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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 13 - Breaking The Slave Ring Part 4
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Mara Jade Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo had been through quite a lot in the few days they had spent trying to break a dangerous slave ring on the fringes of Hutt space. With Talon Karrde's help they had made a deal with a local slaver to bring them to the slave ring's space station with the understanding that the slaver could keep whatever money he received for selling the two beautiful Jedi women as sex slaves. Little did Mara or Leia know however, the Captain of the slaver ship had found it necessary to try out his newest slave girls before the auction. Both Mara and Leia had tasted the sweetness of his seed and although the girls had enjoyed themselves immensely, they knew that the mission at hand was paramount to ending the vicious slave ring and save numerous lives from horrible fates. Using their immaculate bodies and sexy personalities, the two women were able to be sold for nearly 100000 credits each to the same bidder. That bidder was Lando Calrissian in disguise, who had traveled to the space station himself to do some investigating into the slave ring. After seeing his sexy friends, Lando decided to fulfill a long desired wish; to fuck both Mara and Leia at the same time. In the end, all parties were satisfied; Lando fulfilled his dream and Mara and Leia got some much needed information that Lando had scrounged up during his stay on the station.

"There was something familiar about that stud... Don't you think Mara?" Leia asked Mara as they made their way off Lando's ship and back onto the main station to finally confront the masterminds behind the slave ring and the owner of the state-of-the-art space station. Not only had his ship seemed familiar to Leia, but the way he moved, tasted and fucked seemed very familiar to her; as if she had done it before and enjoyed it as much as she had just had.

"You know... I was just going to ask you the same thing... His cock tasted really familiar... Like I had fucked him before." Mara replied, deep in thought and revelling in what she had just experienced.

"I hope you mean before you got married to my brother, Mara?" Leia replied, looking a little upset at the notion of Mara being such a slut and cheating on her brother when it wasn't necessary.

"Of course it was before Luke... I just can't remember when." Mara sighed; as she and Leia walked towards a secret office they had just learned the whereabouts from Lando. Lando had revealed to them a secret office, deep within the station that was the home to both the operator of the space station and slave ring. Lando also revealed to the two women that there was a holochip that had data on every transaction the slave ring had made for slaves and owners since the station's creation.

"I really can't believe what that man told us about who runs this place... It just doesn't seem possible that he's alive, let alone running this place." Leia said to Mara as they reached a secret passage way and started down the dark corridor towards the hidden room. Lando had told Mara and Leia of the location, but he also told them that he had no idea what kind of security they would be facing before reaching the office. Mara had dismissed the triviality of such security measure, mostly because such systems could never match up against a fully trained Jedi Master. Mara's underestimation of the station's security system however would be her and Leia's downfall as a security alarm started to sound and a noxious fume began to fill the confines of the dark hallway.

"Fuck Mara... We need... Uhhhh... To get out of he--!" Leia started before quickly losing consciousness and falling to the floor roughly.

"Hang on Leia... I'll... Uhhhh... Get us out of here!" Mara reassured a now unconscious Leia as she used all her Jedi powers to stave off the gas now filling the corridor and slowly affecting her senses. Mara, thinking on her feet, used the Force to push as much of the gas away from her and Leia as possible and once the air around her was clean, she created a Force bubble around her and Leia as more of the gas filled the hallway. "Wake up Leia... Come on... I can't carry you and maintain the force shield around us." Mara struggled down the corridor dragging Leia and maintaining the Force bubble around them as she slowly moved through the last of the gas and into a new section of the hallway.

"What happened?" Leia coughed as Mara dragged her across a threshold and used a console near the doorway to shut a thick blast door behind them.

"It was... gas... They're trying to take us alive!" Mara coughed, trying to regain her composure while pulling Leia back to her feet.

"Thanks Mara... Without you I would've been in real trou--" Leia replied, starting to thank her long time friend before an alarm started to sound and several thuggish looking humans, Rodians and Weequays came pouring out of a hidden door a few metres in front of them. Mara and Leia thought about fighting their way through the some fifteen mercenaries, but thought better of it after seeing that each and every one of them were carrying heavy blasters and wearing thick armour. The Force could only do so much and although Mara and Leia could probably get through half of them unscathed, the far better choice would be to surrender and eventually make their move on the main boss, who they would definitely be taken to.

