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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 26 - Ass On The Line
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Jedi Temple on Yavin 4 was quickly becoming the center of all lewdness and unbridled sexual passion in the galaxy. At the center of this were the 3 Solo children. Jacen, Jaina and Anakin had discovered the Jedi Order's dirty past, one which was shared by their own family. Being Jedi meant more than just unfathomable power and wisdom in the Force, it meant an increased libido, sex drive and the constant desire for sexual release. Luke, Leia, Mara Jade and Han Solo had a long history of embracing such a lifestyle, but it was the newest generation of Jedi, led by the Solo children who were truly taking it to new levels. The discovery of the Restricted Files, detailing the sexual pursuits of their Jedi ancestors, were the fuel driving that fire. A fire that was burning hotter and hotter ever since the first holovid played.

Jaina Solo was truly a slut. She had fucked her Uncle Luke for hours, blown both her brothers, jacked off her dear old Daddy and given three of the best blowjobs ever seen on Yavin 4 to Kyp Durron, Wurth Skidder, and Ganner Rhysode. Even after that, Jaina Solo was hornier than fuck as she settled down in her room for the night all by her lonesome. She had just given her father a lapdance and a handjob that had rivalled anything he had ever experienced. Her pussy was so wet thinking about how taboo it had all been, and she knew the only thing that would help would be to watch one of the holovids from the Restricted Files and rub her tight little teenage pussy to orgasm. So she turned on the holo-projector, stripped out of her outfit and started rubbing her wet pussy as it started.

* * *

"Okay Ahsoka, we need to be careful!" Anakin urger Ahsoka as they disembarked from their ship on the junk planet of Raxus Prime. "Dooku and Ventress are supposedly meeting with potential allies on this planet and it's our job to find out who this mysterious potential ally is. We need stealth and patience for this mission."

"I understand Master. That last fuck should hold me over for a few days, so the Urge shouldn't be a problem," Ahsoka relayed to her Master, backflipping off the ship into cover as a few droids patrolled nearby. "I would enjoy having that Sith bitch chained up with my lightsabers up her tight ass but I can keep my emotions in check."

"Good, this mission will be difficult enough without revenge on our minds," Anakin told her as they sprinted towards the meeting site, a rusted ancient hull of a Mandalorian warship. Dooku and the separatists were getting desperate and the Jedi Council had learned that they were seeking new allies to fight against the Republic. It was Anakin and Ahsoka's mission to find out who these potential allies were and put a stop to the alliance if possible. "You could have worn panties though Ahsoka. Every time you bend over my cock gets hard!" Anakin groaned looking at his Padawan's tight orange Togrutan pussy that he had filled countless times with his Jedi cum.

"Sorry Master! I thought that it would be easier for you in case you wanted a quickie while on mission."

"Only if it doesn't conflict with the mission Ahsoka. We need to stop this alliance," Anakin told her sternly, gripping her tight ass once to calm himself before they sprinted the last distance, past a couple battle droids to a conveniently unguarded ventilation shaft. Ahsoka crawled in first and treated Anakin to a perfect view of her tight wet pussy and incredibly tight asshole. "Mmm fuck it!" Anakin groaned, burying his face in Ahsoka's pussy after only 20 feet of crawling.

"Ohh fuck Master! That feels good!" Ahsoka moaned as Anakin's tongue moved in and out of her tight pussy. She was on the verge of cumming when the ventilation shaft shook violently and both Anakin and Ahsoka fell through the bottom, right in the middle of four unsurprised figures.

* * *

"Fuck! I wanted to see that orange slut getting ass fucked! Instead she's just going to get captured!" Jaina moaned, pumping 2 of her fingers in and out of her wet pussy as she watched.

"Looks like you could use a hand Jaina," Kyp Durron told Jaina as he stood leaning against the doorway to her room. Jaina had been so involved with the holovid and rubbing her own pussy, she hadn't even heard the door open.

"Oh fuck!" Jaina groaned, reluctantly pulling wet sticky fingers out of her tight pussy and covering up with her blankets. "What the fuck are you doing in here Kyp?"

"Just wanted to see if you wanted to continue where we left off before your Uncle Luke knocked me out and fucked that tight pussy of yours," Kyp replied, strolling over to her bed, pulling off his shirt in the process, displaying a well muscled lean body.

"How about you lick my pussy while I watch this video and I'll think about letting you fuck me," Jaina told Kyp with a sexy wink, ripping off her blanket to show him her wet pussy.

"Yes maam!" Kyp said happily, diving onto the bed before grabbing her hips and jamming his tongue into her teenage pussy.

* * *

"We're fucked Master!" Ahsoka groaned as 4 battle droids removed their lightsabers while Count Dooku, Assaj Ventress and 2 hooded and cloaked figures watched on. Dooku had laid the perfect trap for the Jedi,leaving that ventilation shaft unguarded and knowing the Jedi Council would send spies.

