What I know of STARGATE is from the boxed set DVDs. As always before you
gripe english isn't my native language so cut me some slack ok.

Stargate SG-1: Jack Takes One For The Team (MF,nc-cons)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

SG-1 stepped off the stargate platform into a ambush. Jaffa staff blasts cut
down Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Doctor Faiser before they could make a move.

Colonel Jack O'Neil slowly climbed back to wakefulness. As his body cried out
in angony he opened his eyes to see a bearded man leaning over him in a toga
and the tell-tale glowing eyes.

"Well, well, so you're the humans who kills their gods," he snarled at him in
human voice.

"And you are?" Jack asked.

"Ares, your God of War."

Jack gave Ares a cockeyed smile. "Sorry, but you don't look anything like
Kevin Smith," he informed the Goa'uld.

Ares reared up to smash Jack's face in when a second Goa'uld voice broke in.


Jack turned his head and was shunned at what he saw. A dusky skinned toned
Goa'uld female with knee length black hair. Like all Goa'uld she was
inhumanly lovely but unlike other Goa'uld she wasn't dressed in robes. She
was dressed in a t-Shirt with Snoopy WWl Flying Ace on the front, red running
shorts and shoes. If it wasn't for her glowing eyes Jack would have thought
that she came off the South Beach of Florida.

"Casual Friday?" Jack asked.

To his surprise she gave him a smile at his joke. "Ares I want all and I mean
all of these SG-1s," she demanded.

Ares looked shunned. "Bast why would you want these humans?" he asked.

"Well," she said running her hand over Jack's body, "These humans have built
such new wonderful toys and seen a lot of new unknown goodies. Now Ares you
know that the System Lord's way of asking questions usually ends with the
subjects death. I think I can get what I want without killing them but it'll
take time."

Ares looked unsure. "These Humans have killed sevenral System Lords and
countless Jaffa, the System Lords want to see them die." He said.

"Yes, but they don't know you have them, do they?" she purred then went on.
"Look you're having trouble with Bess in your disagreement over the TAL
System and you still owe me for those 8 warships I built for you. Give me
these humans and I'll write off those and give you one ship more for each

Ares snarled, "Bast you never do anything without a profit."

Bast shrugged. "Of course there's a profit. If I can get the info I can
offer a whole new line to sell. If not well I can always sell seats to their

Ares threw his head back and gave a huge laugh. "Bast, thank the stars you're
hungry for money and not Worlds. Done, but my seat must be front row and

Jack started to say something, but instead screamed in agony as Bast grabbed
his cock and gave it a cruel twist.

* * *

Jake woke up later in a different room. While it screamed power it wasn't the
normal Goa'uld "Oh worship me I'm your true god style". In fact it was more
like the Trump or Bill Gates "I've got more money than God" power trip. As he
sat up he thought for a second he was back on Earth in the office of the
mighty fortune 500. Then he saw Bast standing before a huge wall bay window.

"Colonel Jack O'Neil, United States Air Force Commander SG-1," Bast stated
without turnning.

Jack looked at her as he slowly stood up. "And you are?" he asked.

She turned her head to look over her shoulder to look at him and gave him a
cute smile. "Oh Jack Pleasseeee. I know damn well you were bright eyed and
bushy tailed during Ares and my little chat. You know you cost me a whole
lot of money."

"And you're going to want us to spill the beans about the Stargate program,"
Jack said.

Bast picked up a very humanlooking remote control and pointed it at a
overhead TV moniter and clicked it. On came a picture of Sam, TealL'c and
Janet all was laying on high tech tables with bubble bowls on top of their

"Well, well, SG-1 return code is 03-791-1344BA," Bast said absentmindedly.

Jack was shunned, somehow he had to do something to save Earth.

"I wonder what the System Lords would pay for the worlds where their tebal
Jaffa are living? So that's where the Goa'uld turncoats are." Bast turned to
Jack with a sweet virginal smile. "A little thing I created 100 years ago, it
does reads minds. Your's Jack was very interesting, as you can see there's no
harmful after effects, so your merry band will be up and around after I'm
finshed with them. You know Jack after a while I'm going to build that Kirk's
Enterprise just to see if the damn thing will work. Coke?"

