Star Wars: Mistress
by Anonymous

Han Solo, freed from his carbonite shell, collapsed to the floor of Jabba's
palace with a sick thud. The bounty hunter known only as Boushh knelt down
next to him and helped him sit up.

Han shivered and shook as his body tried to adjust to the shock of awakening
from hibernation.

"Just relax for a moment, you're free of the carbonite." Boushh's voice
rasped through the respirator. "Shhh...You have hibernation sickness."

"I can't see.." Han stated as calmly as he could.

"Your eyesight will return in time."

"Where am I?" Han feebly asked.

"Jabba's palace."

Han's trembling hand reached up to touch the face of his unseen companion.
He felt the hard metal of Boushh's facemask. He realized he was totally
helpless in this state. It was a feeling he wasn't used to. "W-Who are you?" He hesitantly asked.

Boushh reached up to remove he mask, revealing her true identity. "Someone
who loves you." came the reply from the beautiful princess.

"Leia!" Han gasped, his body trembling with relief.

"I gotta get you out of here." She said, lifting him up.

Suddenly, a deep laugh echoed through the audience chamber, a laugh all too
familiar to both of them. "What's that?!" asked Han, but a second later he
realized, "I know that laugh..."

Jabba's sleep curtain withdrew to reveal his motley crew of attendants
surrounding his enormous bulk. C-3P0 was unable to cry out, being stifled by
the hand of Bib Fortuna, Jabba's assistant.

Han, still the slick smuggler, tried to draw himself up as best he could as
Leia turned him around in the aproximate direction of Jabba's throne. "Hey,
Jabba... Look, Jabba, I was just on my way to pay you, and I got a little
sidetracked, it's not my fault..."

"It's too late for that, Solo. You may have been a good smuggler, but now
you're bantha fodder!" Jabba replied, laughing heartily at this pathetic

Han tried to salvage a bad situation, "Look, Jabba..."

"Take him away!" Jabba barked.

"Jabba, I'll pay ya triple, you're throwing away a fortune here, don't be a
fool!" Han yelled as he was escorted away.

The great Hutt crime boss now turned his attention to the lovely young lady
in front of him. "Bring her to me." he commanded.

Leia, realizing her situation, stood tall before the loathsome monarch. Her
anger was running high. She had been planning Han's rescue for months and now
it all appeared to be falling apart. As the Gammorean Guard grabbed her, she
felt as if she would rather die struggling than face what came next. The
guard led her up onto Jabba's throne, pushing her so that her face was inches
from the gaping maw. She could smell the foul stench of his breath, hot and
moist on her cheeks which were flushed with anger.

She considered killing him right there. She was a princess of the Alliance
snd was disgusted by these rabble treating her with such callousness. She
need only squirm away and lunge for the nearest guard's pistol...But she
quickly reconsidered. She remembered that Luke would be here in only five
days. If she could simply endure that long, he would make everything better.

"We have powerful friends. You're going to regret this." She said with all
the fire she could muster.

"I'm sure." Was Jabba's only reply. The Guard behind Leia grabbed her head
and pushed her closer to Jabba. Slowly, Jabba's wet tongue slithered out and
planted a foul kiss squarely on her mouth.

Jabba breathed a throaty laugh that echoed off the walls. "Take her away!" He

The guard roughly yanked Leia down from the throne and fairly threw her ahead
of him down a dank passage that descended under the palace. Leia could feel
the strength of the huge piglike guard as he squeezed her arms.

Suddenly, she stumbled and fell onto the hard tile floor. Her knee smacked
the moss-covered stone sharply and she cried out in anger, "OW!! Watch it you
slimy pig!!"

The guard understood from her tone what she meant. He also had quite a bit of
experience in dealing with Jabba's slave girls. He reached down and grabbed a
handful of the princess's hair, lifting her to her knees. Leia sqeezed her
eyes shut in pain and grunted as he lifted her. She opened her eyes just in
time to see his huge hand coming straight at the side of her head.

She heard a distant buzzing as she dropped to the floor like a sack of
Berillian Spice.
_ _ _

Leia opened her eyes. Her vison was blurry, but the light was dim anyway.
Her head ached and her body was stiff from the cold stone of the floor. She
slowly lifted herself to a sitting position. She tried to clear her head,
which was still ringing from the guard's mistreatment.

