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Description: What's a good old Tatooine farm boy to do when his sister won't
spread for him? Make 'er!

Content Codes: MF, rape, cream pie, first, inc, snuff, brief-necro

Star Wars: You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Moisture Farm...
by JD ([email protected])

When Luke found out that Leia was his sister it changed everything for him.
It was much more than finding out he wasn't the last of his family line.
Despite everything that came after his uncle bought the two droids, Luke was
a Tatooine moisture farmer at heart. His whole personality and upbringing was
steeped in the traditions of the moisture-farming colonists. The traditions
of rural Tatooine ran strongly through him.

The oldest custom of them all was that a brother should always be man to take
his sister's virginity, to ensure that a man of honour performed the act. The
customary act was originally devised to end squabbles and violent battles of
honour between the earliest colonists in the days before the Great Sith War
over whether a girl was truly pure enough to marry. Since then it had grown
in power and symbolism, as these things do.

Many sisters - and indeed brothers - were more than willing to fulfil their
customary obligations, especially those who had grown up close to their
siblings. Those who weren't willing, whether brother or sister, would not be
given any choice in the matter, such was the perceived value of the act on
family honour. Whole families would join together to hold down one or
sometimes both partners until the act was complete.

The last Jedi returned from the swampy world Dagobah to share the truth of
his relationship to Leia. He considered waiting until later - until the
assault on the new Death Star was known to be a success - but he couldn't
bear the thought of one or both of them dying without sharing the news. He
didn't know how the proud Princess of long razed Alderaan would react to the
revelation. He was especially concerned that her different upbringing might
make her unwilling to lay with him, that she might already have given her
virginity away to Han or another.

He decided discussing the matter would take more privacy than usual, but that
getting the whole matter out in the open and out of the way would be best all
round. Luke was sorry that some of his old friends from Tatooine, like Biggs
Darklighter, weren't still around to offer support. They knew of the customs
and traditions. Biggs was as dead as old Alderaan though, so Luke went to
Leia alone and asked for her to come and talk with him.

Princess Leia stepped into her sleeping quarters aboard the Rebel star
cruiser and turned to face Luke. She wasn't sure why he had asked to speak
to her privately almost as soon as he returned; it certainly piqued her
curiosity. She was dressed in simple fashion, a figure hugging plain white
top and white pants. She wore her hair up, but not ostentatiously. She noted
Luke pause to activate the door's security locks and assumed the matter to be
one of real privacy and importance.

Luke was dressed all in black - the best clothes he could find - for what he
was sure would be a momentous occasion. He wore tight pants and a looser long
top, held around the waist by a dark leather belt. He turned back from
locking the door and looked over at Leia, who regarded him quizzically.

"Well? What's this all about?"

"It's about us."

Princess Leia raised an eyebrow, jumping to a conclusion; she had known the
depths of her feeling for the Corellian captain, Han Solo, for some time and
certainly didn't want to pursue that kind of relationship with the intense

"Whoa, Luke you're-"

"Leia, let me finish. We're twins. Darth Vader isn't just my father, he's

Leia blinked with surprise. Yet, Luke sounded so sure and she knew that she
was adopted. She cocked her head to the side and like clouds making animals
she could suddenly see a familial resemblance around his eyes.

"How did you find out?"

"Obi-Wan came to me in death and told me the truth. Don't you see? We had to
be separated to keep us both safe from Vader."

Leia rested a hand on her chest, just below her neck. She remembered the
cruel tortures meted to her on the Death Star, when Vader had used mind
probes and more to try and force the location of a rebel base from her. Could
a man of such evil be her true father? How could her real mother have ever
loved such an inhumane person?

"I can't bear knowing Lord Vader is my kin, Luke, but I'm happy to call you
my brother. I can't wait to see Han's face!"

Luke had so much he wanted to discuss with his newfound sister. He wanted to
talk about growing up with their shared family, Beru and Owen, and find if
she remembered anything of their true mother - rather than just her adoptive
mother. The mention of Han Solo reminded him of his duty. There was something
more important than any chatting over family history and youthful memories.