Jack stood perplexed as she bent over and opened a hidden wall freezer and
pulled out a pair of familar cans. She tossed one to Jack, who caught it. He
noticed that the writing on the Coke can was in Hebrew not English.

Jack looked up at Bast. "You've been to Earth," he said, "When?"

Bast took a drink from her Coke then answered. "You'll be surprised what a
skybox at the last Superbowl costs. Say could you tell me why Janet Jackson's
tit on TV is the end of the world but Richard Hatch on Survivor is, OK?" She
sat down and put Her feet up on Her deck. "Now you're asking yourself if this
mean old godess is walking around on modern Earth why haven't we had a war of
the worlds? Simple I'm not like the Goa'uld that married 'Dear Old Dad'." She
told Him.

"Well, you've got a sense of humor I'll give you that." Jack said.

"Well next time you meet a Gou'uld that claims to be your God be sure to give
him or her a big kiss on the ass for letting you fall into my hands. You're
not a threat to me. In fact, you may be just another market. I have only 40
worlds in the System Lords Empires standards. I've only got a pup tent in New
York City. Me try and take over the Earth, the only way that will happen is
if the Earth sent an Armed Force here through the Stargate and drag me
kicking and screaming into the UN. Hell, My brother has been on Earth since
WWII and not once has your tiny planet been in danger from him."

Anger rose in Jack, "So just what the hell do you what?" he demanded.

"If I send you back I want you to tell your leaders that I can sell them all
sorts of goodies and tell your pet Jaffa that he can tell his buddies that
their money is good and Sam can also tell her father to come on down." Bast
informed him.

Jack was shunned. "You'll sell weapons to your foes?" He gasped.

"Why not? My people are happy, my Jaffa loyal. If either are unhappy let me
know and it's bye bye and good luck. But I have some sales on your Earth, but
I could use more. You see I don't waste my people in useless god wars. I sell
to all sides and what's learned here about my customers stays here."

"So if we become... Hold it, if you would send us back. What's the catch?"
Jack asked.

Bast stood up and walked over to Jack. "Your Doctor Jackson's wife was the
first Goa'uld host to give brith." She said. "A birth that produced a child
of great power. Now your DNA is special, so if you put a bun in my oven, who
knows what could happen."

Jack was rocked back. "Wait, what do you mean. You want me..." he started.

"To fuck me till I walk funny." Bast finished.

"So I'm to stay here as your stud so my friends can go home." Jack stated.

"Wrong! You all stay here till I'm knocked up. Then you all go home," Bast

Jack ran his options through his head. He had to save his team. He could give
Earth and their allies a new supply source. Plus somewhere on Earth was a
Goa'uld that nobody knew about. "Alright when do we begin?" Jack asked.

A flick of her hand tossed Jack back on top of the bed spread eagle. Bast
pushed a button and at once Jack found himself as hard as he was as a when he
was a teenager and both Bast's and his outfits began to melt away.

"Nanobyte cloth. It can grow or strink at will." Bast explained then pointed
to Jack's hard on. "Another of my little toys. If I wanted to take over Earth
I wouldn't need my Jaffa. All I'd have to do is find a way to sell this on
Earth and find a way to let you Earthers find out that I was behind it. Then
sixth months later I step off my ship and let the humans carry me through the
streets on their shoulders."

Jack gave a tight smile and said, "Sorry but I think that mankind could get
it on before the Goa'uld."

"Aww, yes, but could humans get wet or a woody at will and keep it up as long
as you want?" Bast asked.

"You mean?" Jack asked hopefully.

"That if you want to you can fuck the whole female population of California
knocking every one of them up non-stop for as long as you want." Bast
informed him. She leaned over his cock and gave him a grin. "But like I said
I have no interest in conquest."