She was upset with herself. She had insisted upon coming on this mission
herself despite the strong objections of Mon Mothma and the rest of the
Alliance heirarchy. "A member of the royal family of Alderaan is too valuable
to take such a needless risk," they complained. She had heard all her life
of how valuable she was. Risk was something she was not really afraid of,
especially when it came to this mission. She knew she loved Han more than
anyone else. She would be willing to do anything to keep him safe.

But now the mission was in serious trouble. Han and Chewbacca been taken away
to who knows where, and she was now in a cell. Not the way it was supposed to
work out when they drew the plan up. She thought about her options. She could
try an escape, but the odds were stacked too heavy against her. No, her best
chance was to put her trust in the resources of Luke and hope that he could
salvage this awful situation. If he didn't recieve her transponder signal,
indicating a successful retrieval of Han, Chewie and the droids, he would
come in and activate his plan.

She had four days to send her signal to Luke at Mos Eisley. Adding a day for
him to get inside, she figured she had at least five days here to try and
survive. Obviously the best thing to do was to try and survive until he

Liea tried to run a hand through her hair before she remembered the band
which held it back in a bun behind her head, part of her "Boushh" costume.
She grimaced as she massaged the sore tendons in her neck. "Han's probably
wishing I'de left him in carbonite" she thought to herself with a half-smile
as she looked around. Her cell was barely lit, with cobbled stone floor and
walls. One metal gate was the only entrance, and it was obviously controlled
by a panel somewhere outside. No way out, in other words.

She supposed she would check the door anyway, and rose to her feet. She
quickly ran her hands over her body, checking for any damage. Except for her
knee, which had a small scrape on it, she was fine. Walking over to the door,
she touched the cold metal. She could hear the muffled moans and noises
coming from cells down the hall. It was obvious after a brief examination
that she wasn't going anywhere soon. She turned away from the door and began
to walk away.

She heard the thud of footfalls in the corridor. She moved to the door and
tried to see down the hall. Suddenly, the gate shot open, receding into the
recess of the doorway. Just as quickly, the doorway was filled with the huge
girth of a Gammorean Guard. Leia drew a startled breath, recognizing him as
the guard who had led her here earlier. He reached through the doorway toward
her. Figuring that she had nowhere to go and struggle would only mean another
severe blow, she decided to cooperate with him. He took her by the arm and
pulled her out into the hallway.

Leia had undergone torture before, including a mental probe from an Imperial
Interrogator Droid, but she was still afraid of what awaited her. Her mouth
was dry and she swallowed as she was led down the dark corridor to whatever
lay ahead.

Leading her down the hallway, the guard walked for what seemed like forever,
twisting down corridors until Leia had entirely lost all sense of direction.
They arrived at a steel door which swished open with a touch of guard's huge

She was led into a room filled with odd looking machinery. She could smell
a strange but pleasing odor, and could feel that the room was warm and
comfortable. The guard tossed her down on a round bed in a corner of the
room. Leia thought it strange to find a bed, soft and inviting, in a place
like Jabba's palace. In fact, the whole makeup of this room was like nothing
she expected to find.

The guard stepped back into a far corner and stood there, staring stupidly.
Leia glared back at him, still trying to communicate her opinion of such
treatment by a lower being, but the guard simply stood there, eyes never
leaving her. He looked as if he was struggling with something inside his tiny
mind. Perhaps trying to think more than ten minutes into the future, Leia
thought to herself.

She shook her head at the idiotic creature and glanced around her. The bed
she was sitting on was quite soft and covered with silky sheets and soft
pillows. Overall, the room would have made a comfortable bedchamber, and
appeared to be designed for that purpose except for the strange machinery
interspersed throughout it. There was a strange hydraulic machine which had
a log hose with a curious nozzle attached to it. Also, a series of chains
and buckles hung from the ceiling in one corner. Leia also noticed a
curtained doorway which apparently led to another room or area.

She was continuing her scan of the room when the curtain was suddenly moved
aside. A woman stepped slowly and gracefully through, replacing the curtain,
eyes locked on the princess.

"Hello young lady." she said, sounding quite sultry.

Her face was lined slightly and Leia guessed her age to be 40 years from
this, although her body told a different story. She wore a dress which was
slit up both sides, in front of her thighs. These slits went up to the top
of her legs, revealing them to be hard and well muscled as she walked over
to stand before Leia. Her dress dipped low between her breasts and was
sleeveless, leaving her arms entirely free.

