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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Chapter 27 - Crisis At Shili Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Jedi Council had called a very important meeting to discuss disturbing reports of several vicious attacks in the Shili system of the Ehosiq sector near the Hydian Way in the Expansive Region. Apparently the local systems including Shili itself had come under attack from a nameless enemy, enslaving those they capture and destroying all those they deemed weak. All reports thus far have indicated that the enemy had made their home base on the planet Shili in the capital city of Corvala. There was Togruta resistence but due to there inexperience in dealing with such a threat and the inability of the fledgling New Republic to handle the situation, the Jedi Council had chosen to investigate the matter.

"A special reconnaisance team will infiltrate the city of Corvala, make contact with the Togruta resistence cell there and learn everything possible about the enemy besieging their sector," Luke told the gathered crowd of Jedi. Jaina had just stumbled into the meeting half way through looking thoroughly disheveled, while Kyp Durron followed close behind. "The team will take no action against this unknown enemy until further information can be obtained."

"Who's taking part in this mission Master?" Asked a concerned Cilghal. The health and welfare of any injured or sick throughout the galaxy always concerned the healer and war was a great progenitor of that.

"I will be leading the mission myself. I will ask you Cilghal to accompany the team in order to aid the sick and wounded on Shili."

"Very well Master Skywalker, I will prepare my instruments immediately," Cilghal replied gravely, quickly leaving the gathering to pack her medical equipment for the long voyage.

"Who else Master?" Asked a concerned Corran Horn. "I would be honoured to aid in this mission." His past security and law background was always an asset to the Jedi.

"Yes Corran, you will join me along with Mara Jade, Kyp Durron, Jacen, Jaina, Anakin, Tahiri, Tenel Ka, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca, who has just returned from his trip to see his family on Kashyyyk," Luke informed everyone. "Those not on mission will remain on Yavin 4 unless otherwise instructed."

"How many ships are we taking?" Kyp asked, as those not on the mission quickly left so the strategic planning could begin. "And who dare attack the Togrutan people?"

"We will be taking a New Republic light cruiser specially designed for stealth missions. Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celcu and Winter will join us, as well as a small crew to run the ship. Six X-Wings and the Millenium Falcon will also dock on the cruiser for the voyage," Luke informed everyone, knowing that the small armada of ships would not be enough to break the enemy forces but enough to use stealth to infiltrate them. "The species attacking the planet are unknown. The vessels that dropped off their troops have already abandoned the planet and their own soldiers to cause further mayhem throughout the system. The soldiers themselves are large and menacing by all reports, cloaked to conceal their true identity."

"When are we leaving Master?" Corran asked, already planning on how best to infiltrate the besieged planet. It was then that he took notice of Jaina in the corner of the room. Corran's cock immediately stiffened at the sight of the young teen decked out in her short leather skirt, tight leather tube top and long knee high white socks. Trying to master his impure thoughts, Corran focused on Luke's response.

"Be prepared to depart in two hours. I intend to make best possible speed to the planet and do what we can for the native inhabitants." With that, the meeting was concluded and everyone made their way to their rooms to pack. Jacen and Anakin quickly caught up to Jaina to see what had taken her so long to get to the meeting.

"Kind of looking disheveled Jaina. What were you doing before the meeting?" Anakin asked her curiously, taking in her tangled hair, grimy skin and her ruffled clothing. He also took in her pert young breasts and tight little teenage ass, which he could just see the bottom of peeking out from under her skirt.

"I was training of course! Not all Jedi are as lazy as you two!" Jaina replied smugly. Perfecting her sexual techniques was a type of training and if that was the case, she really trained her ass off with Kyp.

"More like you had someone balls deep in that tight pussy of yours sis. You can't lie to your twin, you should know that," Jacen retorted, reaching under her skirt to jam his finger into her pussy to see if it was wet.

"Ungh Jacen!" Jaina moaned, swatting his hand away and remembering her vow to restrain sexual urges more often and use it to control the men around her. She had let Kyp have his way with her but in the end, letting him fuck her sweet ass and not her tight pussy was just another way to manipulate the handsome Jedi.

"Wet! Just as I suspected! You don't seem to mind other people fucking that pussy, but not your own brothers?" Jacen complained, licking his finger and tasting Jaina's delicious pussy. Both he and Anakin had received blowjobs from the young slut, but that had been it, and Jacen really wanted to fuck Jaina's teenage pussy.