"Leia, you've never been with a man, have you? I mean, in bed. You and Han

The question understandably took the Princess by surprise. While she had long
been saving herself for marriage, it wasn't something she ever expected to be
asked about by Luke. She looked up into Luke's earnest eyes beneath his mop
hair and saw only honest enquiry, so despite her confusion she raised her
palms towards him and answered.

"No, Luke I haven't - but I'm not very comfortable being asked that by you,
and finding out you're my brother hasn't changed that. It's none of your

Luke approached his sister and stood before her, gently taking her hands into
his. He looked into her eyes and smiled, pleased that his sister was a good
girl and that she was so beautiful. Inside his black pants his cock began to
harden, eager as he to know Leia's hot channel. He explained with joy in his

"Under Tatooine custom a brother is always the first man a girl knows when
they are both of age. If the family is unfortunate and she has no brother,
then a cousin or nearest male relative," Luke bent forward and kissed the
extremely surprised Princess on the lips. He pushed his tongue into her
unresponsive mouth and slid it against her own.

Leia's face twisted in disgust and she shoved him away hard. Luke's Jedi-
trained agility prevented him falling on his backside. The Princess couldn't
believe she'd felt his. his manhood pressing against her stomach through
their clothing. She controlled her face into an expression of haughty
arrogance and sneeringly replied,

"Maybe that's what you hicks do on a dustbowl world like Tatooine, but such
things would have been abhorrent on Alderaan! No wonder everyone is either
criminal or inbred there!"

Luke controlled his anger at the insult to his customs and his home, for he
could understand his sister's surprise. She was an intelligent woman, and he
was sure Leia would see the reason of his words as he replied,

"Nobody breeds with their sister. Any children are aborted, otherwise after a
few generations you'd have Jawas. It's an act of family honour; the piercing
of the hymen, the seeding. It's-"

Leia slapped Luke's face, hard. She felt the impact vibrate up her arm as she
left a red handprint on his cheek. Sister and brother seemed both stunned by
the loudness and fierceness of the slap. Princess Leia pulled herself back
together first and started to push past Luke. The discussion was most
definitely at an end for her. Luke thought different. He grabbed her arms in
his and threw her violently onto the sleeping quarters' bed. Leia was
surprised by his strength and yelped as she landed hard, with her legs spread
slightly apart.

Luke admired the rise and fall of the Princess's breasts beneath her tight
white top, the shape of her nipples against the fabric. He rubbed his cock
through the dark material of his pants, and saw Leia follow his hand as it
moved on his bulge. She knew what he wanted, and wished she'd slipped into
bed with Han or even Chewie before now - at least then Luke wouldn't be able
to be her first!

"Luke, please. I can't. I can't be with you. You're my friend and you're my

Luke undid the leather belt that went around the waist of his top and held
one end in his hand. He then unbuttoned the buttons down the front of the
top, never taking his eyes from Leia. He pulled his top off to reveal his
mostly hairless but muscular chest, and then dropped it to the floor.

"We have to do it because I'm your brother. That's tradition," Luke paused
and savoured the moment before he continued, "Leia, take off your clothes."

The shock and disbelief lasted for a second, and then the enraged Princess
pushed herself up from the bed and charged Luke. Unfortunately for her, while
she might be a good shot with a blaster she was certainly nowhere near strong
or trained enough to fight her brother. He avoided her reckless lunge and met
her with a hard punch to the gut. Leia doubled over, fighting for breath. The
Princess clutched her stomach with tears forming in her eyes.

Luke reached for the other end of his belt so that he held it in both hands
and then stepped behind the doubled over Princess. He looped the leather belt
around her neck, and then clutched both ends in one hand. He pushed the other
to push down on her back as he pulled back on the looped belt. The leather
quickly bit into the smooth skin of Leia's throat.

