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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 17 - The Twins Finally Lose It Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

"Shut up Ganner... We all saw it and we all saw you get beat by a sixteen year old girl!" Wurth shouted at Ganner as he finished recounting his story for the fifth time. Ganner had tried to trick Jaina into having sex with him by challenging her to a strip sparring match. Unfortunately, he got distracted by Jaina's immeasurable beauty and although Jaina had let him eat her pussy while she sucked his cock, he still didn't get what he had truly wanted. The bet between Ganner, Kyp and Wurth was to see who could fuck the brunette beauty first and after both Wurth and Ganner were only able to manage a blowjob from Jaina Kyp finally had his shot at the budding teenage slut. "So Kyp... Are you at least going to tell us your plan?" Wurth asked Kyp after smacking Ganner to force him to finally shut up.

"I really don't think I should... Just in case you two think it prudent to interfere with my plans." Kyp joked as he stood up and stretched his legs.

"Oh come on Kyp... It's not like it's going to work... If slick over there and the dashingly handsome Ganner Rhysode can't crack the egg, you won't be able to!" Ganner said proudly, pointing to Wurth and himself in succession as he basically begged his friend for details.

"If you don't think it'll work then why are you sweating Ganner?" Kyp replied wisely as he made his way to the door. "Besides... I really don't have time to elaborate on my master plan... Especially since it's about to unfold!"

"What... Already... Wait... Where are you going?" Wurth called after Kyp as he disappeared through the doorway and into the dark hallway. By the time Ganner and Wurth sprinted to the door to see which way Kyp had gone, he was nowhere in sight with no indication of where he had gone.

"Whatever... He'll never fuck that little slut... She only teases, never treats!" Ganner sighed, closing the door to his quarters and regaling Wurth with his story for a sixth time.

Kyp Durron, Jedi Master and self-proclaimed ladies man made his way to Jaina Solo's bedroom, and after making sure she wasn't inside, he entered the dimly lit room and walked over to her bathroom where he enacted the first and most crucial part of the plan by turning on the shower.

While Kyp stepped into Jaina's shower, Jaina was just finishing up giving both Jacen and Anakin a fabulous handjob in Jacen's bedroom. After receiving two unexpected but enjoyably tasty loads of their hot sticky Jedi cum, Jaina left the two siblings wishing for more. With cum still on her face and hands, Jaina walked back to her bedroom for a nice hot shower and a nice long rest, where she would no doubt replay the incestuous acts she had just performed. As soon as she opened her bedroom door however, she knew something was wrong. The sound of her shower could be heard all the way across the room and Jaina could tell that it was on by the steam escaping through the cracks in the bathroom door.

"Who the fuck is in my shower!" Jaina shouted out towards the bathroom as she crossed the room and opened the door to see a naked Kyp standing in the middle of a steaming hot shower. Her jaw dropped a few inches after laying eyes on Kyp's enormous soft cock and the look of confidence in his eyes as he watched Jaina looking stunned. "Ummmmm... Uhhhhh... What... Uhhhh... Are you doing in my shower?" Jaina asked Kyp, both confused and bewildered to why he was just standing there, not covering up or trying to hide his huge dick from her.

"Oh sorry Jaina... My shower was on the fritz and I thought you wouldn't mind." He said nonchalantly as he lathered soap on his fit lean body. "But it looks like you need this shower even more than me... Care to join men?" He asked a still stunned Jaina with a smile on his face, unfurling the second step in his diabolical scheme to get into her panties.

"Well... Uhhhh... I do need a shower." Jaina admitted, trying to wipe a little of Jacen's hot sticky seed from her face as her eyes again drifted towards his slightly hardening shaft. "I guess I should join you then." She admitted, giving into her desires to be with Kyp as she slipped out of leggings, skirt, top and wrist guards.

HOLY FUCK! No wonder Wurth and Ganner were so happy to just get a blowjob from this slut. LOOK AT THAT BODY! he thought to himself as he scanned her beautiful teenage body; her supple teenage ass, tight stomach and firm little breasts.

"Hop on in then... I won't bite!" he jested as Jaina jumped into the hot shower in front of him and started lathering her pert teenage body with ample amounts of soap. "It looks like you've been a dirty girl Jaina." Kyp said as his hands found their way around Jaina's waist before they slowly slid up and down her wet body to help her clean up.

"Mmmmmm... Not as dirty as you, I'm sure!" she purred back to him as her hand reached slowly back and took hold of his enormous and now hard nine inch shaft. As her hand slid back and forth over his soapy cock, Jaina could hear Kyp moaning in her ear.

