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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 14 - Anakin Solo... Super Stud
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Anakin Solo had returned back to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 with his brother, sister and Uncle Luke. Although it was Jacen and Jaina's birthday, Anakin had been welcomed back with just as much vigour as his fellow siblings and after he parted with his brother Jacen, he quickly sought out his best friend, Tahiri Veila. Tahiri may have been his best friend, but after watching several holovideo's of very hot and sexually explicit action, some involving his own grandparents, Anakin had only one thing on his mind. After searching throughout the Praxeum and accompanying Massassi Temples, Anakin finally found Tahiri, wandering through the forest in barefoot, as was customary for the former member of the Sand People of Tatooine. The cool forest floor and stone temple floors of the Praxeum was often soothing for the curly blonde haired Jedi student.

"Hey Tahiri... Guess who's back?" Anakin called out as he approached the seemingly inattentive unbothered Tahiri. In the few weeks that he had been apart from his blonde headed friend, Tahiri had grown even more beautiful. Whether it was because he had recently been subjected to so much sexually graphic material or Tahiri was just getting more and more attractive to the fourteen year old, but she looked really good to Anakin.

"Anakin Solo... What took you so long?" Tahiri shouted back, sounding a little pissed off at her long time friend.

"Geez Tahiri... What the hell did I do?" Anakin replied back, looking confused and a little afraid.

"I knew you'd forget while you were on your grand vacation... You forgot all about my birthday last week... You didn't even send me a happy birthday message over the HoloNet." Tahiri responded, sounding as if she was hurt by her best friend's oversight.

"But... I... Uhhhh..." Anakin started before being cut off with a wave of Tahiri's arm.

"But nothing Anakin... Clearly your little vacation was more important than sending me a simple message over the HoloNet!"

"I'm sorry Tahiri... I really am... I'll do anything to make it up to you." Anakin replied, looking genuinely sorry and concerned that he could have damaged his friendship with Tahiri for the sake of a holochip full of sexually explicit content.

"Really..." she replied, thinking up of something that would be suitable to repair the damage Anakin's lack of compassion had done. "... One heartfelt hug should do it!"

"I think I could do that!" Anakin replied, walking over to Tahiri and giving her a big friendly hug. Half way though it however, Anakin's sexually tainted mind took control and instead of just a simple friendly hug, he reached down, took hold of Tahiri's surprisingly ample young ass and gave it a good hard squeeze.

"What the fuck Anakin?" Tahiri shouted in protest as she pulled away from his grasp and left him standing there looking like a real pervert. "I'm not some Tusken whore you can just feel up when you want! I'll talk to you later Anakin... GOODBYE!" Tahiri finished before stomping off into the wooded forest and leaving a shocked looking Anakin to think about what he'd done wrong. Stunts like that had seemingly worked for all the people who had tried that on the holovideos. Anakin had no idea why it hadn't worked for himself.

"I better do some more research before I try that again." Anakin said to himself before running back to the main temples and towards his sister Jaina's room. Jaina was the one who had been keeping the holochip containing the holovids from C-3PO's restricted files and if Anakin were to get any answers to why he had failed in his attempt to seduce Tahiri he would get them there. As Anakin approached Jaina's quarters however, he could hear something going on inside her room.

"That's it... That's it... Keep doing that!" sounded Wurth Skidder's voice inside Jaina's room as Anakin approached the door and slid it open just slightly to see what was going on inside. To his utter amazement, Jaina was on her knees, sucking off a very pleased looking Wurth Skidder. Both Jaina and Wurth appeared to be having so much fun, Anakin was a little tempted to join the two and maybe have Jaina suck him off as well, but as Wurth's panting became laboured, Anakin was quite sure Jaina's little sexual foray was about to end in a sticky mess.

"GONNA CUM! UNGHHHHHHH!" shouted Wurth as he exploded all over Jaina's pretty face.

"It's so hot!" Jaina moaned as Wurth's cum splashed against her cheeks and splattered across her face. Anakin had gotten his cock out at this point and was jacking it off as Wurth and Jaina bantered on for a few more seconds. As Wurth finally came bursting out of Jaina's room looking exhausted and disoriented, Anakin hid from view until he had stumbled around the corner and fallen asleep, nearly comatose from the experience. Anakin put his stiffening shaft back in his pants and entered Jaina's room as soon as she departed for her washroom to clean herself up. He searched through her clothes and belongings quietly but after not finding the holochip, Anakin had come to only one conclusion.