She stood before Leia and stared down at her, hands on her hips, a slight
grin on her lips. Leia noticed that she was very tan and her body was almost
devoid of any fat, yet still extremely feminine. Her hair was auburn,
slightly streaked with grey, yet her eyes held an almost impish glint in them
as she grinned at the young princess.

Leia was beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable. This room was not
what she expected, and this beautiful woman, who looked to be unarmed, was
simply standing and staring at her. The awkwardness of it all was troubling

"Nice room you have here." She said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

The woman smiled revealing her white teeth. "You really think so? It
certainly serves my purposes, that's for sure."

Leia was somewhat taken aback by the woman's confidence and poise. What was
this all about? Why was she here? What did this woman want from her?

"My name is Melina Carniss. May I ask yours?"

"No." Leia stated, matter of factly. She was after all a princess and she
didn't appreciate the condescending tone in this woman's voice.

Melina's smile grew even wider, and she seemed on the verge of jumping up
and down in glee but her body remained still as she continued her asessment
of Leia. "Well, I can see you will be quite a challenge!"

Melina slowly walked over to a table, her bare feet making no sound on the
hard floor. She chose a vial from an assortment on a shelf and smiled as she
gazed at it. She turned her head back to Leia. "I'm sure you are wondering
why you have been brought here."

Leia simply sat and glared at the woman, growing more and more angry at the
ridiculousness of her surroundings. She made no reply.

"Hmm, well, apparently Jabba is quite enamoured with you, and I can see why.
You are quite beautiful." She sat gently down on the bed next to Leia, the
vial in her hand. "You see, I am given the task of training his slave girls.
It is something I am very good at. I will train you to please him as your
master." There was a distinct seriousness in her tone as she told Leia this.

Leia had had enough of this. She looked straight into Melina's eyes. "I would
rather be sealed in a pit of filth than even TOUCH that giant bag of puss."
She spat out every word, her anger genuine.

Melina giggled like a little girl, defying the small lines at the corner of
her glittering eyes. "I understand how you feel," she whispered, leaning over
closer, "he isn't exactly Bel Iblis is he? That's why I have this for you."
She raised the vial so the Leia could see the blue fluid inside. "This is a
special elixer. It simply heightens the body's natural sexual impulses, even
when there is absolutely no reason for arousal, as in Jabba's case." She
smiled again.

Leia couldn't believe what she heard. She scooted away from Melina, the
understanding suddenly washing over her like a cold wave. Now, she was more
afraid than she had ever been. "Look, Melina, I don't know what you have in
mind, but there is no way I am going to touch that poison OR Jabba. I'd
rather die in my cell."

"Again, I understand how you feel, but I'm afraid you have no choice." Leia
noticed Melina smile again as she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, the guard
walked over to Leia and grabbed her by her braid, lifting her up off the bed.
With his other hand, he pinched her jaw muscles, forcing her mouth open.

Melina stood up and removed the top from the vial as the guard tipped Leia's
head back. She poured the entire contents of it into Leia's open mouth.

Leia tried to stuggle, but the Gammorean's arms were like iron and her jaw
felt as if it would be ripped off her skull. She could smell the strong
stench of his oily skin as the liquid poured into her mouth. Before she could
spit it out, the guard moved his hand off her jaw and instead clamped it over
the lower half of her face. Her air supply was cut off and she truly began to
panic. She swallowed the solution as her vision grew dim.

"Alright." Melina said, satisfied that Leia had swallowed the elixer. With
that, the guard released her and she dropped to the floor, choking and
gasping for air. Her arms wrapped around her ribcage as it shook violently
with her coughs. Her breath was ragged as she eventually began to regain her

She was truly afraid. What was that potion? What effect would it have on her?
Melina knelt down, placing a kind hand on Leia's back. "Believe me, it's for
the best. You simply cannot resist the elixer. It will bring out your most
passionate and perverse emotions, making your job of pleasing Jabba much

Melina helped Leia to her feet and led sat her gently down onto the bed.
Leia felt a feeling of utter defeat and simply lay her head down on the soft
sheets. Talla reclined on her side and moved her body up against Leia's.
She softly stroked Leia's hair as she spoke to her. "That's right, don't
struggle. As I said before, the elixer is impossible to resist. Any minute
now you will feel its effect. Your inhibitions will drop and you will be easy
to train for your master."

The thought of Jabba as her "master" brought her back to her senses. She sat
up. "I don't care what you give me, nothing could make me ever touch that
foul worm!"

