Introduction: The following story is a fantasy based on the movie "Star
Wars" and is inspired by the sequence (only hinted at in the film) where
Darth Vader tortures Princess Leia to find out the location of the rebel
base. It is very much in the style of my previous tale, "Agony in Pink,"
so it is a VERY STRONG torture story. It contains all manner of nasty
things like bondage, rape, torture, pain, death, all of it highly
non-consensual. If this type of story if not your cup of tea (and you
know who you are out there!) then you'd probably best just bypass this
one right now. You have been warned!

If you're still with me, I hope you enjoy the story, and as always I'd love
to hear your comments. In this time where our very basic freedoms are being
attacked, it's important that we fight back the only was we can: by
continuing to flood the Internet with stories that push the limits. And in
case you're interested, no I don't go to school with someone named "Princess
Leia" nor do I know anybody named "Darth Vader." This is purely and simply
a fantasy, period.

FYI, all characters in this story are copyrighted up the yazoo by George
Lucas, but since he licensed them for "Energizer Bunny" commercials, it's
hard to imagine that he would care about them showing up here. As demented
as this story is, it pales next to the torture that those battery commercials
inflict on an unsuspecting world!

Star Wars: The Interrogation Of Leia Part 1 - Where Are The Rebels?
by Dark Ranger (bd,nc,torture)

Princess Leia Organa lay on her cot in the cold room. She knew what her
captors wanted, but she was determined not to tell them. To disclose the
location of the rebel base would be enough to undermine the entire rebellion.
She was determined to keep the secret to herself -- it didn't matter what
happened to her, she had to remain quiet. The door opened. She sat up as
two large armed guards stood before her. "Come with us, Princess," one of
them said.

There was no point in resisting, but she said "I am a member of the Imperial
Senate. You have no right to do this!"

"Quiet, and come with us!" snapped her guards, and she was led out of the

She was led through the corridors, and they went into an elevator which
brought them deep into the heart of the Death Star. Leia had never been this
deep -- she trembled inwardly, unsure of what lay ahead for her. It was
probably not going to be pleasant, but she could endure it.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. The elevator door opened and
they exited. The surroundings were dark and eerie, and they filled her with
trepidation. The whole atmosphere was clearly intended to bring about fear
in a prisoner, and it was well designed. Two more guards came and took her
from the two that had brought her, and they walked down the darkened corridor
until they reached a room which was at the end of a long hall. While they
were walking down the hall, Leia could hear moans and cries. She shuddered,
but when they arrived at the door, it opened and she was taken in. In the
room was Darth Vader, the most feared creature in the galaxy. The room was
brightly lit, and she saw a table, several cabinets, and hooks from the
ceiling. She wondered if this was an imperial torture chamber -- she had
heard rumors of such places -- but decided to try and be defiant. "Lord
Vader, what do you want?"

The imposing figure of Darth Vader looked down on her and spoke in the deep,
modulated tones which sent shivers down the spine of the entire galaxy. "You
know what we want, Princess. The location of the rebel base."

"I know of no such thing. Let me go immediately!"

Vader approached her and took her chin in his large gloved hands. "Oh, you
will talk, Princess. And making you talk will be one of the most pleasant
experiences I have ever had. Remove your clothes!" Leia gasped.

"I will do no such thing! How dare you!" cried Leia.

"You will obey me!" snapped the Dark Lord, and the two guards grabbed Leia by
the arms. Vader then slowly cut her long white dress off her. He removed
her shoes, undid her hair, and finally she stood stark naked before them.
Her body was lovely -- firm breasts, smooth stomach, luscious curved legs
and hips, a gorgeous ass, and luscious feet and toes. She felt the cold
floor on her bare feet and toes as she stood defiantly before her tormentors.
She was humiliated, but determined to retain dignity. Vader approached her.

"You will talk, Princess. Do you wish to talk now, or does your flesh want
to feel the pain? You will talk, Princess, of that I assure you!" During
this taunting, Vader was fondling her breasts, her body, her ass, and her
cunt. Leia gasped with humiliation as his gloved hands touched her body.

The two guards grabbed her arms and tied her from one of the hooks from the
ceiling. She was raised so that she had to stand on her toes. Vader opened
one of the cabinets and pulled out a whip. It was a cat-o'-nine-tails, which
looked terrifying. He held it in front of her face. She was terrified, but
tried not to show it. As a Princess she had never been beaten before. She
had led a sheltered life and wasn't sure how she would stand the pain. But
she was determined to be strong.

Then her back exploded. She had never felt such pain in her life. She
cried out, but was determined not to do it again. Again and again the whip
found its mark on her back and ass. She gasped, but managed to stifle her
screams. The whip cracked again and again and again. Her pain was intense.
Tears began to form in her eyes, but she was determined not to give them the
satisfaction of seeing her cry.

Vader was master of the psychological side of the whipping as well as the
physical side. He would strike the helpless naked girl, then wait, allowing
her to quake in fear and listen to the hideous breathing from his breathing
device. Then, when she would least expect it, he would strike with all his
might. The beating continued for what seemed like an eternity. Just when
Leia was convinced it was over, it would begin again. Sometimes the pain
was so great and so sudden that her cry of pain escaped her lips before she
could stifle it, but for the most part she endured the piercing agony.
Finally, during a break, she hung from her bonds, drenched in sweat, her back
and luscious ass afire from the whipping, and she felt Vader grab her hair
and turn her face towards his.

