This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by
explicit language. I don't own any of those characters.

Stargate Atlantis: Antique Mind Control Device (MF,mc,oral,anal)

McKay read the instructions of the device again and again. He couldn't
believe it. It was a mind control device! After few minor tries that
satisfied him he went for the big hit.

The same night he was sitting in his room looking anxious at his watch. Few
more minutes and she would be there. If the device worked!

He heard the door bell and jumped up. He opened the door. Elizabeth Weir was
standing there. Rodney stepped aside opening the way. She walked in.

Elizabeth: Where do you want me?

Rodney smiled the device worked!

Robney: Over there!

Elizabeth: Ok.

She walked were he had pointed. A place in his living room where he had
placed few lamps and two video cameras.

He walked behind her admiring, as always, her tight ass. They stood between
the cameras and the lights. She turned to him. He grabbed her tits over her
obligatory red t-shirt.

Rodney: Ok, Elizabeth, go on your knees and give me head!

Elizabeth: Ok!

She went to her knees and opened his zipper. She shoved her slender fingers
inside and pulled out his cock. She looked at him and then she started to
suck him! Rodney groaned with pleasure and hoped that the cameras recorded
the whole thing. Elizabeth was now sucking eagerly. Rodney knew he wouldn't
last long and thought what to do. Let her swallow or cum in her face?

Elizabeth didn't let him decide a choice. He came and she wrapped her lips
tight around his shaft swallowing every drop of his cum! Rodney laughed.

Rodney: So Liz you are a cum swallowing slut!

Elizabeth didn't say anything she kept sucking his cock keeping him hard.
After Rodney was sure he was ready again he ordered her up.

Rodney: Undress!
Elizabeth: Yes.

Elizabeth pulled her red t-shirt over her head. Rodney looked delighted at
her red lace clasped breasts. Elizabeth opened her pants and Rodney saw that
she wear red panties too. Elizabeth turned around and lowered her pants
shaking her ass giving Rodney a hell of a view.

He couldn't wait anymore. He rushed on her and pressed her, face down, on
a table. He pulled the red laced panties aside and shoved his cock in her
pussy! He groaned from pleasure and started to fuck her hard and fast.

He didn't last long. He shot his load deep in to her pussy and then sat
breathless on the floor. He watched Elizabeth's long legs as she stayed
laying on the table. He watched her small brown hole and wanted to fuck
her in the ass too.

He slid his hands up her long legs to her ass chicks and spread them. He
spit at her small brown hole and shoved two fingers in. Elizabeth groaned
from pleasure. Rodney smiled.

He stood up, removed his fingers and with a move shoved his whole cock in!

Rodney: Ohhhhh yeeeeessssss!

Rodney groaned as her tight hole engulfed his stiff cock. He grabbed her
tight by her waist and fucked merciless! He lifted his hand and slapped her
ass cheek.

Rodney: Say my name bitch!

Elizabeth: Ohhh!


Rodney: Say my name!

Elizabeth: Rodney!


Rodney: Again!

Elizabeth: Rodneeyy!

He groaned and come again. His cum filled her bowls and Rodney pulled out and
sat on his bed completely spent this time.

He ordered Elizabeth to her room. He took the tapes from the camera and
stored them in his private safe. Then he turned the lights off and falls to
the bed and slept.

He dreamed of a cute blonde with short hair!

Not the end! ;)


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