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Stargate SG-1: I Love You, Sir! (MF,bond)
by the Fan

Jack O'Neill was tired.

He had been on many missions fighting for freedom all over the galaxy. He was
Earth's hero and the fiercest enemy of the alien parasites. He led team SG-1
on many missions, most of them successful.

He had good people on his team. Teal'C, a black man and warrior from Chulak,
a distant world. Samantha Carter, a beautiful blonde with the IQ of Einstein.
And Daniel, a smart guy with a heart of gold. They fought the Goa'uld.

Lately Jack had been feeling different. They had just been to Kree III, a
radioactive wasteland of a world. One doomed to go Nova. He had been bitten
by a strange animal there. The creature was huge, dog-like, only the size of
a lion. It did something to him. Jack was changing. He wasn't sure he
liked it. Oh, sure, there were pluses and minuses. He could now bench press
1254 pounds. His top speed was 35 mph. He healed very quickly. He had sharp
senses. The Pentagon liked having this super human working for them. Jack
wasn't sure he wanted to be more than human. He felt so wrong.

They had been to Chaprakim, a world under Goa'uld dominion. They were sent
in to retrieve an operative of the Toprah captured by the system lord Janus.
SG-1 was overwhelmed. Jack saw his team about to die. They were surrounded
by three dozen warriors from Janus's Jaffa. Jack felt something in him
snap. He turned on them. He roared like a beast and easily defeated them,
sending men hurtling through the air. The rest of his team marveled at his
strength. When the carnage was over, not one warrior was left standing.
Only Jack O'Neill, crazed with bloodlust and looking like a feral animal.
He went back through the stargate with his friends.

They were amazed. Teal'C praised him as a warrior. Daniel thought he was a
butcher. But what hurt most was Samantha. She looked at him with fear in her
eyes. Jack could not stand it. This was the woman he loved and she feared
him! He felt like a freak. Since the initial incident Jack said he wanted to
be away from people. This was why he was in a cell in the base. A massively
reinforced cell. Concrete walls and steel walls and Titanium bars. Not even
an elephant could smash its way out. Jack felt good knowing the people he
cared about were safe. He hated what he was becoming. Thirty six hours went
on like this.

Samantha Carter stood in the control room, watching Jack. He was in his
cell, clad in a black shirt and jeans. He looked so alone and vulnerable.
The scientist in her knew he was anything but vulnerable. Energy from Jaffa
staff weapons could not scratch him. He was so freakishly strong and damn
near invulnerable. This left the best scientists puzzled. DNA analysis
revaled that Jack was mutating. Colonel Hammond said he might have to be
put down. This saddened Samantha and enraged her.

One night Jack was restless in his sleep. He was having a nightmare. He was
howling like a mad beast from hell. He punched a hole through a 2-foot thick
steel wall. This alarmed everyone. Jack's prison could not hold him any
longer. The man was fading, replaced by the beast.

Samantha Carter lay in bed and cried. There were many missions happening but
all of SG-1 had been grounded. "Poor Jack," she said. If only he knew how
she felt. Too often she hid her emotions. She acted like a smart ass
scientist all the time and not like a woman. She really liked Jack. But he
didn't have a clue. She was too good at hiding things. And now his life
was in danger. She would find a way to get him out. She overheard the
soldiers talking. Tomorrow they were going to vaporize the room. Even the
creature Jack was becoming could not survive that. He still looked human.
Very human. But he was more of the beast everyday.

Samantha decided to act.

She snuck in near Jack's cell and whacked the guards with a club. Then she
went in, bracing herself. She was stopped by Teal'C. They locked her up. Now
they were going to proceed with Jack's termination. "No!" Samantha cried.
"Please don't kill him! Please!"

The day came. She was forced to watch the whole thing on the base TV.

The room was being flamed. Jack laughed and the flame did not seem to have
an effect on him. Then he started crying in pain. His invulnerability was
obviously limited. He passed out. They filled the cell with fumes. They
were going to gass him. He woke up. Jack felt something in himself change.
The fumes were slowing down his metabolism. The beast was weakening. He
started crying, "Guys, it's me!"

They kept on going. Then he blacked out again.

Meanwhile, Carter left her cell. She was able to rig the door and lure the
guard in. She knocked him out. Then she took his gun and went in. She forced
the scientist geeks to open the door. She saw him. Jack. Her Jack. Lying on
the floor, breathing hard. She felt her heart sink as he looked at her and
she helped him up. They ran. She had to help him. They left through a secret
entrance where an exit left to the outside world. They left the mountain on
a jeep, courtesy of Teal'C and Daniel, who never liked what the army did to


They went to a motel room about sixty miles from the base.

Samantha had some money and got them a room. Jack was resting. She watched
over him, gun in hand. She was a bit scared. She had disobeyed orders and
did acts of treason. But she had saved the man she loved. When Jack came to
he looked at her with wide eyes.

"Sam," he said.

"Hey." Samantha smiled.

He still had that goofy charm she loved about him.

"Hey, Sir," she said. "How are you doing?"

"Peachy," said Jack. He looked around and said. "Nice place," he said.

"No, sir," she said. She had to stick to formality otherwise she'd blab and
he would know.... he would know how she felt! "Do you remember anything?"

Jack began talking about the past hours. He was in pain and remembering
caused him to ache and Sam's heart went out to him. Slowly Jack healed and
after a few hours he was himself. "You disobeyed orders," he said. "Why?"

"Sir, they were going to kill you!" she said.

Jack looked at her. "Why did you do it? Why did you save me? I am an
animal, Carter, I deserve to be killed."

"Sir, don't say that!" she said.