"Who said anything about my pussy being fucked?" Jaina replied with a smirk, knowing full well how bad Jacen and Anakin wanted into her panties.

"Who fucked your ass?" Anakin cried out in alarm, obviously wanting to be the first to take her in the ass.

"Kyp Durron! If you wanted to fuck my ass first, why don't you give Jacen a try! We are twins afterall!" Jaina spat back with a wicked grin before gripping both of their hardening cocks at once and pumping them twice through the material of their pants to leave them in agony. She left them standing there, shocked and completely hard. "Now if you don't mind, I need to start packing for the mission, something you both need to do as well!"

"I'll pack everything for you if I can fuck your ass!" Anakin blurted out as he watched Jaina disappear through the door of her room.

"Nice line idiot! Like that would ever work!" Jacen shouted at him as they turned to leave and pack their own things.

"How about a handjob?" Jaina shouted back through the doorway, a wicked grin on her hidden face.

"Deal!" Anakin replied with a grin, knocking over Jacen in his haste to help his sister pack and have her jack him off for his troubles. Anakin packed her clothes and belongings in record time and true to her word, Jaina gave him a world class handjob afterwards, even letting him blow his entire load all over her pretty face.

Two hours later the entire team was shuttled up to the New Republic Stealth Cruiser under the command of retired General Wedge Antilles and retired Rogue Leader Tycho Celchu. The New Republic ship was pristine, with a small skeleton crew and room enough for over a thousand troops, the ship was the newest in a line of reconnaisance and attack ships, designed for stealth, speed, and attack power.

"Welcome aboard Luke! Long time no see old friend!" Wedge welcomed Luke aboard along with his fellow Jedi. "I see Mara Jade and Leia are as beautiful as ever. And Han old buddy, uglier than sin, as always," Wedge taunted, embracing each of his friends in turn. Tycho did the same in short order until only the three Solo kids along with Tenel Ka and Tahiri were left. "And this must be the newest generation of Jedi. I see this generation's women have decided on the less is more theory in regards to clothing. Something I definitely can get behind!" He said jokingly, taking in the three beautiful teenagers. Tenel Ka and Tahiri had been convinced by Jaina to adopt her new wardrobe, after she had told them how much easier it was to fight and fuck in. Jaina was decked out in red leather, Tenel Ka in green dragon scale and Tahiri in some kind of yellow material. Their extremely short skirts, tight tube tops, knee high socks and the fact that all three were wearing skimpy thongs added to their hottness.

"Thank you for welcoming us aboard General! Perhaps you and Tycho can give me some flying lessons on the way to Shili. It's a rare sight to see three former Rogue Leaders on one ship," Jaina said, winking at Wedge and Tycho to inform them on what kind of lessons she really wanted from the two.

"Uhhh yes of course Jaina! Anything for the daughter of an old friend like Han," Wedge replied, a little flustered by Jaina's aggressively sexual stance. With that, the younger Jedi settled into their rooms while the older members mingled with Wedge, Tycho and Winter on the command deck, discussing wives, families and the upcoming mission. Luke, Leia, Mara Jade, Corran, Han and Chewie joined Wedge, Tycho and Winter in Captain's cabin for a more private discussion.

"Lord all mighty! Those three are are just begging for it!" Tycho commented as soon as all 9 of them were settled.

"Tycho! That's Han's daughter!" Winter exclaimed, berating her husband, smirking as she did so. "I can't say it doesn't run in the family though, eh Leia?"

"I don't know Winter, why don't you discuss it with Han while his cock is buried in your pussy?" Leia replied crisply, knowing full well about the stories of Winter and Han circulating over the past few weeks. Winter had caught a transport as soon as Han had reached Yavin 4, likely in fear that Leia would catch on about their affair.

"Come on Leia! You're one to talk! I remember how you used to fuck every cock you could get your hands on! Including your brother's, if my memory is correct," Wedge interjected before things got out of control. "We were all degenerates, and still are. It's part of the reason we all get on so well!"

"He has a point," added Tycho quickly. "Last year I had you on your hands and knees taking it in the ass on your kitchen floor Leia! And I know Luke has fucked my wife more times than I can count."

"Arrrrrrrgh!" Wookie added, nodding his head in agreement.