Leia's ass wiggled and pushed back against Luke's crotch as she fought the
strangulation. Her face turned purple as she fought for breath she couldn't
quite catch. All the while she tried to plead with Luke to stop. She could
only gag and make choking noises, no words came. Leia's knees wobbled, and
she dropped down. Luke knelt down behind her, but kept up the pressure on her
throat as she scratched uselessly at the leather with her fingers.

When he could tell his sister was close to passing out he released the
pressure and pulled the belt away from her neck. Leia's chest bounced in her
top as she drew in the great lungfuls of air she was desperate for. As the
roaring in her head died away she heard Luke speak,

"Now, take off your clothes and get on the bed, Leia. This is the way it has
to be."

Luke's voice was calm and controlled, as befitted a Jedi. Yet, there were
traditions more ingrained into his psyche than those of the Jedi order -
while he heard Leia's sobbing and gasping with compassion, he never
considered abandoning his duty. He was going to be the first man inside his
sister, and that was an end to it.

Leia's sobbing grew louder as she crawled over to the bed. She could barely
comprehend the changes which had come over Luke since he found out she was
his sister. The kindly young farm boy had turned into a vicious and
domineering male; the kind a wayward Tatooine girl needed to keep her in
line. She thought she saw Vader in him now, in the wanton cruelty. Leia
couldn't raise her eyes or look at Luke as she pulled her tight top up over
her head.

She slowly and reluctantly revealed her pale breasts to her brother.

Luke admired her shuddering cleavage; it would feel good wrapped around his
shaft. Leia unbuttoned her pants and tugged them down, revealing her plain
panties, with strands of her thick dark bush visible through the pale white
material. She kicked off her boots and sat back onto the bed.

"Take off your panties too, Leia."

"Please! Please don't! Don't make me- me-"

Leia broke off into fresh tears as Luke walked over to the bed and slapped
her face. She looked up through terrified eyes and saw sadness in his eyes.
Sadness mixed with lust. Slowly, hating every second, she tugged down her
panties and pushed them off her legs.

Naked before a man she was coming to despise more with every second that

Naked before her own brother, bare before her own flesh and blood.

Tears blurred Leia's eyes as she watched Luke unbutton his pants and pushed
them down to the floor. His pubic bush was as thick and dark as Leia's. Freed
the constraints of his pants Luke's eight inch organ stood almost straight up
against his toned stomach. The strong smell of his crotch filled Leia's
nostrils as he pulled back on the skin around the head. A droplet of precum
appeared at the slit. Luke stepped out of his pants towards Leia. The purple
crown was inches from her face. She locked her eyes on the end and it seemed
the most revolting thing she had ever seen.

"Take it into your mouth, Sister."

The Princess was already trying to repress the belt choking and felt a spark
of defiance. She clamped her jaw shut and started to turn her face away. The
Jedi grabbed her nose hard and pulled her back round. He squeezed the
cartilage between his fingers while his cock pushed against Leia's lips. When
she finally had no choice but to gasp for air, he pushed in to the back of
her throat.

"That's good Leia. Use your tongue, work it on my shaft. Give me the pleasure
only a sister can give."

Leia slowly closed her mouth around Luke's sweaty organ, feeling her lips
meet it. She gagged when he poked it at the very back of her mouth, but he
seemed content for her to just suck and lick, rather than take him right into
her throat. Disgust filled her being as she licked his purple crown, and
hollowed her cheeks to suck on Luke's shaft.

The Princess had been trained long ago, as girls in her exalted position
often were, in how to deal with attackers of various types. In the case of a
single rapist who forced oral sex, the best way was said to be to chomp off
their member, and take advantage of their agony. Leia recalled these words
and started to bite down hard.

Luke reacted with a Jedi's reflexes as she did so, yanking his shaft free
from her jaws. There were teeth marks, but she hadn't broken the skin.
Genuine dark rage bubbled within him, echoes of the dark side that had
claimed their father. Leia looked up fearfully, mouth open, a strand of drool
down hanging from the horner.

