Stargate - Atlantis: A Sensual Bath: (F-mast, machine sex)
by The Porn Cats ([email protected])

Dr, Elizabeth Weir sighed as she eased herself into a warm bath. She could
almost feel the troubles of the day melting away as her body adapted to the
warm water.

If it wasn't the Wraith, it was Rodney with some new Ancient gadget...

It seamed as though she could never get a moment to herself. She sighed again
she let herself float in her bath water, smiling as her nipples broke though
the water and hardened now exposed to the cold air. She let her hand slip
from the lip of the tub to the warm water below before sliding it over her
body and down her stomach towards her crotch.

She sighed again, but this time not from pleasure. She was a grown woman
about to masturbate! There was no less then five men that would be more
them willing to satisfy her every desire if she would ask, but her position
wouldn't allow it...

As she ran her other hand along the rim on the tub she noticed that there was
a small triangle shaped button etched into the rim. She had never notice it
before so she decided to push it and see what happens, Maybe her tub was a
spa and she never knew?

Once she pushed it in there was a soft humming and the lights in her room
started to dim. Several other lights came on from under her and the water
started to bubble.

Elizabeth watched in amazement as the bubbles came to the top of the water
and then came floating out of the water. It was then she noticed that it
wasn't just the bubbles but the entire contents of the tub was raising into
the air as if there was no more gravity!

Within minutes she was floating helplessly several feet above her tub! She
have called for help, but she was completely naked!?!

It was about that time she first noticed something touching her foot. Looking
down Elizabeth could only stared in shock at what looked like a tentacle made
of water? It started from the bottom of her tub and ran up to were her foot
was floating. She also notice that it wasn't the only one, their were several
raising up her the tub and moving all around her.

Slowly the tentacle by her leg touched her skin. She first noticed how warm
it was, and that it also seamed to have mass? It was smooth, yet soft? She
tried to pull her foot back, but the tentacle just moved with her. And it
soon wrapped itself tight around her ankle, and started to inching its way
up her leg.

At first the thought of a sexual act hadn't occurred to her, but as the
tentacle moved passed her knee she realized were it could be aiming.

She tried to push herself away or float higher. But she was weightless, so
she could do nothing but float there. It didn't matter much anyway's because
soon one on the other tentacles wrapped itself around her waist.

She knew she should be fighting more, but her curiosity had the best of her.
And when two of the tentacles moved up her body and latched themselves on to
her nipples the thought left her completely!!

It was like the tentacles had little mouths in them, they were sucking and
nibbling on her! It was like nothing she'd ever felt before...

Her widened as she felt one of the tentacles move between her legs. Even
though she knew it was coming she couldn't help but flinch as it rubbed
itself up against her vaginal lips.

A deep moan escaped Elizabeth's mouth as the Tentacle rubbing against her
seamed to spread open her sex! It was like the tentacle had little tentacles
of its own and they were all going to town on her. It felt like several
little mouths nibbling and tugging on her lips. When one started teasing her
clit she let out another deep moan.

Her eyes almost rolled to the back of her head when one slid right into her
up to her cervix and started pumping in and out of her at a rapid pace.

Elizabeth could feel becoming more excited as her bath water ravaged her
body. She was slightly wet when this had all started, but she was near
dripping now!!

"Oh my god! Oh god this feels so good..." she cooed as it thrust in and out
of her at an ever growing pace. She could felt her insides warm up as she
built up towards an orgasm. She was so lost in the moment she didn't notice
that one of the other tentacles had slid its way across her back and down
around her butt...

Elizabeth was at the peak of her climax when the tentacle forced its way
passed her sphincter and inserted itself about eight inches into her rectum!

Poor Elizabeth was so over taken with a mixture of pain and shock she didn't
even make any noise until it started to pumped in and out of her just like
the other tentacle in her pussy.

"Nooooooooo" she cried out, or rather moaned when she realized that there was
yet another cock shaped tentacle now pushing inside her ass. Elizabeth had
never even thought of anal sex for years. When she was young she tried using
a dildo after finding out girl could put things there, but at the time she
didn't use lube and she thought she'd killed herself after sliding just a
little ways in...

But NOW!!! Now it seamed there was a garden hose pushed inside of her!!!

At first the pain was unbearable, but within second the pain was gone and
a tingling warm sensation had taken it's place. The scientific part of
Elizabeth's mind was trying to ration why her pain had gone, but with the
steady stroking in and out of her cunt and the sucking on her tits and now
the add thrusting in her ass her mind had turned to mush. Her body was
almost limp as she drool leaked from her mouth even her anal rape was
beginning to add to the already building pleasure in her cunt.

Her cunt and ass were spasming as the water tentacles pushed in and out
faster adding to her pleasure. The feeling was amazing and she realized
she was moaning load enough for anyone in the halls to hear her, But she
no longer cared.

The stroking of the tentacle on her clit and twitching wet pussy lips was
beginning to cause her to near her orgasm. She felt the familiar feeling of
pleasure building finally she could contain it no longer and screamed as her
body spasmed and twitched on the two cocks.

Suddenly a sucking began inside her cunt drinking up all the juices her
orgasm released. It brought her back from her relaxed state to a more lustful
one. The tentacle in her pussy eagerly rammed farther inside of her sucking
more of her juices inside it. The sucking pulled and released on her clit and
sensitive cunt walls causing her to scream as another orgasm hit her. Slowly
she found herself lowering back down into the warm water.

Elizabeth slowly sat up in her tub as she looked around. Slipping herself out
of the tub and dressed before laying down for bed. She made a quick mental
note to herself....

She'd be sure to take another bath before her shift in the morning.


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