"Such a dirty mouth on such a young girl... Maybe I should wash out that mouth of yours!" Kyp said after a few more minutes of groping and moaning. Taking the hint, Jaina turned around to face Kyp, before dropping to her knees and placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her mouth.

"I'm sure this could do the job." She replied, looking at the soapy dick before engulfing half of it and doing her best to give Kyp the best blowjob of his life. Kyp placed his hands on either side of Jaina's head and slowly moved her head back and forth; controlling her every motion and the pace at which she sucked his dick. Jaina had no problem with letting Kyp take control; she had sucked so much cock recently, she was relieved not to be the one in charge for once. Within minutes, to Jaina's surprise, Kyp started panting and grunting; a sure sign of a sticky end in Jaina's experience.

Fuck, I was gonna let him fuck me! Jaina thought to herself as Kyp quickly pulled his shaft out of her mouth and rubbed it for a few moments before exploding all over her face. With a loud grunt, he pasted Jaina's pretty face with a sticky layer of cum before the water showering down on her washed away Kyp's warm load and left her smiling up at him as pristine as ever.

"Well that didn't take very long I thought you were gonna fuck me... Whoa are you still hard?" Jaina asked, stunned to see Kyp's nine inch shaft still as hard as ever. "How...?"

"I'm a Jedi Master baby... We can do all sorts of things!" he replied with a smirk before lifting Jaina up by her waist and carrying her out of the shower and bathroom. "Are you ready to become a woman, Jaina?"

"I... I guess so." Jaina stuttered as she took in the seriousness of the situation and what was about to happen. Kyp carried her over to a nearby table and laid her down on her back. Spreading open her long flawless legs, Kyp guided his cock towards Jaina's bald pussy. He ran the tip of his shaft up and down over her tight wet slit and just as his cock head started penetrating her tight snatch, an invisible hand seemed to grab Kyp by his shoulder and tug him backwards into the wall across the room, instantly knocking him unconscious. "Holy fuck... Did I do that?" Jaina said in shock, with her legs still wide open and confusion plastered on her face.

"NO JAINA! I DID IT!" Shouted a very angry looking Luke Skywalker as he stood in the threshold of her doorway with his hands in the air from manipulating the Force to throw Kyp away from Jaina.

"Uncle Luke? I... Ummmm... I..." Jaina stuttered as she slowly closed her legs and looked up at her uncle blushing and looking extremely embarrassed. "I'm legal... I mean it's my choice!" she finished a little more confidently as she sat on the table completely naked.

"Get dressed and follow me!" Luke replied firmly, not phased in the slightest by Jaina's words or her gorgeous glistening naked body. He was too angry to concern himself with the fact that Jaina had one of the best bodies he had ever seen and the fact that he secretly had lusted after the horny little Jedi ever since he had met with her on Bilbringi and laid eyes on her skimpy little outfit.

"Okay... Okay!" Jaina replied, extremely embarrassed that her uncle had nearly caught her in the act and was now ordering her to get dressed like she was some kid that had done something wrong. Jaina quickly pulled on her skirt, tube top, white leggings and wrist guards before walking back out into her bedroom and opening up her clothes drawer to get another thong. Luke stood in the doorway and watched as she slid on her tiny little thong and pulled her skirt back down to cover most of her luscious ass. Without saying a word she followed her uncle through the Massassi Temple and towards his personal quarters. As soon as Jaina walked into Luke's quarters, her uncle was standing in front of her looking stern again.

"Come over here now!" Luke commanded his niece, pointing down to the floor in front of him. Jaina obediently walked over to him and stood in front of her uncle, red from embarrassment. "Bend over and touch your toes Jaina."

"What?" Jaina asked, both a little confused and a little turned on at sticking her gorgeous thong-covered ass out for her uncle.

"You want to act like a naughty girl; you'll get treated like a naughty girl!" Luke said sternly but with a hint of excitement in his voice as he ran his hand down her thigh and lifted her tiny skirt over her soft luscious ass. Fuck! Look at that ass. If only her mother could see her now!, Luke thought to himself as he felt a twinge in his pants from groping his sixteen year old niece. He had been waiting for almost an entire week for this chance to play the adult and feel up Jaina; ever since seeing her in her newest slutty outfit and her seemingly lack of discretion when sitting on his lap days earlier. Her lack of constraints about family and the fact that she had no problem sitting her gorgeous ass on his lap all told Luke that she really wanted something more from him.