"Jacen must have it!" he said to himself before stealing a pair of Jaina's panties from her drawer and running off towards his other sibling's bedroom. After finally reaching Jacen's room, Anakin was shocked again to see his brother getting just as much action as his sister had gotten only moments earlier. Not only that, Jacen was watching a holovid of Ahsoka Tano getting double teamed by two clone troopers on a wooded planet. "Holy Fuck... Is that Tenel Ka?" Anakin said to himself again as he watched Tenel Ka's pretty little mouth move up and down over Jacen's throbbing cock. Once again, Anakin pulled out his cock to jack it off again, dreaming that it was his cock getting sucked by the beautiful redheaded warrior princess instead of his brother's. Within a few minutes Jacen had fired a massive load of cum over Tenel Ka's pretty face and Anakin could barely contain himself as he neared his own climax. Luckily he was able to hold off and after only a few seconds, both Tenel Ka and Jacen walked out the door, not seeing Anakin and left the temple for a little sparring match outside.

"You fucking idiot Jacen! You just left the holochip playing in your projector!" Anakin said to himself as he entered Jacen's room and pulled the chip from the holo-projector. Anakin then left for his own room, some privacy and what would surely be a very interesting holovid. Anakin opened the door to his quarters and got ready for another exciting instalment, but stopped dead in his tracks when he laid his eyes on the most beautiful sight of his young life; his good friend Tahiri Veila completely naked and splayed out on his bed, just waiting for him.

"What the fuck..." Anakin muttered as his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. Tahiri had a little sexy smirk on her face and a look of mischievousness behind her gorgeous green eyes.

"Oh hi Anakin... I thought I'd just make myself comfortable while I waited for you... You don't mind, do you?" Tahiri said playfully as she got off Anakin's bed and walked towards him with a little sexy sway in her hips.

"I... I... Thought you were mad at me?" Anakin stuttered as he had a hard time taking his eyes off Tahiri's perfect little body. Being under five feet tall and less than a hundred pounds didn't at all take away from her unbelievably sexy teenage figure. Her tight little ass, firm little breasts and perky rosy nipples highlighted what was surely one of the best bodies Anakin had ever seen. It was Tahiri's cute round face and sly little smile that capped off the package and made her one of the most attractive women Anakin had ever seen.

"I was mad at you until I realized that you only hugged me like that because you really like me!" Tahiri replied with a smile as she approached Anakin and leaned into kiss him. "Back when I lived with the Sand People, the men would take girls who had just come of age, and bring them into the caves." Tahiri told Anakin after kissing him and leading him back to the bed by his hand.

"Why... What happened in the cave?" Anakin asked innocently, still reeling from his first kiss with his childhood friend.

"What do you think silly?" Tahiri laughed at Anakin as she made him lie down on his bed. "When they came out the next day they were women and were ready to bear children.' Tahiri said as she slowly got on top of Anakin and rubbed up against his hardening shaft.

"And when do girls come of age in the Sand Tribes of Tatooine?" Anakin asked Tahiri as he grabbed her tiny hips and helped her move up and down over his hard shaft.

"Fourteen of course!" Tahiri moaned into Anakin's ear as she leaned in to kiss him again.

"Just like the Old Republic!" Anakin said in response before ripping off his clothes and making out with Tahiri.

"Old Republic... What the fuck are you talking about?" Tahiri replied after breaking away from her kiss with Anakin.

"Never mind... Let's just fuck!" Anakin responded, distracting Tahiri from his odd comment and steering her back to what she had actually intended to do with Anakin. Neither Tahiri or Anakin had any real sexual experience, other than seeing male Sand People fucking young teenage girls and a few holovids involving people having sex nearly fifty years ago. Both Anakin and Tahiri had picked up a few tips though and after Tahiri slid down Anakin`s naked body and started playing with his swollen balls and hardened cock, things became a little more fluid.

"Mmm Anakin... I don't have anything to compare it with but your dick tastes really good!" Tahiri moaned into Anakin's cock as her tongue swept up and down over his full six inches. Anakin shuddered every time Tahiri's delicate little fingers squeezed his swollen balls and after nearly five minutes of having his shaft bathed by Tahiri's warm and wet tongue, he was more than ready to blow a load over Tahiri's pretty features.

"That feels so good Tahiri... I think I'm gonna cum!" Anakin said in distress as he started to buck his hips upwards to further along the sensational process.