"You truly are fucked young Padawan. I have had enough you metaling in my affairs and a sharp lesson will be in order," Dooku informed her, kicking Anakin hard in the head before he could fully awake. "We shall not need your Master awake for this."

"He's already had his fun anyways!" Ventress seethed, pulling back her robes to show Ahsoka her baby bump. "That fucker impregnated me and now you will both pay for it!" 2 battle droids proceeded to tear off Ahsoka's clothing as the 2 mysterious figures watched on. Dooku had removed his own pants to reveal a massive 9 inch hard cock.

"Now you shall experience Sith retribution for all your interferences!" Dooku told her with a smirk on his face as the 2 battle droids used their robotic hands to force her to her knees and clamp open her mouth.

"Mmmmpff mmmppf!" Ahsoka tried to shout out in alarm as Dooku grabbed her head by her 2 montrals and forced half his cock down her throat in a single thrust as Ventress watched on in bliss.

"Fuck that pretty face Master! Togrutan's are all sluts anyways!" Ventress encouraged her master with delight, walking over to the unconscious Anakin, who lay face up, oblivious to the face fucking his Padawan was receiving. "I hope your Master doesn't mind if I take a seat," she told Ahsoka laughing, as she hiked up her skirt to reveal her bald pussy. She slowly kneeled down and sat directly on his face to watch the show, gently rocking her hips back and forth in the process.

* * *

"Fuck I'm cumming!" Jaina moaned as Kyp's skilled tongue was a blur in her pussy, quickly causing her to orgasm. Kyp greedily lapped up her delicious juices, before ripping off his own pants to unleash his mass 9 inch cock for all to see.

"Now how about we match what they're doing in that holovid?" Kyp asked Jaina, eager to fuck her tight teenage pussy but also intrigued at how the young Togrutan was being used by the Sith lord.

"You wanna fuck my pretty face with your big cock? I'd lov--- mmmpfff!" Jaina replied, quickly cut off as Kyp used the Force to jar open her mouth and jam 6 inches of his cock down her throat, grabbing her by the back of her head in the process.

"Fuck ya! Enjoy it like the little slut on the holovid is!"

* * *

"Mppppfffff!" Ahsoka's muffled shout sounded as 9 inches of hard cock assaulted her face and fucked it for all it was worth. Ahsoka was a slut and loved giving blow jobs, but to be used like this by a Sith was embarrassing. She couldn't do anything as Dooku gripped her montrals and slammed his hips forwards and backwards at an ever increasing pace. His whole body was a blur as Ahsoka was forced to have her face fucked without restraint.

"This is only the first step of your punishment Jedi. You shall experience the full force of the Dark side soon enough!" Dooku shouted at her, ramming his hips inwards even faster, nearly breaking Ahsoka's nose. "Fuck unghhhh!" He grunted moments later, slamming his hips forwards and his whole 9 inches down her throat before blowing a massive Sith load. Stream after stream of his Sith cum was pumped down Ahsoka's throat into her tiny stomach as Ventress watched on in pleasure, riding Anakin's face in the process. Ahsoka nearly passed out from lack of oxygen before Dooku finally relented and pulled out his saliva covered hard cock from her open mouth. A torrent of his cum gushed out soon after, having filled Ahsoka's tummy up completely.

"Mercy Count Dooku please!" Ahsoka begged, out of breath and hopeless in her current situation.

"Mercy? Mercy is a Jedi weakness!" Dooku replied with an evil gleam in his eye. "Prepare her for the next stage of her punishment!" He commanded the 2 droids still holding open her mouth in a kneeling position. They quickly obeyed, flipping her over so her face was pressed against the ground and her tight orange teenage ass sticking straight up in the air. Both droids again clamped down, forcing Ahsoka into the position against her will.

"I'm sure that pussy is well used Master. Perhaps her tight ass though? Surely not many cocks have been able to fit in there," Ventress suggested to her Master as he stroked his cock in anticipation. Ventress continued to rock her hips back and forth on Anakin's face, on the verge of cumming from the stimulation.

"An excellent idea my apprentice. A prime example of what happens when you metal in the Dark side's plans! You get fucked in the ass!" Dooku informed a terrified Ahsoka as he knelt down and placed the tip of his hard 9 inch shaft at the entrance of her extremely tight asshole. She had taken cock in her ass before, but she knew that the 9 inches of fury that Dooku was going to unleash on her tight little orange ass would be nothing like she had ever experienced. Her pussy got extremely wet with the thought, just as Dooku pushed forward and slowly inched his massive cock into her teenage ass.

"Fuckkkkk ahhhhhhhhh!" She screamed as Dooku rocked his hips back and forth, inching more of his cock into her with each motion. Before long he had half his cock buried in her tight hole, groaning at the tightness.

* * *

"Fuckkkkk yes!" Kyp grunted in release, pulling his cock out of Jaina's mouth as his cock started to spasm, firing off 6 massive loads of hot sticky cum across her pretty face and open mouth. Jaina greedily drank every drop she could as Kyp released the Force holding open her mouth.