Luke was on her in a second, crushing her into the bed. He punched her in the
face, smashing her nose, and then followed up with more brutal blows. He
knocked her teeth flying and fractured her orbital bone with his merciless
punches. Leia screamed and screamed, first for help and for Han and then just
wordless pain. The Jedi was beyond feeling his own pain as he skinned his
knuckles on Leia's jaw, beyond feeling her panicked but feeble counter hits.

Blood stung Leia's eyes, blinding her as she tried to rub them and clean it
out. She couldn't breath through her shattered nose and had to spit teeth and
blood to avoid choking on them. Her legs were still off the bed from when
she'd been sitting, kicking in the air. She felt Luke's weight settle above
her stomach as he took her firm pale breasts in his hands and wrapped them
around his shaft.

Luke stared down into his sister's bloody and battered face as he moved his
cock between her warm mounds. They felt so incredibly smooth against his
rough farm hands, while the hot firm flesh rubbing against his cock was
indescribable. The darkness deep within him enjoyed the sight of the pretty
Princess of Alderaan's broken face, the dark strip around her neck left by
the belt, and the sound of her piteous incoherent pleading.

He thrust in the valley of Leia's pressed together tits and thumbed her
nipples until he felt his balls tighten up against himself. Luke reluctantly
released Leia's breasts. He wanted to make sure he didn't spill his seed
before he was inside her. It would be undutiful to risk being unable to
perform a second time and shameful also. When word got out of this happening
back on Tatooine, the unfortunate brother would often become a laughing

As blood and tears mostly blinded her, Leia could only feel Luke's weight as
he lifted off her body. She thought knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what was
going to happen next. A dry, harsh rape. Painful penetration. She was broken,
physically and mentally, and couldn't even form the words for a last ditch
plea for mercy. She felt physically ill at the thought of her own brother
taking her, and worse, at the slight pleasure she had derived from his gentle
hands on her breasts.

To avoid the memory of pleasure she tried instead to concentrate on the pain
of her facial battering. Surely the rape would be equally painful and rough.
She wasn't screaming anymore; Leia truthfully didn't know if the sound could
carry through the thick door, designed to withstand a hull breach in another
part of the ship. Leia steeled herself for the expected brutality. When she
felt his hand on her bush, she instinctively closed her legs, pressing around
his rough fingers,

"Leia, open your legs wide. Please, don't make me hurt you again. I don't
want to hurt you. It's about family, not violence."

She reluctantly spread her knees apart until her legs were opened widely. She
felt her labia part slightly, and then Luke's hand again on her warm mound.
He stroked her pussy lips gently, feeling for moisture. Leia seemed pretty
dry, which he'd heard could happen on a girl's first time. Aunt Beru had
mentioned it happened with her elder brothers; both took her that night, but
they had to get her plenty wet first. Luke rubbed Leia's pussy for a few
minutes, feeling her moisten beneath his touch.

Leia's tears had mostly cleared the blood from her eyes, and the flow from
her nose and broken teeth was slowed and clotting. Though her head ached, she
felt the new sensations in her loins. She moved her hands from her face to
see Luke staring down at her crotch with an air of concentration, and then
gasped as he slipped a finger gently inside her - just a little way.

Luke couldn't see too well with Leia's bush in the way, so he pulled her
pussy lips open with his free hand and admired the rich pink flesh within, a
deep contrast to his tanned finger and her own much paler skin. He gently
felt her hymen against his probing digit, and pulled his finger back to
continue stroking in Leia's bush. He rubbed around her clitoral hood, and
felt her body judder as he brushed her nub.

"I'm so happy that you didn't lie to me, Leia," Luke told his sister with a
broad smile, "This is going to be so special."

Leia screwed her eyes shut despite the pain in her head, and tried to will
away the pleasure his fingers were drawing from her. She had to remember that
this was a violent, brutal rape and not a tender, loving experience with a
man she desired. She hated the way her body was betraying her under Luke's
fingers, the way her inner cunt was becoming dripping wet as he rubbed her
hairy hole. She despised the little moans and gasps she couldn't stop making
as he rubbed her swollen lips and little engorged clit. Sparks were starting
to fly deep in her stomach - rising heat and pleasure that Princess Leia
couldn't fight.