"Chewie's right guys. We shouldn't fight over something so trivial," Luke replied. "Although Chewie is the biggest degenerate here. I know for a fact that he's fucked Mara, Leia and Winter all at the same time on more than one occasion!" Everyone laughed at that comment and the tension in the room quickly disappeared.

"So Jaina and those other two girls are fair game then?" Tycho asked, directing the question at Han and Leia.

"I suppose so. Just try not to get them pregnant. I'm not ready to be a Grandpa," Han replied with a smile, thinking that Jaina's pussy would look awfully good stuffed with his own cock.

"Great! Now that that's settled, I'm going to find Jacen and Anakin and see what Mara Jade has taught them," Winter concluded the meeting suddenly. "If you want me I'll be in their cabin being double stuffed honey," She told her husband, who smiled back as if it was a normal occurence.

"Tycho, Corran and I will show Jaina the cockpit of one of the X-Wings in the meantime," Wedge replied, winking to Tycho and Corran when he mentioned cockpit.

"I promised Tahiri and Tenel Ka that I would help them work on their team combat skills," Luke quickly added.

"Ya me and Chewie said we'd play the role of the bad guys shooting at them," Han added lamely, sensing that more than just training was going to be happening.

"Arrggggggh!" Chewie added.

"Well Mara Jade and I have a sparring session with Kyp," Leia quickly added, covering any thought of jealously that her husband was about to go fuck a Dathomiri whore and 12 year old slut from Tatooine. The room quickly emptied and it was quite obvious that the New Republic ship was about to become a haven of sex and mischief.

"Do you actually have a training session with Tenel Ka and Tahiri, or was that code for.... you know," Han asked Luke after they had left the command deck. Chewie towered over both of them as they walked down the hallway towards the training room.

"No I have a training session with them," Luke replied with a smirk. "Training them to be my personal Jedi sluts!" He finished, patting Han on the shoulder. "You two care to lend me some of your experience?"

"Arrrrrrrghhhh!" Chewie agreed vehemently.

"What he said!" Han said laughing as the entered the training room to see Tenel Ka and Tahiri stretching in their imitation Ahsoka Tano outfits. Tahiri was on the floor in front of them with her legs wide open stretching, revealing her white panties and the hint of a camel toe. Tenel Ka was facing the opposite direction, bending over to touch her toes, displaying her perfect teenage ass in a bright pink g-string.

"Ok ladies pay attention!" Luke called out to both Tahiri and Tenel Ka as Han and Chewie ogled their tight teenage bodies. Tenel Ka was slightly older than Jaina, but her body, golden red hair and unbelievable ass were nearly Jaina's equal. Tahiri Veila was only 12 or 13, but her lithe petite figure already showed the signs of womanhood, and Han could instantly see why his youngest son had a crush on the girl from Tatooine. "Han and Chewie have agreed to take part in this training session. They will play the part of mercenaries. They will set their weapons to stun and attempt to disarm and incapacitate you. This is a true test with dire consequences if you fail. If they manage to overpower and defeat you, they will do what any mercenary scum would do, abuse and violate the helpless. I will play the part of their commander and will not be using the Force to aid us in defeating you. Do you understand the situation and consequences?" Luke relayed to them, all but saying that if they could overpower them, all three men would be balls deep in them before the day was out.

"We understand Master. Three men wielding simple energy weapons will pose no threat to two well-trained Jedi like ourselves," Tenel Ka replied confidently.

"Perhaps the opportunity to violate us will help them provide us with a challenge though," Tahiri added, winking at Han as she got into a battle stance. Luke, Han and Chewie took cover behind a nearby bulkhead and planned their attack.

"Okay Chewie, I want you to charge Tahiri like a maniac as soon as we begin. Both girls won't crack under pressure like that but will probably blast you away with the Force. It will provide Han and I the time we need to move into flanking positions though," Luke informed his friends and teammates.

"Arrrrrgh!" Chewie growled, unhappy with his role of being a decoy.

"I know Chewie, but if anyone can break through their defences and overpower them, it's you. You're the only one who can occupy their attention long enough," Luke assured the Wookie. "Han, once you get into cover, I want you to throw this stun grenade at their feet while I draw their attention with blaster fire," Luke relayed to Han, handing him a stun grenade. "Hopefully that will incapacitate them long enough for us to hit them with the stun settings on our rifles."

