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Star Wars: The Restricted Files 29 - Crisis At Shili Part 4
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The rescue mission to Shili was still a day away from its destination and the possible salvation of the Togruta people from a mysterious new enemy. The crew aboard the New Republic Stealth ship were more interested in their own sexual pursuits rather than the health and safety of the innocents under siege on the Togruta homeworld however. Tahiri Veila had already been double fucked twice by Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca. Tenel Ka had been fucked by Han for medical research, resulting in her subsequent pregnancy. Mara Jade had received a hard ass fucking by Master Kyp Durron while Leia was unconscious from a previous sparring session. And Winter Celchu had taken a double pussy fucking by Anakin and Jacen Solo while watching the restricted files, resulting in her yet unknown pregnancy by one of the Solo boys. While all this was going on, Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu and Corran Horn were all giving expert piloting lessons to Jaina Solo in the hangar bay of the stealth ship.

"So these are the new X-Wings?" Jaina asked, bending over to examine a coupling on one of the laser canons. Her skimpy little thong and perfect heart shaped ass were completely visible to Wedge, Tycho and Corran, who were standing behind her, admiring the view.

"Sure are Jaina. That one there is my own personal X-Wing. My laser canons are quite a bit larger than the standard X-Wing canon," Wedge told her, obviously hinting at the double entendre. "Feel how hard and long that cannon is. It's got a lot kills accredited to it."

"Seems like you're trying to make up for something Wedge," Jaina retorted with a laugh. "And it doesn't count as a kill in a simulation," she told him, obviously referencing Wedge masurbating and fantasizing about sluts like Jaina. "I do like a big hard shaft though, and your laser canon definitely has that."

"Ya that's not the only thing big and hard in this hangar bay," Wedge whispered to Corran and Tycho. Both of them grinned as Jaina stood up and walked over to the next X-Wing. Her tiny leather skirt was riding high and her perfect teenage ass was completely visible. Jaina knew she was tessing the 3 men, but she also knew that if she could string them along long enough, she'd be able to learn all she needed from the skilled pilots.

"And who's sleek X-Wing is this? It looks really fast! Look at those turbines!" Jaina asked, excited about the sleek looking X-Wing she had never seen before.

"That would be mine young miss," Tycho responded immediately, seizing on the fact that Jaina was basically getting wet as she ran her hand across one of the turbine casings. "Fastest acceleration and speed burst in the New Republic fleet. She's able to provide a major burst of speed over a short period of time. It has some serious thrust behind it."

"Sounds fast Tycho. Too bad it doesn't last very long," Jaina joked again, poking fun at Tycho's endurance. "I do like a hard powerful thrust though," Jaina teased again.

"I'll give you a good thrusting," Tycho whispered to his cohorts as Jaina continued to examine the engines.

"Anyone else find it cold in here? My nipples could cut Mandalorian Iron right now!" Jaina told them with a grin, turning around to show the men how her nipples were nearly ready to rip through her tight red leather tube top. "See?" She said, quickly flashing them and treating them to a view of her tiny pink but very hard nipples and perfectly shaped breasts.

"Fuck me!" All three men groaned before Jaina covered up her perfect tits again and walked off towards another X-Wing.

"Now this model is definitely not new. It looks like one of the classics," Jaina said, admiring a venerable looking X-Wing that showed some signs of battle.

"Yes the old girl has seen many battles. Nothing like experience to handle any tight situation that's thrown at you," Corran told her about his aged X-Wing, all the while fantasizing about how tight Jaina was.

"Experience is definitely crucial to a good... mission, but it looks as though this old bird might not be able to take off," Jaina told Corran smartly, smirking at her cleverness.

"Well it's already taken off and flying high you little slut," Corran whispered to Wedge and Tycho, feeling his cock harden at the thought of bending Jaina over and showing her all the experience he had.

"Have you ever wondered who the best of the best is between you three?" Jaina asked sweetly, as she moved over to the newest and sleekest X-Wing model in the entire hangar. She got a ladder and climbed into the cockpit, showing them her tight ass one more time before sitting behind the stick and slowly running her hand up and down it in a very suggestive manner. "It doesn't really matter, since I can handle a stick better than each and every one of you!" She told them with a wicked grin and a wink as she stroked the X-Wing control stick faster and faster.

"Why don't you come down here and prove it to us then?" Wedge asked her, unzipping the lower half of his uniform and pulling out his 7 inch hard cock. Tycho and Corran did the same as Jaina got out of the cockpit and made her way down the ladder, wiggling her ass to further entice Wedge, Tycho and Corran.

"I can handle those better than any of you can that's for sure," Jaina told them in a sultry voice as she pulled off her tube top to release her perfect tits and hard pink nipples.

"You can handle mine with that tight teenage pussy of yours," said Tycho as he reached down to squeeze one of Jaina's perky tits.

"That's not how you pilot a ship... you've got to grab the stick with your hand and not let go!" Jaina told them, instantly dropping to her knees and grabbing hold of both Tycho's and Wedge's stiff shafts.

"Ohhh fuck me this is amazing!" Wedge groaned as Jaina gripped their cocks tight and slowly started jacking them off.

"Must be nice fuckers!" Complained Corran who stood in between them and watched as Jaina gave them the handjobs of their lives.

