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Star Wars - The Restricted Files Part 19 - Leia Organa Solo... Super Slut!
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Yavin Four was quickly becoming a Jedi sex academy with teenagers, Padawans, Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters succumbing to their primal instincts and any control they once had over their sexual inhibitions. The Jedi academy and the men and women who composed its order had always been more susceptible to their sexual instincts than ordinary men and women, but ever since Jaina, Jacen and Anakin had returned to the academy, a fervour of sexual deviancy had gripped the Jedi Order. Mara Jade Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo had also recently been immersed in the sexually charged underground slave trade near Hutt Space; they had been thoroughly used and abused before conquering the Hutt syndicate. While they were fucked mercilessly by bandits and lowlifes alike, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo had discovered a massive collection of pornographic holovids of their grandfather Anakin Skywalker and several Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. The restricted files of C-3PO`s memory hardware had immersed the three young Solo children in a number of fantastically sexually charged situations with each other, their uncle and the Jedi Knights and Masters on Yavin Four. Believing Jaina, Jacen and Anakin were now of age to know about sex and everything it entailed; Mara Jade, Leia and Luke had decided that they would be the ones to welcome them to adulthood and the advantages of being a Jedi when it came to the bedroom. Luke had been given the ominous task of popping his sexy young niece`s cherry while Mara Jade had taken it upon herself to welcome both Jacen and Anakin to adulthood and the advantages of having an extremely hot and sexy redheaded slut of an aunt. Jaina was having the night of her life; having orgasm after orgasm while her Uncle Luke filled her pussy over and over with his sticky potent Jedi cum. Both Anakin and Jacen were having just as much fun with their Aunt Mara; pumping both her ass and pussy as hard as they could before filling both of her holes to the brim with their own teenage Jedi spunk. Needless to say, Leia was feeling lonelier than she had ever felt before; with no husband and an itch that only a good cock could scratch, Leia was horny as hell as she roamed the halls of the Massassi Temples, until she came upon a most peculiar sight.

"What the fuck?" Leia said out loud as she came upon Jaina's room and an open door. Just inside, lying on the ground and completely naked, laid an unconscious Kyp Durron. Leia wondered why Kyp Durron would be lying naked in her daughter's room but before Leia could even come up with any reasonable excuse, her eyes were quickly drawn to his massive nine inch cock, standing completely erect in front of her. That wasn't all that had caught her eye either; Jaina's holo-projector was turned on and a paused image was visible from across the room. Jaina had wanted to watch another one of C-3PO's restricted files after washing her brother's cum off her face, but she had been interrupted in the shower and was currently bouncing up and down on her Uncle Luke's big eight inch cock, so she had been unable to turn off the holo-projector and keep hidden C-3PO's restricted files.

Leia ignored Kyp for the time being to take a closer look at the paused image. Leia couldn't put her finger on it but she could swear she recognized not only the image but the holovid that was currently paused.

"It couldn't be... How could they've found out?" Leia said to herself as she hit the play button and was shocked to find out that her suspicions were indeed accurate. Jaina, and probably her two sons had discovered, downloaded, and had been watching the restricted files only she, Han, her brother and Mara Jade knew about. "I've got to tell Luke and Mara Jade... If they keep watching these holovids in chronological order, they're bound to find out about me, my sordid past and the true history of the fall of the Old Republic and what really happened during the Rebellion!" Leia said to herself frantically as the holovid on Jaina's holo-projector began to play and Leia watched as the sexy and slutty Togrutan Padawan, Ahsoka Tano skipped across a desert-like planet towards a Republic-held fort.

Leia looked back over at Kyp's hard nine inches and quickly decided that she better not interrupt her dear brother and sister-in-law with this new information while they were busy fucking her children. Besides, one quick fuck and holovid wouldn't take too long, and lord knew that she needed something to occupy her naughty mind. Grabbing hold of Kyp's ankles, Leia pulled him over in front of the holo-projector and got on her knees beside the unconscious Jedi Master. Leia knew Kyp wouldn't need any further stimulation before she rode his cock for all it was worth, but she kind of wanted to see how it tasted before she got her own rocks off. Leaning down, she engulfed half of his nine inches as the holovid in front of her started to get interesting.