"Well... I have been pretty bad." Jaina replied with a hint of sexiness in her voice as she wiggled her ass just a little for Luke's benefit.

"Smack...Smack... Smack!" sounded Luke's hand, as it came down on Jaina's juicy wiggling ass, spanking her like the naughty girl she was.

"Now... Are you going to stop acting like such a little slut, Jaina?" Luke asked her as Jaina cringed in pain and exhilaration. Jaina's ass glowed with redness as she felt Luke's hand run across her reddening cheeks. He slowly stroked his hand back and forth before he grabbed her miniscule thong and tore it roughly from her ass, pinching her pussy and causing her to scream out in discomfort.

"I promise I'll stop... I won't be such a slut from now on." Jaina lied as she felt her Uncle Luke's hand lift from her ass ominously, as if to spank her again.

"You don't have to stop right now." Luke replied looking sinister as he used the Force again to tear off all Jaina's clothes in one fell motion.

"What are you doing Uncle Luke?" Jaina said in shock as she stood stark naked in front of him with her ass still sticking out at him. "You gonna fuck me?" she asked sweetly as she wiggled her ass again and moved it back into his fully hard cock. "I don't think my Mom would like it if her big brother fucked her teenage daughter."

"Actually... I think your mother will be happy to know that I was the one to fuck his precious little Jaina first... There are a lot of sickos in the galaxy." Luke reasoned with a twinkle in his eyes as he remembered back to when he and Leia were young, impetuous and horny like Jaina.

"Really?" Jaina asked Luke, honestly believing that her mother would want Luke to fuck her. "Then I better not disappoint Mommy!" she finished, backing up again into Luke's crotch and rubbing her naked ass up and down until Luke could take no more. Tearing off his all his clothes in a heartbeat, Luke grabbed Jaina's sexy hips and pulled her in line with his throbbing hard eight inch cock.

"I'm gonna show you why Mara can't get enough of my cock... You don't think she loves me for just my sense of humour and personality, do you?" Luke asked Jaina as his cock ran up and down her sensitive clit, causing her to shiver in anticipation. She was finally going to get fucked and the way her Uncle Luke was talking, she was going to have the greatest experience of her life. Without any further ado, Luke leaned forward a little further and drove his cock forward, past her tight slit and against her fleshy hymen.

"Ummmmmm!" Jaina groaned at the sudden intrusion of something so long and thick. "Are you sure I can take one that big." She moaned as the pressure on her hymen increased.

"Your Mom sure could! UNGHHHHHHHH!" He grunted as his cock was slammed forward, through her innocence and four inches deep in her pussy. Luke's comment about Leia went totally unnoticed as Jaina screamed out in pain. With her virginity taken and a small stream of blood dripping down the inside of her leg, Luke slowly pulled out and pushed in, keeping a steady rhythm and trying his best to limit the discomfort Jaina was obviously still feeling. Using the Force as his ally again, Luke manipulated both the air currents in and heat around his cock head to further stimulate the groaning Jaina until after only a few minutes of fucking her sweet bald teenage pussy, Jaina's pain had turned to pleasure.

"Ummmmm... Ahhhhhhh!" Jaina screamed as she hit her first orgasm and her body shook in ecstasy. Luke smiled to himself, knowing that that was only the first of several more to come if he had anything to say about it. Without skipping a beat, Luke began thrusting more and more of his eight inches into her tiny pussy until he was nearly balls deep. "Ohhh Godddd Uncle Luke... I think I'm gonna cum again!" Jaina cried as she felt her Uncle Luke's balls slap against her ass and trigger her second orgasm in only a few moments.

"Let's get a little more comfortable!" Luke muttered after feeling Jaina's pussy twitch again and cover his thrusting cock with another healthy serving of her warm cream.

"What ever you say Uncle Luke... I can't believe how good this feels!" Jaina moaned as Luke lifted her up by her waist with his cock still firmly inside her. He easily carried his moaning Jedi niece over to a sofa chair at the opposite side of his room. Sitting down, Luke held Jaina overtop his lap while he readjusted himself and got ready to bounce his sixteen year old niece on top of his eight inch cock.

"Sitting on my cock again Jaina... You naughty little girl... This time though I'm actually fucking your horny pussy!" Luke whispered into Jaina's ear as she leaned back against his chest and let his hands move to her small pert breasts where he began massaging them to Jaina's joy. With his cock still slowly moving in and out of her, Luke moved one hand away from her breasts and down to her bald wet pussy, where he proceeded to rub her clit.