The Jedi looked down happily as his sister responded to his touch. He could
feel the heat and wetness growing inside her and leaking into her bush. He
could see the red flush in the pale skin of her breasts, and her hard nipples
standing up towards the ceiling. His cock was harder than he'd ever known it,
swollen with blood and lust for his moaning sister.

Leia grabbed his wrist and tried to push him away. She couldn't stand it, the
heat in her loins. She was so close,

"No, no, no, no, NO! NOOOOOOO!"

Leia's gasped refusals turned into a scream as a powerful orgasm tore through
her body. Her juices splashed into Luke's hands as she writhed in the grip of
her forced climax; the most intense pleasure she had ever known permanently
intertwined with the greatest humiliation. Luke pulled his hand away and
licked Leia's sweet arousal from his palm and fingers. Leia felt him twisting
her body lengthways onto the bed as she came down, and opened her eyes to see
Luke kneeling between her legs.

"Sister, you're going to remember this for the rest of your life. Every time
you close your eyes you will think back to this time, to the joy we've shared
today. No matter how many men you're with, you will always know that your
brother was your first."

There was no denying that it was true. At least, the rape would eternally
change her, but while Luke considered it a joyous thing Leia knew she that
she would suffer emotional torment for as long as she lived. Leia would be a
hollow caricature of her once proud self. She felt his organ rubbing into her
bush, pushing against her virgin hole. Luke pressed in until he felt Leia's
hymen against the head, and then leaned forward over her until his chest
pressed down against her breasts.

"Can you feel me, Leia? Can you feel me in you? You're so wet and ready," he
whispered in her ear before gently kissing her neck.

He thrust forward suddenly, tearing through Leia's maidenhood. He sheathed
his cock deeply into his sister, and groaned at her slippery hot tightness. A
little blood dribbled along his shaft, but Leia was surprised at how little
pain she felt. Like his fingers before, Luke's cock felt so shamefully good
stretching out her tight inexperienced pussy. Luke kissed Leia's bloody lips
as he bucked his hips and pushed more of his shaft into her. She felt herself
opening to take him until his bush was pressed into hers, and his fat crown
jutted against her cervix.

Leia pulled her mouth from Luke's and looked straight up into his eyes. She
tried one last time to plead him to let her be, but Luke was a slave to the
sensations gripping his shaft. Leia lay still, her arms to her side and her
knees slackly wide, but it still felt so good as he humped her. The feel of
her body under his, her breasts against his chest, her face against his lips
as he kissed and licked away salty tears and iron-rich blood.

The unwanted pleasure began to build again inside Leia's belly as her brother
rode her hard and fast, slamming into her with quick strokes. She clenched
her hands into the bed sheets and fought to stay still as her hips tried rock
up against Luke's thrusts. Luke felt Leia's body starting to move beneath
him. He was so excited he surely couldn't last long. Their sweat soaked forms
rubbed against each other as he groaned out Leia's name and increased the
speed of his thrusts.

The Princcess could only moan as she writhed unwillingly beneath her brother.
Luke had never had it so good with a girl, not even in the Mos Espa whorepits
and he felt his own climax fast approaching as their groans rose in volume
and pitch. The pain was faded from Leia's face in the onrushing climax. The
proud Princess arched her back from the bed as she came again. Her cunt
clamped around her brother's violating cock. She wailed in climax and despair
and wrapped her arms around him.

Luke groaned into her ear as Leia's spasming virgin cunt squeezed his cock
tightly. Her body bucked under him and he saw her eyes rolled up into her
head. Then he too was cumming with his sister. Unable to even think about
pulling out, he fired his heavy load against Leia's cervix, pushing forward
to force the thick hot spunk right up into her womb. The pleasure was so
intense he thought he might black out. Luke felt Leia's cunt almost milking
his cock of its seed as the last few drops were squeezed inside her.

