans and slurping noises for three four minutes.

The TV was still in the porno channel.

"Hey! Look what they are doing!"


They all stopped ant looked at the TV. The woman was tripled teamed! One in
her pussy, one in her ass and one in her mouth! They all looked at Sam.

"You want me to do that? Piece of cake!"


"Get your clothes off! Now!"

They undressed in zero time. They didn't wear much after all and waited for
her. She sucked them all one after the other making sure they were all hard.
Then she instructed the one with the biggest cock to lay flat on the floor.
She lowered herself taking his cock in her wet pussy. She moved up and down
to get used on his size and then she pressed her ample breasts against his
chest. They kissed with passion while one other spread her ass chicks and
started to lick her anus! When he saw that she was well lubricated he placed
his cock on her back entrance and shove it in slowly. Sam groaned and they
all heard that she wasn't hurt. She was enjoying it!

The two men inside her started to thrust their cocks in and out her
stretched holes. Sam groaned and moaned as the pleasure washed over her
body. Her orgasm was so strong she had to bite at her fist to keep herself
from screaming!

As she slowly came back to her sences after her orgasm they started to pump
her again. She groaned in antitipation and looked around. She saw the others
and waved them to her. They got close and Sam took their cocks in her hands.
She stroke them and licked them alternating from one to the other. Then the
one on her left pushed gently his cock in her mouth. She wrapped her lips
around his shaft and started to suck him eagerly. The one on her right
slapped her on the face with his cock reminding her that he was still there.
Sam smiled at him and turned her attention on him. Just strocking the others
cock. She kept a steady rhythm between alternate sucking them.

She felt the one on her pussy spasming and shooting his load in her pussy and
she clenched her muscles sucking him dry. As she felt that he stayed hard and
kept fucking her she strocked his chick. He tooked one of her fingers and
sucked it. Then he cupped her breasts and fondled them.

Sam felt her orgasm building up but she couldn't released it. Something
failed. As the cock in her ass started to convulse and shoot sperm in her
bowels it was time. Her orgasm washed over her body her muscles clenched
and unclenched uncontroled. She wanted something more. She lightly squeezed
the balls of the one she was just sucking and shoved her lubricated finger
in his ass! It was what he needed and started to shoot his sperm in her
hungry mouth! She moaned enjoining the sensation.

After sucking him dry she released him and turned her attention to the other
and made him cum too. The men in her pussy and ass shot her loads one more
time in her holes and pulled out.

They all kissed her gently. They told her that that would be their best
vacations and Sam froze. Her vacation was over! She had spent her two weeks!
She stood up and walked to the phone, her ass jiggling from left to right
and her breast jiggling up and down. The four students had their eyes locked
on her beautiful naked body. She picked the phone and dialed the Stargate
Center. She asked for General Hammond.

After few minutes she hunged the phone and turned around. The four men stood
directly behind her and now she was looking upwards at them. She smiled at
them and they asked her what happened. She answered she had two more weeks to
spend and that she knew how and kneeled down between their semi hard cocks!

Two weeks later she was back at the base. When Jack asked her how she had
spend her vacation she answered "Studying!" Jack says he knew she had no real
life and left. She smilled. If only he knew!


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