Melina touched her hand softly, "Please, don't worry about that. Let's just
talk a while. Tell me your name."

Leia now looked at Melina, anger parried by the softness and compassion in
her voice. She saw for the first time just how beautiful this woman was. Her
face was warm and inviting, and her touch was more tender than anything Leia
had felt, as she stroked the top of her hand. She was lying on her side,
propped up on her other arm. Her legs were resting casually, half on the bed,
and her dress had fallen open to reveal the length of her thigh. Leia saw
that Melina was built like a cat. Her body deeply tanned and lithe.

"Leia." She replied, half wondering why she said it.

"Leia, why are you staring at me?" Melina asked with an obvious smile.

Leia realized she had been obviously staring at Melina's body. Her face
flushed crimson red as she drew back her hand, standing up from the bed.

"Look, what makes you think I can't resist this 'potion' or whatever. I've
never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life." Her words belying her
true feelings. Her thoughts raced. Was it working already? She was openly
staring at Melina's body, and she had seen many beautiful women before. She
was experiencing feelings that she could not explain... ...Or ignore.

"Leia, let's be honest. I have seen the elixer work time and time again.
Even the most frigid, lustless women find that they are helpless against it.
I can see it working in you already. Please, sit down here and talk to me..."

Leia wanted to protest. She wanted to slap Melina across the face and take
her chances with the guard. Her mind was screaming at her to run away. But,
she felt different somehow. Was the potion really working? She thought to
herself, "What if I can't resist? Is she right?"

Melina's words sounded so warm and kind. Leia was filled with an odd feeling
as she gazed into the woman's eyes. She would have called it giddiness, or
infatuation, but she had never felt this way before. Her mind continued it's
unheeded protests as she slowly sat down on the bed.

"That's better." Melina slid over on the silk sheets so that her hip was
touching Leia's. She put her arm behind Leia, her palm flat on the bed, but
so that she was now close enough to whisper in Leia's ear.

Leia sat there, scared stiff because of the odd sensations she felt rushing
through her. She was acutely aware of Melina's closeness. She could smell the
pleasant scent of her hair. She stared straight ahead, terrified to move,
lest she lose control of herself.

Melina gazed at Leia, a soft smile on her lips. She moved her head closer,
whispering in her ear. "You seem nervous. Why? Don't you find me
attractive?" She held her lips an inch away from Leia's cheek. Leia could
feel the warmth of her breath. Its scent was clean and strangely arousing.
She was quickly losing control.

"Leia, have you ever been touched by a woman?"

This question, although it was what Leia wanted to hear, was too shocking
for her to ignore. She turned her head to Melina. "No- I-I mean, of course
not!" Her mind was screaming at her to pull away, jump and and get away. The
suggestion that she would be attracted to another woman was too foul! She
had never felt that way... Had she?

"It must be that foul elixer." She thought to herself. It was making her
feel this way. Then what Melina said was true. She was completely under its
power. There was no escape. A feeling of hopelessness swept over her.

Melina ran her hand softly up Leia's back to the bun of hair. She undid it,
letting the silky hair cascade around her shoulders. She ran her fingers
through it, noticing as Leia's eyes closed at this. She moved in closer.

Leia closed her eyes at the feeling of Melina's hand stroking her hair. She
felt herself being pushed along by her desires. There was now a peculiar
warmth in her loins. They itched in a way they hadn't in years. Another
effect of the cursed potion, she thought. Now she could feel Melina's breath
hot on her lips. Just then, Melina softly kissed Leia's slightly open mouth.

Leia inhaled quickly, tasting the sweet breath of Melina. Melina's tongue
felt so tender as it slowly explored Leia's mouth. She ran it over the edges
of Leia's teeth, flicking lazily across her pouting lips. Leia was in agony.
She felt helpless against the feelings she now knew so well. She arched her
back slightly as she deeply accepted Melina's kiss. She hesitantly touched
Melina's tongue with the tip of her own, wondering at the new sensation.

Melina took this as a sure sign of Leia's readiness. She slowly put her arm
around her while placing her other hand on Leia's thigh. The two women kissed
slowly and passionately, exploring each others mouths with lustful eagerness.
Leia squeezed her thighs together to try to control the ache between them.
She felt as if she was watching a holo projection of herself passionately
kissing this woman. She couldn't think of anything except the emotions and
passions she felt. She had truly lost control.