"Fuck Kyp! I could barely take your big cock!" Jaina told him breathlessly, licking her lips and looking at the holovid to see what was happening to Ahsoka now. "Oooh she's having her ass fucked! That's so hot!" She moaned, fingering her pussy at the image.

"I wonder if my big cock will fit in your tiny ass? Now that would be hot!" Kyp replied deftly, knowing that he would be the first one to fuck her tight ass if she wanted what the orange slut on the holo-projector was getting.

"Fuck Kyp I don't know! Your cock is awfully big! But if Ahsoka can take a nine inch cock in her tight ass, so can I!" Jaina replied cheerily, turning to face the holovid on her elbows and knees as a giddy Kyp took up position behind her. "Be gentle! I've never had a cock in my ass before."

"Don't worry Jaina. After this, you'll be wanting it in the ass all the time!" Kyp told her, pressing the tip of his cock against her tight ass hole. He pushed until he felt the tip gain entrance. Jaina shuddered in pain as he slowly slid more of his cock into her at a slow rocking pace.

"Ahh! I hope I start to enjoy this as much as Ahsoka seems to be!" Jaina groaned, watching Ahsoka moan like a whore as Dooku slammed his entire cock into her with all the speed the old man could muster as Kyp slowly and painfully inched his hard cock deeper and deeper into her.

* * *

"Yes yes yes! Fuck my tight ass!" Ahsoka moaned in joy, reaching underneath herself to rub her pussy, adding to the overwhelming stimulation of Dooku pounding down into her ass with his full 9 inches. She had already cum once, and was close to exploding for a second time as she looked over to see Ventress's pussy spasming and exploding all over her Master's face.

"Oh fuck Skywalker!" Ventress moaned, squirting all over Anakin's unconsiousness face as she went through an orgasm. The two mysterious masked and hooded figures watched on in quiet fascination as the two Jedi were thoroughly abused by the Sith duo.

"Fuckkkk! Pump me full of that Sith cum!" Ahsoka screamed at Dooku, having just gone through her second orgasm in only a few minutes.

"This was supposed to be a punishment you Jedi whore!" Dooku shouted back at her, taking one of Ahsoka's lightsabers and jamming the full eight inch hilt into her quivering pussy just as he went balls deep in her tight ass and started to grunt. "Unghhh! The Sith shall rule you bitch!" He shouted in release as his cock erupted deep inside her young ass and started to pump load after load into her.

"Oh fuck me!" Ahsoka moaned like a whore, quickly passing out from over-stimulation after having her lightsaber hilt jammed in her ass and Dooku filling her up with his Sith seed. Dooku fired off his final load of hot cum into the Togrutan before slowly pulling his wrinkled deflating cock from her abused ass. He then proceeder to jam her other lighsaber hilt deep in that same tight ass.

"As agreed, I have supplied you with two Jedi to experiment on for the use of some of your technology and a few of your select warriors." Dooku informed the mysterious figures as he pulled his pants on and redressed. "They should provide you with ample return while I gather more Jedi stock for your purchase."

"Excellent Lord Tyrannus! We will use this gift for great purpose!" One of the mysterious figures replied, pulling out an organic tether and wrapping it around both Anakin and Ahsoka's unconscious bodies, before dragging them off towards a very unique looking ship. "Like the extermination of your filthy species!" He whispered to himself with a malicious grin.

* * *

"Fuck me deeper Kyp!" Jaina moaned as the holovid ended and she enjoyed the sensation of Kyp Durron, Jedi Master, pound his entire 9 inch cock down into her tight teenage ass. Jaina had cum 3 times already and was on the verge of a fourth as she rubbed her pussy furiously.

"I'm not gonna last much longer Jaina!" Kyp groaned, nearly at his sticky end after having fucked Jaina Solo's tight virgin teenage ass for nearly twenty minutes straight. It was so tight even a Jedi Master couldn't hold off from cumming for very long. "You want it like Ahsoka? You want me to fill that tight ass up with cum?" Kyp groaned, gripping her hips and doing everything he could not to cum right then and there.

"Awww ya Kyp! Fucking fill my ass up!" She moaned cumming one last time and soaking her bed sheets with her delicious sticky cum. The orgasm and words were more than enough for Kyp and before long he slammed his full 9 inches into her tight ass and started filling her up. He pumped stream after stream of his sticky cum into her, quickly filling her up until it was leaking out her ass and dripping down on to her wet pussy.

"Holy fuck that was good! I want that pussy next baby!" Kyp moaned, exhausted but ecstatic that he had fucked Jaina Solo's teenage ass first. He slowly pulled his delating cock from her ass and let her lick it clean.

"Mmmm! Maybe next time Kyp. I'm already late for my meeting with the council. You can pump that tasy cum into my pussy all night if you like!" Jaina told him with a wink, quickly pulling on her leather skirt and tube top before hopping off the bed and leaving a stunned Kyp to glory in what he had done and what he would hopefully get to do in the near future.


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