Leia in her Cell
by Anonymous

"And now, your highness, we shall discuss the location of your
hidden rebel base," Vader intoned, as the sinister form of the
droid slid into Leias cell.

"You wouldnt use that on me!" Leia said eyeing the
droid as it
hovered in the air before her.

"You underestimate me, princess. I am capable of many things
you think me incapable."

The droids incessant, rhythmic thrumming grew louder. One of
the two guards in the cell with Vader and his daughter shot the other a
look. Their names were Bor and Cendal, and they were both low ranking
imperial disposables. A detention block assignment under Moff Tarkin
was about the most boring duty around, since he had a regular tendency
to kill his prisoners, making incarceration quite irregular.

The princess was a different case however. Her status made
outright murder unacceptable, so she was referred to their detention
block. Both had taken double watches since then so they could gape at
her in her cell, peep when she was showering, and watch her while she
dressed. Shed been in the cell for three days, and they had seen all
of her. But neither had had a chance for any hands on duty.

So when Bor shot Cendal that look, Cendal knew they had been
chosen for the right guard shift at the right time. Cendal looked Leia
in the eyes from behind the interrogator droid and licked his lips. She
glowered in return.

The thrumming of the machine was growing more incessant in
Leias head. She was bulding up her resolve, hoping that she could fight
off the drugs that they would use on her by sheer force of will. She
found soon, though, that her breathing was matching the rhythm of the
machine and that she was having difficulty concentrating on the task she had
set for herself.

"Im sure you will put up quite a fight to the drugs in this
droid, princess. And I assure you that the more... primitive methods
it is programmed and equipped to employ should the medicinal tactics
not render you tractable will be most unpleasant. Most unpleasant."
Vader was trying to intimidate her. It wasnt working.

What was working was the incessant humming of the droid. Leia
felt her eyelids growing heavier and a heat building in her body, a
comfortable warmth that made her want to go to sleep.

I will leave you to its tender mercies, princess, he pointed a
black gloved finger at her,If you talk quickly it will be best. The pain
will only get worse. Watch her closely. Summon me the moment she
breaks. He spoke curtly to Bor and Cendal, and strode out of the cell,
his fotsteps ringing on the metal grated floor outside.

Both of the guards listened to him leave, measuring the distance
covered by his footsteps, to make sure he was gone before they
proceeded. They could be killed for they were about to do, but, well, it
had been quite a while since they had had any...

Bor reached out to the droid as it was about to administer a
syringe full of green liquid to the princess, who was looking at the floor
and gritting her teeth in expectation of the drug. He flipped a switch and
the droid dropped two feet towards the floor, and the lights on its surface

Leia felt as if a warm blanket had been ripped from her, as the
source of her induced comfort was removed. Her nipples hardened
visibly and her teeth chattered in the imagined cold. She was wearing a
soft gown of thin material that somehow managed to cover her more
shapely features without hiding them at all. Exactly the wrong thing to
be wearing stuck in a cell with two horny imperial thugs, but she couldnt
exactly help that. Instead she pulled both arms up to her chest to hide her
nipples, straining as they were against the cloth.

"Ive shut the machine down, highness," Bor said.

"W-w-why?" she asked, her eyes slits of suspicion.

"In order to give you a choice." Cendal said as he sat down next
to her on the bench that served her as a bed. "You see, my partner Bor there
has a bit of droid training, and we can program that machine to tell
Vader that you resisted it totally, and it gained no information."

"I suppose you want something in exchange for your treason,

Bor smiled as he tinkered with the machine. He adjusted a few
switches, turned a few dials, and slipped out one circuit board. Carefully,
without allowing Leia to see what he was doing, he snatched a
replacement board and a vial of red liquid from his pocket. He placed the
new cuircuit board into the droid and pushed the vial into place within
the droid innards, and then closed the access hatch hed been working
through. He gave Cendal a conspiratorial wink while Leia was looking at
Cendal. The syringe emptied and refilled with red liquid. Leia did not

Cendal leaned back and placed on hand on the small of Leias
back, "Well, naturally, we'd...." Leia slapped him and stood bolt

"You can let the damn droid do its worst, you filthy animals!"

