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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 15 - Strip Sparring
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Ganner Rhysode paced back and forth between his two good friends, Wurth Skidder and Kyp Durron, thinking of a way to seduce the young and very attractive, just legal, Jaina Solo into having sex with him. The three Jedi friends had made a bet between themselves; whoever popped Jaina Solo's cherry first would win the undying respect of the other two competitors. The reward for winning the bet was not nearly as important as the act of winning it and as Ganner paced back and forth pondering his next move in the competition, both Wurth and Kyp were already thinking they had it in the bag. Wurth had already succeeded in getting one of the best blowjobs in his life from the horny sixteen year old Jaina and therefore thought he was well on his way to winning the bet. Kyp was his confident self as he watched Ganner pacing; he knew he had the best tools for the job and had therefore allowed both his less experienced counterparts to have their go at cracking Jaina first. Once he got his shot, it would be all over, so he thought that he should at least let his good friends have a little fun trying to win the bet before he actually did.

"Well... If she sucked you off Wurth, this shouldn't be very hard!" Ganner said in jest to his two friends as he continued to think up a suitable plan.

"Ya... Ya... Ya Ganner... You're all talk, but I don't see you any closer to winning that bet." Wurth replied with a smirk as he pulled out his lightsaber and levitated it in the air in front of him for sport.

"Come on Wurth... Give him a break... Ganner always picks up his chicks with his looks alone...He's never taken a crack at something as hard as Jaina." Kyp joined in, taking another shot at Ganner, who was still deep in thought. Wurth ignited his lightsaber with the Force and levitated it in front of Ganner, waving it back and forth to get his attention.

"Hello Ganner... Anyone home? We just took two cheap shots at you and you didn't even budge... Don't you usually challenge anyone who offends you to a duel?" Wurth kidded, shutting off his lightsaber and looking over at Kyp questioningly.

"I got it... The perfect plan!" Ganner finally said triumphantly after seeing Wurth's little Force demonstration and his waving lightsaber. "Find a good hiding place at the old courtyard behind the Massassi Temple in the North East at two o'clock this afternoon... And be ready for a show!" Ganner told his friends before running off in the direction of Jaina's room with a smile on his face and an unstoppable plan in mind.

"What the fuck... Do you think his plan will work?" Wurth asked Kyp with a little concern in his voice. It had been him who had won the first victory in turning Jaina into a Jedi slut, and it was him who wanted to be the one who finally broke her cherry and gloried in the destruction of her sweet innocence.

"I don't know... But we'll see in a couple of hours." Kyp replied, looking down at his watch and trying to think of what Ganner was up to and how good his plan was. If Kyp wasn't careful, Ganner would win the bet and hold it over both him and Wurth until the end of time.

Ganner Rhysode had the perfect plan for fucking Jaina Solo. After seeing Wurth's lightsaber waving back and forth, and his joking words about duelling, Ganner had come up with a sure fire plan. He would ask Jaina to spar with him in the old empty courtyard behind the Massassi Temple in the Northeast and after explaining to her some of the new rules he had come up with for a more interesting sparring match, he would take whatever he liked from the smoking hot sixteen year old Jedi apprentice.

While Ganner finalized his brilliant plan for popping her cherry, Jaina was confronting her younger brother about the holochip he had stolen from her room. After looking everywhere for the valuable chip, Jaina had gone to confront Anakin in his room. As she approached his bedroom door, she could hear the faint sounds of moaning and slapping sound of skin smacking against skin. She quietly slid Anakin's door open and was greeted with a most peculiar and very hot sight. Her youngest brother was lying on top of Tahiri Veila, pounding his cock downwards into her tight bald snatch with as much speed and power he could manage. Tahiri was moaning like a whore and Jaina couldn't blame the young blonde-headed Jedi. Anakin's cock was moving at a blistering speed and with each thrust he was going balls deep into the petite girl's young twat, pounding it mercilessly from above. Jaina was quickly getting hot just thinking about being the one under Anakin, having her twat filled with his thick six inch shaft. It didn't take long for both Anakin and Tahiri to both scream out in orgasm as Jaina watched her brother tense up and fill Tahiri's little cunt full of his hot sticky cum.