"Well, Princess, do you have anything to tell us? Or do you want more?"

Leia turned her head and looked at the Dark Lord, but said nothing. Hate
burned in her eyes. Vader laughed and announced that the interrogation would
continue. This time, he picked up a cat-o'-nine-tails which had knots in
each of the cats. It had been soaking in a vat of vinegar for quite some
time, and each cat was imbibed with it. He approached the helpless girl and
swung the whip.

WHAP! It struck her back and Leia was overwhelmed with pain. This whip
was cutting into her tender flesh, leaving red welts where it struck.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Over and over again the whip struck her.

Leia writhed and squirmed in agony, determined not to give them the pleasure
of seeing her scream or cry but fast losing the battle. The whip stroked
began to cut open Leia's delicate back and ass, and when the wound was opened
the vinegar seeped into her, causing the welts to burn in excruciating agony.

WHAP! WHAP! The helpless girl was struck again and again and again, each
stroke sending waves of agony through her.

With a wave of Vader's hand, the beating stopped. Leia hung from her bonds,
her back and ass covered with welts, sweat dripping from her naked body.
"Well, Princess, do you have anything to say to us?"

Leia gathered up all the strength she had and spit in his face. Vader and
the two guards laughed at her pathetic display of defiance.

"Prepare her," Vader commanded, and the two guards lifted her bare legs and
bound them securely to more hooks on the ceiling. When they were finished
securing her her legs were wide apart and her cunt was wide open. Vader
lifted the cat and began to rain mighty blows onto Leia's cunt. Despite her
resolution to remain strong, the pain of the blows striking her delicate
organs caused to scream in pain. Hearing Leia's cries, Vader stopped.

"Ah, Princess, now we're getting some reaction! Have you anything to tell


As soon as she had refused, Vader began to whip the girl's cunt over and over
and over again. Leia writhed and twisted, in a desperate but futile attempt
to dodge the whip, or at the very least make it miss her cunt. But there was
no chance -- Vader's aim was sure, and Leia's cunt was aflame with agony as
he whipped away until one blow was so strong and caused her so much agony
that she passed out.

Some smelling salts and cold water brought her around again. "I must say,
Princess," taunted Vader, "I am rather disappointed in your ability to
withstand pain. That you passed out under such a mild torture as this
doesn't bode well for when we begin to inflict some serious tortures on you.
So let's work up to it. Unless, that is, you have something you'd like to
tell us."

Sweat dripping down her face, Leia's look of contempt was her answer. In
response, Vader brought up a large bottle with a tube at the end. He
separated Leia's lovely ass cheeks and inserted the tube into her anus,
causing her to gasp. With a squeeze, he filled her bowels with the contents
of the bottle. Almost immediately, Leia's insides felt like they were on
fire -- whatever was in the liquid was burning and causing horrendous cramps.
Leia began to twist and moan, and Vader leaned down and put his face close to
Leia's face, which was twisted in pain. Leia didn't want to defecate there,
and she strained mightily to hold it in, but finally the burning agony and
the cramps won out and she expelled what was in her bowels.

Almost immediately, the cramps and burning subsided, and she panted in
relief, but that relied turned to horror when she saw that Vader had
collected her shit in a bucket and was holding it near her. Vader motioned
to a guard, who put on a pair of gloves and grabbed Leia's head and held it
firmly. With Leia's head held tightly, Vader began to put the shit into
Leia's mouth, ordering her to eat it. When the first spoonful of the vile
muck hit her mouth, she tried to spit it out, but the guard covered her
mouth and Vader struck her in the throat, causing her to swallow.

Leia was forced to eat all the shit she had deposited in the bucket. If she
spit it out, Vader scooped it back up and put it in her mouth. If she tried
to hold her mouth closed, her nose was held and as soon as she opened her
mouth to breathe, Vader's hand would force the shit into her mouth. Several
times she vomited, and when she did Vader just scooped the vomit up and
forced it down the miserable girl's throat. Vader was a patient feeder and
finally, after several hours, Leia was finished with her "meal."

Vader looked down at Leia, who had shit covering her face and chest. "Have
anything to tell us now, Princess?" he asked.

Despite the horror she had just undergone, she summoned up all her strength,
and choked out an insult. Vader laughed a bone chilling laugh, then took up
yet another bottle of liquid. Leia trembled in horror as she saw it. Vader
then took out a long, thin tube and, while the guards held Leia's legs tight,
slowly inserted the tube into her urethra. He then pumped the liquid into
her bladder, pumping slowly to distend the bladder but not break it. When
he was finished, Leia's bladder was horribly distended and the girl was
suffering greatly.

He then clamped off the tube, effectively catheterizing her, and then ordered
her to be brought to a small cage, just large enough for her to curl up in.
Her arms were bound behind her back so she couldn't undo the catheter, and
she was allowed to recuperate from the torture session, but she remained in
anguish from the liquid that filled her bladder. After what seemed like an
eternity of suffering with the catheter inserted (but which was probably a
couple of hours), the catheter was removed, she had been allowed to relieve
herself (in the presence of several guards and Vader, an event clearly
designed to humiliate her) and was washed clean.

She was then returned to her cage and allowed to sleep. She curled her
luscious legs up under her and pointed her lovely feet and curled her supple
toes. They had a bright light shining on her, and some noise in the
background, but she had survived the ordeal so far, and now would sleep...


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