"You've got us gentlemen... Take us to your leader." Mara joked as several of the gruff looking men starting groping them for weapons and for their own selfish reasons. Mara and Leia had been through far worse in the last few days and remained fairly calm as their asses were squeezed, slapped and pinched. After what seemed like every single one of the mercenaries either groped one of their tits or asses, they were led to the end of the hallway and into a massive, grimy and smelly room. Elaborately decorated and ringing with the sound of loud obtrusive music, Mara and Leia were greeted with a most astonishing sight. Although Lando had told them that it was a notorious Hutt who was in charge of the station and the new slave ring, the fact that it was Jabba the Hutt's son, Jalla, truly shocked the duo. Just as big and just as ugly, Jalla the Hutt was almost the spitting image of his late father and if he was anything like every other Hutt Leia or Mara had come into contact with, he'd be just as cruel.

Several slave girls and a dreary looking band were crowded around the ugly overgrown slug, being force to entertain the Hutt and smile while doing it. Both Mara and Leia nearly hurled at the memory of being one of those girls all those years ago and knew that before they took down the slave ring, they'd make sure Jalla would wish he had never followed in his father's footsteps.

Jalla started speaking Huttese to Mara and Leia and an older model protocol droid nearby began translating.

"The mighty virulent Jalla the Hutt wishes to welcome you to his mighty space station and your doom for murdering the great Jabba the Hutt, his father!" the droid translated as Jalla slammed his tail against the metallic floor, causing the deck plating to vibrate and send chills down Leia's back. Without a lightsaber and surrounded by over thirty burly looking mercenaries, both Mara and Leia had few choices but to do whatever Jalla asked of them.

"But..." Leia started, trying to barter for their freedom before being cut off by Jalla and his protocol droid.

"The mighty Jalla wishes you to remain quiet while he decides on a suitable punishment for your grievous crimes against his family and the Hutts." Mara could have told Jalla that she had almost nothing to do with Jabba or his death, but she was fairly certain her fate would be the same as Leia's no matter what she said. Jalla looked over to one of the larger human mercenaries and started giving him orders in Huttese without the protocol droid translating. Within seconds, the large human mercenary, along with three others walked over to Mara and Leia and tore off their respective bikinis without hesitation.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Mara shouted as she and Leia were pulled apart and led away in different directions. Three of the mercenaries took Mara in front of the giant slimy Hutt while the other mercenary guided Leia right to Jalla and into his disgusting arms. Jalla muttered something in Huttese to Leia, before his tail whipped around and wrapped itself around Leia's tight body. While Leia was being groped by the Jalla's tail, Mara was having an even more disturbing time with the three men now fondling her round perfect breasts, her supple ass and fit body,

"Leave her alone you dirty slug... I'll kill you if you... Ughhhh!" Leia started in outrage before she felt something huge and slimy slither up her long legs and penetrate her tight, trimmed pussy. "What the... Ughhhh!" Leia screamed before even more of Jalla's massive tail sank into her pussy.

"The Mighty Jalla wishes you to know that you and your fellow Jedi conspirator will have the honour of providing both himself and his loyal mercenaries with pleasure of your intimate company." The protocol droid said as Leia nearly blacked out from the sudden intrusion of Jalla's tail into her tight twat. Mara shouted in outrage before she was forced to her knees and force fed one of the mercenaries stiff seven inch cocks.

"Mmmmppfff... Mmpfff... MMMMMPPPFFFF!" Mara mumbled as the mercenary slammed his cock down her throat and kept her relatively quiet while his two companions continued to grope her gorgeous body. Within minutes, Mara was being forced down on top one of the mercenary's cock while he lay on his back. With the other two mercenaries on either side of Mara, taking turns in face-fucking the beautiful redhead, Mara's pussy was assaulted from below.

"It's TOO BIG!" Leia screamed as Jalla forced more of his tail into her tight cunt, eventually causing her to finally blackout from pain and exhaustion while the slimy Hutt continued to glory in her destruction.

"What the hell..." Leia groaned after waking up nearly an hour later with something else now deep in her pussy. She opened her eyes in shock to see one of the mercenaries staring back up at her with a look of glee in his eyes as he continued to thrust upwards into her slightly less tight snatch with reckless abandon. Jalla had fucked Leia for several long minutes before spewing a massive sticky green load of his Hutt seed through his tail and into her womb. Although humans and Hutts were not biologically compatible, the thought of his thick warm goo inside made Leia cringe.

"I can't believe I'm fucking Princess Leia... Former Chief of State and dirtiest slut of the entire New Republic." The mercenary groaned as Leia felt someone else crouch down behind her and rub something hard and warm up against her sensitive asshole.