"Holy fuck this is hot... I wonder how long he's been hitting that?" Jaina muttered to herself as she put her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit up and down, wishing it had been her and not Tahiri being filled with Anakin's hot Jedi seed. In truth, Anakin had been fucking Tahiri almost non-stop for two days, continually filling her pussy with his seed and getting her off nearly twenty times a day. As Anakin collapsed on top of Tahiri, totally spent and completely satisfied with what he had done to Tahiri yet again, Jaina caught a glimpse of the holochip under Anakin's discarded clothes. "There you are..." Jaina mumbled to herself as she used the Force to levitate the chip quietly back to her hand. She took one last glance at Anakin's softening cock and closed the door without either him or Tahiri ever knowing she had just watched them fucking. She would have time enough later to berate her younger brother for stealing the holochip from her without telling her and besides, after seeing Anakin pounding his cock into Tahiri's sexy slit, Jaina was horny to watch yet another instalment of C-3PO's restricted files.

"Jaina... Wait up a minute!" Ganner Rhysode called out to Jaina, just as she neared her bedroom door.

Fuck... I'll I want to do is rub my pussy in peace, Jaina thought to herself as she turned around to see a very handsome figure approaching her. Ganner Rhysode was probably the most handsome Jedi Knight of the entire Jedi Order and Jaina had always had a crush on the older man.

"Oh hey Ganner... What are you up to?" Jaina asked Ganner with a sexy voice, crossing her legs and batting her eyelashes at him as he approached.

"Damn Jaina... Looking good... But I think I liked that outfit you arrive in even more." Ganner replied to Jaina's obvious flirting as he stopped in front of her and took in the beauty that was Jaina Solo. Jaina was wearing a very short pair of black spandex shorts and a very small and tight black sports bra. Ganner couldn't help but take notice of her burgeoning teenage curves and extremely hot teenage ass.

"Oh I still wear that outfit... But usually only when I'm sparring." Jaina teased playfully, moving her hand down to her luscious hips and running it up and down in a sexy manner.

"Good... That's kinda of why I came to see you... I wanted to see if you wanted to spar a little in that empty courtyard back behind the Massassi Temple in the Northeast." Ganner asked her with one of his trademark smiles. Or I could fuck you right now in this very hall you hot little slut! Ganner actually thought to himself after looking over Jaina's amazing body one more time.

"Oh sure... Just let me get changed and I'll meet you there in an hour... Okay?" Jaina replied with another sexy smirk before turning around, opening her door and running to her bathroom to have a quick shower and get changed to meet Ganner in the courtyard, smelling great and looking sexy as hell. Jaina had an inkling that Ganner was up to the same thing Wurth had been up to two days earlier on her birthday, and if Ganner's cock tasted as good as Wurth's had, Jaina had no problem with sucking him off too.

Nearly an hour later, Jaina arrived at the courtyard dressed in her little leather Ahsoka Tano outfit; a tiny leather tube top that emphasized her small firm breasts and perky little nipples, an extremely short skirt that was so short, the bottom of her supple ass was visible, and long white leggings that went up just past her knees. Jaina had even added a two red leather wrist guards and gloves to her outfit, only making the overall effect even hotter. The outfit was every bit as outstanding as Ganner had remembered it and although Jaina was wearing a small white thong this time instead of nothing at all, Ganner was very confident that both her panties and the rest of her clothes would be off in short order.

"So... How are we gonna do this Ganner... You said something about special rules?" Jaina asked Ganner after spotting the Jedi Knight with his lightsaber in his hand.

"Simple Jaina... Every time one of us scores a point by advantage, the opponent has to remove one piece of clothing." Ganner replied, trying to be as serious as he could.

"Interesting... Very interesting!" Jaina responded, knowing now for sure what Ganner was up to. "... And what happens when you're completely naked Ganner?" Jaina continued confidently.

"Ha ha ha... Very funny... But when you're completely naked, you have to do whatever I ask of you."

"I wonder what you want from me Ganner... Could it be this," Jaina jested, as she turned around, bent over and showed Ganner her sweet ass and tiny thong, "Or this?" She said turning back around to pull down her tube top to show Ganner her perky little pink nipples.

