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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 11 - Happy Birthday Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

While Mara Jade Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo continued with their mission of mercy on an unknown space station near the border of Hutt space, Jaina, Jacen, Anakin and Luke Skywalker were finally nearing their final destination of the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. After wearing the same clothes and no underwear for nearly six days, Jaina Solo was very eager to make it to the academy and at least put on a new pair of panties. For six days she had needed the cleaning droid to wash her leather Ahsoka Tano imitation outfit every night in order to remain sanitary for her other three passengers. For those six days however, she had been unable to find her original thong she had somehow lost, and had since been unable to acquire another pair. Anakin and Jacen really didn't mind; the constant thrill of seeing their rapidly developing sister bending over and showing off her beautiful teenage ass and tight teenage pussy made their current long journey quite enjoyable. The Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had been having a crisis of conscious for the past six days however; owing to the fact that Jaina's skimpy outfit and the fact that she was his niece continued to gnaw away at both his concentration and morality. As their ship finally dropped out of hyperspace and began its hour long approach to Yavin 4, Luke was suddenly woken by his niece.

"Uncle Luke... We're there... I thought you might want to be on the bridge when we approached the planet." Jaina told her groggy uncle as she jumped on his bed and playfully tore off his bed sheets.

"Jaina! Wait!" Luke pleaded before Jaina stripped off his blankets in a hurry and revealed two very embarrassing sights. For one; Luke always slept in the nude and for two; he had a raging hard boner. Luckily for Luke however, Jaina would have no idea that his hard eight inches was not just simple morning wood but a full on erection for his own sexy niece, whom he had been dreaming of for nearly eight hours straight.

"Whoa!" Jaina said in shock, getting a full view of her uncle's massive eight inch hard shaft. "Sorry Uncle Luke." She said, leaping off the bed in a hurry and looking both a little embarrassed and a little flustered at what she had just seen. Never had she imagined that her Uncle was packing such a big tool under his simple robes and now that she had seen the unforgettable sight, Jaina had a hard time taking her mind off his hard cock.

Luke dressed quickly in shame and left his room with Jaina still standing their stunned. Hoping that she would just chalk the sight up to morning wood and a pure and simple accident, he made his way to the bridge and sat in the co-pilot's seat as Anakin began flying the ship towards the fourth planet from the massive Yavin sun. As Luke turned to the main display and got ready to help his nephew land their ship, he suddenly heard the door to the bridge slide open and the sound of his niece walk onto the bridge.

"Do you mind if I sit on your lap Uncle Luke, there are only three seats?" Jaina asked her uncle, and before he could even reply, she had jumped on his lap and was grinding her way to comfort while Luke and her two brothers watched on in both fascination and disbelief.

"Jaina... I don't know..." Luke protested half-heartedly as Jaina finally got comfortable with her uncle's rapidly stiffening cock rubbing right up against her wet pussy. After seeing what her Uncle Luke had to work with, Jaina just had a really big urge to sit on her uncle's lap and see what happened. With what she was feeling rubbing up against her tight snatch, she just knew he was enjoying himself too.

"Hey Uncle Luke... Did you know that Jacen and I just turned sixteen only an hour ago?" Jaina whispered back to her uncle as Luke did his best to fight the losing battle against his primeval urges. "I'm legal now..." Jaina said sexily before Luke pushed Jaina off his fully hard cock and walked off the bridge sweating profusely.

"Must Meditate... Happy Birthday you two... Get me when we've landed." Luke mumbled before running off the bridge and back to his room to either meditate or masturbate.

"You can sit on my lap sis..." Jacen laughed, swivelling around to look at her.

"Yeah... Me too!" Anakin added as he broke Yavin 4's atmosphere and began the descent towards the jungle covered Jedi Academy.

"Shut up!" she replied as Anakin landed the ship and the three siblings got ready to disembark. It was Jacen who alerted their Uncle Luke this time; partly because Jaina was pretty sure her uncle wouldn't be able to take another surprise from her.

"There are many Jedi at the Academy today..." Luke told his nephews and niece as they made their way off the ship and towards one of the main Massassi temples which the Jedi Academy was situated in. "I've called most of them hear for a meeting and a slight reorganization of the Jedi Order."

"Are Kyp and Ganner here?" Jaina asked her uncle, blushing a little as she caught up with Luke who had hurried ahead of everyone else. All Luke wanted to do was be immersed in the thoughts and restrained emotions of the Jedi Academy and the near hundred members in order to forget all about his niece and her hot little outfit.

"They should be... but knowing the two of them, their probably off saving the galaxy along with Wurth Skidder." Luke replied sternly. Master Kyp Durron and Jedi Knights Ganner Rhysode and Wurth Skidder had become somewhat of a nuisance within the Jedi Order; acting aggressively and beyond the Jedi Code to successfully fight whatever evil they believed needed to be dealt with. All three Jedi were young, handsome and dashing; a personification of what many people believed the Jedi Order should be and therefore, attractive figures for the younger Jedi to admire and look up to.

