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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 25 - The Contest Continues
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Kyp Durron paced back and forth between his two good friends, Wurth Skidder and Ganner Rhysode. The three Jedi Knights had made a bet between each other, to see who could be the first to pop Jaina Solo's sixteen year old cherry. The bet had been made after the three self-proclaimed ladies' men first saw the gorgeous brunette step off her ship and wow them with her tight body and unbelievably revealing outfit. Each of the three friends had been given a shot at popping the budding teenage slut's cherry, with each of them succeeding in some ways but failing in their main goal. Wurth Skidder had the honour of receiving Jaina's first ever blowjob and although he was unable to proceed any further, he had made the first move. Ganner also got close to succeeding in winning the bet, but after losing a sparring match which was integral to his plan, he settled for eating her pussy and blowing a hot sticky load over her pretty teenage face. Jedi Master Kyp Durron had come the closest to taking Jaina's cherry, but after getting a blowjob and rubbing the tip of his cock up against her tight warm slit, he had been knocked unconscious by her uncle, Luke Skywalker. Since then, Kyp had fucked Jaina's mother for hours, but even though filling Leia's tight little pussy to the brim with his hot Jedi cum felt amazing, Kyp still wanted to fuck Jaina Solo.

"Are you certain about this intel Ganner?" Kyp asked his handsome friend as he continued to pace.

"It's been spreading like wildfire across the Massassi Temples... There can be no doubt!" Ganner sighed, looking both disappointed and angry.

"FUCK! I was so close!" Wurth swore as he ignited his lightsaber and slashed the wall of Kyp's quarters.

"So it's true... Jaina Solo was fucked by Luke Skywalker!" Kyp said with sorrow, wishing that he had seized his opportunity and taken Jaina's innocence for himself.

"Yeah... It looks like Master Skywalker fucked her for over six hours," Ganner replied, standing up to leave. "I guess that means the bet is off then."

"No... We made this bet and I'll be damned if we just give up!" Kyp said looking surly as he stopped pacing and he considered their options. "We obviously haven't been able to do this individually, so we'll have to do this as a team if we want to do it at all." Kyp reasoned as he quickly formulated a new plan. "Each of us will have a part to play in the plan and if everything goes to plan, there will be nothing in the way of me - us, getting into Jaina Solo's panties.

"What do we have to do?" Wurth asked, as he looked at Kyp expectantly.

"We'll need to get her all alone and that means that you two will have to keep a lookout while I seal the deal."

"You... What makes you think you're getting into her panties first?" Ganner asked Kyp with an edge to his voice.

"Because I came up with this plan, and besides, everyone will have their turn so don't worry!" Kyp argued back, even though he'd be just as angry if he was getting sloppy seconds.

"Fine... What do we have to do." He replied, a little dejected but willing to see the plan through.

"It's simple... I need you two to safeguard the hall leading to Jaina's room and if anyone comes by, just tell them that dangerous training is taking place and the hall is not safe." Kyp ordered his friends as he got ready to lead them to Jaina's room and restore his reputation as a ladies' man.

As Kyp, Ganner and Wurth got set up at either end of Jaina's bedroom hallway; Jaina was on her way to the docking bay in the Eastern section of the Massassi Temple. Her father had arrived only recently and after he was unable to fix a fidgety console behind a tiny crawl space only Jaina could fit through he had called his daughter. It was a simple fix that wouldn't take more than ten minutes, so instead of changing into something a little more respectable than her Ahsoka Tano imitation outfit, Jaina hurried out of her room and down towards the docking bay wearing the skimpiest of outfits. It didn't take long for Jaina to find her father in the docking bay; with both the shouts and curses drifting across the bay and the large very recognizable Millennium Falcon, Jaina quickly made her way onto the ship to see her father elbow deep in conduits.

"Hey Dad... Looks like the Falcon's on the fritz again, huh?" Jaina asked the aging rebel hero, who still hadn't looked up from what he was doing to greet his daughter.

"There's nothing wrong with the old girl, she just needs a tune---" Han started before looking up from what he was doing to see his sixteen year old daughter standing in front of him in the same clothes he had last seen her wearing back on Coruscant. If anything, he was sure the garments were a little tighter fitting and far smaller. If what she was wearing back on Coruscant had gotten him hard, the wardrobe she was now showing off, was even more appealing. Glistening slightly from sweat and a little ruffled from the abruptness of being called down to the docking bay in the middle of the night, Jaina was the picture of perfection. Her subtle curves, tight stomach, pert little breasts and an ass that was just visible just under her tight little leather skirt had Han Solo stupefied. Other than the fact she was his daughter, Jaina was wearing the hottest outfit he had ever seen. Added to the fact that she looked almost identical to how Leia used to look like back in the Rebellion, Jaina's appearance was more than enough for Han to stutter and stare absent-mindedly at her gorgeous figure.

