*** Warning!! The Interrogation of Leia is a very strong story involving
bondage and torture. It is purely a fantasy, and if it is not to your
tastes, please do not read or download. ***

Star Wars: The Interrogation Of Leia Part 4 - General Enjoyment
by Dark Ranger (bd,nc,torture)

Leia awoke with a start as the guards burst into her room. She was ready
for them, though. As they opened her cage, she threw herself at their feet.
"Listen to me," said the Princess. "Darth Vader and General Largo are evil
men who are going to ruin you! They are violating every know law of the
Galaxy! I had already talked! Their decree was a lit!! You can be heroes
by just helping me..."

"Hello, Princess." The deep voice was unmistakable, and Leia's heart sank
when she heard it. Looking up, she saw the imposing figure of Darth Vader
in the room. The two guards grabbed her and held her before Vader. He
grabbed her chin in his hand. "Very clever, Princess, but to no avail. Did
you think you could convince these guards to abandon the Emperor? Did you
think that I would assign any guard who was not blindly and fiercely loyal?
Foolish girl, resign yourself to your fate!" He waved his hand and the
guards, with Leia in tow, walked down the hallways and deposited the naked
girl at the torture chamber.

Once inside the chamber, she was secured to the table. Vader picked up a
hot iron and approached Leia's naked body. She drew in a breath and held
it as she saw him approach her flesh with the iron. Slowly he approached
her body and pressed the iron into her side. She shrieked in pain and
strained against the bonds. Vader slowly and carefully used the iron and
much of her nubile young body.

Despite her struggles, Vader calmly burned her armpits, her thighs, her arms.
She screamed and twisted, desperately trying to avoid the pain giving iron,
but to no avail. He burned her breasts, and then used the iron on her
already raw cunt. Leia thrashed her head from side to side, her hair flying
about, sweat and tears flying off her face, screaming in unimaginable pain as
her delicate organs were burned with the iron.

The General approached Leia. She lay on the table, moaning in agony, and
whimpered as the old man approached. Darth Vader was busying himself with
several new implements of torture to use on the miserable girl, and the
General beckoned him over.

"I want to enjoy her now, Lord Vader, I don't think I can restrain myself

"As you wish, General," replied Vader. "I'm all prepared."

"Good," replied the General, and Vader held Leia firmly while the General
unstrapped her from the table.

She was pulled over to another table, and her hands were securely fastened to
the table at each wrist. Once Leia was secure, the General quickly removed
his pants, revealing a cock which was in remarkably good shape, in sharp
contract to the rest of the General's old body. In any other circumstance,
Leia would have found it amusing and unleashed a torrent of abuse at him.
But the sight of his stiff cock in the torture chamber filled her with horror
and she gasped.

The General came up behind her and twisted her face around and looked
straight into Leia's frightened face. The look of lust and sadistic glee
that she saw in the monster's face was unlike anything she could have ever
imagined. Somehow Vader, with his face at least hidden behind the mask,
was less terrifying. Then he roughly pushed her, and she felt his cock at
her ass.

"Oh, no, no, please no..." whimpered Leia, but to no avail.

The General grabbed her around the breasts pushed with all his might. Leia's
eyes bugged open as she felt the cock enter her, and then let out a cry of
pain and shame as he gave one strong lunge and was inside her. "You may
proceed," panted the General, his cock firmly wedged into Leia's ass.

Turning her head forward, Leia saw Vader standing across the table. In one
of his gloved hands was a hammer, and in the other was a long, thin nail.
Vader approached her right hand, which was unscathed and was being held flat
on the table by the straps. With two strikes, he drove the slender nail
through the tip of Leia's middle finger, driving it right through the

"AAAIIIIHHH!" Leia screamed in agony as the steel tore through the flesh and
bone of her finger.

The General was panting and moaning, and with one hand he reached around her
naked body and began fondling her breast, and with the other he turned her
face around so he could lick her tears and enjoy her suffering while he
fucked her ass. "More, Vader, more!" cried the General, and Vader responded
by taking another nail and driving it through the tip of her ring finger.

Leia let out a scream of agony, but the General turned her head and covered
her mouth with his, drinking in the suffering girl's voluptuous agony. Vader
drove a third nail, this time through the fingernail of Leia's index finger,
and the General plunged his cock even deeper into her ass, and she went stiff
and fainted from the pain.

"What's this? Wake up, you little bitch! WAKE UP!" the General grabbed
Leia by the hair and shook her head until the unhappy girl regained
consciousness. "We'll have none of that, my dear," taunted the General into
Leia's tear stained face. "Lord Vader! Continue!"

The General continued to fondle Leia and fuck her with great vigor as Vader
drove two more nails into her fingers, one into her forefinger and the other
into her ring finger. Leia wailed in agony as her fingers were being nailed,
and the General fucked her and fucked her until, while the last nail was
being drive into her, he came deep inside her ass.

The General removed himself from Leia's shapely ass and waved to Vader. At
the signal, Vader leaned down to Leia secured fingers and, taking a pair of
clippers, snipped her forefinger off at the base of the finger. Leia screamed
in agony, and Vader cauterized the exposed wound. Next, he went to her ring
finger. Carefully cutting, he cut through the skin at the base of the finger
and peeled it off. Leia's screams of agony were almost unbearable to listen
to, but they were music to the ears of both Vader and the General.

Once the skin had been removed, Vader took the clippers and snipped the digit
off, first at the last joint, so that the tip of the finger remained attached
by the nail, then at the second joint, so that the two removed parts of her
finger remained nailed to the table. Leia's wails of agony tore from her
throat, she couldn't believe how much pain she was in.

Then, Vader went behind her and, grabbing her right hand, pulled with all his
might. Her hand tore free, with the nail (which was still driven through her
middle finger) tearing through the tip of her finger. Leia shrieked in pain
and horror as Vader held her mutilated hand before her face, and then quickly
snipped the mangled tip of her finger off with the clippers, and then
cauterized it with fire. He then released her other hand from the table.

Consumed by agony, Leia fell to the floor and began to whimper and shake.
The General leaned down and grabbed Leia by the hair and brought her face to
face with him. "Thank you, Princess," gloated the old man, "you've given me
a great deal of pleasure. But the entertainment has quite a long way to go!"
And with that, he left the room, and Leia was taken away to her cage to


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