He collapsed on top of her, face forward into the bed sheets by her head.
Leia could only stare up at the ceiling. She could feel his wilting shaft
still inside her, and their mutual juices leaking out around it. Leia wanted
to die. The shame was too great; to be raped by her brother and to take such
overwhelming pleasure from the act was beyond bearing. This should have been
her wedding night with Han, now she knew she could never love any man again.


"Oh, Leia," he gasped, nibbling her ear, "I love you, Sister. I love you so
much," Luke whispered hoarsely into her ear.

Leia responded coldly, though her broken nose changed her voice,

"Luke, I'm going to see you executed for this. I'm a ranking officer of the
Rebel Alliance and you won't be allowed to get away with it. If nothing else,
I'll see Han kill you and spit on your corpse."

He pushed himself up on his hands and started down into Leia's bloody face.
In the afterglow of his climax with lust and duty satisfied he felt shame
when he looked upon the damage he had done his sister's face. Her blood
smeared skin and smashed nose, the bruising around her eyes and cracked and
missing teeth.

"Leia, please, you have to understand - this is the Tatooine way! I'm so
sorry I hurt you, but I only did it because you said no!"

"You're going to die in pain, Luke."

Leia paused, wondering if she dared take the next step. She thought about the
life ahead of her, years of shame and misery. She saw only darkness and
despair in her path. Was this the kind of person she worked tirelessly to
free from Imperial domination? Scum like Luke Skywalker or the Hutts? No, she
had nothing to live for now, not even revenge. She wanted to die.

"Your only chance, Luke, is to kill me now. To blame my murder on an imperial
assassin, and to flush my corpse out an air lock or put it in an
incinerator," Leia's voice was steady as she spoke.

Luke looked down at her and considered her words. There was absolutely no
doubt she was utterly serious, both about having him executed and about how
killing her was the only way to avoid his own death. His cock started to
harden again; Leia felt it grow inside her and knew Luke was reaching his
decision. She didn't resist as her brother's hands closed around her throat -
this was what she wanted, now. The suffering galaxy could kiss her royal ass.

She felt Luke's hands closing off her windpipe as he gripped tightly. Leia's
pale flesh bulged slightly against his rough fingers. Her mouth dropped open
slightly as he began to move his hips again. Her started down into his
sister's darkening face as he raped her a second time. Leia felt the almost
familiar pounding begin in her head, but now it was matched by the pleasure
of the hard cock moving inside her very wet snatch. The Princess's slight
moans came out as rasping gags as Luke squeezed her throat harder. He was
soon pounding her cunt with hard deep thrusts.

Leia's eyes were bugging out and her tongue was pushing from the corner of
her mouth as Luke sped up. He could feel her cunt twitching and gripping him,
and then there was a fresh splash of juice as the asphyxiating Princess came
again. A near death orgasm tore through the pain. She felt a final burst of
shame as she died, while Luke felt the hot piss spray from her cunt to drench
him and the sheets. He thrust a few more times inside and then came into
Leia's corpse. Her hot inexperienced cunt was still tight right up to the
last stroke.

Luke squeezed her neck with all his strength as he fired off his load inside
his dead sister. He was close to exhaustion as the pleasure again rose from
his shaft. He bucked his hips a last few times before leaning down to kiss
the Princess's slack mouth deeply. He tasted blood and saliva, and something
bitter he didn't recognise. He drifted off to sleep atop Leia's pale corpse,
sad that things had had to end this way, but also deeply satisfied.

Though the screams had barely sounded outside the sleeping quarters, it was
soon noted that neither Luke nor Leia had returned from their long
discussion. The multi-pronged attack on the new Death Star had to start soon,
and so when neither responded to ship communications the Captain had R2D2
pick the electronic locks on the door. What they found within shocked the
rebel troopers. The commanding officer didn't even wait for Luke to wake up
before drawing his blaster and shooting the last Jedi in the head.

The rebellion was crushed soon after.


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