Jack's eyes rolled up into the back of his head as she gave the tip of his
cock a light lick. Not only did the Goa'uld device help his hardon last, but
it seemed to increase the feeling.

Bast breathed in Jack's muskiness as she slowly sank her face daown on his
cock until her face mashed into his clinky hair. Then just as slowly she
rose her teeth left faint white lines on his cock to mark her passige. Jack's
whole body screamed for him to reach down and grab this Goa'uld's head and
pound her face until his dick came out of the back of her head, but he
couldn't move. He had to lay there as she worked over his cock. Beads of
sweat popped out on his forehead as Bast madly, slowly bobbed up and down in
a slow torturous face fuck. Jack was in joy/pain as he never had a blowjob
like this, but the slow pace was driving Him mad.

"Ohhhhh GGooooddddd suck me! Suck me! Suck me, you slut! Take it alllllll!"
he shouted.

Then Bast began to hum or purr and it sent vibrations traveling up his
trobbing dick.

"Oh, you bitch! Eat Me.. Eat Me..Eat Me...Suck It..Suck It..Suck It...Suck
It." Jack panted barely human.

She kept the pressure up until the first shot of Jack's cum entered her
mouth. She drank as hungrily as a mewborn babe at it's mother's tit. For
five full minutes Jack poured himself into the Goa'uld's hot mouth.

Jack laid back gasping then he felt something warm soft yet firm surround his
reharding cock. He looked down to see that Bast had wrapped both of her large
tits around his hardening dick and was pumping it. A titty fuck Jack had
heard of these, but never in his life had he one.

"Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!" Jack chanted with each pump.

Then for the first time Bast spoke. "Fuck My Tits, Fuck My Tits. Fuck My
Tits, Coat Them, Paint Them, Cover My Boobs with sweet sweet Cum!"

Jack felt a twinge of pain in his cock for it had becomed so hard again so

"Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut." Jack chanted mindlessly tossing his head back and
forth. He felt the tingle again and he looked down to see the tip of his dick
began to shoot mini missiles of snow white cum cover Bast's tits.

Bast sat back rubbing the cum into her breasts as Jack again began to harded.

"Oh Lord help me, I'm not a kid anymore!" he said.

But in four painfilled minutes his dick was as hard as a teenaged boy seeing
his first nude female.

Bast took one look and broke into a wide smile. "Well, it looks as if my
little toy works." She stepped aside his hips then pulled her legs up
dropping on his meat like like falling rock. "Yessssssss." She screamed as
His cock tore fully into her.

"LLoooorrrrrrdddddddd!" Jack cried as the full weight of her came down on top
of him. "I'm going to die." Jack thought as his hips began to pound upwards.

"Do Me, Do Me, Do Me, Do Me, Do Me, Do Me." Bast chanted with each powerful
thrust. Her hair was flying and flapping all around her as if she was riding
a bucking horse. Her hands was twisting and clawing her tits in a crazed
animalike manner. Her growling Goa'uld voice now was almost human-like with
her moans and screams.

"So this is how it feels to be raped." Jack thought and suddenly his arms
were free. Jack suddenly shot his arms up and grabbed her hair with both
hands. He yanked her down, her tits slamming into His face. His mouth opened
and his teeth grabbed her nipple and bit down.

"Oooooorrrrrrgggghhhhhh!" Bast screamed in pleasure/pain arching her back to
feed Jack more titty.

Jack tasted her blood as his teeth clamped down even harder on her nip. Her
hips pounding even harder almost breaking Jack's hip bones. "Gooodddd..What..
what..a...aaaaaa..slllluuuuutttt." Jack thought trying to keep his brain from
shorting out.

"Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!" He screamed without warning. He shot another
load deep into her hot warm wet tunnel, flooding her womb with shot after
shot of cum. Jack's eyes rolled up in back of his head before age caughy up
with him and he passed out.

Bast climbed off him slow and painfully and looked down at the sleeping man.
"Well, Colonel about a few months of that and my plan should be well done."
she said outloud then grinned. "I wonder how the rest of SG-1 will feel about
their implants?"


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