"So... Do we have a deal?" Ganner said after Jaina had pulled up her tube top and he had recovered from the pure perfection he had just been subjected to. He tried to cover up his stiffening cock, but Jaina wasn't fooled and she already knew she had scored the first point against him.

"Deal... But when I win... You have to do whatever I say." Jaina agreed, making sure that their little competition was a two-way street.

"Don't worry honey... You won't have to worry about winning!" Ganner laughed before thumbing on his lightsaber and diving forward to take Jaina by surprise. Jaina was too quick though and ignited her own lightsaber in a flash, defending herself and striking back in the process.

Wurth Skidder and Kyp Durron watched on in fascination as their good friend Ganner engaged the smoking hot sixteen year old Jedi apprentice with all his impressive lightsaber skill. Not only was Jaina's sexy outfit distracting to both Kyp, Wurth and especially Ganner, her lightsaber skill was almost at par with Ganner's. Within a couple of minutes however, Ganner had taken two points against Jaina and had forced her to remove her clothing with each advantage. The first pieces of clothing Jaina removed were her two leather boots, giving Ganner an even larger advantage in the duel. Jaina held out strongly however, and Ganner was unable to gain another victory for almost another five minutes. When Jaina was forced to remove another piece of clothing she pulled off one of her wrist guards with a sigh of dissatisfaction, obviously perplexed at how Ganner was still beating her, despite her distracting outfit she resumed her guarded defence. Kyp and Wurth were also perplexed; if it had been them duelling with Jaina, they would have been distracted into submission every time she did a back flip or cartwheel. The match proceeded with Ganner continuing to out-duel the less experienced Jaina with both his physical strength and finesse with the blade. After a few more minutes, Jaina was forced to pull off her other wrist guard and was in serious jeopardy of losing the match.

"Dammit... Ganner's got her beat for sure... He's gonna fuck her and we're both going to lose the bet!" Wurth swore to Kyp as they watched Ganner again take the offensive against Jaina and nearly score another point only moments after scoring his last.

"I don't know about that... It looks like Jaina's holding back for some reason... I wouldn't count her out just yet." Kyp replied, sensing some sort of deception emanating from Jaina through the Force.

Whatever Kyp sensed however, didn't seem to have any effect on the battle at hand. Ganner quickly scored two more points on Jaina in quick succession.

"Uh Uh Ohhhh Jaina... Looks like you're running out of clothing... After you take off those leggings, all you have left..." Ganner started, until he was interrupted by a strange but fantastic sight. Jaina was not pulling off her two leggings; she instead had opted to remove both her tight little tube top to reveal her perky little breasts, and her tiny skirt to reveal a ridiculously undersized blue thong and a perfect little ass. "Holy fuck!" Ganner said out loud, after seeing the Jaina's perfect body. His guard dropped a little and his cock got a little stiffer as he took in the sight of perfection. Jaina, noticing Ganner's drop in guard, took the initiative and dove at Ganner, scoring four straight points in less than a single minute, forcing Ganner to start removing his clothing.

"Brilliant..." Kyp said to himself as he watched Jaina now take the fight to Ganner.

"What...? How amazing that sexy little body is?" Wurth asked Kyp, too engrossed with Jaina's fantastic body to realize what Kyp had meant and why Jaina was now taking the advantage against the more experienced Ganner.

"No you dolt... Jaina's using Ganner's weakness for wanting to fuck her to her advantage and distracting him with her body to beat him. This was her plan all along and unless Ganner thinks of something quick, I'll be getting my crack at that sweet pussy very soon."

While Wurth and Kyp discussed Jaina's brilliant tactics, Jaina had successfully worn down Ganner's defences until all he was wearing was a pair of white underwear.

"Fuck Jaina... You're a lot better than I thought!" Ganner sighed after pulling off his shirt and pants.

