Star Wars: Hunter's Lust
by Sophie BGM

Boba Fett relaxed. The bomb threat was seemingly over, and he looked over to
Boushh with a slight inclination of the head. He nodded with a tinge of
respect. Few managed to live after threatening Jabba.

When the festivities resumed, Fett followed Boushh as the hunter rounded the
dancers to escape the scene. That was odd. One of the premiere rules of his
kind was to collect the bounty as soon as the cargo was delivered. And that
walk ... There was something wrong with that walk.

Still following Boushh until he was out of his sight, Fett approached the
throne. He turned to Jabba, and with an impassive voice, said, "You might
wish to keep an eye on this... bold hunter of yours." Jabba took his time
savoring a small creature before bestowing Fett his complete attention. The
large Hutt made an inquisitive sound that needed no translation. Fett turned
a cold shoulder. "He is not what he seems. Just watch him." With that he left
the room, shouldering an ignorant Gammorean who happened to be in his path.
_ _ _

Fett was right after all, yet gloating was not in his nature. He watched
indifferently as Jabba slipped a thick, slippery tongue over his distended
lips at the pretty Princess. Such a shame. If he had only listened to his
instincts, he would have caught her and sold her back to Jabba instead of
warning the Hutt. But the good working relationship he had with Jabba
couldn't be threatened with such bold manoeuvers. Jabba had kept his eye
opened and had caught her himself.

Fett stood in the entrance to Jabba's trophy alcove where Leia had been
captured and unmasked. He closed a gloved hand protectively over his BlasTech
rifle as he watched the guards lead the girl away. He followed them with his
eyes, impervious to the wayward glances the slave girls were throwing him.

He tired of them so quickly. So submissive. So compliant to his wishes. It
was tolerable when he needed some time-saving entertainement, but his
schedule as it was now allowed for more prolonged delights. And he knew he
could not find them among the sultry subservients here.

No. The feisty Princess interested him.

He ducked under the archway, and followed them to the underground dungeons.
When he reached the level where he knew the Princess would be kept,
Gammoreans blocked his path with crude vibro-axes. They did so hesitantly,
and Fett grasped the opportunity.

"Let me through," he said coldly, accompanied by his signature stare.

The bulky guards found themselves looking at a reflection of themselves in
the impenetrable black of his helmet. They glanced at each other, then
calculated that dispelling immediate danger was acceptable. Jabba's wrath
could always be channeled at the bounty hunter at a later time.

With infrared sensors and x-ray vision, he found the sole occupiant of the
level with ease. He unlocked the door with codes he knew Jabba still used,
and entered the damp cell. The Princess had her back to him, staring at
something golden on the bench.

"I won't wear this," she said defiantly, not bothering to look at her
visitor. "You'll have to force it on me, as I'm sure you're just waiting to

She turned then, and started faintly at Fett's presence. The hunter smiled
with satisfaction behind his visor.

"No Princess. I wouldn't dream of forcing that on you," he said, closing the
door behind him and strolling leisurely toward the bench. He pinched the
fabric and metal lining, held them up for inspection. He threw them back
unceremoniously. "I'd rather see you in nothing."

"If you're looking for a strip show, I'm sure one of Jabba's girls can
satisfy you," Leia replied sarcastically, folding her arms with animosity.

Fett turned toward her, and tilted his head. She stared boldly at the black,
horizontal slit of his visor, saying nothing, fearing nothing. Fett revelled
every moment of her challenging stance.

He then said, "But my dear Princess, don't you realize you ARE one of Jabba's
'girls'? Although 'girl' seems like such an unflattering term for one of
your mature beauty."

Fett scoured her body with his eyes, observing the teasing hint of cleavage
at the neckline of her hunter's garbs.

Leia narrowed her eyes. Fett smelled her fear. He saw the accelerated pulse
of her heart against her neck. Her colors had grown much redder.

"Princess ... such fear I see." He took a step toward her, pleased that she
took none back. She elevated her chin in defiance as he closed in on her. Her
lips parted on some incipient insult, but he clammed her shut with his fist.
Pinching her jaw with enough force to silence her, he resumed his inspection.

Such supple lips. He yearned to kiss her, but decided against divesting
himself of his uniform. At least those parts he didn't need to uncover. This
way it was so much more impersonal. So much more exciting. She would be
fucked by anonymity itself. She would never know the true face of her
assailant. That itself aroused him in a fashion he couldn't explain.

Leia, for her part, was struggling against his arm, trying to pry him from
her face. His hold was inorexible. It brooked no argument. He was going to
take her, and there was nothing she could do about it. Well not while she was
still breathing. She kicked with her legs, but winced in pain when she hit

"Tsk tsk." He chuckled at this, and shoved her against the bench. This time
she groaned when the small of her back struck a metal bar, and Fett smiled.
"I should warn you... the more you struggle, the more excited you make me."
She grimaced at this, and he added, "And the only other alternative is to
surrender to me. One can be painful, the other quite exquisite..." He trailed
a free hand over the swell of her breasts. "If you let it," he whispered.

"Right now, Jabba's foul breath is more 'exquisite' than anything you could
do to me." She swung a fist at his head, but he ducked her attempts with
ease. With an iron fist, he captured her wrists and shoved them over her

"Don't ever dismiss something you haven't tried, Princess." She spat at him.
He wiped the saliva from the black, vertical slit on his helmet, then ripped
her brown leather tunic with fierce vengeance. "And your contempt is
beginning to annoy me," he droned impassively, his tone bellying the passion
with which he handled his prize.

"Good. I was aiming for that," she barked back.

Fascinating. Even at the brink of being violated, she still retained her
rapier's wit. Did she even realized what he had in store for her? Was she
that naive? Impossible.