The women kissed tenderly for a long minute. Then, Melina slowly pulled away
from Leia's hungry mouth, a single thread of saliva connecting their lower
lips. Leia was now panting, her eyes wide with lust. She licked her lips
unecessarily as they were already wet, her chest heaving.

Melina slowly stroked Leia's thigh. "You see. I told you the elixer would
bring out your true desires." She smiled to herself. "Now, let's see what we
have under all this..."

Although she had removed the heavy belts and gloves, Leia was still wearing
the heavy garb of her bounty hunter guise. Melina reached up under Leia's
neck and undid the buckle there. She slowly reached underneath and found the
heavy zipper. She pulled it down Leia's chest, stopping finally at her waist.
Leia sat frozen, her eyes locked on Melina's.

Melina slowly pulled the heavy garment down off Leia's shoulders, revealing
a simple white tank-top. The room was warm, but Melina knew that the shirt
was soaked in sweat for another reason. Leia's breasts were the perfect size,
nicely rounded and very firm. They moved up and down as she breathed, nipples
poking through, hard as pebbles.

"Stand up." commanded Melina. Leia obeyed in a daze, not knowing why. Melina
guided the suit down off of Leia's hips. She was wearing only a white pair
of underpants which also clung to her skin with moisture. Melina unbuckled
Leia's boots and slipped the uniform completely off.

Leia now stood before Melina, clad only in her underwear. Her head was down
in shame, her hands clasped across her breasts in an attempt at modesty. She
had never even imagined a situation like this in her life. She was completely
ashamed, but she could not deny the lust that was coursing through her veins.
She rationalized that the potion was indeed irresistable, and therefore, she
was not responsible for what happened, and she was aching for this woman's
touch. How long would she be able to keep from losing total control? She

Melina was still seated on the bed, in front of Leia, her face at the exact
level of Leia's damp crotch. She slowly slipped her hands onto the back of
Leia's thighs and pulled her closer, forcing Leia to take a couple of small
steps. She was now standing between Melina's thighs. She could feel Melina's
breath on her belly and it sent shivers down her spine.

Melina ran her hands slowly up Leia's thighs, enjoying the smooth white skin
under her fingertips. When she had reached Leia's ass, she gently slid her
fingertips under the thin material. She gently squeezed Leia's ass under the
panties, marvelling at the firmness. Deftly, she withdrew her hands and
placed them on Leia's hips, curling her fingers under the waistband. She
slowly pulled the underpants down, revealing Leia's trimmed black bush. She
let them fall to the floor around Leia's ankles.

Leia was now crimson red. Her eyes were closed and her head was turned to
the side, but she knew that Melina was staring at her half-naked body. Leia
had never had anything like this done to her and she was amazed to find
herself enjoying it, despite the objections in her mind.

Melina pushed Leia back and stood up. She placed her hand on the back of
Leia's neck and said, "Lay down on your stomach." Leia followed her orders.
Kneeling down on the bed, she crawled a bit forward so her entire body was on
it. She lay down on her stomach, legs held tightly together. She pillowed her
head on her arms.

Melina watched Leia lie down with a smile on her face. "Spread your legs."
She ordered Leia. Leia obeyed, her face hidden, she spread her legs wide
enough for Melina to kneel down between them. Melina ran her fingers up the
back of Leia's thighs to her ass. She squeezed both globes of Leia's ass,
aprraising them. They were white as snow and firm as a young child's. Melina
pulled the semi-spheres apart and saw Leia's tiny asshole, pink and
untouched. It was not puckered like most, but was almost invisible, a tiny
slit only half-an-inch long. Melina released Leia's ass. She then ran her
hands slowly over the small forest covering Leia's plump lips. She could not
see Leia's slit, so she pulled the lips apart, exposing the pinkness inside,
and bringing a muffled sob of ecstasy and embarrasment from her captive.

Leia was in agony. She wanted so desperately to let herself go, but her royal
training and upbringing prevented her. She loved the feeling of this woman
examining her private places. She knew the elixer was working, she could feel
it rushing through her veins. She knew she was losing the battle against it.

As Leia was thinking this, she felt Melina's hands move down from her ass to
her thighs again. She imagined Melina was gawking at her body, when she
suddenly jumped sharply. Melina had kissed her pussy! She was so surprised
she moaned out loud. Melina slowly slid her tongue inside the crease of
Leia's womanhood. She began to slowly stroke her tongue over the pink folds,
top to bottom.

