by Shabby Blue and Chirpa

With a quick flash of the hyperdrive engines,
the Millenium Falcon disappeared into the vast
darkness of space.

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the droids
R2-D2 and C-3PO stared out the window of the
Rebel Fleet's medical frigate for a long time,
even after the Falcon was long gone.

R2 let out an emotional beep. Luke knew what
the droid meant. Things had gone horribly wrong
lately. First losing the battle of Hoth, then
failing to complete his Jedi training with Yoda,
then the kidnapping of Han at Cloud City. And of
course...the truth about his father.

Why did Obi-Wan lie to him about that?

His confrontation with the Dark Lord of the
Sith wouldn't have been as dramatic if he had
known Vader was his father. He might have been
able to turn Vader back to the light side.
He would have been more focussed during his
training on Dagobah, preparing for that one
moment. Next time, he'd be ready.

Luke looked out the large sickbay window
into the galaxy in front of him.


All hope lay in that one man...Han Solo. They
couldn't defeat the Empire without him. But of
course, they had to recue him first. Their new
friend Lando would be of great help with that
mission. Leia still questioned whether or not
they could fully trust Lando, but Luke had
faith in their newfound companion and reassured
Leia that the gambler honestly wanted to help
make ammends for betraying them and Han at
Cloud City. Just as Lando promised, he would
find Han and that bounty hunter Fett and then
help Luke and Leia rescue the frozen smuggler.
But for now... all they could do was wait
and heal their wounds, both physical and

Luke looked over at the Princess. Her eyes
were fixed on the countless stars in the galaxy
before them, as if she was searching for Han herself
on one of the millions of tiny flickers of light
that illuminated the cold darkness. Her face was
pale, the soft-brown eyes without that beautiful
sparkle to them. A tear rolled over her cheek.

Deep within, Luke felt jealous of Han. The
Princess should be in love with HIM, not some
smuggler. If he had made his move back on Hoth
and stayed with her instead of rushing off to
Dagobah, Leia wouldn't be in pain right now,
grieving over the loss of Han.

Quickly he fought off these thoughts of
jealousy and anger. If he didn't, it could
become dangerous. It could make him hate his
friends. If that happened, all would be lost,
and Luke might follow the path to the Dark Side,
just as Yoda had warned.

As his mind wandered, Luke failed to notice
his cybernetic hand tightening its grip on Leia's

"Ouch!" Leia blurted, as if she was suddenly
awakened from a deep sleep. She cringed, the hand
staying on her shoulder. Immediatly Luke released
it and softly carressed Leia with his real hand.

"I'm sorry," he apoligized.

"It's okay," Leia replied.

She didn't look directly at him. She just
sighed and put her arm around his waist, continuing
to stare into the darkness.

His new hand. He hated it. It was the "scar"
that would always remind him of the duel with Vader
and the shocking revelation that nearly destroyed
him. Now he had hurt Leia with his hand. It was
clumsy. In a way there was some poetic justice
here...A clumsy new hand for a clumsy young Jedi.
He would have to get used to it quickly. How
else would he wield his lightsaber?

"Master Luke, forgive me but would it be
alright if I were to retire now and recharge my
powercells?" asked C-3PO, interrupting Luke from his

Both Luke and Leia turned behind them to
see the shiny gold protocol droid. Leia
answered the droid herself.

"It's okay Threepio. I believe Luke and I
will do the same thing. It's been a long day."

Threepio cocked his head in confusion.

"I did not know humans required powercells," he

Leia smiled, her face still wet with tears.

"I meant sleep, Threepio. We're going to get
some sleep."

"Oh, I see. I suppose it's quite alright
then," the prissy droid responded. "Come along
Artoo," C-3PO said, turning around and walking
with his astromech counterpart following closely
behind. As always, R2 squealed a few loud beeps
at the gold droid.

"Oh, do hush up R2! You can recharge your
powercells too," C-3PO said to the pluckylittle
droid. Their voices trailed off into the hallways
of the vessel.

"Well, I'm off to bed Luke. We've got a long
day tomorrow," said Leia. She leaned forward to
kiss him on his cheek.

"Goodnight Leia," Luke said with a forced
smile. As Leia walked away from him down the
corridor, he stared longingly at her shapely
body, accentuated by the thin white gown that
covered it. Luke sighed.