Unless she wanted it.

Fett entertained this possibility as he surveyed her body. Exposed from the
waist up, she was already a marvel to delight in. Her breasts were small,
but perfectly shaped. Topped with rosy, erect nipples. Fett tested the
temperature in the cell. It was damp, and cool. Not a useful indication by
which he could measure her arousal.

The bounty hunter roughly turned her over. She gasped in surprise, then
struggled meekly against the awkward position. He was still holding her by
the wrists, and bending her back in an unnatural position. He took his time
unlacing her pants, amused that she tried to kick him before she realized
that losing her balance in this position would be painful and not reccomended
if she wanted no broken bones.

Fett stripped her efficiently, and didn't bother giving her the dignity of
removing the pants completely. He let them pool at her ankles, smiling as
he observed the taut curve of her ass. Her pussy was shaven, slick with

Well well.

"Pretty Princess. Why so wet?" he mocked her. "Could it be that this cavalier
treatement is exciting you? Why ...I had no idea. Perhaps another taste of
this would arouse you more," he said coldly, pushing his hips against hers.
She wiggled away from him, feeling the hardened bulge between the armored
plates of his thighs. "Don't be shy, Pretty. I know you want it," he added

"Natural response," she spat harshly. "If you think for a moment that you're
exciting me, you're even dumber than Jabba's pig-faced minions."

Fett unclasped the front of his pants with leisure pace. "Perhaps. But right
now, it's amusing to contemplate how much I don't care about what you think
of me."

He advanced on her with more force this time, and smoothly entered her. She
cried out, but managed not to lose her balance. Leia touched the damp wall
with her forehead, and tried to focus on something other than the sweet
torture of Fett's thrusts. She was disgusted with herself for enjoying this.
She had wanted a taste of Rebel life, the frontier, as it were, and now she
was getting it. It was enough to make anyone hot in her position. At least,
she hoped it was.

This WAS wrong, Leia pondered later, but right now she didn't care. She was
getting fucked by someone who obviously knew how, and getting off was more
important than anything at the moment. She would save guilt and dismay for

Fett, at this point, grew tired of the mundane thrusts, and decided to add
spice to the Princess' ordeal. She wasn't suffering nearly enough indignity.
He reached behind his back and retrieved his BlasTech. He observed its tip,
and decided the cold temperature was just what he needed. He withdrew his
cock from her creamy cunt, using it to spread her juices over the puckered
entrance of her ass. The Princess lurched forward in protest, but could go
no further than the wall. Oohh now...had he struck a cord? He smiled wickedly
as he lubricated her efficiently, then regained his haven in her pussy. She
relaxed under him, as though relieved he'd spared her the unpleasant

*Merely extended the anticipation, Pretty,* he thought unkindly.

Fett triggered the safety switch on his blaster, removed the triggering tube
with a flick of the thumb, then without ceremony, inserted it deeply into
Leia's ass. The smaller, rounded tip entered smoothly, making way for the
larger, ribbed barrel that disappeared deeply inside her. Leia screamed,
unprepared for this new pain, and shuddered. Pleasure? Fett, at this point,
cared very little about anything but his own.

A thought suddenly crossed Fett's mind as he continued to plow deeper into
Leia's silky passage. At this very moment somewhere in the bowels of Jabba's
dungeon labyrinth, in some dark cell much like this one, the smuggler Han
Solo sat with his Wookiee companion to await their death sentences. And here
Fett was, defiling Solo's lover!

Knowing that he would be deprived the pleasure of killing Solo himself, Fett
realized that this act of debauchery was a wonderful consolation prize. He
looked down at Leia's backside, noticing beads of sweat forming as she began
to move in rythym with his thrusts. Twisting the head of his blaster deep
inside Leia's ass, Fett caused her to suddenly wince and moan loudly. Judging
from the sounds Leia made, Fett concluded that he was no longer the only one
taking pleasure from this experience.

"You seem to be enjoying this, Princess," he said with a sadistic smile
beneath his helmet. "Perhaps Solo would be interested in knowing that I gave
you more pleasure than HE ever could. Would you like me to tell him before he

Shaken by Fett's suggestion, Leia gasped and shouted, "No!", but her cry was
cut short by another of Fett's powerful thrusts.

"Ah, but it's true isn't it?" Fett teased, pressing his blaster slightly
deeper into Leia's ass, painfully stretching it against her will.

Leia's moaning and grunting grew louder between each of Fett's thrusts. Fett
was right. She WAS enjoying this, and it shamed her to no end. "Damn you..."
she cursed under her breath, her voice trailing off into another animalistic
sound of pleasure mixed with pain.

He came with a satisfied sigh, discharging his load in her deepest depths,
the gun still thrusting hard into her ass. Leia banged her forehead on the
wall now, reduced to nothing as she herself came, thrusting back on the gun
shamefully, yet so needfully. As Leia shuddered, not quite to completion,
Fett removed his gun and calmly reorganized it. He wiped the barrel clean
with a shred of her stripped garments, and then re-attached the blaster rifle
on his back. He clasped his gray pants, smiled at Leia who was slumped
guiltily over the bench, then left her alone in the cell to contemplate her
_ _ _


Luke glanced at Leia as they sped over the desert sands, the thunderous
explosion of Jabba's ship still shuddering in the air. She had been
inordinately quiet since their escape.

"Is something wrong?" Luke asked.

Leia just stared ahead with thought, then murmured, "It's a shame he's dead."

This seemed to shock the young Jedi. "Who?!"

"Boba Fett." She turned to him, and there was something cold in her eyes. "I
really would have liked to seen his face before he died."



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