Leia's breath came in ragged gulps now, and she squirmed under Melina's firm
grip. Her effort was half hearted, and she soon found herself moving toward
Melina's eager mouth. She raised her hips slightly off the sheets and felt
Melina help by placing her hands under her hips.

Melina had moved closer now, still kneeling behind Leia. She lifted Leia's
hips up and began to obscenely suck on the princess' sweet fruit. She ran her
tongue deep inside until she could taste an even deeper, tangy taste. She ran
her tongue over the sensitive bump at the top of the slit, causing Leia to
spasm each time.

Leia now lost full control of herself. She cried out in passion, "YES!! OH
Melina!! OOOHHHHH!!" She had abandoned all hope of resisting the elixer. Her
desires swept over her like a wall of warm water. She loved to feel Melina's
hot mouth as it sucked at her body. She wanted to push her self inside it,
if she could. Her legs splayed obscenely, she thrust her hips up even
farther. She could quicky feel her orgasm coming. Beads of persperation
flecked her forehead as she concentrated all of her energies into the

Melina could feel the rythm of Leia's hips as they thrust up at her. She
steadily sucked on Leia's beautiful mound, tasting the salt of the sweat
running down from Leia's thighs, among other delicious flavors. Melina could
hear Leia's cries echoing in her ears. Suddenly, she sensed a change. She
could tell that Leia was coming and so she dropped her lips down to suck on
the little nub, hidden in all the black fur. She sucked on it like a baby
at its mother's teat, rythmically as Leia came hard, bucking her hips and
shouting in pleasure.

Drained, Leia let her hips fall back to the bed. Melina licked her lips and
moved to a seated position next to Leia. Leia's body glowed beautiful in the
warm light of the room. She was white as a Basalian Snow Beast. Covered in
sweat, the droplets glistened on her round ass. Melina had to admit that she
was the most beautiful woman she had tasted in years. But something was

"Leia, tell me, are you a virgin?"

Leia, still drained from her release, looked up into Melina's eyes. "Yes. I
am." she said meekly. The life of a princess was carefully guarded. She could
not even remember seeing another person naked, although she had been briefed
on the functions of the body, and had seen holos in her education. Trained in
diplomacy from a very young age, there was no time for play of any kind. She
had learned the pleasures of self-stimulation at an equally young age, but
this only fueled her desires. She usually tried to keep her thoughts on her
work. Only recently had Han brought out these ignored feelings.

Melina smiled hugely. "Really? Well, what an honor. I see that you are
helpless against the elixer, as I said you would be."

Leia blushed deeply. "Apparently I am." But, she knew she didn't mind one
bit. She was horny and aching for more.

Melina smiled again. "Leia, I have something to tell you." She brought her
lips to Leia's ears and whispered...

"There is no elixer." She breathed.

Leia's jaw slowly opened until it hung limp. "I-I, What do you mean!?!" she
whined, sounding like a little girl.

"I mean, there is no such elixer. What I gave you was colored water, nothing
else. The emotions you have felt are those inside your own body. You must
now live with the fact that you have much perverse sexuality inside you.
Perversions that I will draw out of you." She said this in a much firmer

Leia was stunned. Her lower lip trembled and she slowly curled her legs up
under her chin. She sobbed brokenly at what she had become. How cruel this
woman was to toy with her in this manner. She felt utterly broken and
despondent. Her tears made small damp spots on the satin sheets.

Melina stood up and braced her hands on her hips. "With this knowledge, you
will be much easier to train. Now, stand up."

Leia lay dormant, to ashamed to move.

"I said STAND UP!" Melina barked, her face stern. When Leia did not move,
Melina again snapped her fingers. The Gammorean Guard came out of his stupid
trance and marched over to Leia. He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her
off the bed. She screamed out in agony.

Melina pointed her fingers to a nearby piece of equipment. It was a single
piece of pipe, flat on top, both ends going straight down into the solid
floor. The top crossmember was covered in thick leather.

The guard pushed Leia over to it, bending her over the bar, which was right
below her waist level. She made a vain effort to struggle, but knew the
futility of her actions. Melina went around to the front and shackled Leia's
wrists with two cuffs that were attached to chains hanging from the ceiling.
The guard continued to hold her as Melina moved to the rear. She moved Leia's
feet out until they were against the outer poles. She then tied a leather
strap to each ankle, fixing it to the pole. When she was bound, the guard
went back to his corner, resuming his empty stare at nothingness.