"Uhh Hello Daddy!" Jaina said with a smirk, happy to see that even her own father was susceptible to her outstanding figure and slutty clothing. "Did you need me to do something or are you going to sit there speechless all night?"

"What... Oh yeah... I need you to crawl through that panel over there and reconnect the phase-inductor." Han said, averting his eyes from his daughter's long slender legs and taking his hand out of the conduits he was fixing in the process. "Here... I'll show you." After bending over and showing Jaina the exact problem, Han got up and stepped back to watch his daughter work. Jaina got on her knees and slowly crawled into the tiny panel box to start fixing the phase-inductor; a process that would easily take a good twenty minutes.

"Shit daddy... This is a tight fit!" Jaina complained as she wiggled her ass and nearly caused Han to faint with overstimulation. Sporting a massive erection and breathing heavily, Han could hardly believe what he was seeing in front of him. His sweet little innocent sixteen year old daughter was on her hands and knees in front of him, with her ass up in the air, wearing no panties at all and showing off a very tight, but juicy looking bald pussy. Han had the urge to get on his knees and get a quick taste of her gorgeous pussy, but after regaining his composure, he just pulled down his pants and started rubbing his eight inch shaft, imagining he was slamming it into her.

"I bet it is a tight fit!" Han replied a few seconds later, thinking it a suitable and witty comeback after seeing her tight teenage twat.

"Mom said you've been avoiding her since you got back... Are you two fighting or something?" Jaina asked as she wiggled her ass again, not so much to make room for herself, but simply to get another rise out of her dear old daddy.

"It's nothing serious honey... Just a little disagreement about what kind of missions she should take." Han told his daughter as she rubbed his cock a little harder.

"Is this about this mission she went on with Mara Jade?" Jaina asked, pretty sure he knew what the argument was about. Jaina had heard it from a good source that both Mara and her mother had gotten a little frisky to complete a vital mission for the New Republic.

"That's the one. I didn't quite agree with how she handled the situation."

"Oh, you mean how she and Mara fucked their way to the top of the Hutt crime syndicate." Jaina replied bluntly, catching Han off guard.

"What... How did you know?" Han asked, briefly stopping his masturbation to find out the answer to his question.

"I heard it around the Temple. I also heard she's been getting a little frisky with a few others too." Jaina said, with an air of sneakiness in her voice.

"What... I knew she was cheating on me... I just never knew so much!" Han swore, feeling dejected and worthless as a husband.

"I wouldn't sound so innocent daddy... I've heard some stories about you and Winter in a bar too." Jaina told him, certain that that little fact would cool down his accusations of infidelity.

"That was just revenge sex honey... Something you wouldn't understand... You're just too young to know." Han reasoned, realizing he was talking about sex to his daughter while he masturbated to her behind her back.

While Han and Jaina argued about infidelity in the Millennium Falcon, Kyp and his cohorts soon realized that their quarry was nowhere to be found. After searching her room thoroughly and finding the Holo-Com of her father asking her to meet him down in the docking bay, Kyp decided that he needed to do a little more recon work before making his move on Jaina. Scoping out the situation in the docking bay and following her back to her room afterwards to get her alone, seemed like the best course of action. So, after telling both Wurth and Ganner to remain at their posts while he went to look for her, Kyp headed down towards the docking bay.

"How's it coming in there, Jaina?" Han asked his daughter as his hand moved over his cock at an even greater speed.

"Almost done... There we go... All finished!" Jaina said in relief as the pain in her knees from kneeling so long on such a hard surface had started to get to her. Han quickly stowed his hard eight inches back into his pants and took a seat in the nearby Captain's chair to try and hide is raging hard stiffy. Jaina stood up and turned around to see if her father was still staring at her bare ass and pussy. She could tell he was still flustered and looking guilty and even though she knew it would be wrong to toy with her own father like she had already done with her brothers, the thought of scoring some extra brownie points was too much for Jaina to pass up.

Kyp was just entering the docking bay as Jaina finished up working on the malfunctioning phase-inductor, and quickly realizing that he wouldn't be able to know what Jaina was doing without being on the Millennium Falcon, Kyp used his Jedi stealth abilities to quietly sneak up to and onto the old smuggler ship. Kyp knew he was taking it a little far just to sleep with the beautiful Jaina Solo, especially when half the women on Yavin Four would quickly drop their panties at the first mention of sex with him. But Jaina Solo was no normal sixteen year old groupie Kyp had usually preyed on over the years; she knew the game and played it well, so well in fact that Kyp had already lost the first few rounds.