"What... Uh... Yeah" Jaina spat out after quickly checking out Ganner's very fit body and huge bulge in his underwear. Fuck... I bet he's got a huge one, she thought as the moment of distraction allowed Ganner to make his move and finally score another point against Jaina. Jaina swore at herself for being so weak and falling into the same trap she had set for Ganner. She knew however that after taking off her next piece of clothing that Ganner would be practically defenceless and her victory assured, so she wasn't too angry at herself. Jaina turned her back to Ganner and slowly slid off her tiny thong to reveal a young pert ass and just a trace of her sweet little pussy. Ganner nearly went comatose after being treated to such an exquisite sight, dropping his lightsaber and pulling off his last piece of clothing in forfeit.

"You win... I can't beat that!" He sighed to Jaina, checking out both her ass and then her bald pussy as she turned around to give him a full view of her perfect body. "I'll do whatever you want.' Said a dejected Ganner as he stood there watching Jaina, completely naked with an eight inch, fully erect cock pointing out straight at her.

"Good... Cause I want to suck your big tasty cock while you eat my pussy!" Jaina surprised Ganner before jumping into his arms and kissing him hard.

"I'll take it!" Ganner replied, upset that he had lost the duel and his chance at fucking her, but happy that he'd at least taste her sweet teenage pussy and have his dick sucked by the sexiest teenager he had ever seen in his life. Jaina would have liked to have gotten fucked by Ganner's big dick but she knew that she could better control and influence men like Ganner and Wurth by giving them a piece of the pie and not the whole thing. By only sucking his cock, Jaina would effectively own Ganner's allegiance and could call on his support whenever she liked.

"Mmm... You're so strong Ganner!" Jaina moaned into Ganner's ear as his cock brushed up against her thigh while he held her up in his arms. Ganner wanted more than anything to just drive his cock into Jaina's twat right then and there, but he had lost the duel and had promised Jaina to follow whatever she had asked if he had lost. He did make sure that his cock brushed up against her tight teenage pussy once before using his Force enhanced physical strength to flip Jaina around in mid-air until her mouth was inches away from his cock and his face was a fraction of an inch away from her tantalizing and tasty snatch. As Ganner's tongue explored the outer edges of Jaina's twat, Jaina was busy at work licking back and forth over his engorged shaft. Both partners moaned in appreciation as they went to work on each other with a lust that had been building for nearly three straight days.

"FUCK... This is the best pussy I've ever tasted!" Ganner moaned into Jaina's pussy as his tongue began delving deep into her moist folds. Jaina cried out in ecstasy after only a few minutes of having her pussy eaten out and gave Ganner a taste of her sweet Jedi nectar. It was the first time Jaina had ever had her pussy licked and the first orgasm of her life. Jaina nearly blacked out from the spine shattering and epic orgasm, but instead screamed out for Ganner to keep going. Jaina reciprocated for Ganner's skilled tongue-work by nearly deep-throating his entire eight inches. Ganner groaned and panted in obvious pleasure as Jaina's hot wet mouth did her magic on his swollen cock and after Jaina deftly used the Force to help squeeze and massage his constricting balls, it brought Ganner to the very edge of cumming.

"OH FUCK Ganner... I'm gonna cum again!" Jaina shouted a few seconds before Ganner shouted nearly the same thing. Jaina's pussy exploded in another torrent orgasm, just as Ganner slammed his hips forwards and grunted out in similar relief.

"I'm CUMMING! UNGHHHH!" He shouted in release as his cock shuddered in Jaina's mouth and started spurting out a massive hot load of sticky cum in her mouth. Jaina's lips clamped around his swollen and throbbing cock and she tried her best to suck down every stream of Ganner's tasty Jedi seed. Eventually it was simply too much for the sixteen year old Jaina and she had to pull off his jerking cock to take the last two loads across her rosy pink cheeks. Ganner nearly dropped Jaina as his knees got weak from his orgasm, but managed to flip her around and set her on her feet before falling backwards and nearly passing out from overstimulation.

"It looks like I'm gonna get my shot Wurth, and I guarantee you, I'll be the one to make it past that tight pussy and into the record books as the first man to fuck that gorgeous Jedi slut!" Kyp announced to Wurth triumphantly before both the peeping toms left the courtyard quietly.

"That was pretty good Ganner... I'll spar with you anytime you like!" Jaina slyly said to Ganner before gathering up her clothes and cleaning off her face. "Maybe next time I'll even let you win."


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