* * *

Ahsoka Tano ran across the desert terrain with an itch in her groin that had become steadily worse over the last few hours. It had nearly been a whole day since she had been fucked last, and the need for an orgasm and relief was beginning to overwhelm her. Her Jedi senses had continued to improve time and again after getting fucked by her Master, Anakin Skywalker, but every time she went without the sweet release of an orgasm, her skill and powers had become erratic and uncontrollable. Ahsoka had just finished a little solo recon work for the Republic on the desert planet of Bonadan. Heavily mined and home of several large spaceports, it had become a prime target for the Separatists and Ahsoka had been tasked to do some recon work in the nearby mountains. Finding nothing and needing some sweet release, Ahsoka had quickly returned back to the Republic-held fort where her Master and over a thousand clone troopers were stationed. Ahsoka didn't really care whose cock she'd been bouncing on in a few minutes; her Master's big Jedi cock would be preferable, but any one or every one of the clone's identical shafts would do.

"I don't think I can make it!" Ahsoka groaned as her hand slipped beneath her skirt and fingered her pussy to quell the Urge that had nearly taken her over. She ran at top speed through the gate and into the Fort, looking for anyone to help her with her little problem. She ran straight to her Master's quarters, opened the door and shouted out at who she thought was Anakin sitting at his desk.

"Master! I need to get fucked SO BAD!" she moaned like a whore before realizing that it was not Anakin Skywalker sitting at his desk, but his former Master and best friend, Obi Wan Kenobi.

"Excuse me young Padawan?" Obi Wan replied, with an astonished look on his face. He had had an inkling that his former Padawan had been fucking Ahsoka, but because he had no real concrete proof that he was actually having a romantic affair with his student and the fact that he had been fucking his wife Padme, Obi Wan felt it prudent to leave the matter alone.

"Oh... Master Kenobi... Where's Master Skywalker? I really need to see him!" Ahsoka pleaded with Obi Wan, hoping that he hadn't really heard what she had just said and noticed that her hand was still fingering her pussy beneath her skirt.

"Ahhh... Anakin has been sent on an important mission... I have been tasked with the defence of this outpost and the planet of Bonadan," Obi Wan replied, largely ignoring what he had heard Ahsoka scream out as soon as she had entered his quarters. "Is there anything I can help you with, Ahsoka?" He asked, looking down at Ahsoka's skirt and her hand that was working furiously beneath it to help quell the powerful itch that the Urge caused in her pussy.

"Maybe you could help me Master Obi Wan... I need help scratching and itch I've got!" She pleaded with Obi Wan, realizing his interest in her hand's movements and the fact that she knew she couldn't make it to somebody else in time before she exploded with agony. She would take the chance that Obi Wan would report her, only if she could get fucked first.

* * *

Leia watched with interest as she continued to engulf nearly every single inch of Kyp Durron's massive nine inch cock. She had thoroughly enjoyed the taste of Kyp's big Jedi cock and although she was pretty sure Kyp would soon explode from overstimulation, she really needed to get fucked before he actually did cum. Removing all of clothing and climbing onto his waist so that she could continue to watch the holovid, Leia lifted her ass up just above the tip of his cock before slowly lowering herself onto his dick and engulfing half of it. Slowly rocking back and forth, Leia quickly got accustomed to Kyp's size and started bouncing up and down a little faster.

"Ohh Fuck! His cock is so big!" Leia moaned to herself as she started bouncing up and down on his shaft faster, engulfing more and more of his cock with each thrust.