Luke entered his sleeping quarters, sealing
the door behind him, and approached his bed.
He looked around, admiring his large roomy
quarters. One of the perks in being a Commander
in the Rebel fleet was getting nice sleeping
quarters like this. It was certainly an
improvement over Yoda's hut, but he had to
admit that he'd miss Yoda's beetroot-stew. He
had developed a fondness for it during the short
time he had spent on Dagobah.

Luke sat down on the bed and looked out his
window. Somewhere out there was Han Solo, frozen
in a block of carbonite. He was determined to
find Han, even if only to please Leia. He
couldn't live with the thought of dissapointing

Again he felt this dark thought growing
inside him. Leia wasn't meant for him... she
belonged to Han. Nothing could change that.
He'd probably be better off alone, or at his
father's side. Maybe the offer Vader made
wasn't so bad after all.

"Anger, fear, aggression, the dark side
are they," echoed Yoda's words in Luke's mind.
He needed to concentrate on something else.

His hand!

Luke raised his legs up on the bed, pulled
up his pillow and put his back against it.
Carefully he moved the hand in front of his
face and examined it. It didn't look like his
old hand, or so he thought. He lightly relaxed
his muscles and the hand closed.

He could crush rocks with this hand, but
he could also gently hold flowers and little


He could gently caress her soft body with
it, stroking her supple curves.

Again his lustful thoughts for Leia returned.
These thoughts had plagued his mind ever since
he first set eyes on R2-D2's holographic
projection of her in Uncle Owen's garage on
Tatooine. It couldn't be that wrong, could it?
His future as a Jedi would not be influenced
by one dirty little thought about Princess Leia.

An irritating itch in his wrist distracted
Luke. He dug his nails under the rim of the
cyberhand, trying to scratch it.

Luke suddenly remembered the small jar of
ointment 2-1B the medical droid had given him
in the sickbay. The droid had instructed him
to use the ointment if his new prosthetic
attachment gave him any trouble. The ointment
would help relieve residual pain or itching.

Across the room on the dresser sat the
jar of ointment, exactly where Luke had put
it when he first entered the room. Easily,
he summoned it with the Force, raising his
new hand outward as the jar levitated from
the dresser across the room into his grasp.
Luke smiled in satisfaction. After learning
so much from Yoda, this simple Jedi skill was
now child's play for him.

He fumbled with the jar, almost crushing
it in frustration with his cyberhand, and
finally pulled off the lid. Luke looked
inside the jar at the pinkish, sweetsmelling
liquid. It was a mixture of Bacta and other
medicinal compounds, from what 2-1B had told
him. He dipped his fingers inside. The
ointment felt warm and soothing to the touch.
He applied the thick oily gel onto his itchy
wrist at the point where the fake hand met
his arm. The stinging pain dissapeared almost
instantly. Luke leaned back to relax and
continued his thoughts of Leia...

"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"

That was the first thing she had said to
him when they met in her cell back on the Death
Star. Her white senatorial dress had highlighted
her smooth curves, following every soft fold.
She must have been naked underneath that
dress...she just had to be. Luke thought of
the dress gently falling between the princess'
soft buttocks, staying there for everybody to
see the outline of her shapely ass. The white
thermal jumpsuit she had worn on Hoth once
crawled between her cheeks and nobody pointed it
out to her because they had all enjoyed the show.
Luke wondered if Leia knew... maybe she enjoyed
showing off her body in those subtle ways.

Slowly Luke's hand trailed down to his pants.
He undid the knot of the belt of his robe and
opened the flaps. Without realizing he was using
his cybernetic hand, he slid it in his fly
pulling out his fully erect member. Smoothly he
started moving his hand up and down his shaft.
He had to be careful. He recalled how tightly
he had gripped Leia's shoulder earlier. If he
got too carried away, he might squeeze his own
dick too tight. Gently, he grabbed his shaft
and oiled it with some of the pink goo from the
ointment jar to help lubricate it, making it
slippery as if it were a big, fat Dagobah swamp

Ever so gently he started to massage it,
squeezing it from time to time. He returned to his
fantasy of Leia, this time thinking about her
dark brown hair.

One time he had dreamed of cumming on those
buns she wore the first time he saw her, and
then wiping his dick on them. In his dream they
felt like soft little pillows. Leia with her
hair down was something he enjoyed too. One
time on Yavin, he had accidentally walked in on
her getting out of her daily bath. Her long wet
hair covered her naked body, sticking to every
beautiful part. Surprisingly, she hadn't yelled
at him. She had just softly told him to leave
as she covered herself with a towel.