Cendal looked a bit disappointed, but Bor not in the slightest.
Bor spoke first. Then youd best sit back down, highnessness, since the
droid going to have to do its grisly work on you. Its too bad though,
wed have liked to have it another way.

Cendal stood and turned his back on Leia, a grin creasing his face
suddenly as he turned away from her. Bor turned the droid back on, and
the black sphere rose back into the air, and the thrumming resumed, but
deeper and faster this time. Bor and Cendal left the room.

"Did you get it done?" Cendal asked as they slid onto the stools
at the watch desk, flipping the monitors to Leias cell.

"Completely. All the way down to the new memory board. The
droid thinks its asking her about the location and size of the rebel fleet,
and the planet where the rebels are hiding."

Cendal chuckled.

Leia scowled in defiance as the two left and lifted her chin
to await the first round of drugs. The droid thrummed on as it slid
inexorably toward her. She noticed that the thrumming was different this
time, more insistent, less comforting. She examined the droid as it floated
nearer. It was roughly the size of a derthaball, and it was studded with
various implements of pain, with began to twitch as the syringe arm
prepared to deliver its cargo. The thrumming was definitely different,
Leia noticed. She started to feel the warmth again... but this time... it

Without warning the droid stopped sudenly and all the pain
devices slipped inside, as if they were not to be used. Leia assumed that
they would come back after she defeated the drugs... if she defeated the
drugs. She sat there waiting, both hands flat on the metal seat of the
bench, her legs sightly parted as she watied for the injection.

Then the arm extended. A metal tentacle with a syringe at one end
slipped out of the droids housing and snaked its way towards her neck.

Here it comes, Cendal said, licking his lips again.
The thin needle struck. Leia winced in quiet pain as the red liquid
disappeared from the glass syringe and into her bloodstream. The
thrumming grew louder, and Leia felt suddenly warmer, but it was no
longer a comforting warmth. She felt restless, as though she were
suddenly hungry. But the hunger was not in her stomach. The drug hit
her heart and disseminated into her body. The warmth was a heat now.
Her shoulders relaxed, and her legs slipped apart, and Leias full, soft,
lips opened, and she let go a breathy, satisfied sigh. She felt her mind
slipping away from her as her nipples hardened again. Her small hands,
no longer acting according to her conciousness, rose from the bench to
caress her hips, up then to her ribcage, and finally each of the fingers
of her two hands slipped over each of her supple breasts. No... she
thought. The bastards... the guards did this... And then her mind was no
longer hers.

She couldnt remember where she was. She knew who she was,
and that she was suddenly very excited. He hands covered her breasts,
sending shocks of pleasure from each nipple as her caressing fingers
bumped over them. Up and down, up and down. It felt exsquisite. She
elbowed the button that extended the bench, and leaned back to take full
advantage of her body. Hands still on her chest, she lifted one leg up
to the metal slat that she lay on, and let loose another lusty sigh.
Shes fantastic. Bor said. Watching intently and shifting his position
on the stool to relieve the pressure hs uniform trousers were placing on
him. Cendal was speechless.

"Aihh! Ahh!" Leia panted, passing one hand down her body,
doing circles over the soft material of her dress as it slid over her
flat belly. "Ooooooh," she cooed as she let two of her fingers pinch a
nipple. Her other hand had errands of its own. She let it slip down between
her thighs to her sex. She rubbed her dampening pussy through the cloth of
her gown with a slow langorous rhythm that matched the still thrumming
droid. Leia felt incredible. She was a virgin, and the pleasures that raced
through her body now had always felt like guilty ones when she had indulged
in them before.