"Wait..." Tahiri replied, lifting her head up to look at Anakin and letting go of his tightening balls. "Aren't we going to fuck first?" she said with a smile before sliding back up Anakin's body and kissing him again for good measure.

"Just give me a second here to catch my breath." Anakin responded after breaking away from the kiss and feeling his cock rub up against his best friend's delicate and warm twat. While he recovered from a great blowjob, Anakin revelled in the fact that it was he, not Jacen or Jaina that would be the first one to lose their virginity and actually have sex. Not only that, he was about to fuck one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

"Ready Anakin?" Tahiri moaned into Anakin's ear as she rubbed up against his body and made sure to continually massage his throbbing shaft with her now wet pussy.

"Unnnn Tahiri... That feels so good!" Anakin groaned back as his cock was massaged by her warm slit, just egging him on to thrust upwards and inwards and take her sweet cherry with ease.

"If you like that... UNGHHHHHHH... You like this... UNGHHHH... Even better... UNHHHHHHHHH!" Tahiri shouted in some discomfort as she used her hand to guide Anakin's thick six inch shaft into her extremely tight cunt, breaking her hymen and forever taking her sweet virginity. Anakin groaned back in similar discomfort as he took Tahiri's innocence and sank half of his six inches into her tight love tunnel.

"Its... UGHHHH... SO TIGHT!" Anakin shouted in pain as Tahiri sank even more of his cock into her until he was completely balls deep inside her and filling every inch of her tight hole with his hard throbbing cock. The next ten minutes were very pain filled and uncomfortable as Tahiri and Anakin became accustomed to each other's tightness and size.

"It's Ahhhhhh... Starting to feel really good Anakin!" Tahiri moaned into Anakin's ear before she sat upright on Anakin's pulsing hard shaft and started bouncing up and down on it at an increased pace.

"Ohhhh... You're telling me... I think I'm gonna cum really soon Tahiri!" Anakin shouted as Tahiri's pace quickened and her sweet teenage ass started slapping against his hips. Remembering what he had seen in the holovids he had been recently watching, Anakin reached up and took hold of Tahiri's small breasts before beginning to massage them to further along her own orgasm.

"Mmmm... That feels really good Anakin... I think... I think I'm gonna... AHHHHHHHH.... MMMMMM!" she screamed as her pussy contracted around Anakin's throbbing shaft and a tremor shook through her body. Her first ever orgasm was nearly too powerful for Tahiri to even handle. It felt like every bone in her body was ready to snap in satisfaction as her toes curled and her fingers dug into Anakin's chest.

"ME TOO... UNGHHHHHH... YESSSS!" Anakin grunted in response as his cock was coated in Tahiri's hot slick juices which finally pushed him over the climactic threshold. "I'm cumming in you... I'm cumming in you!' he shouted in sweet release as his cock began to jerk inside Tahiri's tight pussy and pump her virgin womb full of his very potent Jedi seed. Both Anakin and Tahiri groaned in appreciation as his cock pumped out load after load of hot sticky cum as deep into Tahiri as Anakin could manage.

"It's so hot Anakin!" Tahiri moaned after Anakin's cock finally subsided and the last of his hot seed was fired deep into her fertile womb. "And it feels so good to have your cum inside me."

"We've been missing out on so much... We need to do this like ten times a day... Okay Tahiri?" Anakin asked his long time friend as Tahiri collapsed back onto him and lay her head down on his glistening chest.

"Anytime you want Anakin... Anytime you..." Tahiri sighed as she fell asleep on top of Anakin with his softening cock still firmly buried in her warm cunny. Anakin just lay there; comforted and satisfied with what he had just done as Tahiri quietly slept on top of him.

Whole new realms of possibilities were now open for Anakin. Having finally planted his seed in Tahiri, Anakin could truly begin to live and experience everything the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic seemed to experience almost every day in their travels across the galaxy. Anakin was well on his way to following his grandfather in the wild oats he sowed during his time before the first great Jedi Purge. There were nearly fifty female Jedi students, apprentices and Knights within the New Jedi Order and Anakin had an inkling that he would have plenty of opportunities to test out what he had learned from C-3PO's restricted files. If the inexperienced Tahiri Veila could turn him on so thoroughly, Anakin could only dream of what the Twi'lek Rar sisters, his Aunt Mara, and especially his smoking hot sister Jaina could do for him in the days to come. For now however, Tahiri was more than even Anakin could handle and with her, along with the holochip from C-3PO's restricted files, Anakin would learn all that he needed to know to get into any woman's panties.


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