"Bit of a flimsy plan there Luke," Han replied with a grimace. "What if they see through all these diversions and use the Force to hurl us against the nearest bulkhead?"

"That won't happen Han," Luke assured him with a grin. "I've already used the Force to glimpse the future to see if this plan would work. And I assure you, in ten minutes, you'll have your entire cock buried in Tahiri's tight little pussy."

"The plan sounds a lot better when you put it like that!" Han grinned, unholstering his pistol and setting it to stun. "Let's do this!"

The plan went off without a hitch, except for the fact that Chewie was knocked unconscious from the Force blast hurled at him by Tahiri. He seemed to be okay otherwise and both Luke and Han didn't want to disturb him as they stripped Tenel Ka and Tahiri from their outfits and tied them up so their hands were bound behind their backs by rope. Tenel Ka's needed to be altered to work with her missing arm but she was just as immbolized.

"What the... we fucking lost didn't we?" Tahiri asked Luke and Han after awakening and watching the two men undress. Her hands were tied behind her and she was already naked. She hated losing, and the fact that she was now going to be treated like some captive whore angered her further.

"Shut your mouth prisoner! Or open it so I can use that pretty mouth of yours!" Han said in his best imitation of a space pirate he once knew. He pulled off his pants to reveal his massive 8 inch hard cock. Before Tahiri could protest, Han had plunged half of his cock into her open mouth, gripping both sides of her head and forcing more and more of his cock down her throat.

"I don't think Tenel Ka is going to wake up anytime soon Han," Luke told his friend after examining Tenel Ka and noticing that she had hit her head after being stunned. "Mind if we double team you Tahiri?" Luke asked the gagging blonde youth as Han used her like his own personal fuckdoll. Luke wasn't against fucking Tenel Ka, but he would have rather her awake and prepared to take his massive cock.

"Mppppf mpppppffff!" She mumbled, trying to reply as her mouth was assaulted with Han's full eight inches.

"No? Okay great! Move over Han and let me have a go at her for a minute," Luke told his friend, pushing him out of the way as Tahiri gasped for air. Before she had taken a second breath though, Luke had plunged his entire 8 inches into Tahiri's open mouth, causing her to gag for air again.

"Well fuck Luke! I guess while you get warmed up, I can see how tight her pussy is. I'm sure my son's pumped this little cunny plenty, but she's probably never had a man sized cock inside her," Han commented, pulling Tahiri backwards into a standing position. She remained bent over at the waist with Luke pumping his cock in and out of her mouth as Han took up a position behind her. "She's got a very tight pussy and ass!"

"Maybe we'll see if our captive can take 2 cocks at once!" Luke exclaimed, giddy about the possibility of double penetrating the petite Tahiri. Luke could tell that on some level Tahiri was enjoying her captivity. As he fucked her face, he could feel her lips clamping down on his cock, eager to suck off the Jedi Master.

"Holy fuckkkk!" Han groaned, pushing 3 inches of his cock into Tahiri's tight 12 year old pussy. Tahiri moaned on Luke's cock as Han grabbed her by her hips and pushed more and more of his cock into her tight hole. Han's facial expression was one of pure effort as he rocked his hips back and forth, trying desperately to fit his entire 8 inches into the young slut. He gripped her hips tight and slammed his cock forward after a minute, feeling his balls slap against her tender pussy, finally bottoming out inside Tahiri's tight hole.

"Ahhhhh!" She moaned on Luke's cock, instantly cumming from the sensation of Han slamming all 8 inches into her. Tahiri clamped her lips down on Luke's cock and that was more than enough to make him blow his own load. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, he let Tahiri take a deep breath before stroking his shaft twice and exploding all over her pretty face. Tahiri looked on in shock as stream after stream of hot cum exploded out of Luke's spasm stricken cock, plastering her cheeks, forehead, mouth and her blonde curls.

"You blew too early idiot! Now we won't be able to double fuck her!" Han complained pumping his hips back and forth, slamming his full cock in and out of Tahiri at a steady pace as her hot cum dripped down his cock and legs.

"I'm a Jedi Master buddy! Cumming once is nothing to me!" Luke replied with a grin, showing Han that his cock hadn't softened one inch.