He ignored her and walked to the phone. He began dialing the Base's top
secret number. She planted herself in front of him. "Jack, No!"

"Why not?" he asked with a bitter sadness. "I should be dead for what I did!
I killed people!

"They were evil Jaffa!" said Samantha.

"Tell me one reason why I shouldn't talk to the colonel and ask him to come
and take me? I am after all a monster."

"No, you are not," she said. "I love you, Sir."

Jack looked at her. His eyes were wide. Samantha looked at him. She had to
tell him. He was such a wonderful guy. She had seen him to so many heroics.
And when he'd gotten super powers he used them to help people. Now they
wanted to slay him. She loved this man and would do anything for him.

Jack was looking suddenly weak and she saw this as a sign. She stood on her
toes and kissed him. Jack hesitated then kissed her back. He held her in his
strong arms and, lifting her, took her to bed. Samantha undressed him with
a fury. She stood there, gazing at him. He was so beautiful, in that rugged
paramilitary macho man kind of way. She reached out to touch him and he
recoiled. He reminded her he was not fully human. She did not care. Jack
watched as she came to him, gloriously naked. Her body was nice and better
than average. Her blonde hair and blue eyes looking beautiful in the late
afternoon light. She reached out to his crotch and held his manhood. Jack
gasped. "Hmmm," she said. "You're a big boy."

Jack looked at her, amazed at this beautiful woman. She took his cock in her
mouth and surprised him by how good a sucker she was. She pumped him up and
licked his precum before milking him dry and leaving him gasping. He begs her
for more. She sucks him, making him cum time and time again. Then she lies on
her back and he touches her tits, fondling them and licking them. She moans
under his touch. Then she lies on the bed, waiting for him.

Jack hesitates but once more she draws him in. He is intoxicated by her
mystery. He positions his ten-inch dick at the entrance of her pussy, which
is shaved. He is surprised and she tells him she knows he prefers shaved
women. He readies himself and sticks it in. She gasps and holds onto him
tighly. His hard cock plows into her, going deep and deeper. She had never
had anyone so big. He holds her and their eyes lock. She reads lust unbidden
in his gaze and hers is flaming wi th passion. He fucks her pussy which
tightens around him and he holds her hand and kisses it. He is waking up now,
every sense burning. He fucks her hard, really going to town on her. She
gyrates her hips, allowing him to go deeper. Sweat appears on her skin and
she licks. She holds onto her breasts and licks them and he finds that
terribly erotic and shoots his load deep inside of her. Samantha gasps as
his hot manly fluid fills her womb and feels her own orgasm kick in. She
screams and digs her nails hard into his back. His blood flows but his
inhuman body heals instantly.

Later they lay side by side.

They are lovers together at last. Jack tells her how great she was and how
long it's been. She tells him they should try something she fantasized
about a lot. She surprises him by bringing a dildo into the room. He is
apprehensive at the sight but she says she would never do him with it. She
applies lot of lubricant to her ass and asks him to tie her up. He does.
She is on her hands and knees, bound hand and foot. Jack has never been
into kinky stuff and listens to her instructions. She has him take the
dildo and slide it into her pussy. She moans as he penetrates her with it.
Then she tells him to do something weird. She can see his hardening cock
and he starts fucking her pussy. he has taken out the dildo and thrown
it away. She tells him something which scares him.

"No, Sam, I won't do it!" He says.

"Please, Jack, I want you to do it to me. I love you."

He cannot resist her pleading eyes. He sticks his dick at the entrance of
her pink little backdoor. She spreads as wide as she can. He starts to go
in and is met with surprising resistance. He slides his cock into her ass.
There is a mirror in front of Samantha and she can see his every move and
vice versa.

He enters her ass gently. She gasps. He stops. She tells him to go on. He
tries to fit all of his cock inside her tight asshole but in spite of the
lubricant she is a tight fit. He gets in eight inches. A lot more KY is
used. He makes love to her ass. He plays with her pussy, sliding his fingers
in. While one had plays with her pussy, the other plays with her hands. Her
most sensitive parts are stimulated. Samantha is in heaven. Jack's thick
cock is invading her tight asshole. It is warm and big and very long but she
tried not to scream. She slams her eyes shut but tears are rolling from them.
The triple sensation is bringing her to a climax. She is screaming now.

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH Jack! AAAAAAAAhhhhhhh!!!!!"

He fucks her, his dick going deep into her bowels. There is nowhere else to
go. He sees Samantha's eyes bulging. She feels like a truck is inside her
ass and a deliciously hot poker in her pussy. She screams at the top of her
lungs as Jack's expert lovemaking brings her to a shuddering orgasm.


Jack shoot his cum into her tight ass and Samantha screams. Really screams.
He is afraid he hurt her. She begs him for more before collapsing. She wakes
up in his arms. Samantha finds herself looking into the face of a very
relieved, very worried Jack O'Neill. She is disoriented but quickly remembers
where she was and what happened.

"Are you okay?" says a voice.


"She has been out for hours," says the Doc.

"Yeah, but will she be okay?" says Jack.

All of SG-1 is looking at Samantha Carter who is lying in bed after being
bitten by an alien dog. She slowly wakes up. She looks at everyone, a
little disoriented. They look at her with relief.

"Had the weird dream, eh?" asks Daniel.

"Hey," says Jack O'Neill.

Samantha looks at him with wonder-filled big blue eyes and has a look of
satisfaction on her face. She rises from bed and grabs him. She kisses him
before all of SG-1 and the Base personnel.

"I love you, Sir!" she says smiling. "Thanks for evrything. It was

Jack is baffled and watches her leave the room. "What the he...."

The End


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