While Kyp quietly crept on board the aging Millennium Falcon, Jaina was making her move on Han and had already gotten him harder than the metal alloys that sheathed his venerable smuggling ship.

"You know daddy, I totally agree with you about revenge sex... Not only would it be satisfying, I bet it's so hot." Jaina purred a little seductively, tugging her leather tube top slightly to show her father a little more of her cleavage. Jaina smiled as Han's hand reactively crept towards his tented pants and tried to cover up the fact that he could barely contain his interest in his sixteen year old daughter.

"Really? What would you know about revenge sex Jaina? Your only sixteen years old." Han said inquisitively, again looking down at her long legs and slender body and wondering how sexually active Jaina truly was. He had seen her pleasuring both her brothers at the same time to a smutty movie, but as far as he knew, his Jaina was an innocent little girl.

"Oh no... I don't personally... I'm just saying I'm sure it would be hot!" Jaina replied, stepping a little closer to Han before turning around and quickly sitting on his lap without even giving him the slightest warning. Jaina soon felt what she had suspected; her father did have a big one and not only that, she now knew he was hard for her. "Remember when I used to sit on your lap daddy when you flew the Falcon. Somehow it feels a little different now, doesn't it?" Jaina moaned slightly as she slowly moved her hips back and felt Han's hard shaft press up against her ass.

"Jaina... Unhhhh... Maybe you should get off now, before I..." Han started before Jaina interrupted him again.

"What daddy... Before you cum?" Jaina said innocently, leaning back further so her back was right against her father's chest and his stiff shaft was just in front of her pussy, between her thighs.

"Jaina! What? Of course not!" Han protested feebly as he felt Jaina's small hand reach down and unzip his pants to free his eight inches of hardness, so that it was rubbing right up against her bare teenage pussy. "Fuck that feels good!" Han admitted as he moved his hip upwards to rub his shaft up against her pussy.

"Doesn't it? It's lucky I'm wearing such a short skirt. Do you still think I'm your little girl daddy?" Jaina moaned in his ear as she grinded her hips against his lap, eliciting moans from the horny ex-smuggler.

'What the fuck is this?' Kyp Durron thought to himself as he peered in through the cockpit door to see a horny Jaina, grind back and forth on her own father's lap, even pulling his cock out and teasing him further. What pissed Kyp off more than anything was it really seemed that both Jaina and Han were enjoying it. The only good thing out of the entire situation, was that now he knew Jaina was a huge slut, and would fuck anything that moved in front of her.

"Fuck it!" Han groaned as he reached up to Jaina's small perky breasts and pulled down her tiny leather tube top to get a firm hold of her dainty little rosy nipples.

"Mmmm Daddy!" Jaina moaned as she enjoyed the sensation of her father squeezing and pinching her sensitive little nipples. Reaching down with her hand, Jaina started moving it up and down over her father's shaft, causing him to groan in anticipation. With the added sensation of her ass and pussy rubbing up against both his lap and cock, Han couldn't take the further stimulation of a fantastic handjob.

"I'm gonna fucking cum sweetheart!" Han grunted, moments before his hips jerked upwards and his cock erupted in orgasm. "Unghhhhh!" He shouted as Jaina aimed the tip of his cock upwards towards her tight stomach and tits. Unleashing four full streams of his thick hot cum, Han nearly passed out as he pasted his daughter's tight body with a sticky load of cum.

"That was so much fun! Next time you're going to have to show me what revenge sex is like Daddy!" Jaina said with a sexy little devilish smile before using one of her fingers to scoop a small portion of Han's cum from her stomach to taste it.

"Sure honey... Just promise you won't tell your mother." Han pleaded with her, completely exhausted but utterly satisfied.

'Holy shit... I can't believe she just did that... What a fucking whore!' Kyp thought to himself, extremely intrigued, until a hypo-spanner near his left foot fell to the floor and alerted both Jaina and Han to his presence. "Oh Fuck!" He said before bolting from the ship and leaving both Han and Jaina looking stunned. As he ran from the docking bay and back towards both Ganner and Wurth, Kyp quickly realized that seeing what he saw and getting caught by Han and Jaina was not as bad as he had first thought. He now would have leverage over each of them, especially Jaina and as he reached his two friends, Kyp could hardly believe his luck.

"What are you grinning at? Is she coming?" Wurth asked as Kyp stopped for a moment to catch his breath.

"No... The plan's off... It won't be happening tonight." Kyp said, doing his best to maintain his composure and keep a straight face.

"Fuck Kyp... So much for teaming up... What a colossal waste of time!" Ganner replied in anger before he and Wurth left, looking both sour and understandably irritated.

"She's all mine now!" Kyp said to himself, as the possibilities ran through his mind.


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