"I didn't forget about you Corran! I'm an expert multi-tasker and my mother always told me, if your hands are full, use your mouth!" Jaina told him with a wicked grin as she leaned forward and started sucking on the tip of Corran's massive 8 inch hard cock.

"Ohhh fuck ya!" Groaned Corran as Jaina took him deeper and deeper, still stroking Wedge and Tycho's shafts in the process.

As Jaina stroked and sucked her way to winning over 3 of the best pilots in the galaxy, her father was finally waking up from passing out at the information that he would soon be a father for the fourth time. Tenel Ka was still on the medical table with Cilghal jamming another probe in her cum filled pussy and a second in her tight teenage ass.

"I got to get out of here Doc. I've got a lot to process," Han groaned, leaving the medical bay without another word. He knew only one way to deal with this shocking turn of events; working on the Millenium Falcon and knocking back vast quantities of liquor. Before he managed to turn the corner, Luke nearly ran into him going in the opposite direction.

"Oh hey Han, Tenel Ka okay?" He asked looking a little confused.

"Ya I think so. Well at least for about nine months at least," Han replied jokingly. "Where were you heading?"

"To find Mara, but she's not in our quarters."

"I think she mentioned sparring with Leia and Mara in Kyp's room. Wanna check there? Then you can join me for a few drinks on board the Falcon. There's something I need to get off my chest," Han told Luke as they walked down the corridor towards Kyp's quarters.

"Ungh ungh ungh! Fucking fuck me Kyp!" Shouted Leia from behind Kyp's closed door. Both Han and Luke stopped in their tracks, realizing what was going on behind the door.

"Ya fuck that tight pussy Kyp! Fuck it as hard as you fucked my ass a few minutes ago!" Mara's voice replied mere seconds later.

"I guess we know what kind of sparring those sluts are doing," said Luke, turning away from the door. "Let them have their fun, we've definitely already had our share today.

"True, and I'm in no position to scold them after what we were doing to that little blonde slut Tahiri. Let's see if Jacen and Anakin want to join us in the Falcon for a drink then," Han replied, directing Luke towards his sons' room. Without knocking, Han and Luke walked in to see Anakin and Jacen just pulling on their clothes and a naked and passed out Winter lying on the couch, pussy still dripping with cum.

"Had some fun, did we nephews?" Luke laughed, as Jacen and Anakin looked at each other in alarm.

"We were... ummm... Winter... uhhhh" Jacen mumbled, pulling on his shirt and trying to look innocent.

"Don't fret boys. If you knew the amount of times your uncle and I plowed that tight slut, you'd be amazed," Han laughed, smacking Jacen and Anakin on the shoulders and guiding them out of their room. "Lets get you boys a drink on the Falcon to celebrate. Another notch on your belt is something to drink about!"

"Really? Awesome!" Anakin replied in shock. "Winter was asking for it and Jacen and I could hardly say no to her sweet pussy!"

"Ya Dad, she's tight as fuck!" Jacen had, gripping Winter's ass one more time before following Luke and his father from his quarters.

Jaina was busy deep throating Wedge Antilles and jacking off both Corran Horn and Tycho Celchu when Luke, Han, Jacen and Anakin walked into the landing bay.

"What the fuck Jaina?" Han yelled at his daughter as he took in the scene. Jaina had her top off but was still wearing her skirt and panties, so at least she hadn't given up her sweet pussy yet.

"Han old buddy, I thought you didn't have a problem with this?" Wedge asked him looking extremely concerned as Jaina pulled off his cock.

"Daddy! I was just showing them how well I handle the stick!" Jaina told her looking terrified just as a chain reaction of cocks starting to spasm in orgasm began.

"Unghhhhh! Fuck! Take it!" Corran groaned looking down at Jaina as she jacked him off. His cock exploded all over the left side of her pretty face and hair, drenching her with his hot sticky Jedi cum. Jaina's look of shock and terror that her father had caught her jacking and sucking off 3 of his friends was interrupted again as Tycho and Wedge came as well, grunting unison and pasting her entire face with several hot loads of their sticky seed.

"Oh fuck it's so hot! I love it!" Jaina moaned, rubbing her pussy through her panties as the last loads splashed against her face and into her mouth.

"What a whore!" Jacen exclaimed to his brother, uncle and father, feeling his cock harden as he watched his sister get the cum bath she wanted so bad.

"You get your ass into the Falcon and clean up missy!" Han told Jaina sternly as Wedge, Tycho and Corran pulled their pants back up and turned around to plead their innocence to Han.

"But Daddy!" Jaina complained, before standing up and stalking away towards the Falcon covered in hot cum.

"Han, we can explain... she was asking for it and... ummm," Wedge began before he was interrupted by Han and Luke laughing.

"I could care less old buddy. I just want to make sure you didn't fuck her tight pussy before we did," Han told him with a wicked grin before he, Luke, Jacen, and Anakin followed Jaina's sweet ass to the Falcon, intent on giving Jaina what she really wanted.

"That old fucking smuggler, robbed us of that sweet teenage pussy!" Tycho complained.

"Perhaps. But I know a great way to pay that them back though. Let's go pay Mara and Leia a visit, shall we?"


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