Luke felt his cock throbbing. He closed his
eyes, thinking of another fantasy as he stroked
himself. Soon he would cum.

Without warning there was a knock at the door.
In a panic, Luke fumbled with his erect cock, stuffing
it back in his pants and closing the flaps of his
robe around his waist, hiding his penis under the
thick material.

"Uh...Come in!" His voice broke while saying
this. He swallowed nervously as the door opened.
There stood Leia, still wearing the long white
robe she wore when they last saw each other in the
medical bay.

"I can't sleep, Luke. I have to talk with
someone," she said in a soft gentle voice.

Luke sat up in his bed so that he could be
sure she couldn't see his stiff cock under his
robe. He rubbed his oily prosthetic hand on the edge
of the bed's matress, trying to wipe off the ointment
residue. Leia walked over and sat next to him.

"Look, I know that you're very uncomfortable
about me and Han having a relationship..."

As usual Leia got right to the point. Luke tried
to shrug it off.

"Well...uncomfortable? No, I wouldn't dare to...
well, you two are my friends," he stammered.

Leia's small, warm hand touched his cheek.
"It's okay, I know how you've thought about me all
these years. I must say that it hasn't left me
unmoved,'s just that..."

Luke's face looked dead serious.

"I don't know what it is," Leia continued.
"Somehow a relationship between you and me just
doesn't seem like it would work. It's just the
way of things. And yet..." she paused. "I feel
a close bond with you. Almost like you are my
oldest, dearest friend."

"I feel it too, Leia," Luke interrupted.

"I wanted to tell you that I know you're
going through a very hard time right now," she
continued. "I'm going through dark times myself.
I miss Han. I don't want to make you feel more
uncomfortable than you already are through my

Luke didn't know what to say. Was the
Princess actually apologizing to him because
she had a relationship with Han?

Luke muttered something, ""

"Luke, I need someone now. Someone who can
support me through these times without Han, but
I don't want you to be uncomfortable with me.
You are my dearest friend and I don't want to
lose you too. Do you understand?"

"Yes... But how..." he began to ask.

His words were muffled by her mouth. She
leaned forward to kiss him full of passion and
love, not like a friend, but like a lover.
This wasn't like the kiss she gave him on
Hoth. This one was for real. Gently he pushed
her off him.

"Leia, what about Han?"

"Han isn't here," Leia whispered. "Tonight
I need to be with a man I care about... a close
friend. I don't want to be alone tonight. I
think you and I both need this right now. Please
just let me..."

She continued the kiss. Luke considered
what she said and gave in. He returned the
kiss. It was a moment he had dreamed about for
so long and now he actually had to think twice
before doing it for real.

They licked each other's tongues, exploring
their mouths together, gliding softly across
smooth teeth.

Leia's hand snaked down to Luke's robe,
opening the flaps in search for love. She didn't
have to search long. Luke's penis was now
exposed to her in a semi-erect state. It
glistened with the slippery gel Luke had
applied to it. Leia didn't bother to question
this pink substance covering Luke's cock.
Playfully she tugged the forekin between her
thumb and forefinger, sliding it off the

Luke's dick soon grew to full hardness
again. He broke their tongue-tied kiss, let out
a soft groan, and spoke.

"I've been waiting for this moment for so

"I know," Leia purred, kissing him on his lip.

She released his cock and moved her hands forward,
opening the robe, revealing his slender but
muscled chest. She touched it gently, gliding her
hand across it. His chest was hard and smooth; the
training on Dagobah had given him this well-toned

Luke gasped for air. He wanted to fuck her,
now more than ever. Somehow Leia sensed his
desperate need and climbed up onto the bed,
straddling Luke's waist.

The only thing preventing penetration was the
white gown she was wearing. Her hands moved to her
ankles and she grabbed the ends of the robe, gently
pulling them up over her firm calves and thighs
and over her smooth shapely ass.

Leia leaned back, Her fingers sliding down to
her thinly-shaven bush. Gently she pulled open her
thin pussy lips, revealing the pinkness of her
royal vagina to Luke. He had never seen anything
as beautiful as this.

