*** Warning!! The Interrogation of Leia is a very strong story involving
bondage and torture. It is purely a fantasy, and if it is not to your
tastes, please do not read or download. ***

Star Wars: The Interrogation Of Leia Part 3 - The Imperial Decree
by Dark Ranger (bd,nc,torture)

Leia was taken from the room where she had slept for the past few hours.
She walked down a long corridor, flanked by two guards and was brought to a
small, bright room. When she entered, she saw that Vader and General Largo
were already there. The guards bound her arms behind her back, inserted a
gag into her mouth, and held her firmly before Vader and the General. Fully
clothed, Leia had regained some of her composure, but she still looked on
with fear at the two men who had tortured her so mercilessly. Coming towards
her, holding a clipboard, the General spoke.

"It is too bad you decided not to talk, Princess," intoned the General
solemnly. Leia's eyes went wide when she heard this, and tried to speak
but the gag muffled her attempts. "Because of this continued obstinance,
I'm afraid we will need to progress to more intense methods of interrogation.
Here, in front of these witnesses, " continued the General, referring to
the two guards and Vader. "I am signing Imperial Decree Number 123-8, which
authorizes the use of physical mutilation as part of the questioning

Leia's eyes went wide with terror, and her knees buckled, causing the guards
to have to hold her up. Vader went up to her and took her from the guards
and held her in his strong gloved hands. Whimpers of misery were the only
sounds that escapes past the gag in her mouth, and tears welled up in her
eyes as she saw Largo sign the decree that condemned her to even more

Leia knew that this decree not only allowed physical mutilation of the
prisoner, it also excused the interrogator if the prisoner died as a result
of the questioning. Leia's mind raced, she was trying to figure out what
was happening when she heard the General speak to one of the guards as he
handed him the decree to give to the Imperial Archivist.

"And after you've handled this, check on the reconnaissance mission I've
ordered to Dantooine. Make sure the ship is fully armed. Although there
is almost certainly nothing there, tell them to be prepared. The Rebels
could be anywhere!"

And at that time, tears welled up in Leia's eyes when she realized what was
happening. Largo and Vader were pretending she didn't tell them the rebel's
base was on Dantooine. They were going to continue to torture her for their
pleasure, and they have arranged for an Imperial warship to "happen" upon
the rebel base. And her tears flowed only faster when, after the guards
left, Darth Vader ripped her clothes off until she once again stood stark
naked before her tormentors. They took her gag off and she spoke.

"You bastards," she muttered. "You stinking bastards!" Vader and the
General laughed.

"Ah, Princess," laughed the General, "you are always so entertaining." He
approached her, and smiled into her face, the pretty face which tried to
hide the terror it felt. Largo stepped forward and stepped on Leia's bare
foot with his boot, pressing hard into her toes. He saw pain register in
her eyes, but she only let out a slight whimper. A wicked smile filled the
General's face as he spoke to Darth Vader while still enjoying the misery
of the helpless Princess Leia. "Well, Lord Vader, we've got the decree in
hand, let's begin!"

"As you wish, General," bowed Vader and he approached Leia.

Leia was bound naked to the table again. But this time, they took care to
bind her ankles far apart, exposing her cunt to the evil duo. Vader
approached her with a round stick.. He came close and held it near her face
and rubbed it gently against her cheek. She could feel that it was covered
with sandpaper. He rubbed it softly over her entire body, causing her to
shake uncontrollably in terror, wondering where he was going to strike.

Every once in a while, he'd grab some of her flesh and give a quick rub,
causing her to cry out in pain. He finally approached her genitals, and
Leia began to quiver. She wouldn't beg for mercy again, no she refused to
do that, but she turned her head away as she felt the rough rod rubbing
around her pubic hair. Then she felt the rod at the edge of her cunt, and
she began to pant and gasp in horror.

Tears escaped her eyes as she prepared herself for hideous pain, but even
she could not have been prepared for the pain she felt when Vader rammed the
sandpaper covered rod deep into her cunt. With one mighty thrust in and out,
he ripped raw screams of agony from Leia's throat and sent waves of burning
agony though her genitals.

Almost before she could recover from this first assault, she felt his gloved
hands grabbing her thighs and spreading her buttocks. This time, Vader
rammed the rod deep into her anus. Her ass was still quite sore from the
enema torture they had used on her earlier, so the addition of the scraping
sandpaper only added to her already considerable suffering. The General and
Vader stood back and then enjoyed the spectacle of the naked Princess
twisting and crying out in intense pain.

Once she had calmed down a little, the top of the table was raised so she was
almost in a sitting position. Vader then picked up a piece of thread, with a
thin hook at each end. Going to one of her breasts, he slid the hook through
one of her nipples. Leia's face twisted in pain. Vader then pushed her head
forward, and wrapped the string around her neck. Then, with the General
holding her pretty head forward, he slid the remaining hook through her other
nipple. Once both hooks were in place, the General then grabbed Leia by the
hair and pulled her head back. The result of this was, of course, to have
the hooks in her nipples pull her breasts up and cause her intense pain. And
it was successful - Leia's cries was testament to that. It was an especially
enjoyable experience for General Largo, for he was able to look straight in
the Princess's face and smile at her while she was in intense agony.

And then, while the General held her head back, pulling at her breast, Vader
took up a whip and whipped her stomach, her thighs, the soles of her feet,
her ravaged cunt, and the bottom of the breasts. Sometime during the
beating, Leia passed out. Since this was relatively early in the what they
had planned for her, they decided this was a good time to end this first
session. The removed the hooks, unstrapped her, and put her back in her

Sometime later, Leia awoke in her cage. She was, of course, sore all over
from the torture sessions. Now that she knew what Vader and Largo had in
store for her, she realized she may have only one chance to escape the fate.
They had made a point of faking her recalcitrance before the guards -- when
the guards came tomorrow for her, she'd tell them. They'd believe her. In
fact, she may even get the rebels a whole new set of converts! With that
faint glimmer of hope still glowing, she curled herself up, trying to ignore
the pain that consumed her, and slept.


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