Leia was now bent over the bar, unable to move her ankles. The chains were
out far enough so that she could stand up straight, but could not move beyond
that, nor could she take any action with any part of her body.

Melina padded over to a wall and selected a leather strap about two inches
wide. she swung it lazily around as she walked behind Leia. Leia raised
herself up and turned her body as far as she could. "W-What are you doing?
Do you think this will make me touch Jabba?" She bit off, regaining some of
her anger from before.

"No. I don't. But I am doing this because I think it is what you need at this
particular moment." With that, she swung the leather strap at Leia's naked
ass. The leather bit with a sharp snap.

Leia's eyes opened wide and she cried out in pain and anger. "AHHHH!" She
swallowed sharply, gasping at the pain. "Go ahead and do your worst you
bitch!! I'm not afraid of you!" She shouted defiantly, her anger genuine.

Melina smiled a gorgeous smile. She looked down at Leia's ass, one pink
strip across the unamrked white flesh. She walked around to look Leia in the
eye. She placed her hand under Leia's chin and held her head steady as she
struggled. Leia was amazed at the strength of her grip. "I plan to." was all
Melina said. She released Leia and strolled leisurely around the the rear
again. Leia stood up straight, in defiance and rebellion.

Melina brought the strap down hard on Leia's ass again. The snap echoed in
the small room. Leia bit her lip but made no sound.


The strap cracked again, this time Leia let out a small squeal, her fists


Leia held her ground, a single tear of pain running down her cheek, her lip
throbbing from between her teeth.

Melina steadily brought the strap down time and time again. Leia began to
cry harder. She could not believe the pain she was feeling... ...But she felt
another sensation. Her shame at the feelings she felt for this woman and what
she had done was somehow assuaged by this new experience of pain. She felt so
humiliated at her actions, that this discipline was almost welcome. She found
herself anticipating each crack of the strap. She soon allowed herself to cry
out, and this made the feeling even more intense. She began to feel a deep
sense of satisfaction with each blow.

Soon, Leia was bent over the bar, her hands clutching the chains that kept
her from bending completely. She lifted her royal ass to each new blow of the
strap. With each crack, she screamed and cried out, begging for more. Tears
of pain and happiness splashed down her cheeks.

Melina bore a huge grin as her hand brought the leather down time and time
again on Leia's virgin skin. The white globes of Leia's ass were now bright
red, and there were strap marks along her back and the back of her thighs.
Leia continued to cry out for more, begging Melina to discipline her harder,
which Melina did.

After some time, the strap did not fall. Leia hung there, sobbing and crying
like a little girl. She was so ashamed of her behavior, that the screaming
pain in her body was welcome. She had feelings of lust running through her,
even now, and she was completely humiliated. Melina had shown her what was
inside her deepest parts.

Melina undid the straps at Leia's ankles and unlocked the cuffs from her
wrists. Leia's chest heaved as she sobbed, completely broken and beaten.
Melina led her over to the bed, where she dropped down on her stomach. She
buried her face in her arms and moaned as she lay there. Her back, bottom
and thighs throbbed in pain. Her ass felt like it was three times its actual

Melina walked over to a shelf and chose a container. She sat gently down
next to Leia and removed the top. Leia then felt a cooling salve being rubbed
lightly into her skin. It sent chills deep inside her body. Melina massaged
the balm gently over Leia's bottom and legs. "This will help the healing
process. It also has a pain dampening effect. I want you to be able to sleep
well tonight." She said as she rubbed Leia's abused ass.

"Understand Leia, you are a slave now. Your only duty is to please your
master. The perversions you feel are your own thoughts. If you give yourself
over to them, your duties will be much easier..." She paused for a minute.
"The only other result, is death. I would say, that pleasure is much more
preferable. Wouldn't you agree?"

Leia didn't respond. She was tormented with her own thoughts. Melina had
shown her what her true desires were. Even now, after her beating, she was
feeling more excited and depraved than before. She realized that she had
truly lost control of herself. Melina was going to do things to her that
would make her feel incredible. And she had to admit, she couldn't wait.
Still, she was ashamed of what she had become in just a few short hours.
She wept softly, hiding her head in the soft folds of the bedlinens.

"Rest now, slave. I'll bring you some food. Tommorow begins your real
training," Melina said, standing up from the bed. She again smiled slightly
to herself as she looked at the beautiful young girl whom she had reduced
to a slave, panting over her own desires. Melina left, taking the guard with
her. As she left, she finished, "and you will learn SO much more about



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