"Good!` Jaina replied with a smirk. She had no intention of listening to their radical philosophies on what a Jedi should be. After watching several sex-filled holovids of attractive Jedi having sex, she had more important things on her mind when she thought about the dashing trio. Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about what she wanted them to do to her, but before she could slip further into her daydream, the four travellers reached the Jedi Temple and were greeted by nearly the entire Jedi Order who somehow had gotten news of her and Jacen`s sixteenth birthdays.

`HAPPY BIRTHDAY!` several of the Jedi students, apprentices and Jedi Knights shouted in unison after Jacen and Jaina walked into the room. Many of the people gathered looked on Jaina with surprise as they got their first look at her newest sexy leather outfit.

`Fuck Me!" Kyp Durron whispered just loud enough for Wurth Skidder and Ganner Rhysode to hear. Kyp had known the Skywalker and Solo families ever since his escape from the spice mines of Kessel, but he had never noticed how far along the young Jaina Solo had developed. A tight round ass, perky firm teenage breasts and a beautiful face definitely had Kyp and all the other men in the crowd of Jedi taking notice.

"You know we could fuck her now, Kyp... She is legal." Wurth whispered back, smirking to himself and secretly hoping he'd have the opportunity to do exactly that.

"It kinda sounds like you're about to propose a bet, Wurth." Kyp replied quietly, before turning away from Jaina to look at him.

"First one to pop the princess`s cherry wins!" Wurth responded with a smile.

"What do I get when I win?" Kyp replied smartly.

"My undying respect."

"What an honour... but sure why not... You in Ganner?" Kyp asked the so far silent, Ganner Rhysode.

"Of course... anything for Skidder's undying respect" Ganner laughed before the three Jedi turned back to watch Jaina and her brothers follow Luke into the temple and away from everyone's prying eyes.

The first thing Jaina did after getting over the embarrassment of everyone wishing her a happy birthday, was to make a b-line towards her own private quarters and a change of clothes. Tired of wearing the same old clothes for nearly a week, not to mention the lack of underwear, Jaina rifled through her wardrobe until she found a suitable replacement for her leather skirt and tube top. Although not as slutty as her Ahsoka Tano outfit, Jaina was able to cobble together something that suited her new personality. She threw on a pair of skin-tight white spandex that she usually wore under a skirt, along with a slightly more respectable white tube top that managed to cover a little more of her upper body. The final and most important piece to her outfit was the pink thong she had pulled up past the waistband of her spandex pants to show everyone what she had underneath.

"Knock... Knock... Knock..." Jaina's door sounded. A little confused to why someone would already be calling on her so shortly after her arrival back on Yavin, Jaina opened her door to see a grinning and dashing Wurth Skidder leaning against the door's frame. Although initially confident and quite sure of himself, Wurth's jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw what Jaina had changed into. When he had first seen her coming off the shuttle, he had simply thought her outfit was the result of some kind of unfortunate circumstance, but as his eyes roamed up and down over her perfect frame, he realized that Jaina might really be a slut. Easy pickings!, Wurth thought as he regained his composure and started to make his move. It had been Wurth who had beaten his two competitors to the punch and if Jaina's outfit in any way reflected on his chances of getting into her skin tight spandex pants, there would be no competition at all after Wurth worked his magic over the inexperienced sixteen year old Jaina.

"Oh hey Jaina... I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and make sure you were getting settled back in." Wurth said smoothly as he manoeuvred into her comfortable room and made sure they were completely alone.

"Come on in... I guess..." Jaina murmured as Wurth took it on himself to simply barge into her room without invitation. Jaina really didn't have anything against the young Jedi Knight, it was just his boldness had caught her off guard a little. "What did you want to talk to me about, Wurth?"

"Oh... I wanted to talk to you about a little proposition I had for you" Wurth replied slyly before walking over to Jaina's soft bed to take a seat. Patting the bed beside him, he ushered the young Jedi over and made her sit down next to him.

"What kind of proposition?" she replied innocently after taking a seat next to him.

"I was hoping you'd let me be your mentor of sorts."

"What are you talking about Wurth? I already have a Jedi Master and besides, what are you, like five years older than I am?" Jaina said, laughing and playfully slapping Wurth's thigh. As Jaina's hand came into contact with Wurth's lap, she swore she saw his pants bulge for a second.

"No... I don't mean your Jedi Master... I just want to be your real-life mentor... You're sixteen now and an adult... It's time you learn what the galaxy is really like."

"What do you mean? I've been around... I grew up on Coruscant!" Jaina replied, looking a little bewildered at what Wurth was trying to get at, all the while the small bulge in his pants continued to grow.