"FUCK OFF... You wouldn't fucking dare!" Leia protested as the mercenary crouching down behind her continued to toy with her ass playfully. While Leia weathered the assault on her pussy, she looked over at her friend Mara, who was sandwiched between two men, getting fucked in both her ass and pussy at the same time. Leia could tell that the two men now fucking her were different than those that had been doing so before she had blacked out. She could also tell that Mara had all but given up resisting what had surely been a harrowing experience for the past hour. Her beautiful red hair was in disarray and covered in both sweat and cum. Her face was still sticky with dried cum and Leia could tell she had no fight left in her for an escape, which ultimately meant that it was completely up to her to engineer their escape.

"Don't bother resisting Leia... It'll just hurt even more." Mara mumbled in obvious defeat as she just lay there and took it with a fight.

"No Mara... I'll have us out of here in just a few--!" Leia started before being interrupted by the painful intrusion of a second cock being slammed inside her. Having finally decided to see if his cock could actually fit into her unbelievably tight asshole, the mercenary crouching over top of her finally took the plunge and slowly slid in three inches of his cock into her juicy ass.

"Just go with it Leia... It'll start to feel really good!" Mara moaned as the two men fucking her started to pick up their pace and really start to give it to her.

"What... Ughhhh... You can't be... Serious...?" Leia replied with a look of dismay and pain on her face as Mara smiled back at her and screamed in orgasm. Leia couldn't believe what she was seeing; obviously in the hour that she had been unconscious, they had somehow broken Mara and turned her into an even bigger cock craving whore.

"UNGHHH... TAKE IT WHORE... FUCK YES!" both the mercenaries fucking Mara shouted, nearly in unison as both of them slammed their cocks as deep into her ass and pussy as possible before depositing two similarly large hot loads of their sticky cum inside her.

"Yes... Leia... You're going to love it when they fill you up... It's so hot!" Mara screamed as she felt her assaulters' hot cum stream into and fill her up within moments. Mara moaned out one more time in orgasm before finally blacking out from over stimulation and leaving Leia all alone to deal with the slave ring and Jalla the Hutt.

It's all up to me now, Leia thought to herself as the two men ploughing into her continued fucking her pussy and ass with reckless abandon. Leia could hear the groans, moans and laboured panting of the two men and knew it was only a matter of time before she was filled with a hot load of potent seed like Mara had only moments earlier.

"AHHH YESSS! FUCK ME HARDER!" Leia shouted as she went through a powerful orgasm. Her warm juices ran out of her pussy and down her legs onto the mercenary fucking her pussy. Leia had to admit, Mara was right; it did feel good to just go with it. Leia might have been enjoying having both her holes filled but her true plan was just starting to unfurl as both men began to grunt and ejaculate massive hot loads of cum into her pussy and ass. "God... It is hot!" Leia shouted before gathering the Force within herself and levitating one of the mercenary's discarded belts behind an unsuspecting but entertained Jalla. As the two cocks in her ass and pussy finally stopped pumping her full of cum, Leia used the Force to quickly wrap the mercenary's belt around Jalla the Hutt's neck and begin suffocating him like she had done with Jabba all those years ago. Too enthralled by the scene in front of them, none of the mercenaries paid the slightest attention to Jalla's gurgles for help and death throes.

"Help... HELP!" the protocol droid translated Jalla the Hutt's final words as the mercenaries tried to run to his aid but were ultimately too late as Leia used the extent of her limited Jedi skills to use the mercenary's belt to snap Jalla's thick neck.

"NOW... If you don't want to spend the rest of your miserable lives in a New Republic prison cell or in a body bag, leave now and run for your lives!" Leia shouted with enough force to even scare the some forty mercenaries, slaves and dancer girls. Leia struggled to walk over to an unconscious Mara; her legs were weak from such a powerful orgasmic assault that she barely had the strength to redress both herself and Mara in some rags and carry her friend out the room and towards the docking bay of the space station. Using a communication relay into the docking bay, Leia radioed a waiting Talon Karrde to come and pick them up at the station as soon as possible. Within an hour, Karrde had made it to the station and with the help of Leia, had transported a still unconscious Mara back onto the Jade Shadow and the comfort of a bed.

"What the hell happened to you two...? Is that cum in her hair?" Karrde asked Leia as he made sure Mara wasn't too badly injured.

"We ran into a little more trouble than we thought we would... The job is done though and the slave ring should be easy pickings now for the New Republic. Without a crime boss, the station and the ring should crumble without management." Leia told Karrde as she made her way to a nice refreshing shower and a chance to recover from a traumatizing but exhilarating experience. The return trip to Yavin 4 would take a week and Leia would have time enough to regale Karrde with the tale of their infiltration of Jalla the Hutt's slave ring and his ultimate death at the hands of the same woman who had killed his father.


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