* * *

"How can I help you, Ahsoka?" Obi Wan asked her as she drew nearer to the desk he was sitting behind. Obi Wan could hardly believe how much of a slut Ahsoka had turned into as she came into the light before him. Wearing her now trademark dark red leather miniskirt and tube top, Obi Wan was pleased to see that Ahsoka's ass and tits had started to develop even more since the last time he had seen her. Her dark orange skin and white tattoos, coupled with her outstanding figure and obvious need to flaunt her gorgeous ass with a short skirt and tiny thong made Obi Wan question why he hadn't yet conquered the young Togrutan Padawan.

"I was thinking that we could help each other out." Ahsoka replied smartly as she sat on the edge of Obi Wan's desk and showed off her long white leggings and gorgeous orange teenage ass.

"How's that?" Obi Wan replied somewhat thickly, knowing exactly where Ahsoka was going with this and where it would clearly lead to.

"By doing THIS!" Ahsoka replied sexily, clearing off Obi Wan's entire desk with on wave of the Force and sliding herself over in front of Obi Wan. Before Obi Wan could even say a word, Ahsoka used her considerable Force talent to rip off all of his armour and clothing, leaving him completely naked in front of her.

"I guess I don't have any problem with helping you out with this." Obi Wan said slyly as he stood up from his chair and leaned in to kiss the young teenager. Obi Wan's hands worked their magic while his tongue delved into Ahsoka's mouth; pulling off her tube top, skirt and panties with ease before breaking the long kiss and pulling her towards him by her tiny waist.

"I've bet you've waited a long time to fuck this pussy!" Ahsoka said with a smirk as she reached down and grabbed Obi Wan's cock to help stiffen it faster. "I know I've been wanting this ever since Anakin first fucked me... If he's that talented, I knew you'd be even better."

"I was his Master and taught him almost everything he knows." Obi Wan replied, as his cock hardened and the need to slam his cock into the young teenager started to overpower his keen Jedi senses.

"What do you mean 'almost everything'?" She asked with a smile as she lined his now stiff eight inch shaft up with her quivering and slightly wet pussy.

"You'll see soon enough!" He groaned as he slammed his hips forwards and nearly bottomed out inside Ahsoka in one hard thrust.

* * *

"I forgot how fucking hot these holovids were... No wonder the kids are getting so horny all of a sudden... I thought it was just teenage hormones!" Leia moaned to herself as she watched the holovid of Ahsoka and Obi Wan Kenobi getting it on while simultaneously bouncing up and down as fast as she could on Kyp Durron's hard nine inch cock. As she bottomed out over and over again on his stiff shaft, she was astonished to realize that she was already nearing her orgasm, while Kyp remained as hard as a diamond. The fact that he could stay so hard even while unconscious was mind-blowing, but the fact that he had lasted so long with such a tight pussy engulfing his nine inches over and over again was even more monumental.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed out in ecstasy as her pussy finally began to spasm and coat Kyp's entire cock with a healthy warm dose of her tasty juices. Leia somehow continued bouncing up and down on his shaft the entire time, now dead set on getting Kyp to at least cum once inside her before the holovid in front of her ended.

* * *

"OH FUCK OBI WAN... You're just as big as Anakin!" Ahsoka screamed as Obi Wan forced the rest of his cock into Ahsoka's extremely tight teenage cunt. Holding her firmly by the waist, Obi Wan slammed her back and forth across the desk, going balls deep in the young Padawan time and again with Ahsoka screaming out in orgasmic relief every few minutes. Obi Wan smiled to himself as he lifted her up by the waist and held her up against his body with his cock still thrusting in and out of her at an ever-increasing speed. This bitch hasn't experienced anything yet, he thought to himself as he felt Ahsoka's warm juices flow down his shaft and onto his tightening balls. "You're even better than Anakin!" Ahsoka groaned, trying to compare both her Master and Obi Wan's performance as she was lifted up from the desk and fucked like the whore she aspired to be. She wasn't completely sure that Obi Wan was actually better than her Master, but after getting off three times in less than fifteen minutes, she was willing to tell Obi Wan anything to keep him fucking her like he was.

"You don't mind if I cum in your pussy, do you Ahsoka?" Obi Wan asked the moaning Padawan as his thrusts started to get a little wilder.