She smiled at his amazement. It was good to
have a man who enjoyed to look at a women's body
during sex. With her other hand she reached between
her thighs and grabbed Luke's cock, now throbbing
with every one of Luke's heartbeats. She raised her
body up, positioning herself over the head of his
cock, and slowly eased herself down onto it,
letting out a long deep moan from her mouth as
it slid up into her silky passage.

The juices emerging from her slit and the
oily skin of his cock made penetration easy.
Luke was inside her now. The feeling was like that
of the ointment on his hand... warm and soothing.

This time Luke finally relaxed. He had reached
his goal. There was nothing much he could now.
It was all up to Leia.

Slowly she began to move, rocking her pelvis up
and down on his cock, staring straight into Luke's
eyes. She had a naughty look on her face,
smiling in a sultry way. Luke smiled back and
began to buck his hips, mimicing her moves.
His balls rubbed against her ass with every bounce.
Her cunt made sloppy wet squishing sounds each
time his cock thrust up into it. It was all
so exhilerating... almost too much for Luke to

"Ohhh Leia!" he cried out. "This feels so

Leia stretched her hands and dug her nails
into his chest, making small red marks. She
bucked faster now, grunting with each thrust
of his cock up inside her. She moved a bit from
left to right, giving Luke's pole the chance to
explore every corner of her tight crevice.

"Oh Leia... Ohhh... I love you! I LOVE YOU!"
Luke shouted madly.

He grabbed Leia's hips and pushed her small
petite body down roughly onto his dick. Luke
had both hands around her thin waist and his
thumbs were touching.

Leia thrashed her head around, shaking loose
her long mane of hair, letting it fly back
and forth over her shoulders as she wildly
humped her Jedi lover. Luke pulled her down
harder onto his cock, faster and faster, eager
to reach the climax that they both so desperately

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Leia screamed with intense
pleasure as she came violently. Her cunt
muscles clenched Luke's cock tightly and a puddle
formed on his belly. Leia threw her head back,
gasping loudly as her sweet cunt juices gushed
from her quivering cunt down her thighs onto Luke's
bed. Luke didnt mind. He was about to come himself.

"Leia, I'm going to come inside you!" he moaned.

"Do it Luke!" she cried, panting heavily.

"LEIA!!" he yelled.

His balls began to tighten, his shaft swelled
up and he came... only for some reason he
wasn't coming inside Leia's warm, wet pussy.

A huge string of thick cum spurted into the
air landing on his dry stomach, slowly dripping
down. Another one landed on his left thigh and the
others just oozed onto his prosthetic hand.

Luke opened his eyes, his shrivelled cock
grasped tightly by his cybernetic hand. He lay
back again and sighed.

"Damn! It was just a dream," Luke whined.

He got up from his bed to go get a towel
and clean himself off.


A few doors down the corridor, Leia lay in
bed, asleep in her quarters. She rolled over
in a restless state, shifting positions several
times and making soft moaning noises in her

"Mmmmm...Ohhhh...Luke..." she moaned.

Her eyes still closed, Leia rolled over
on her stomach under the bedcovers and moaned
again, hugging her pillow tightly.

Her pussy trembled as a small orgasm
rushed through her body, causing her to
cream her sheets during a wonderful wet dream.

Leia rolled over again and slowly opened
her eyes, suddenly stirred awake from the
dream. She leaned up in bed, looking around the
dark, silent room, and wiped the sweat from
her forehead. She felt hot and threw the
bedcovers off her naked, sweaty body.

"Wow," she said, breathing hard. She
looked down between her shaky legs at the
warm wet stain on the matress. What a dream.
It felt so real!

Little did she know that this was no ordinary
dream... it was Luke's thoughts which had crept
into her mind as she slept. The same thoughts
he had imagined while sitting up in bed
stroking his manhood with his new hand. And in
this unusual dream, Leia herself had responded
to his thoughts with her own subconscious words
and actions.

Somehow their minds had connected through a
mental link with the Force. It was a common
trait for Jedi... especially Jedi twins, brother
and sister.

Leia pressed a button on a control panel by
her bed, lowering the temperature in her room
by a few degrees. It was too hot in here,
especially after such a powerful erotic dream
like that. She lay back down in bed, pulling
just the thin sheetcover over her body and
leaving the thick blanket covering pulled down.
She wrapped her arms around her pillow again,
closed her eyes, and went back to sleep... soon
dreaming her own secret dreams.



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