"You fucking Jedi and your magic powers!" Han said in jealously as Tahiri looked over at Luke's cock in fascination while Han continued to pump her pussy from behind.

"I've never taken it in the ass Master! Let alone fucked in both my pussy and ass at the same time!" She explained to Luke as he bent down to the unconscious Tenel Ka to sink his entire 8 inches into her open mouth and clean off his cum covered cock.

"Well this is part of your training then," Luke told her with a grin, standing up to smack Tahiri in the face with his hard cock. "And stop breaking character, slut!"

"I call her ass!" Han said quickly, leaning backwards until he was lying on his back with his cock still buried in Tahiri's tight pussy and her riding him in a reverse cowboy position.

"Fine! If you'll even fit in that tight hole!" Luke replied, looking slightly upset at the fact that he wasn't going to be first in Tahiri's tight ass. Luke watched as Han lifted the petite 12 year old up by the waist, shifting her slightly fowards as he positioned her tight asshole above his hard 8 inch cock. Ever so slowly, he started lowering her until the tip of his cock was pressed against her extremely tight virgin asshole. Tahiri's eyes shot open in panic as she realized how tight a fit the 8 inch cock would be in her tiny ass.

"Ahhh fuck!" Tahiri and Han shouted out together in pain as Han slowly lowered the Tatooine slut onto his cock. Her ass resisted at first, but after a few seconds, Han had managed to fit in half his cock to everyone's astonishment.

"This is the tightest hole I've ever fucked Tahiri! Be proud of that!" Han commended her, as he pulled her hips downward, sinking more ane more of his cock into her ass. Eventually Tahiri's ass was firmly pressed against Han's waist, with his entire 8 inches fully submerged inside her.

"Impressive!" Luke said looking astonished. Tahiri was nearly comatose from the intrusion of such a massive cock in her tightest hole. "Having my cock buried balls deep in your pussy at the same time will be even more impressive though!" Luke finished, moving to the entrance of her wet pussy as Han held her still, his cock still 8 inches deep inside her.

"I don't know if I ca--" Tahiri started, breaking out of her reverie as Luke placed the tip of his cock inside of Tahiri's 12 year old pussy. "Gahh! Ugh!" She groaned as Luke quickly sank 4 inches into her. Han had loosened her up quite a bit already and within a couple minutes of rocking his hips back and forth, he too was balls deep in Tahiri Veila.

"Doesn't that feel right Tahiri? You should have 2 cocks in you more often!" Luke commented as he and Han locked eyes, nodded, then started moving their hips back and forth in rhythm with each other. Tahiri's mouth was gaped open in a silent scream of pain and pleasure as Luke pounded down into her pussy and Han slammed his cock up into her tight ass. The two worked like seasoned professionals, thoroughly fucking the blonde slut until she again moaned out in release, coating both Luke and Han's cocks with her pussy juices. That seemed to spur on the duo, and before long, Han was panting for release.

"Fuck Tahiri! I'm gonna cum in this tight ass! You want to fill her at the same time Luke?" Han groaned, remembering back when he and Luke had filled Leia in the same way.

"Ya let's do it on the count of three old buddy. One, two, three!" Luke shouted, driving his cock balls deep into Tahiri as Han did the same to her ass.

"Ahhhhhhh unghhhhhh! Fuckkkkkk!" They all grunted together, both Han and Luke cumming at the same time. Han fired load after load into Tahiri's tight ass until it was overflowing, while Luke held her still and pumped her pussy full of his hot Jedi cum. Tahiri had her eyes shut in bliss as she felt her holes get filled with the former rebel heroes' hot loads. Eventually Luke and Han dislodged their cocks from her cum filled holes and surveyed their handiwork.

"And that's what'll happen to you if you're ever captured by the enemy! Lesson learned?" Luke asked Tahiri, dressing alongside a grinning Han.

"Yes Master," Tahiri mumbled before falling backwards onto the training map into a deep sleep.

"Let's carry Tenel Ka to the medical bay so Cilghal can have a look at her. We'll leave Tahiri and Chewie here for now," Luke suggested, moving over to Tenel Ka's naked figure and untying the rope that bound her arms.

"If Chewie wakes up before Tahiri, he'll have his Wookie cock buried in that pussy in less than a minute. Hope she can take it!" Han laughed, grabbing Tenel Ka's legs as Luke took her by her shoulders before carrying from the room.


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