"No, Master... But are you done already?" Ahsoka replied a little disappointed as she felt the wonderful sensation of the cock in her pussy begin to swell and hot sticky fluid start to fill her young Togrutan pussy.

"Oh don't you worry little Padawan... Unghhh... I'll show you what a true Jedi Master can do before I'm finished... UNGHHHH!" Obi Wan grunted as his cock exploded inside Ahsoka's young cunny and filled it to the brim with his hot Jedi cum. As his cock shuddered once last time and he miraculously continued to slam his cock into her, Obi Wan wondered to himself whether Ahsoka realized the dangers of letting him or anyone else cum inside her. Not really caring too much about Ahsoka's possible future pregnancy problems, Obi Wan slammed Ahsoka into a nearby wall and started thrusting into her with even more speed and precision.

"It feels so good Master!" Ahsoka screamed out once again as her pussy exploded in orgasm for a fourth time and she felt Obi Wan's hot cum roll down her thigh and onto the floor beneath her. Obi Wan was now fucking her so hard she was surprised she had actually remained conscious during the onslaught. Ahsoka was used to a hard fucking, but the way Obi Wan slammed his cock into her, she was certain that before the day was out, she'd be needing a few hours in the Bacta tank to recover.

* * *

"Come on Kyp... Give me that hot cum!" Leia moaned at the unconscious Kyp as she bounced up and down on his cock with even more reckless abandon. Just as she was about to give up on ever getting Kyp to cum, she felt the familiar sensation of the cock in her pussy begin to throb and expand; signalling what would surely be the largest orgasm ever.

"Unghhh... Mmmm..." Kyp grunted silently as Leia slammed her hips down on his cock and he unloaded stream after stream of his sticky Jedi cum directly into her fertile womb. Leia gloried in the sensation of having the handsome and dashing Kyp Durron blasting a load deep inside her wet pussy and in the process, satisfying her need to get off the young Jedi Master.

"Mmmmm... Keep filling me up!" Leia moaned in ecstasy, as she felt his hot ropes of cum splash inside her and trigger another powerful orgasm. "Holy Fuck! He's still hard!" Leia exclaimed to herself a few seconds later, as she stood up to let Kyp's cum pour out of her pussy and down her leg. "I better not let this go to waste... I'm sure the kids are still busy!" She reasoned with herself as she sat back down on his cum-covered cock and continued to thrust up and down on it.

* * *

"Ummmmm... You're cumming in me again!" Ahsoka moaned as she felt Obi Wan paste her insides with another five ropes of his hot sticky seed. "Fuck it feels so good to have hot cum inside me again!" She moaned as Obi Wan turned her around in his arms and placed her on the ground in front of him. With her feet on the ground at last, Obi Wan, forced her to bend over and take hold of the desk while he continued to slam his cock in and out of her now well-satisfied and cum-filled pussy.

"And don't worry Ass-hoka... I've still got hours and hours of reserves left... I'm sure I can show you a few more tricks that even Anakin doesn't know about!" Obi Wan jested as he grabbed her small firm tits and rammed his cock into her even harder.

For the next five hours, Obi Wan and Ahsoka fucked like there was no tomorrow, almost never pausing or slowing down. It was only after six hours of straight pleasurable and unforgettable sex that Ahsoka fell asleep while sitting on Obi Wan's lap. After pumping her full with one last small load of cum, Obi Wan too fell asleep with his softening cock still buried in her teenage snatch.

* * *

The same was true with Leia and Kyp, and after nearly three hours of torrent sex with a seemingly unconscious Kyp Durron, Leia finally fell asleep with Kyp's softening cock still buried in her tight Jedi pussy.

"It's about fucking time!" Groaned an extremely exhausted Kyp as he looked up at his latest conquest and wondered whether Leia ever realized that he had been awake and conscious the entire time. Kyp might not have scored with youngest female Solo, but he had surely scored with the most experienced and talented one, he thought to himself as he too drifted off to sleep to some very pleasant dreams.


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