With a sudden kick, she threw her right leg up, letting her dress fall
down to her hip, revealing the creamy skin beneath. The hand that had
been busily rubbing her sex moved over and she curled her fingers under
the hem of her dress, pulling it up to reveal the soft brown bush that
covered her cunt. When the dress hem had reached her belly button, she
flattened her hand and slid it over the soft skin of her stomach, through
the silky curls of her bush, and back down into the depths of heat and
pleasure. Mmmmmm... ohhh, she sighed as her middle finger gently
stroked her clit.
"Mmmaker, this is goooood," she was moaning oaths of ecstacy as
she pulled the dress over her head, and lay naked on the metal bed. The
cold metal was an exciting contrast for the heat that had conquered her
body, and Leia exulted in the surfeit of sensation accosting her. Her
lower hand began moving with a bit of ferocity, and her sensuous shreiks
were growing as she reached an orgasm. Through all this, the droid thrummed
on. Her higher hand was teasing her painfully erect nipples, ticking and
pinching them, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. Then that
hand slowly followed the skin path down to join her other, busier hand.

Both hands were between her milky thighs, now, one spreading
the lips of her sex, the other pinching and rubbing her clitoris as her
hips bucked into the air." Ahhhh! Ah! Ah! oooh! Oh!" She was totally out of
control, screaming in pleasure as an orgasm took her body, nearly
lifted it from the bed, shook it from head to toe and back again, and then
finally let it rest, the pleasure receeding to her sex and pooling there...
giving her a short reprise.

Leia caught her breath, but the drug was not ready to release her yet. The
heat began to build again, and had no desire to fight it. He hands were
furiously busy once again, and the two men at the watch station had to
reduce the volume on the monitors for fear of

"Trigger the droid. She needs it bad." Cendal said.

"Done," Bor replied.

The interrogator droid let loose according to its new
programming. The injection arm withdrew the syringe and a small
curved cap click-whirred into place over the hole where the syringe had
been. Then the droid maneuvered itself to the end of the bed at Leia's
feet. Both of her legs were on the bed, so they were parted about a foot
and a half to allow her hands access to her pussy. Leia, for her part, was
still in the throes of passion, her eys closed and her mouth loosing sighs
moans, and screams of ever increasing intensity. The injection arm was a metal
tentacle, covered in rubber studded with grip bumps, designed to grab hold of
a victims arm, and hold it so that the injection might be give without breaking
the needle. It looked like a fearsomely serpentine dildo without the syringe
end, though. And that look fit the plans its erstwhile programmers had for it.

The injection arm extended up between Leias legs, the droid still
thrumming rhythmically. She was oblivious to its movement until it brushed
her thigh. Her eyes popped open and she was frightened for a moment, but the
tentacle started to slide up and down her thigh. The rubber was soft, and the
arm was heated internally, so it felt quite natural and good. She looked down
the length of it to the droid, and remembering that it was the wonderfulred
liquid in the syringe that had made her feel this good, she lay back and took
he arm into her hands, guiding it into her cunt.

It entered her slowly, but was thrusting back and forth from the
outset. In an inch, out again, in two inches, out to an inch, in three
inches, out to two inches. Alderaanians do not have a physical
maidenhood, so there was no pain for Leia, just the indescribable
pleasure of being filled by her first cock. It wasnt real, but what Imperial
technology lacked in starfighter hardware they made up in pleasure

As it pulsed in and out of Leia, she continued to rub her clit with her
left hand, while the first to fingers of her right were hooked into her mouth.
Her upper lip curled from the screams of pleasure she was letting out,
and she felt and orgasm building in her again. But suddenly it was as if a
fog were lifting... the pleasure was still there, but all of her inhibitions
returned. Her eyes turned from sensate ecstasy to sudden horror, and she
grsaped the thrusting tentacle with both hands, trying to pull it out of her.
It was too strong, though, and she too close to orgasm to do any good.
She moaned as her orgasm struck, both of her hands releasing the
tentacle pounding in and out of her cunt. Those hands then flew flat to
the metal bed that she lay on, and her lithe body lifted, her hips bucking
up to meet the final thrust of the droids tentacle. She came violently, and
so did the droid, Bor pressing a button, sending a signal that flooded the
young princess's pussy with a hot, sticky, red liquid.

Leia took three long deep breaths and was about to grab the droid
and hurl it against a wall when the heat took her again...

"Shall you go first or I?" Cendal asked, pointing to the screen in
front of him.

End part one.


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