"Fuck Uncle Luke... You're gonna make me cum again! Ahhhhh!" she moaned again, after only a few minutes as the stimulation of her uncle's hands and cock overwhelmed her senses for a third time. This time however, Jaina was greeted with an unsuspected surprise after coming down from her massive orgasm; the wonderful sensation of something warm and sticky being shot into her pussy.

"UNGHHHHH!" Luke grunted seconds after Jaina's orgasm, thrusting his cock upwards and planting a huge sticky load of his Jedi cum, deep inside her sixteen year old womb. Jaina moaned in joy as she felt her very first serving of hot cum splash inside her and quickly fill her up to the brim. After several warm streams and a few savage thrusts, Luke didn't even miss a beat; thrusting his cock up into Jaina's twat like he hadn't even cum.

"How...? Right... Jedi Master. Uhnnnnn... Your cum feels so good inside me!" Jaina replied after the shock of feeling his load being buried deep inside her and then the even bigger surprise of feeling her Uncle Luke's still hard cock still thrusting up into her cum-filled pussy.

"Don't worry Jaina... I've got plenty of reserves... More than enough to last the night!"

"Good... I love when you cum in me Uncle Luke! Wait... The whole night?" she asked, already looking exhausted.

"You wanted to be a slut sweetheart... Now you're going to experience the consequences." Luke said as his speed increased and his cock began moving back and forth inside her at a blinding speed. For nearly four straight hours Luke hammered his cock into her sweet teenage pussy, testing out multiple positions and experiencing multiple orgasms. In the end, Jaina was nearly unconscious from both exhaustion and over-stimulation. After hitting roughly her thirtieth orgasm and having her Uncle Luke fill her pussy with his fifth load of sticky Jedi cum, Jaina found herself in the same position she had started her sex odyssey at. Bouncing up and down on her uncle's cock, with cum dripping down her inner thigh and onto the floor, Jaina was just about to black out when the door to Luke's quarters suddenly opened to reveal two shocked looking individuals.

"Mom! Aunt Mara!" Jaina cried, fearing for her life as Luke continued his savage thrusts up into her.

"Well Luke... I see you're giving Jaina her birthday gift without me." Mara Jade Skywalker quipped as she and Leia entered the room with Jaina still being bounced up and down on Luke's cock. Mara actually looked disappointed and not mad that her husband was fucking his teenage niece. She was madder at the fact that she was not involved then the fact that Luke was slamming his cock into another woman.

"You're such a lucky girl Jaina... I remember back when Luke fucked me back on the first Death Star... He was no Jedi Master then, but his cock was just as big." Leia sighed in remembrance as she watched her daughter being fucked by her only sibling.

"I fucking knew you had fucked Luke!" Mara said in reply, not angrily but smugly, as if she was proud at the fact the she had suspected exactly that. "Okay Luke... If you get to fuck Jaina, I get to fuck both Jacen and Anakin... At the same time." Mara continued, getting back to the fact that Luke hadn't missed a beat and was still pounding up into Jaina's cum-filled pussy.

"Okay honey... I figured you'd want to do that anyway... That's the only reason I went ahead with Jaina." Luke lied, not wanting to tell Mara or Leia that he was fulfilling a long held fantasy. In reality, Mara, Luke and Leia had decided that Luke would be the one to teach Jaina about sex first, while Mara would do the same with Jacen and Anakin.

"It looks like you've already cum in her a few times brother." Leia said, getting onto her knees in front of Jaina and examining her pussy and Luke's cock as it slammed upwards into it. "Maybe you'll be lucky enough to have a little Skywalker growing inside you... I know I wasn't." She continued looking disappointed before pulling Luke's cum-covered cock out of her daughter's pussy and sucking off both her brother's and Jaina's cum. She quickly licked her lips, slid Luke's now clean shaft back into her daughter's dripping wet pussy walked out of the quarters, horny as hell and in serious need of having her pussy fucked like Jaina's.

"Well then... Have fun honey." Mara said with a smirk before walking over to Luke and kissing him and Jaina in turn. As Luke grunted out for the sixth time, pasting Jaina's already full womb with another healthy adult sized load of his Jedi cum, Mara smiled at her husband and left her him and Jaina to find Jacen and Anakin and teach them the same lesson she was sure Luke would be teaching Jaina for the next few hours.


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