"Yeah... Coruscant... I'm talking about the real galaxy here... Not some fantasy land you and your brothers got to grow up in. The real galaxy is full of thieves, criminals and whores." Wurth replied, getting serious and beginning to unfurl the plan he had developed to get into the young Solo's pants. "You see Jaina... The criminal underground Kyp, Ganner and I have infiltrated has needed us to blend in and do some things most Jedi would never consider so we could take them down from the inside."

"What do mean by some things?" Jaina replied, still looking down at Wurth's now rock hard bulge. As soon as she asked that question, Wurth knew he had her wrapped around his finger.

"It's hard to explain, but I can show you." Wurth told Jaina with a smile on his face. "Just get on your knees in front of me and close your eyes."

"Okay." Jaina replied, both a little confused and nervous as she slid off the bed and kneeled in front of Wurth with her eyes closed.

"Open your mouth and get ready for your first lesson." Wurth said before standing up, unbuckling his pants and pulling them down along with his underwear to reveal a hard seven inch shaft. Slowly but surely he started to guide his cock towards Jaina's now open mouth and without even warning her what he was about to do, he slid three inches of it into her hot wet mouth and got ready for her reaction.

"Hmmmmm... What the..." Jaina mumbled, pulling her mouth back off his cock and opening her eyes to see a most peculiar sight. "Oh... You just wanted me to suck your cock!" she said playfully before leaning back towards Wurth and stuffing his cock back into her mouth.

"What... Have you done this before?" Wurth replied in shock, now wondering if Jaina was in fact still a virgin or whether she had more experience with sex than he had first thought.

"No... But I always wanted to try this... And I have to say... It tastes pretty good!" Jaina replied cheerily, taking her mouth off Wurth's cock for a moment to answer his question. Wurth had come into the room acting smooth and feeling confident, but now that his plan was working so well, he was a little taken off guard as Jaina's warm tongue massaged half of his cock. Although Jaina was clearly a rookie at sucking dick, both her hot wet mouth and her obvious desire to please Wurth as much as possible contributed to a very enjoyable blowjob. Wurth was having a hard time not blowing his load after only a few minutes and although he was drawing on the Force to stave off the inevitable, in his mind he knew he'd never make it any further than the blowjob. "How am I doing?" Jaina asked Wurth after pulling her mouth off his cock.

"So good baby!" Wurth moaned as Jaina's saliva dripped off his pulsing hard shaft. Using what she had learned watching the both entertaining and informative holovids she and her brothers had acquired from C-3PO's restricted files, Jaina started sucking on Wurth's cock with a new determination. Forcing almost the entire shaft down her tiny throat, Jaina began using one of her hands to massage his tightening balls. "That's it... That's it... Keep doing that!" Wurth groaned as he felt his cock slam against the back of her throat and her small fingers clamp down around his swollen balls.

Thinking on her feet, or rather, on her knees, Jaina got creative as she gagged on Wurth's cock. Using the Force, she manipulated the pressure around his shaft as she continued sucking away at it. The result was more than Jaina could have hoped for; Wurth groaned out in pleasure and his cock began to pulse and swell to an even greater size.

"Gonna CUMM!" Wurth moaned, pulling his cock out of Jaina's hot wet mouth and stroking it off at her pretty face. "UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Wurth shouted out in a frenzied grunt, as his cock began to spasm and spurt out a hot sticky load of his seed right onto Jaina's beautiful face.

"It's so hot!" Jaina mumbled as Wurth's orgasm showered her with a sizeable load of his hot cum, striking her cheek, chin and mouth with a few well-aimed streams until his cock finally ceased its ejaculation.

"God Jaina... That was one hell of a trick you did with the Force... That could really come in handy in a tight squeeze." Wurth laughed as he slumped backwards onto the bed.

"So... Do you think I could make it in the real galaxy, like you Kyp and Ganner?" Jaina asked Wurth as she used a rag to clean off her face after licking her lips and enjoying the salty flavour of his cum with a grin on her face.

"Maybe with a few more personal lessons with me I could prepare you properly." Wurth teased as he pulled up his pants and got ready to leave. Trying not to show how much her excellent Force-assisted blowjob had really taken out of him, Wurth stumbled to the door and after giving Jaina a reassuring smile and a thanks for the great first lesson, he made it out the door and around the corner before falling to the ground and passing out for the next half an hour. After waking up and regaining his composure, he found Kyp and Ganner and relayed to them that he had already taken the first step in securing his victory over them and winning their bet. He didn't tell them however that even if Jaina had been willing to fuck him, he wouldn't have had the strength to do it after the amazing blowjob he had gotten.

While Wurth Skidder bragged to his friends about how he was able to secure a fantastic blowjob from the now legal sixteen year old Jaina Solo, she was contemplating on how easy it was to manipulate boys. Jaina had twisted Wurth Skidder around her finger and actually made him believe it had been his idea for her to give him a blowjob even though it had been Jaina who had manipulated him into letting her suck his dick. Now that she had given him the time of his life, Jaina was quite certain she could get him to do anything she wanted him to do at any time she needed.


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